01/17/18 - Wednesday
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has opened their wood smoke rebate program for applications. If you have been thinking about removing your fireplace or wood stove or replacing it to a cleaner burning electric heat pump or gas insert, you can receive a sizeable rebate from the Air District. The County of Marin provides an additional rebate that you must apply to separately.

Step One: make sure you are in a designated high wood smoke impact area: https://www.google.com/maps/d/

Step Two: register with the Air District BEFORE you start your project: https://grantapps.baaqmd.gov/

Step Three: once approved by the Air District, complete your project and save all documents.

Step Four: Submit your documents for your rebate.

Step Five: apply to the County of Marin's wood smoke program. You can download a copy of the application at www.maringreenbuilding.org on the Wood Smoke tab.

Learn more about the Air District's rebate program here: www.baaqmd.gov/woodsmokegrant
Learn more about the County of Marin's rebate program here: www.maringreenbuilding.org

Contact at the Marin County Community Development Agency: Kellen Dammann, kdammann@marincounty.org, (415) 473-2698. (via Facebook)
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