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 Monday, June 6 ,2022 at 10:59am
The WMF Roll Into the Week weekly newsletter is out to get you prepped for the upcoming week in West Marin. This issue covers:

- Record rainfall (2.33" on Mt. Tam) this weekend which helped with fire danger.
- Marin Board of Supervisors meet about climate change mitigation projects.
- PG&E getting a lot of feedback about their E.V.M (Enhanced Vegetation Management) strategy and how many trees are being cut down.
- It was a great Western Weekend Parade on Sunday.
- A story in the New York Times about NIMBYs in Marin. "NIMBYs who used to be viewed as, at best, defenders of their community, and at worst just practical, are now painted as housing hoarders whose efforts have increased racial segregation, deepened wealth inequality and are robbing the next generation of the American dream."

Plus upcoming events and weather.


NYT article (paywall):
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