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 Friday, December 30 ,2022 at 11:13am
Word is going around West Marin that Cheda's Garage in Point Reyes Station (that turns 100 this year) will no longer have a tow truck in 2023. This is in part due to the current truck no longer meeting the strict emissions standards of California.

Tim Bunce, the tow truck driver, is a legend. He has helped our family and friends out of many jams over the years. Passing him on the road in that yellow truck makes WMF feel safer. The other night WMF saw a local truck go into a ditch and a group of dudes struggled to get it out. Timmy showed up and within minutes had them out. I can't imagine how long that would have taken without him. Thank you Timmy.

Here is some more info from KWMR:
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