The West Marin Sunset Feed missed both the sunset and that wild moonrise tonight. Anyone else get pictures of it?
The bunnies outside the fence on the PR/Petaluma Rd really stress me out. I want to pull over and pick them everytime I drive by. Anyone else?
This video from Mickey Murch in Bolinas shows how dangerous a tsunami surge can be. "I just watched it go from low tide to high tide in one minute." Watch the whole thing.
Waves spotted in the Bolinas lagoon from the tidal surge this morning. (Thx LS)
Beaches closed in Point Reyes this morning due to tsunami warning from volcano explosion in Tonga. No word on re-opening, plan accordingly.

“The tsunami waves will arrive in pulses throughout the day.”

Tides higher in Point Reyes

NWS Bay Area

“**A Tsunami Advisory has been issued for the U.S. West Coast, including our area. Arrival time of waves: around 7:35 AM this morning**

A tsunami capable of producing strong currents hazardous to swimmers, boats, and coastal structures is expected. #cawx”

Link: https://twitter.com/nwsbayarea...
Has anyone else heard these? "Loud and repeated night-time booms have bewildered San Geronimo Valley residents for the past month. The explosions, heard and even felt from Woodacre to Lagunitas, have prompted discussions on Nextdoor and multiple calls to the Sheriff’s Office, but so far remain unexplained.

“[It’s] definitely a mystery that people in the valley are following closely because it’s so loud and perplexing,” valley resident Becky Bond said. Some neighbors have pinpointed the noises, which usually occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and midnight, as coming from near the former San Geronimo Golf Course or the Roy’s Redwoods Preserve."

Full Story: https://www.ptreyeslight.com/n...

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Mystical sunset over Point Reyes tonight. They keep getting more intense. Anyone else get photos?

Time lapse here:

Or here:
We’re on a two day
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