06/23/18 - Saturday at 08:00am
Point Reyes Farmers Market starts today: “Join us to sound the opening bell and toast to a brand new season! We will hold our traditional front porch toast at 9AM with beverages from Wild West Ferments. At 11AM, following Christian Caiazzo’s Chef Booth Demonstration, Michael Pollan will be inside the barn at Toby’s Feed Barn signing copies of his new bestseller, “How to Change Your Mind.” Books are now available for purchase at Point Reyes Books and will be available inside the barn on Saturday.”
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06/22/18 - Friday at 10:10am
Take care this weekend, stay alert. "NEW: Fire Weather Watch has been upgraded to a Red Flag Warning 🚩, valid for the North Bay Mountains and East Bay Hills from 11 am Saturday to 8 pm Sunday."
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06/21/18 - Thursday at 05:59pm
“The summer solstice marks the official start of summer. It brings the longest day and shortest night of the year for the 88 percent of Earth's people who live in the Northern Hemisphere. People around the world observe the change of seasons with bonfires and festivals and Fête de la Musique celebrations.”
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06/20/18 - Wednesday at 08:51am
"A collision with a ship is likely to blame for the death of a blue whale that washed up on a Point Reyes beach Monday afternoon. The whale was first spotted Saturday near the Farallon Islands by a whale watching tour group. Pictures showed the blue whale stomach extremely bloated as seagulls scavenged the animal's remains. Two days later, the carcass washed up south of Limantour Beach, where scientists were able to examine the 62-foot juvenile female. They found the blue whale had a severed spine and bruising to its ribs and jaw. The Marine Mammal Center said injuries of those kind were likely caused by a ship collision."

FULL STORY: https://www.sfgate.com/local/a
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06/18/18 - Monday at 10:31pm
Another dead whale, this one looks like a blue whale, washed up at a beach in Point Reyes. (thx JS)
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06/17/18 - Sunday at 02:22pm
Still time to get to Ez’s lemonade stand inOlena, hurry! “Yup. We’re at it again. And this time we’re setting up our stand at Sea to See in Olema! This Sunday, stop by for a cold glass of lemonade and toast remission with us. It’s been 4 years since EZ finished 52 weeks of chemo, 50 radiation treatments and countless dressing changes, pokes and blood draws. I’m thankful each day for his health but keenly aware that most cancer kids are not as fortunate. To date, we’ve raised $17,644. That’s 353 hours of research! Link in bio for donation page. 💯 tax deductible! 🍋#alexslemonadestand #lalovesalexs #rhabdomyosarcoma #ropo41 #zekeisyoda”
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06/16/18 - Saturday at 03:55pm
Some sort of water situation happening on Tomales Bay, lot of people got dumped in the water, everyone ok now, but lots of sirens and a helicopter were scrambled.
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06/13/18 - Wednesday at 06:53pm
"No, unexpectedly, the toughest part of the 7.5-mile Dipsea, a topographically schizophrenic romp which was first run in 1905, could be mental. It is knowing that the slowest runners are given head starts and the fastest ones begin at the back. It is like unloading a zoo’s worth of animals in reverse order of mobility and releasing the cheetahs at the end." FULL STORY: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/0
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06/11/18 - Monday at 10:02pm
Saw them at the farm stand on the Pt Reyes/Petaluma Rd, anyone know what they were looking for? “This weekend was a very busy for the Marin Sheriff's SAR Unit. We had 24 members working a large area evidence search with Solano County SAR in West Marin.”
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06/09/18 - Saturday at 05:23pm
“Firefighters making solid progress on San Rafael Hill fire. 7 acres in size, no structures damaged; no evacuations.” Via San Rafael Fire Dept.
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RT @sf8111: Had a great chat today with @michaelpollan about his new book “How to Change Your Mind” at the Point Reyes Farmer Market. Thank…
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RT @alexporrata: Thank you 2milesurfshop for an amazing week! EZ was so nervous and scared but surf camp changed his attitude. 🌊🏄🏾‍♂️ #boli
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Point Reyes Farmers Market starts today with their traditional front porch toast at 9AM. At 11AM, following Christi… https://t.co/beAmNv4qT8
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