"Lucas Valley Road is blocked in
both directions due to a vehicle fire near Big Rock" - via KMWR
There are two events happening tonight for people who want to connect about their concerns about the election. One at the White Barn at the Giacommini Wetlands at 5:15pm (please arrive early and quietly) and one at 6:00pm at Chicken Ranch Beach.
Here is the breakdown of the County of Marin voting results. They don't include what the Props were, they just have the numbers. In the race most people were probably watching locally, Rodoni won for supervisor.

A picture of the fire on Via De La Vista in Inverness today courtesy of the Point Reyes Light (via KWMR). Thanks to our local firefighting crews for responding so quickly and getting this under control.
"Emergency units are responding to a structure fire on Via De La Vista in Inverness" - via KWMR
Can't believe this is actually happening. Go vote!
More information about the recent explosions and bomb squad sightings from Richard James. "I led a Sierra Club litter pickup group last weekend and the group found two of these on south beach. The proper thing to do I am told is to not touch them (phosphorus is very unstable when it has dried, will burn when it contacts air), put a warning line around them if possible and contact county dispatch asap at 415-499-7233. They will call NPS LE who will then call the travis air force base EOD bomb squad. The folks then come down and blow the items up in place."

Apparently a bunch of them have washed up, so be careful if you find one and report them! And the waves will continue to be huge this week, so be safe at the beaches!

Here is the data sheet:
Marin County Sheriffs's Notice -Gas Station Skimmer Warning

On November 3rd, a skimmer device was found at a gas station in unincorporated Mill Valley. A gas station attendant found the device and it is thought to have been placed there some time during the night. This is the only such report the Sheriff's Office has received but we want to take the opportunity to inform our residents what a skimmer device is and how to protect their personal information.

Some of these devices are not visible unless the gas pump key pad is opened and some utilize Bluetooth technology and is used by criminals to steal credit card information. The thieves never have to come into physical contact with your card; they merely have to be close enough to capture the data from the skimmer remotely.

While not all skimmers operate this way, all are simply devices added to the pump and connected to the card reader to steal credit and debit card info and defraud the consumer. The Marin County Sheriff's Office offers the following advice to help you avoid becoming a victim of these thieves:

"¢ First look at the overall condition of the gas pump. Is there anything attached to it that appears out of place? Is there more than one card reader? Any visible wires on the outside of the machine? Is there tape holding objects on the pump?
"¢ If possible, avoid gas pumps that are out of view of the store employee. These pumps could be more easily compromised with a skimmer since employees will not be able to see activity around the pump. Use the pumps that are within view of the employee these will probably have a reduced risk of being compromised.
"¢ Check to see if the pump has a seal placed on the access door. If this seal is broken or gone, move on to another pump if possible. It could mean that the pump has been compromised. If the seal is missing or broken notify the employee immediately.
"¢ If you notice anything attached to the outside of the pump that appears out of place or brand new in appearance compared to the pump itself, it could be a skimmer or camera to video your PIN. Externally placed skimmers will allow the transaction when placed over the pump card reader, but will also steal your information at the same time.
"¢ Some skimmers are blue-tooth capable so the crook will not even have to come and get it! Others that are externally attached may have to be retrieved by the crook at some point in time.
"¢ If you see people hanging around gas pumps after business hours or pretending to be maintenance workers, inform the employees or call the police.
"¢ Finally, check your credit card or gas card statements regularly for any irregularities or unusual charges.

