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 Monday, June 13 at 1:53pm
WMF is going on a short summer break. We'll be back mid-July, so expect only sporadic Twitter updates until then. Hopefully everything stays mellow. Here are some fox kittens from Inverness this week to hold you over. (Thx SA)

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 Sunday, June 12 at 9:08pm
The West Marin Little League wrapped up this weekend with the championship games. Congrats to the Brewers, As and Giants who won the Juniors, Majors and AA divisions respectfully.The coaches, players, league staff and the parents worked so hard to put together an amazing season.
 Thursday, June 9 at 9:46pm
Congratulations to the West Marin School eighth grade graduating class of 2022!
 Tuesday, June 7 at 1:23pm
I’m away from scanner but sounds like a vegetation fire on Rt1 north of Point Reyes Station. Anyone have info?
 Monday, June 6 at 5:03pm
Apparently some people in Inverness got a letter from PG&E that there power we be should off tomorrow (June 7) from 8am to 4pm. Did anyone else receive this notice? Trying to figure out the coverage area.
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