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 Wednesday, May 24 ,2023 at 9:15am
Two emergencies yesterday in West Marin.

In the afternoon two kayakers were in distress in Tomales Bay which led to a full emergency response with helicopters. I heard that Shannon and Anthony from the Marshall Store assisted in the rescue. Everyone was ok.

Later there was a bad motorcycle accident in Inverness Park that required a helicopter transport. Our heart goes out to the person injured in that accident, I hope they are ok.

If you want current updates on these type of events, those are on the WMF Twitter feed (not FB). And if you don't want to be on Twitter (I see you John Aucoin), you can go to the WMF web site and see the Twitter feed there without going to Twitter.


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Photo of helicopter taking off from Love Field in Point Reyes Station by WMF.
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