11:40am - Received a report that Walker Creek is completely flooded and only trucks with a high clearance can pass. Anyone else have a recent update from there? (thx SG)
6:42am - Ok, get ready for the next round of rain, because here it comes. Drive safe!
Diane Harley needs help with a hit and run incident today on Sunnyside near Drake's View Drive. If you live in the neighborhood and might be able to help her identify the car/driver, contact her here: dianeharley@horizoncable.com Thank you.
One more storm to go. "Marin is due for a brief respite from rain with light showers forecast for Wednesday, but another storm is expected early Friday before a week of dry weather. The storm front Friday morning may bring up to another inch of rain."

Boom. Nicasio Reservoir is officially overflowing. (thx AP and EV).
Perfect rainbow over Point Reyes.
Another welcome sight. Where is this? And where is your favorite waterfall? Do you have a photo of it?
The Living Seed Company in Point Reyes owned by Astrid and Matt Hoffman have a Kickstarter campaign going to help upgrade their seed saving program. It's a very cool little company doing some good work and they only have 44 hours to hit their goal, check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/livingseed/growing-a-delicious-beautiful-and-sutainable-futur
6:11pm - Wow. That's some heavy rain.
6:13pm - A Special Marine Warning was just issued for a Thunderstorm north of Pt. Reyes. Mariners are advised to seek safe harbor immediately. Thunderstorms like this can produce sudden waterspouts. - @NWSBayArea

Rainbows all over Nicasio! Any in Point Reyes? (Thx dw)
Local West Marin artist Ido Yoshimoto is featured in SFGate this morning in an article about a new online marketplace called 'Edition Local'. Ido's work is beautiful with a lot of soul, the site does a great job of capturing the essence of what he does, check it out: http://www.editionlocal.com/edition-1-ido-yoshimoto

The SFGate article is here: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Edition-Local-an-online-marketplace-for-makers-in-5954004.php
7:49am - Lots of trees down this morning. One was already cleared off of Sir Francis Drake in Samuel P. Taylor. I took Lucas Valley Road this morning and it was all clear. If you come across any road closures or storm issues, feel free to post them here.
10:24pm - For all of you night owls out there: "The peak night of the 2014 Geminid meteor shower is expected to be from late evening tonight (Saturday, December 13) until dawn tomorrow (Sunday, December 14)." - Let me know if anyone sees anything!

They're back! A lone Elephant Seal relaxes on the beach at Drakes. #pointreyes
I was checking Drakes Beach at sunset (road is open) when I spotted a huge water spout off of the lighthouse. Raced out to the point with a stranger and the two of us sat in silence for ten minutes until it dissipated. #waterspout #pointreyes
Looks like SR-1 between Mill Valley and Muir Beach is going to be closed for a couple of months due to the road washing out (photo via CHP). Bummer.
7:09am - UPDATE: All schools in the Shoreline Unified School District are closed today as well as Papermill Creek. The Panoramic Highway is closed due to mudslides. Route 1 from Mill Valley to Muir Beach is closed until 2015 because the road has washed out completely in places.
2:35pm - via Point Reyes Light: "Platform Bridge Road is now closed. As is Sir Francis Drake from Olema to Lagunitas."
Rainy Day Quick Quiz: What is special about this photo? (Thx Ciara)
It really does feel like winter now. And Love Field Lake is back! #marinstorm
10:32am - Shorty just reported on KWMR that there is some flooding happening in front of Perry's in IP on Sir Francis Drake. If you have a low clearance car, be careful.
10:01am - Mesa Road in Point Reyes is now flooded. Power is also out over there. Route One between Point Reyes and Olema is officially closed. The campground has been evacuated. Thanks to @evaughanlee for photo.
8:21am - Large amount of water reported between Point Reyes and Olema. Do not try and pass through. The campground is starting to flood and they may have to evacuate.
8:03am - Highway 1 south of Tomales is flooded.
It's official now: "FLASH FLOOD WARNING issued for Marin and Sonoma county. Heavy rain/flooding can potentially cause mudslides. Be alert."
The atmospheric river continues to run. Lights are flickering in Inverness, Dillon Beach Road at Rt. 1 is closed. Trees are down on Panaromic Highway and on Lucas Valley Road but both appear to be open. Don't drive unless it's an emergency, keep your radio tuned to KWMR for updates.
According to forecasts: "Worst part of the storm hit heart of Bay Area around 11AM THU." Solid rain happening right now in Inverness, not much wind, twitter and the scanner are quiet. How is everyone holding up out there?
Blurred Photo Trivia: Who is this yellow jacketed man who will be very busy tomorrow?
Via the West Marin Citizen: "Jeannie Moody calling from Shoreline Unified School District to let you know that all schools will be closed tomorrow, Thursday. It is has not been determined yet if Friday is opening or not. The board meeting scheduled for tomorrow night has been rescheduled for the 18th same time same place just the week later on next Thursday."
I'm putting together a 'quick reference' page for emergency resources in West Marin. In the comments here (or contact me directly), let me know what other resources should be on this list. Thanks.

"Hi, we have sand and sandbags available at the county fire stations in west marin. (Woodacre, Pt. Reyes, Tomales) for anyone that needs them." from Scott Pederson
7:47am Via Burton - "If anybody is near Tomales Bay right now, a boat hit-and run accident just occurred and the perpetrator needs to be brought to justice as the victim is being rushed to the hospital."
Spotted yesterday by The Marshall Store. I think there may be a boat under that mast. #daveyjoneslocker
8:49am - There is a significant rock slide on the Point Reyes/Petaluma road this morning. Be aware, drive safely. If anyone gets a picture of it, please send it over.
"There is a sailboat that came loose from it's mooring washed up in the cove between teacher's beach and shell one. It has a mustard colored hull. I couldn't get to the stern to see the name, but the number on the bow is CF 2313 GS." thanks SK
Christmas West Marin style. Santa arrives at Nick's Cove on a beautiful Sunday evening.
Be prepared, this sounds like a pretty major storm with heavy winds and flooding possible. Please share with others.


