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 Monday, December 22 ,2014 at 12:15pm
News about Kent Lake. Why is this West Marin news? Because Nicasio Reservoir is drained when Kent Lake gets to a low level. Unfortunately, Nicasio doesn't provide water for thirsty people or crops in Nicasio or make it's way to Point Reyes, it is pumped up over the hill to quench East Marin's homes and lawns. Nevertheless, we all tend to use a quick glimpse of the Nicasio Reservoir as an assessment of our state of drought. Here is the news via Jean Berensmeier and her son Paul:
Tina and I just came back from running up to the Kent Lake spillway. Our timing was perfect. We actually got to see the water spill over the lip of the spillway! I've never been there at exactly that time! The big moment occurred at 8am. I took pictures to document this exciting event (first time in four years!).

Paul & Tina
Forest Andi Knoll
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