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 Saturday, February 10 ,2024 at 11:32am
“If the past week has taught us anything, disaster can suddenly turn life upside down, taking with it all sense of stability and reliability. On February 4th, the DeSante family endured a terrifying experience. While Sara was alone at home, a massive tree came crashing down on their roof, leaving a gaping hole in their home. Thankfully, Sara escaped physically unharmed, but their home did not.

As you can see in the photos their living room along with their car were destroyed. This home belonged to Forest’s beloved father who only recently passed a year ago. In August of 2023, the DeSantes completed extensive and expensive renovations and moved in. They were finally settling into their new home when this happened.

If you are fortunate to know Sara and Forest personally, you know exactly what kind of wholehearted people they are. They give without question and always show up for their friends, family, and community. Their kindness and sincerity are evident in the way they lead their lives and the way they have raised their sweet son, Jalen.

The shock of this terrible incident is still painfully fresh but there is no rest for the DeSante family as they navigate insurance claims, tree removal, transportation, and most importantly, where they are going to live. They have been told to prepare to be without their home for the next year.

They are “do it themselves” kind of people and rarely (if ever) ask for help. However, this is an undertaking of such magnitude that it’s important to recognize that there are times when we all need support.

Anything you can spare helps with repairs that are likely to reach well into six figures, for which insurance may not be enough. Along with trying to maintain a normal life for Jalen who goes to school locally.”

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