Shared with Marin County Sheriff's Office in Crime & Safety

Sergeant Nina Snyder from Marin County Sheriff's Office ·
Photo from Sergeant Nina Snyder
Benefit of daylight savings today. Incredible sunrise. #sunrise #westmarin
Did anyone see or here a huge explosion on Limantour Beach around 6:30pm last night? A surfer out at Drakes Beach saw the explosion and then a huge column of smoke rise up. Very strange. Maybe more flares?
"The Land I Love", watercolors, photographs and ceramics by local artists Barbara Whitt, Michael Whitt and Whitman Shenk. The opening reception is Saturday (tomorrow), Nov 4 from 2pm to 4pm at the gallery in Tobys in Point Reyes. This is a great show, highly recommend checking it out.
Some crazy running race on Point Reyes/Petaluma road right now. Runners and support vans everywhere. Drive safe and slow, it's a little hectic.
A couple of people saw the bomb squad go through Point Reyes yesterday. Here's why. "My husband and I were walking near sculpture beach yesterday and found what looked like two explosives taped together. They read do not touch and had instructions on how to arm them. We were told by a ranger out looking for them that they were probably high powered flares." from Judy Miller who then notified the bomb squad. Glad everyone is safe, great work Judy.
Rain is gone and the sun put on a show tonight out at Drakes Bay. Other people get some photos? (Thx AN)
"There is a high surf advisory starting Thursday. Waves will be very large and dangerous all the way through the weekend into next Monday. Be super careful at the beaches, stay away from the shore, use common sense."
"Today, November 1st from 2 - 5 pm there is one last West Marin flu immunization clinic being held at the Point Reyes Library. The flu immunizations are free as this is a collaboration of Marin County - West Marin Health & Human Services, Coastal Health Alliance, Kaiser and Dominican University Nursing Department." - (thx KR)
Capping a wet weekend off with a mellow sunset and this big old owl. #greathornedowl #pointreyes #sunset
Felt like a rainbow day. This one spotted at North Beach in Point Reyes. Anyone else spot any? (Thx CM)
"Stay away from the steps at the Mouth of Devil's Gulch Creek. There is a HUGE Yellow Jacket nest in one of the stairs. My son and I along with our dog were attacked within seconds and followed us back into the car. Stay away!!!" (Thx KPM)
A Day of the Dead parade makes its way through Point Reyes this evening.
Friday: El Radio Fantastique plays tonight at HopMunk Tavern in Sebastopol.
Saturday: Day of the Dead procession in PR at 5pm
Saturday: MC Yogi's Halloween Party at Tobys at 8pm
Sunday: Pancake breakfast at Pt Reyes Fire Station
El Radio: https://www.facebook.com/event...
Day of Dead: http://www.ptreyeslight.com/ar...
MC Yogi: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mc...
"Let's continue to bring our community together! Join us this Sunday Oct 30th as we join our local Pr. Reyes Firefighters at this year's 30th Annual Pancake Breakfast at the Pt. Reyes Public Safety Building. Come and meet your local firefighters, Sheriff's Patrol Deputies and members of the Sheriff's Search & Rescue Team. Come ride in a fire truck, meet Smokey the Bear, watch & learn the skills of a Search & Rescue team member in addition to many raffle prizes and silent auction. I hope to see you there!" - Doug Lt. Doug Pittman Your local Sheriff (This event supports and benefits the West Marin Disaster Council.)
"Bear Valley Rd closed between Fox Drive and SFDB. Wires on the road by Silverhills Rd." I've also been hearing reports of people having trouble with their Internet connections in parts of Inverness Park. Perhaps related. (Thx CW)
"Heavy rainfall over Marin County is expected Thursday through early Saturday. Except the commute this evening to be a messy one, plan accordingly. Drive slow. Drive safe."
"CHP reports that Olema-Bolinas Road in the vicinity of the Bolinas wye will be closed indefinitely due to a vehicle crash" - via KWMR, check radio for updates...
West Marin bus driver begins new life as a woman after gender reassignment surgery: "Richard Scott Pflug had been many things in his life "” a manual laborer, a Highland Games competitor, a graduate student, a college professor, an underground cartoonist, a sign painter, a school bus driver. He's been a son, a brother, a husband. And, two years ago, he became a she. After gender reassignment surgery, he became a woman named Leslie Richelle Scott." FULL STORY: http://www.marinij.com/general...
So, its raining really hard in Inverness right now. Did not see this one coming. Winter is here.
Accident on PR/Petaluma road just west of the cheese factory. Roads are slick. Drive safe! (Thx DW)
"After a months long search for new owners for their beloved Bay Area bookstore, Kate Levinson and Steve Costa announced that they have selected two experienced San Francisco booksellers to take over the store. Out of 27 serious letters of interest that Levinson and Costa received, they chose Stephen Sparks and Molly Parent. "They represent the next generation of creative and energetic booksellers, and we couldn't be happier to have such capable and likeable stewards for Point Reyes Books," said Costa and Levinson in announcing their decision."
FULL STORY: http://www.publishersweekly.co...
Stunning sunset on Tomales Bay tonight.
Major accident north of Nicks Cove on Route One. Both lanes closed.
"The Board of Supervisors approved reduced speed limits on Tuesday on two sections of Point Reyes-Petaluma Road, totaling three quarters of a mile after the county fielded concerns about speed from Laurel Canyon Road residents. The section of road from Platform Bridge Road to Laurel Canyon was lowered from 35 to 40 miles per hour; from Laurel Canyon to Dam Road the limit will be 50 m.p.h." - via The Light
To support the families of Chance and Lance Argall who tragically died in a car accident Tuesday October 18, there are two options:



