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 Friday, March 3 ,2023 at 4:14pm
The letter above is from local KWMR DJ and longtime Bolinas resident Ananda Brady and was delivered to Dennis Rodoni today. Service at the Bolinas post office was suspended today and residents will have to pick their mail up in Olema.

This message is from Bolinas resident Jeff Labovitz on NextDoor: "I have been corresponding with local government authorities about the eviction of the USPS since early December. They always respond "we are looking into it". The failure of government to protect the the entire community of Bolinas from the abuse of one greedy, and disgraceful property owner has no excuse despite all the babbling about "lawsuits" , USPS issues, etc.

It can only be summed up as the total lack of concern on the part of County, State and Federal offices with respect to that "go-it-alone" hippy community called BOLINAS.. How else can one explain the total lack of action against the calculated plot by Welch to extort Bolinas in the face of a groundless federal post office eviction and a lingering massive risky public health and safety hulk called the Waterhouse Building??

"We'll get back to you on that..someday"....
Signed, Rodoni, Huffman, Newsome.."

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