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 Sunday, December 28 ,2014 at 1:14pm
Has anyone ever gotten a parking ticket for parking at Chicken Ranch Beach?

Yesterday I got a ticket for parking on the shoulder of Sir Francis Drake Blvd just up from the beach. This is where I have been parking for ages to meet Carlos to go take photos, and where I see 100s of cars park weekly to visit the beach.

As you can see, I am parked facing the wrong way, though I am very far off the road. This cost me $61. To add to my pain, "PARKED ON SHOULDER/FREEWAY CVC 21718" was hand written on the ticket, raising my ticket to $106. SFD is a freeway?

I TOTALLY accept my violation and respect that the officer who wrote it was simply doing his/her job. So no friction, I totally understand. I am just curious of others experiences parking on the shoulder of SFD Blvd so I know for future reference.

Merry Christmas to me...
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