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 Sunday, April 24 ,2022 at 10:44am
From a local resident (WMF also had a coyote going through our raccoon distributed garbage in Inverness recently, which we don't see often):

"Stepped out my front door early this morning to find one of my cats squared-off against orange/orange, the colored ear-tagged young coyote that has been in and around Inverness the last few weeks. Chased him down the driveway and quite a ways up Mt Vision, showering him with all the unwelcome vibes I could muster.

I hope-but-doubt the unwelcome energy will really do much to keep him out of my yard and our neighborhood. A gentle reminder to other small pet owners to keep them (and their food bowls) close and/or inside and to be extra vigilant with keeping compost piles and garbage cans from becoming attractive nuisances. Wish the short-term rentals would do a better job in the garbage can department." (Thx TB)

Here's a link to the project that tagged orange/orange two years ago:

Photo: Presidio Trust
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