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 Monday, August 21 ,2023 at 5:25pm
"Our hearts go out to the people in Maui after a wildfire ripped through Lahaina on August 8. The speed and scale of the fire demonstrate the destructive force of wildfires today and serve as a warning to fire-prone areas such as Marin. It could happen here, and we need to be ready!

Join Fire Safe Marin tonight for a Special Edition of Wildfire Watch to hear from local experts about what happened in Maui and what we are doing here to lower our risks and keep people safe.

Streaming Live from MarinTV Studio
August 21, 2023
6:00-7:00 pm
Join over Zoom

Rich Shortall, Executive Officer of Fire Safe Marin

Jason Weber, Marin County Fire Chief
Mark Brown, Executive Officer of the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority
Todd Lando, Central Marin Fire Battalion Chief"
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