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 Friday, October 28 ,2022 at 3:33pm
From longtime local resident Maranda Nowell, "Hello to you all! ❤️
Nolan and I are trying to raise money to purchase our home! We have the unexpected opportunity to buy into owning our sweet little spot we’ve lived in for the last 6 years. As my single mom self, I have financially supported us and survived these years! I’ve thought to myself, maybe in 5 years or so I’ll be able to purchase a home if I keep working at it hard. Never did I think the door would open right in front of me. Yet, life has opened a door for us, a huge opportunity!!
Our landlords are offering us the possibility to buy our sweet little home in Sebastopol! I do not have quite enough for a down payment though, and it’s down to the wire now. So, I am reaching out, hoping that maybe, just maybe, there are people out there that might be able to help me and Nolan to secure this chance to own a home of our very own. Never is asking for help easy, but the time is now if we’re going to make this happen. I appreciate each and everyone of you for listening. Thank you and I love you."
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