From Wayne Patton: "So, we live in Forest Knolls and I woke up today to what we are 99% sure was a Mountain Lion kill about four feet outside of our kitchen window.

Last night at about 11:15 pm, I heard some small murmuring or whining and at first I thought there was a dying rat or something in the wall and then I opened the window to the upstairs bathroom and it was more pronounced. I then heard the sounds of a cat and dismissed it as a cat fight as we hear those often out here. Turns out right outside the window was a Mt Lion feasting on this deer.

I took pictures of the scat too and this was confirmed as Mt Lion scat. We have the county coming out to remove the carcass as Mt Lions will return for their kill and we have two small children at home, a cat, dog, and chickens.

This is very scary and too close. I know we live in nature and this is their house and I respect that we just have never really had an “encounter” like this. Wakes you up a bit and we aren’t going to be letting our 4 year old play outside alone any longer. I just wanted to warn you all that this Mt Lion is in the area. I may set up a video cam now out back. I hope you all stay safe!"
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