Tons of deer on the road, drive safe. This big buck was hit right in Inverness Park. Someone has a serious dent in their car, hope they're ok.
Jetara Sehart, the mother of two brothers who died along with another man in a horrific crash in west Marin County talks about her love for her sons. "My saddest thing is that I could not hug them right now. You know? And just tell them I love them one more time. And tell them that it didn't matter if they didn't have a job tomorrow or their clothes were dirty"¦they needed to just be okay to live here and I wish I could tell them that now," Sehart said.
FULL VIDEO: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.c...
The Greenbridge gas station in Point Reyes will be closed until Saturday for remodeling. Plan accordingly!
"3 people have died following a crash on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. near the Lagunitas Creek in Marin County." Apparently SFD was closed until 5:30am this morning but is now re-opened. Proceed with caution. Unbelievably sad.
Every now and then something on the Internets will catch you a little off guard. Tonight was that night. Naked running guy discovered Point Reyes! There is no nudity at this link but there is some on the site. More power to him! https://nakedmanrunning.me/201...
"West Marin rancher Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak, a veterinarian who runs Devil's Gulch Ranch in Nicasio with her husband, Mark, Kaplan-Pasternak was in Haiti with her family in 2010 when the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit, followed by a hurricane, five days of rioting and a cholera outbreak that claimed 1,300 lives. She is planning to return to Haiti in November on an agricultural mission, but she will also be taking donations of money to give directly to Haitian relief organizations for immediate aid to those hit hardest by Hurricane Matthew. Further information on donations for Haiti is available through Devil's Gulch Educational Services, dges.com, or by calling 415-662-1099." FULL STORY: http://www.marinij.com/article...
Rain fall totals for Marin. Looks like Inverness wins the West Marin award. Interesting difference between that and Point Reyes.
Ok, who saw this happening tonight? Wow.
Solid rain in Inverness right. How about rest of West Marin?
DEBATE: District 4 candidates Dennis Rodoni and Dominic Grossi square off at the Dance Palace, Pt Reyes TOMORROW Oct 12, 6:30 PM
"We were at Hearts Desire today 10/11 from 2-5pm and there was a pit bull there that chased my 9 year old child into the water, totally terrifying her and me too. The dog was part or all pit bull, mostly white, named Rex and was there with his very careless owner (who blew by the no dogs sign several times). The owner was a 30 something blonde guy there with a woman of similar age in a large gray truck. If anyone knows them I'd appreciate info as the park would like to contact them. We were there with 5 small children and we feel very lucky that none of them were injured, but all were terrified. Thank you!" If you have any info, leave in the comments or contact TWMF.
Stunning sunset tonight in Point Reyes as the marine layer crept in.
"Significant Rainfall Potential across northern CA from Thursday through Sunday (Oct 13-16), mainly north of I-80. #cawx #bayarearain"
Starting out on the right foot in West Marin today. #sunrise
"Tomorrow morning myself and other deputies who patrol and respond to your calls for service here in West Marin will be stopping for coffee at Toby's Feed Barn in Point Reyes Station. Please join us between 8-10am, share a cup, ask us questions, get to know us on a more personable level than just those faces you see driving through your neighborhood everyday. We want to meet you as we celebrate National Coffee with a Cop (Deuty) Day, Friday October 7th.

I'll be there, and hope you will be too.