The 44th annual Dance Palace Holiday Crafts Fair is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with handmade arts and crafts, jewelry, textiles, artwork, ceramics, cards and more, plus food and drinks for purchase from The Farmer’s Wife, at the community center in Point Reyes Station. Support your local artists!
Think Blue Marin: "We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks on Lagunitas Creek with lots of both rain and fish. In that time we’ve received over eight inches of rain and Lagunitas Creek flows increased from 20 cubic feet per second to a peak of 1,800 cfs. During a break in the rain on Monday we observed 63 coho, 28 Chinook, and one chum salmon."

The Toby's Christmas is tonight! Santa arrives at 5:30pm.
Question: In what year do you think this boat will dislodge from the sandbar due to rising sea levels? #canaryincoalmine
Major high tide today on Tomales Bay. This is a dock near Chicken Ranch. #thetideishigh #butimholdingon
A full house tonight at the Inverness Association meeting to discuss the 'Hidden Dragon' house plan on Balboa. Kathy Maxwell expresses her concern about the scale of the house.
A community meeting about the proposed development at 135 Balboa Avenue, including a presentation by the owners, a Q&A session and a discussion, starts at 6:30 p.m. tonight at the Inverness Yacht Club. Hosted by the Inverness Association. Unfortunately the owners of 135 Balboa won't be there this evening, but may still come to another meeting in the future.
10:02pm - Power is being reported out in parts of Inverness Park. You can get up-to-date info here: http://www.pge.com/myhome/outages/outage/
7:11am - Weather Services issues "significant weather advisory" for Marin re new storm moving in with rain, wind, maybe hail and thunder
7:05am - Needless to say, the roads are extremely wet this morning. Please drive safe, look out for flooding.
Tree down on Drakes View Drive. Road is closed for at least an hour, probably more.
8:18pm - Just heard there is a tree down with live wires on Drake's View Drive in Inverness Park. If you're in the area, be extremely careful.
7:54pm - The storm window is open. The rain is thick. How is everyone doing out there?
7:36pm - If you have shoes on the porch, I'd bring them in before going to bed. We're about to get our rain on.
The Point Reyes lighthouse was lit for the first time 144 years ago today! Happy Birthday! - via Point Reyes NPS
4:41pm - Heard a rumor that folks spotted a baby whale swimming off of Chicken Ranch this afternoon. Did anyone else hear this? Or see the whale?
A big Oak came down on Balboa Ave. last night taking out a Volvo. Pacific Slope Tree Co. was on the scene this morning cleaning it up. With the rain comes the mud. (Thx élan)
Just had a fantastic latte from June at the new Saltwater cafe (assist from Leroux). Equator coffee! Sandwiches! Soup! Check it out!
The Inverness boat is cool, but is it one of the world's most amazing abandoned sights? I'm not so sure. Seems like there should be more news then that today.

Tule Elks feeling the love this morning in Point Reyes. #kissingelks #nuzzles
A magic ending to a magic day in West Marin. We give thanks for having the incredible good fortune to be able to live here. #happythanksgiving
"It’s Madeline Hope’s modeling of an engaged, caring, go-getter resident of West Marin—who has put “a lot of heart and soul” into countless projects over the 19 years that she’s lived in the area—that led to her winning the Pacific Sun’s 2014 Community Spirit award."

Don't call it a comeback! "5 day rain forecast shows more than 1" possible in the North Bay. Next chance of rain after Thanksgiving."
"Smiley's Schooner Saloon in Bolinas, the oldest business in Marin County, has a new owner, Leila Monroe, a 35-year-old San Francisco lawyer, the first woman in its colorful, 163-year history. That's the news in this happily isolated coastal hamlet, ending months of rumor and speculation, but it isn't the story. The story is that in a town famously mistrustful of outsiders, no one is calling her a carpetbagger. Quite the opposite, in fact."

The Old Western Saloon. Where memories are born. Good luck to you mystery couple. #saturdaynight
"Dan Mankin, who has led the Dance Palace Community and Cultural Center since founding executive director Carol Friedman retired in 2008 after 37 years, will vacate his post on Dec. 15 after the board decided this month to let him go."

Nice day for a sail in Tomales Bay until this happens. Boat overboard! #wetandcold
Full house tonight at the Ranch Management Plan community gathering hosted by the Point Reyes National Seashore tonight. Hopefully no one gets called an a**hole like last time: http://westmarincitizen.com/letter-to-the-editor/build-consensus/
It keeps coming. Rain today, Friday and Saturday. The roads are extremely slick, drive safe. Get a tarp over the firewood. Stay cozy.
Bolinas continuing to be Bolinas.
Here is some incredible video shot last night by Aaron Ely of the Point Reyes Youth Hostel fire: "A special thanks to Jim Fox who stood guard in our tinder box of a leech field and called up some reinforcements to help with the embers. He had to race out the door while cooking his dinner at home."

A shot of the brush fire in Point Reyes by the youth hostel this evening. The winds were heavy and the local firefighters and NPS did an incredible job putting it out quickly. That could have been ugly.
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