Ok. This is from the Inverness Disaster Council. This is happening. Get prepared. Please share with people. "As you all probably know, PG&E has determined high fire risk due to a major wind event starting Saturday evening through mid-day Monday. Based on information provided by PG&E, we anticipate there will be a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) in virtually all of Marin County with loss of power for at least 24 hours. Outages may start as early as Noon tomorrow, and may last for several days.

Ongoing updates on the PSPS event in Marin will be posted at MarinCounty.org/emergency. You can also track updates via the Sheriff’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Nextdoor). For information relating to PG&E’s PSPS program, please see:www.pge.com/pspsupdates.

Develop a plan at home
Many resources are available atReadyMarin.org and Prepareforpowerdown.com. Text “marinshutoff” to 898211 to receive automated information about resources. Remember that power outages may disable cellular, landline and Internet communications, so prepare today. For those with access and functional needs, you can find additional resources on Marin HHS’s Preparing for Extended Outages webpage or Ready.gov’s Access and Functional Needs webpage.

At minimum, to prepare for a PSPS outage at home:
Charge your cell phone, laptop, and other devices
Fuel or charge your personal vehicle
Have extra cash, medications, some water and non-perishable food on hand, and
Have a disaster go-bag, plan, and grab-and-go list

Note, Supervisor Rodoni is planning to keep his office hours scheduled for today 2-4pm at San Geronimo Valley Community Center and tomorrow (Saturday 10/26) at Muir Beach Community Center from 10am-1pm. Any changes will be posted on his Facebook page.
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