Lt. Doug Pittman
* please call me Doug"
"A two-vehicle crash in West Marin injured four people and blocked traffic for nearly two hours Wednesday, police said. The collision was reported shortly before 9 a.m. on Point Reyes-Petaluma Road southwest of the Novato Boulevard terminus, said California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Barclay. According to the preliminary CHP investigation, the driver of a Toyota Corolla was heading toward Point Reyes Station when a tire slipped off the road on a curve. Police identified the driver of the Celica as Bonnie Guttman, 52, of Inverness. Paramedics took her to a hospital for treatment of moderate injuries."
FULL STORY: http://www.marinij.com/general...
TRAFFIC ALERT - Multi vehicle accident, multiple injuries, Petaluma-Pt Reyes Rd near Novato Blvd., partial road closure.
Another reminder TO SLOW DOWN. "On Tuesday, October 04, 2016, at approximately 12:47 AM, Marin CHP officers were dispatched to a call of a vehicle collision on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, west of Shadow Creek Court, just outside of Fairfax. The reporting party had not seen the collision occur but had heard a very loud crash nearby.
Emergency personnel from the Marin CHP Office, Marin County Sheriff's Office, and Ross Valley Fire Department responded to the scene and located a dark colored 2010 BMW M5 that had collided head on with a large tree on the right shoulder of westbound Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. The male driver, and sole occupant of the vehicle, was located in the driver seat of the BMW and was unresponsive upon our arrival. The driver was subsequently pronounced deceased by paramedics on scene.
Our preliminary investigation indicates that the vehicle was traveling westbound on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard at a very high rate of speed when the driver failed to negotiate a left curve in the roadway. The vehicle left the roadway and collided with a large tree on the right shoulder which caused major damage to the vehicle.
Sir Francis Drake Boulevard was closed at the location of the collision from approximately 2:05 AM to 5:40 AM while officers investigated the collision.
All information pertaining to the identity of the deceased driver will be released by the Marin County Sheriff's Office "“ Coroner Division upon notification of the next of kin.
"The films and the schedule for the third annual Stinson Beach Docfest have been announced! Sign up now for tickets to the Opening Gala Friday, November 4! Limited to 70 guests and always sells out. Make it a date with your love, friends, family! Always a party to remember." SITE: http://stinsondocfest.org
The roads are wet this morning, please drive safely. This accident just happened on the Point Reyes/Petaluma road. (thx FySP).
Well, they said it would rain and it actually kind of is raining in Inverness. I heard Bodega has some real rain. Anyone else?
Rescue vehicles scrambled for sail boat tipped over in bay. Everyone ok, rescue has been called off.
"Bike accident atop Lucas valley. Lane closed. Appears bicyclist knocked down hill. Rescue in progress." (Thx EM)
This massive project which the Point Reyes Light wrote about in 2014 is finally open for public comments. If you have an opinion about this sort of thing, now would be a good time to get them out there. 9,000 square feet called 'Moonrise Kingdom'. "Alexis Traina, the wife of the so-called "social king of San Francisco," told the San Francisco Chronicle this month that the couple is hiring Ken Fulk"”one of the most sought-after interior designers for Bay Area millionaires and billionaires who is known for orchestrating lavish parties"”to create an "old time fishing camp theme" for their Inverness property at the top of Vision Road, where a handful of locals once rented cabins.
PR LIGHT STORY: http://www.ptreyeslight.com/ar...
BUILDING PERMIT: http://www.marincounty.org/dep...
Litter Bugs Me: Annual Roadside Clean Up
Official Day: October 1 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Volunteer Appreciation BBQ to follow 12:00 to 2:30 pm
Various other group and Tomales Bay cleanup: September 24 - October 1

Join the EAC and Point Reyes Station Village Association for Litter Bugs Me, an annual roadside clean up in West Marin. This stewardship event gives us an opportunity to get outside, clean up our wildlife corridors and protect what we love about West Marin.

EAC has formed a team (ages 10 and older) to clean up Platform Bridge Road and Highway 1 through Point Reyes Station. Meet us at the Bear Valley Picnic Area at Point Reyes National Seashore to carpool to clean up stations and gather supplies. We will provide trash bags, bins, gloves and vehicles to collect the debris. Please wear layers, a hat, sunscreen, gloves, and good walking shoes.

