11/21/18 - Wednesday at 07:03pm
A reminder: “Thanksgiving Day is still garbage day West Marin, please have your cans out so your drivers do not have to come back. I am your commercial Garbage driver and I’ll be in Bolinas in the morning, so be sure not to park in front of any dumpsters please.” - Kirk
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11/20/18 - Tuesday at 05:47pm
Smoggy skies lifted and a beautiful sunset snuck in at North Beach before the storm shows up. #sunset
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11/18/18 - Sunday at 08:56pm
Bay Area NWS: “Two storm systems are forecast to sweep across our region this week: The first is due in late Tuesday night and Wednesday and the second from late Thursday evening through Friday. Here are forecast rain totals for both systems combined.”
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11/17/18 - Saturday at 07:27am
NWS Bay Area: “Latest HRRR smoke model output shows little improvement in air quality across the #BayArea through at least midday Saturday, with slight improvement forecast by late Saturday afternoon and evening. A significant pattern change appears likely starting around the middle of next week, with the potential for widespread periodic rainfall during the second half of the week.”

LINK: https://twitter.com/nwsbayarea
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11/16/18 - Friday at 10:59am
Smoke just seemed to really fill in through Inverness.
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11/16/18 - Friday at 06:37am
Air quality is predicted to be particularly bad today. San Rafael and San Francisco are in the 200 and above range. Haven’t seen a reading for West Marin yet, but Novato public schools, Marin Waldorf and San Domenico are closed. Stay inside if you can, wear a mask outside.
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11/15/18 - Thursday at 02:47pm
Brazzistance Samba & Bossa Nova @ Sir & Star in Olema tonight at 6:00pm.

Gil is a recent arrival from Rio where he played in the Musica Popular Brasileira band scene for many years. Gil plays guitar and vocals and writes many of the songs. Steve, poet, & percussionist, plays bossa londres beats on

Featuring special Brazilian Cuisine from Sir and Star Chefs Daniel DeLong and Margaret Grade will be serving Feijoada Sumptuous Brazilian stew
to accompany the catchy beats and suave melodies of Musica Popular Brasileira
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11/14/18 - Wednesday at 03:45pm
The meeting is tonight from 5pm - 7pm at The West Marin School gym in Point Reyes.

"The National Park Service announces a notice of intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for a General Management Plan Amendment to address all lands currently under agricultural lease/permits within Point Reyes National Seashore and the north district of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

With this announcement, the Park Service introduces a broad range of alternatives for the plan from twenty-year agricultural lease/permits with diversification and increased operational flexibility, to reduced ranching, no dairy ranching, and no ranching alternatives. The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will also include a range of alternatives for the management of tule elk in the planning area, from elimination to active management to expansion of the Drakes Beach herd.

The Park Service’s proposed action would allow existing ranch families to continue beef and dairy operations with twenty-year lease/permits, tule elk in the Drakes Beach area would be managed at a level compatible with authorized ranching, and the proposed action would identify improvements to the visitor experience, management strategies to protect park resources, and visitor carrying capacities within the planning area.

This announcement also initiates a thirty-day public comment period from October 31 to November 30, during which the Park Service will host two scoping meetings. The meetings will be identical in format and are intended to share information and gather public comments for use in shaping the plan."

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11/14/18 - Wednesday at 01:06pm
"Hey West Marin! PG&E called and told me today they were going to charge me $435 if I chose NOT to upgrade to a smart meter. Anybody else getting that notice?" - Bonnie Porter
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11/10/18 - Saturday at 05:32pm
PRNPS: “For those wondering if you can escape the smoke at the coast, it’s not likely. All of Point Reyes National Seashore is under a layer of smoke like the rest of the Bay Area. The air quality is expected to remain poor throughout the weekend.(mh) 📸:NPS Photo (closed road)”
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Smoggy skies lifted and a beautiful sunset snuck in before the storm shows up. #sunset https://t.co/70Lt0XzR1j
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