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 Tuesday, November 29 at 8:41am
Whatever position the sun was in today, it was a blinding. Plus some dew on the window. I had to pull over between Inverness and Point Reyes Station. So stressful.
 Monday, November 28 at 12:29pm
A family of four was airlifted Saturday afternoon after becoming stranded on a remote Tomales Bay beach while enjoying an afternoon of kayaking. After arriving in the area, the helicopter's aircrew began a search for the reported kayakers. They located the kayakers a short time later who were now stranded on the west shore of Tomales Bay.

"Due to the remoteness of the location, and rough seas, the kayakers were internally loaded into H1 and flown to safety in the Lawson's Landing area," deputies said.
 Saturday, November 26 at 3:00pm
Water rescue at Dillon Beach, sounds like kayakers stuck at the mouth between solid swell and heavy outgoing tide
 Friday, November 25 at 7:23pm
Sunset fog rolled in with a crescent moon over Point Reyes tonight.
 Friday, November 25 at 9:52am
A lot going on this holiday weekend. Shop in the area and support local vendors, there are so many great shops and unique gifts. And its Open Studios, go visit an amazing art space, meet some super talented local artists and pick up some new art for your pad.

I'd list all the shops in here, but inevitably I'll forget someone and then feelings get hurt. But if you want to put your favorite shop in the comments, go for it.
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