Following the clean up the EAC and Point Reyes Village Association will host a volunteer appreciation BBQ at Bear Valley from 12:00 - 2:30 pm, where we will weigh the trash and take a group photo. All volunteers who participated with the effort over the past week are invited to attend. Please RSVP to volunteer and for the BBQ at events(@)eacmarin.org.

Participating organizations: EAC, Point Reyes Village Association, Point Reyes National Seashore/National Park Service, East Shore Planning Group, Olema Valley Association, Rotary Club of West Marin, Tomales Bay Youth Center and Tomales Bay Watershed Council.

Sponsors: EAC, Hog Island Oyster Company, Main Street Moms, Toby's Feed Barn, The Palace Market, Point Reyes Schoolhouse Lodging, Point Reyes National Seashore, and Table Top Farm.

Want to partipate, RSVP or donate? Contact us at events(@)eacmarin.org or call 415.663.9312.

Point Reyes all over the news today: "Dairy farmer Bob Giacomini, 79, is ahead of his time, even if he didn't mean to be. Eight years ago, the North Bay native bought a custom motor, generator and pipeline to make electricity from an unusual source "” cow manure "” at his ranch along Tomales Bay. The hope was that the renewable energy would save him a few bucks and perhaps bolster the environmental bona fides of his family's famed cheese, Point Reyes Original Blue." FULL STORY: http://www.sfchronicle.com/bay...
Interesting way to make SFGate. Are they going to tear the boat down? FULL STORY: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/...
Traffic Alert: "Traffic in nicasio all the way to Petaluma to to the brush fire on 101." (Thx FP and AN)
A couple of local watermen on stand up paddle boards were out at Drake's Beach towards the Estero this morning when a decent sized great white shark lunged out of the water and ate a seal right in front of them. They safely paddled back to the beach. Better then a cup of coffee. They're out there.
Sirens are for car accident in park. Thanks to emergencies crew for quick response, hopefully everyone ok.
Fog's Diner at the boatel in Inverness is officially open today! TWMF got a sneak peak and we give it a double thumbs up, great food, great vibe, affordable and lots of locals working there!
"Two big organized bicycling events are going to be on WM roads tomorrow. The Jensie Gran Fondo, a fundraiser for the Marin County Bicycle Coalition and the Wine to Waves MS ride. Roads impacted are Highway 1 (Shoreline) from Mill Valley to Tomales, Sir Francis Drake (east of Highway 1), Point Reyes Petaluma, Tomales Petaluma, and Hicks Valley. So, plan your road time accordingly. We are announcing this on KWMR. Also, there are rest stops in Stinson Beach, Olema and Point Reyes Station." - from Amanda Eichstaedt
Highly recommend this event. "Author Kirk Lombard will read from his book, "The Sea Forager's Guide to the Northern California Coast," on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 7pm, in the Red Barn at the Bear Valley Visitor Center in Point Reyes."
EVENT DETAILS: http://ptreyesbooks.com/events...
FULL STORY: http://www.ptreyeslight.com/ar...
Photo by Todd Selby.
"A lawsuit served this month against five California Coastal Commission members "” including Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey "” could cost them millions of dollars in civil fines if the courts confirm hundreds of alleged transparency rule violations." FULL STORY: http://www.marinij.com/governm...
This very sad story back in the news. Still can't believe they were at the Greenbridge Gas Station in Point Reyes. "Details of Bay Area drifter killings emerge in Marin County hearing" FULL STORY: http://www.sfgate.com/crime/ar...
From CHPMarin about accident on Lucas Valley Drive yesterday: "Driver of 72' long big rig was cited for a sign violation."
TRAFFIC ALERT: Just heard that Lucas Valley Road is closed because of a truck crash. Anyone have any more information?
TRAFFIC ALERT: "Lucas Valley Rd is closed at Westgate for a big rig stuck blocking both lanes. No ETO"
The launch party for the fourth and final edition of the most excellent Inverness Almanac is going down tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 17th, 4pm - 10pm). They're blowing it out at Love Field making full use of the parachute stage sculpture set up. And they scored the cover of the Pacific Sun this week. Rock on.
PARTY DETAILS: https://www.facebook.com/event...
PAC SUN STORY: http://pacificsun.com/feature-...
Is there some bike event happening tomorrow? Does anyone know the time and/or route? Looks like it will be going through Nicasio?
"Point Reyes National Seashore, in conjunction with the California Coastal Commission and Environmental Action Committee of West Marin/Marin MPA Watch, will be sponsoring a beach cleanup at Drakes Beach on Saturday, September 17, 2016. The cleanup will take place from 10 am to 1 pm. This is a family friendly event. Participants are encouraged to bring sunscreen, lunch and/or snacks, and their own water bottles. The PRNSA Bookstore at Drakes Beach sells merchandise and some pre-packaged food and drinks." MORE INFO: https://www.nps.gov/pore/plany...
Spotted an old friend last night, back at his spot. #greathornedowl #pointreyesnationalseashore #owl
Start strong, end strong. West Marin had a day today. #pointreyesnationalseashore #sunset #sunsetporn
Good way to start things off in West Marin today. #Inverness #tomalesbay #sunrise
"The Sheriff's Office will be assisting the Marin County District Attorney's Office on Tuesday, Sep 13, with the Gun Buy Back Program. Persons wishing to turn in any weapons may do so without questions at the Point Reyes Public Safety Building between the hours 11am-7pm. Some guns turned in may be eligible for a cash.

