Current power outages in Inverness and Inverness Park. Go to https://m.pge.com/#outages for more info.
Fir tree took out power lines and smashed a van on Laurel Ave in Inverness Park. Everyone ok but power out in the area. Stay off the roads if you can. (Thx AN)
A large branch blocking both lanes was just removed from SFD in Inverness near Drakes View Dr. Cars driving fast almost ran into it. Another tree down on Laurel Ave. Be safe, drive slow. Storm just picking up. Great work by Marin County Fire Department clearing things up quickly.
STORM COMING. BE SAFE. BE PREPARED. The atmospheric river is inching across the Pacific. It hit Hawaii yesterday with flash flooding and is heading right towards us. Be sure you're prepared for power outages, trees down and flash flooding. The wind and rain is forecasted to start this afternoon and pick up intensity into the night.

805 Weather:

NWS Bay Area:
The very cool bridge on Inverness Way in Inverness was destroyed by that tree that came down yesterday. That's a bummer. (Thx SC)
A big tree fell down on Inverness Way in Inverness taking down power lines and knocking out power in Inverness. Not sure how that affects power in Seahaven, but it does. From PG&E “PG&E Alert: Outage including addr#45 affecting 109 customers Expect restored Jan 24 at 9:30PM”
A dramatic sunrise over Tomales Bay portends a dramatic week of weather. Rain is on the way. Be prepared. Drive safe. (Photo by Edison Anthony)
The last big rain storm didn't really manifest, but this one seems like it could be a solid one. So a good time to get prepared for stormy weather. "The biggest storm of the season so far is expected to soak the San Francisco Bay Area Tuesday into Thursday, with rainfall amounts in urban areas ranging from two to four inches.

Meteorologists are calling the system an atmospheric river, a wet storm pulling a long plume of water vapor in the atmosphere — 250 to 375 miles wide on average — and often referred to as a river in the sky. On the West Coast, atmospheric rivers most often originate in the South Pacific, and as they travel from the tropics across the ocean, they collect incredible amounts of moisture."

LINK: https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/atmospheric-river-San-Francisco-Bay-Area-weather-15892681.php
Rumor has it a rare alpha goat is now leading the elk herd by Drakes Beach in Point Reyes. We spotted it yesterday at sunset.
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The day after. Fortunately no one hurt. (Thx AN) https://t.co/isAp4PAW4d
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