The big guys are back. And, three older women at the beach asked me where the penis fish were. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more people out there trying to find them. (Spoiler, they’re gone).
‪Big elections in Britain today. But Drakes Beach in Point Reyes with strangely shaped animals washed up on shore is the most shared story.‬ 🤔 (Thx CC)
I think I solved the mystery of why there were so many seagulls at Drakes Beach in Point Reyes the other day. Not exactly what I was expecting. Sorry I missed out on the thousands of stranded, pulsing penis fish. Anyone else see them?
Via The Station House in Point Reyes: "The inimitable Ms. Patricia Healy, may she rest in peace. Pat was a force to reckon with: Independent, ambitious, energetic, athletic and creative. She rolled into town after her jazzing-around days in Los Angeles, found her way and her place, and started a little restaurant called "The Station House Cafe" in 1974. They were big shoes to fill but we've done our best. Grateful to Pat for the vision and the opportunity. We're dedicating this week to her legacy. Please join us for a drink in her honor on Monday, December 16 for Happy Hour."
Apparently there was a car on fire on SFD on the top of the Olema hill this morning. Did anyone else see what happened? (thx MsA)
Every seagull in Northern California seemed to be at Drakes Beach in Point Reyes today snacking on something in the surf. Anyone know what they were eating?
Point Reyes Gas Station is having a drawing for a huge holiday stocking. Stop by the station to enter, winner is chosen on Sunday, Dec. 20.
The Dance Palace Artisan Craft and Holiday Market is happening this weekend in Point Reyes. There are also holiday craft fairs happening in Bolinas, Muir Beach and San Geronimo this weekend as well. Weather should be nicer tomorrow for driving. Buy local. Buy sustainable.
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Big elections in Britain today. But Drakes Beach in Point Reyes with strangely shaped animals washed up on shore is…
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