Lt. Doug Pittman
Your local Sheriff 😊"
Tree down on Via de la Vista in Seahaven. Power out as well, use Stockstill Dr. (Thx AP)
"This feed truck was in front of me this morning Thursday. It drove by Nicasio school going over 50 while kids were in the yard. I wanted to send this into the company but can't make out the name. Maybe someone knows. I think it is an important issue." from Fernando Y Sabrina Pelayo
Here's a picture of a recently spotted humpback whale seen near Point Reyes. One was also seen just off Drakes Beach yesterday.
A solo humpback whale was spotted feeding just off the Drakes Beach parking lot this morning. Kind of a rare sight. (thx TM)
Smokey sunrise this morning over Tomales Bay. Fall is in the air.
"This dog running around in the street outside IP Market right now." - thx CLC
These people looked like they had a winning sand castle coming together today at Drakes Beach. And some people seemed to be building below the high tide line. Oops.
LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Some hot tips: Go see 'A Midnight Summer's Dream' at St. Columbia's Church at 4pm Sat/Sun/Mon. If you have a kid who plays tennis, Xerxes Whitney having a mini-kid-tennis tournament Saturday at 4pm at Second Valley. The sand castle contest is at Drake's Beach on Sunday. It's going to be a mess, so unless your ready for traffic, avoid the area (this photo from last year). And there is a major wind event happening this afternoon.

Photo from Drake's last year.

LINK TO PLAY INFO: https://www.facebook.com/event...
Be prepared for wind on Saturday. "Locally gusty W to NW winds forecast late Sat. afternoon and evening. Yellow shading on map = 30-40 mph gusts"
"Amazing Shipwreck Gym in Pokémon GO! The Point Reyes in Bolinas Bay" Riiiiggghhht. I was wondering if there was Pokemon happening in Point Reyes. Now I know. At the famous shipwreck that was burnt up by Instagrammers. Of course. Anyone else experienced any Pokemania in West Marin? FULL VIDEO IF YOU DARE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
From Marin IJ: "Marin's representatives in Sacramento this week side-stepped legislation expanding overtime pay for farmworkers.

Dominic Grossi, a West Marin dairy farmer, former Marin County Farm Bureau president, and candidate for county supervisor, said, "I would have voted against it."

Grossi said Marin farmers would have to pay overtime because they are relatively small and typically employ no more than a handful of workers, while much larger farming operations in the Central Valley could avoid paying overtime by hiring more workers and giving each worker fewer hours.

"The people who are going to get hurt are the workers because they're going to get their hours cut," Grossi said.

Grossi said he employs two agricultural workers in his dairy, both of whom live on his farm.

"Almost every dairy up here supplies housing," Grossi said. "It's a significant cost that people don't think about."

