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 Thursday, May 5 ,2022 at 9:07am
The elk fawn was not injured. Do not remove animals from the park.

"On Friday evening, 4/29/22, a "concerned citizen" removed an elk fawn from the Tomales Point Elk Preserve fearing that it was gravely injured. The individual took the elk calf to the Marin Humane Society who then transferred it to WildCare. On Saturday, U.S. Park Rangers and biologists from the Point Reyes National Seashore were advised and responded to attempt to reunite the elk with its mother.

Fortunately, just before arriving at Tomales Point, precise GPS coordinates of where the calf was taken from were received. Park staff navigated to this point, through very dense fog, to find a lone female elk passing through the coyote brush and lupine. Staff quickly backed away from the area after the calf was released and the female elk went straight uphill to the calf. After reuniting for several minutes, with plenty of sniffing and licking each other, the two elk slowly trotted off together into the fog."


If you see a sick or injured animal, please leave the animal alone and contact our visitor center at 415-464-5100 for assistance.

Photo courtesy of WildCare
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