Just another Monday morning in downtown Point Reyes. (Thx AN) #mondaymood #monday
I'm sorry I missed this meeting with Marin County Sheriff Bob Doyle about ICE, especially with the potential ICE raids that may happen this weekend. Would be interested to hear thoughts from people who attended. "In a room full of immigrant advocates, Doyle on Tuesday recited the reason for his office’s arrest of the 13 immigrants it has exchanged with ICE this year. They had committed serious or violent crimes, he said, so he was complying with the California Values Act, which restricts local law enforcement's cooperation with ICE but still allows it when certain crimes are charged." FULL STORY (may be behind paywall): https://www.ptreyeslight.com/article/public-presses-sheriff-over-ice-transfers
A medical emergency in Inverness Park that required a Reach helicopter. Hopefully everyone is ok.
"Deputies and @marincountyfire are responding to a reported vegetation fire, approximately 1/4 acre in the 28000 block of Shoreline Highway in Tomales. First engine just arriving on scene. Report of multiple fires on the side of the road at this time. Air resources airborne. Highway 1 in shutdown between downtown Tomales and Fallon Two-Rock road at this time. Please avoid the area. 3 separate fires. Low potential for further spread. Largest fire is 1/2 acre."
Via KQED, “A controversial proposal that involved bombarding the Farallon Islands with 1.5 tons of rat poison to exterminate tens of thousands of invasive mice has been withdrawn. For now.” FULL STORY: https://www.kqed.org/news/11760328/feds-withdraw-plan-to-drop-rat-poison-on-farallon-islands-for-now
"The gray whales that washed up along the Pacific coast in record-breaking numbers this spring prompted researchers to launch an investigation into the cause—but several authors and artists in the area are taking another route to grapple with the loss. The group will hold a memorial service for the 171 whales found dead along the Pacific coast, including 37 in California, at Dillon Beach on Saturday, July 20. “Our intention is not to make a political statement, but simply to offer an opportunity for people to meet together and share our grief and sense of loss at what’s happening,” said Larry Robinson, an author from Sebastopol and one of the event’s organizers. For information about the memorial, scheduled from 9 to 11 a.m., write to Elizabeth Herron at poetherron@gmail.com. Parking is $10." FULL STORY: https://www.ptreyeslight.com/article/memorial-planned-gray-whale-deaths
On a happier note, these two were looking very colorful on Tomales Bay yesterday. #seals
‪Not to stack up the bad news. Another dead whale in Point Reyes was found today. This one a 27' Humpback. ‬(Thx JS)
This is as crazy, sad and scary a story as you’ll ever read. “Betai Koffi, a software engineer at YouTube and a San Francisco resident, perhaps consumed more LSD than he should have while on vacation in Bodega Bay — downing an extra couple hits, according to friends, after initially freaking out on his first two. And he is now charged with multiple counts of attempted murder, and suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound from police.” FULL STORY: https://sfist.com/2019/07/06/bodega-bay-lsd-crime-spree/
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07/15/19 at 12:10 pm
@dconeyisland This was today! Harry Potter day at Dance Palace camp!
07/15/19 at 10:47 am
Just another Monday morning in downtown Point Reyes. (Thx AN) #MondayMood #monday https://t.co/pui5ldVjh6
07/14/19 at 12:19 pm
RT @PointReyesNPS: Kicked off #LatinoConservationWeek with a great bilingual hike led by our #LHIP intern Kevin. (kg/ca) #LCW2019 #FindYou
07/14/19 at 8:11 am
@rs_sparks I feel like this is a challenge.
07/14/19 at 8:11 am
RT @rs_sparks: Heathcliff, it’s me, Cathy I’ve come home, I’m so cold Let me in through your window https://t.co/OG1m6M2xXg