Dennis Rodoni, who is competing with Grossi for the District 4 seat on the Board of Supervisors, said that wages and housing for farmworkers need to be improved, "but I don't know if this is the right bill because I really haven't had a chance to study it.""

FULL STORY: http://www.marinij.com/governm...
SFD outside of Inverness has both lanes closed right now for "milk transfer" from accident. Expect major delays for next hour.
Bad day on the roads today. This accident at Five Brooks required a helicopter medvac. Slow down and drive safe! And thanks to our local police, fire and rescue crews. (Photo via Marin County Sheriff)
UPDATE: Traffic getting through now with delays. TRAFFIC ALERT: There is an overturned milk truck on Sir Francis Drake between Drake's View Dr. and Inverness blocking both lanes. No word on when re-opening. (thx NT and SC)
A bald eagle is hanging out at the Nicasio Reservoir, sitting on a rock above the submerged road. Very cool.
"A rarely seen Baird's beaked whale turned up on a beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore this week, a possible victim of a strike by a ship. Scientists plan to perform a follow-up evaluation of the cetacean's carcass Thursday to determine whether any vertebrae were fractured. Specialists will also determine the sex of the 35-foot animal, which feeds about 20 miles off the Marin coast." FULL STORY: http://www.marinij.com/environ...
Looked they are shooting a movie or something at the reservoir tonight. Reports of stopped traffic. Anyone have details? (Thx SD)
Magic sunset out at the beaches in Point Reyes tonight. Anyone else get a good picture?
"Repairs are expected to start next month on an eight-mile section of a key road in Marin County that's been closed since a March mudslide, county officials said. The section of Fairfax-Bolinas Road between West Ridgecrest Boulevard and the Meadow Club country club in Fairfax has been closed since March 11.

The Marin County Board of Supervisors approved a $305,692 contract on Aug. 16 with Engineered Soil Repairs in Walnut Creek for the repairs.

The repairs could be completed by November if not earlier, according to county officials." FULL STORY: http://patch.com/california/pe...
Rare sight. A whole fleet of sailboats out by Chimney Rock with dead calm conditions. Was it some sort of race?
Flotsam (jetsam?) at South Beach. Local beachcomber theorized it was from Japan. #pointreyesnationalseashore #flotsam #jetsam
A large dead whale was floating about half a mile offshore of South Beach this morning with what appeared to be some sharks making a meal of it. Couldn't get a photo, did anyone else see it? Wonder if it was that minke whale from the Estero...
Inverness Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream. Theater returns to that really cool little stage at the St. Columbia Epsicobal Church this weekend. Dates: 8/27, 8/28, 9/3, 9/4 & 9/5, 4pm show times. Support your local thespians! MORE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/event...
"Roadwork on Shoreline Highway near Dogtown resulted in the subcontractors dumping asphalt into a seasonable creek that feeds into Pine Gulch Creek watershed and located within Point Reyes National Seashore. Happy to report due to public response and complaints filed through CalTip, Marin County Sheriff, Caltrans and to the Point Reyes National Park resulted in Fish and Wildlife officer response and NPS fisheries biologist review. Status today: the asphalt has been removed and any residual damage needs to be assessed. Thanks BOC for the pic and heads up on this!" - via the EAC
Reposting this important story because I accidentally deleted it while trying to remove just the photo. ""The harsh lives of ranch workers in West Marin took center stage last week at a Human Rights Commission hearing held in Point Reyes Station, where workers and their advocates discussed long hours, precarious housing and virtually nonexistent access to mental health services, among other problems. Concerned citizens also spoke up about elder issues, housing problems and youth services." FULL STORY: http://www.ptreyeslight.com/ar...
Nature photographer extraordinaire Carlos Porrata captured this amazing photo of an elk from the Drake herd in Point Reyes having some issues with his antlers. I believe the park was able to free the poor guy from his predicament, anyone know more about this?
Video of helicopter rescue on Route 1 by Stinson this afternoon. Everyone was ok.

