A open letter from Dr. Whitt, who practiced medicine in Point Reyes Station for decades: "Disturbed by the number and behavior of cyclists in the Palace Market and on the sidewalk by the Bovine, in violation of the statewide order to shelter at home, I contacted Supervisor Rodoni and he told me that "the Bay Area Health directors are the people in charge of this order and from the beginning they allowed travel by bike essentially freely". I then wrote Dr. Lisa Santora and expressed my concerns. She replied: "The intent has always been support the optimization of social distancing. And as you know, we have strengthened county orders to reduce possible transmission in West Marin from nonresidents. We will review with our team."

Traveling between communities by any means and mingling with residents not only violates the order but cannot be justified epidemiologically and risks spreading the virus to West Marin residents. I wrote back and stressed there could be no scientific basis for excluding cyclists from the sheltering in place order and asked her to immediately extend the order to include cyclists. Neither Supervisor Rodoni or Dr. Santora has responded to my emails since. I did, however, notice in the IJ yesterday (4-15.20) that the shelter at home order had been extended to May 3rd. No mention was made that cyclists were now included in that order and would be subjected to the same fines as drivers.

As a doctor in this community for almost 50 years, the presence of cyclists from over the hill in West Marin communities presents a clear and present danger."
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