Just heard a report that PG&E will be shutting power down today in Inverness, north of Argyle St. in order to do a pole replacement. I did not hear what the exact times would be or the duration. Anyone else have any info about this?
A really nice article on the history of water in Inverness. "Richard Plant, an IPUD director from 1980 to 1984, said that citizens prefer to tighten their water usage rather than give up Inverness’s independence. “It’s pretty good-tasting water, for one thing,” he said. “And for another thing, it’s a good feeling to have local control over something that’s so important, rather than having to deal with people as far away as Novato.” LINK: https://www.ptreyeslight.com/article/inverness-40-years-independent-water
Paul Reffell, who touched many lives in West Marin and beyond, recently passed: "Our dear Paul Reffell is off to the great unknown. It is a huge loss to our community and the many many who knew him. He graced us with his loving being, intellect, talent, humor, and consciousness and concern for all things good. It was an honor to know and love him." - Rozalynd Roos Merrill on behalf of Sally Phillips. (Photo and text used from a GoFundMe page, now closed, for his green burial)
"What's in a name? On Jan 6, 1603, Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino sighted the headlands on the day of the three wise men. The headlands were named for this day “la Punta de los Reyes" or Point of Kings. 417 years later the name still stands for this magnificent place." - via PRNPS https://twitter.com/PointReyesNPS/status/1214292402388684800
"9 southbound gray whales reported so far today! This one surprised us by being close in." - via PRNPS
Medical emergency in Inverness requiring a Reach helicopter transport tonight. Hopefully everyone ok..
Nice sunset on a nice beach in Point Reyes this evening.
From the Point Reyes Light: "Hoping to boost business at his Tomales Bay Resort, owner Jeff Harriman has ended Blue Waters Kayaking's lease at its launch of 20 years, leaving the company without a shoreside rental location as of December. Mr. Harriman has since embarked on a joint venture with Tomales Bay Expeditions, a start-up run by former Blue Waters employees Cooper Jolley and Brett Miller. The pair will have a smaller presence on the beach, where Blue Waters had served about 5,000 customers a year for the past four years. “At this stage, less volume of rentals is a better fit for the resort,” Mr. Harriman told the Light in an email." FULL STORY: https://www.ptreyeslight.com/article/tomales-bay-resort-downsizes-kayaking
Power out on Balboa Ave in Inverness Park. Car hit a power pole. No estimated time of repair.
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Power is now off in north Inverness, restoration around 3:30pm. Also traffic delay. https://t.co/ePZtEIAMzP https://t.co/Ke8aEQtJ5w
01/15/20 at 9:56 am
Just heard a report that PG&E will be shutting power down today in Inverness, north of Argyle St. in order to do a… https://t.co/FLK9tdAFZX