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 Tuesday, December 9 ,2014 at 1:51pm
From Supervisor Susan Adams: URGENT ALERT: Prepare for high winds and rain

Nasty storm coming our way Wednesday and Thursday

The County has been out clearing and performing maintenance in anticipation of the winter storm season; it's time for all of us to secure our own space! Take a look around your home now to make sure your flashlights and batteries are working, you have water and emergency food, and that your gutters, drains and culverts are clean and working. Check drainage pipes, and trim precarious branches if you can. If you live near a storm drain, please help to make sure leaves are not covering the grate and that street gutters are clear. The coming storm is projected to bring heavy rain and wind, power outages are possible. Sounds like it will be wild out there with wind and rain! Remember to drive safely on Thursday, or better yet, if you don't have to be on the roads - stay home!
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