Highway 1 closed roughly 1 mile south of Stinson. Car went down cliff. Time of re-open unknown. (Thx WS)
Can you identify this creature found laying eggs on Shell Beach the other day? (Thx MB)
Anyone see lightning or hear thunder last night? Pretty sure I did.
There are some folks who are such a part of the fabric of the community, it's easy to think that they'll be here forever. Long time Inverness resident Joe Marino was one of those people. He was 80 going on 30 with a huge smile and genuine heart of gold. Chicken Ranch Beach will never be the same without him. You will be deeply missed and forever loved Joe.
That time of year. "Today at Chimney Rock in Point Reyes National Seashore I saw a shark breach. It was totally insane. It breached once which I caught out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't ID it as it was so fleeting. Then. A FULL breach, straight up, entire body out, tail and all, an arch in the air and the "SPLASH" down on its side. 5 seconds later, it hit the surface again and thrashed, seemingly like it had something in its jaws and was shaking it to death." via local nature photographer Daniel Dietrich
"The harsh lives of ranch workers in West Marin took center stage last week at a Human Rights Commission hearing held in Point Reyes Station, where workers and their advocates discussed long hours, precarious housing and virtually nonexistent access to mental health services, among other problems. Concerned citizens also spoke up about elder issues, housing problems and youth services." FULL STORY: http://www.ptreyeslight.com/ar... (photo by Press Democrat)
What a moonrise, anyone get a better picture then this?
"Free fire wood if you cut it up. At the corner of 5th and B. Please call first, don't just show up. There are logs there that are not part of this give away. Matt Bauer 541-930-2925"
Here is a picture of the live, stranded Minke Whale in the Estero. Very sad, never heard what happened to it...
"On Sunday, we were kayaking at Drakes Estero and came upon a live Minke Whale stranded on a sand bar. The whale was situated about a mile from the opening to the ocean and 3 miles in from the old oyster farm. We contacted the Marine Mammal Center to request help." (thx DC)
From a local reader: "Residents living in more rural towns may find that the U.S. Postal Service does not deliver mail to their homes. Instead, those residents must obtain a Post Office Box in order to receive mail. Unfortunately, I have heard about people in this situation, in nearby communities and beyond, being charged a yearly fee for the post office box. If the U.S.P.S. refuses to deliver mail to your home, it must provide a no-fee PO box." FULL STORY: https://broadlandsspectator.co... (thx JS)
"Several environmental groups are seeking an injunction to prevent the National Park Service from moving ahead with a ranch management plan seeking to extend leases to livestock operations that dot the Point Reyes National Seashore. The groups filed for an injunction Friday in U.S. District Court in Oakland to stop any work associated with the management plan. A judge could take up the injunction issue in October."

"Former Interior Secretary Salazar "” a cattle rancher himself "” unilaterally and out of the blue instructed the park service," according to the filing. "Secretary Salazar's surprise directive was not supported by any environmental analysis, nor informed by public notice and comment, as the law requires."

FULL STORY: http://www.marinij.com/article...
"Anyone missing a kitten? He followed us back to our car last night from the parking lot at Saltwater over to Inverness Way, we brought him home rather than leave him roaming along SFD, he seemed pretty happy to come home with us, but I'd hate to think someone is out there missing their kitten. He's sort of grendel colored, maybe a few months old." - via Aaron Ely
Looks like someone else us taking a shot at opening a restaurant at the boatel in Inverness. Anyone know more about it? Fog's Kitchen?
Want to buy Inverness? "The more-than-century-old building that encompasses almost all of downtown Inverness is for sale with a listing price of $2.5 million. Longtime Inverness resident Marshall Livingston has co-owned the building since 2001, but said his business partner, Dick Lemon, has moved to Santa Fe and wants to sell; Mr. Livingston co-listed the property with Sotheby's realtor Rick Trono after deciding he could not buy him out." FULL STORY BEHIND THE PAYWALL AT THE LIGHT: http://www.ptreyeslight.com/ar... (photo by Martha Proctor and the Inverness Assocation)
The Inverness Fair gets underway tomorrow by, Saturday, August 13 at 8 am with pancakes on the grill to support the Tomales Bay Youth Center! Browse the book sales for Marin County Free Library; eat a tostada to support Waterdogs and then some pie to support CLAM (my favorite kind of eating!) Plants and rummage sales for the Inverness Garden Club and much more - don't miss it! Right in downtown Inverness by the fire station.
"DRIVERS BEWARE - Last Monday the timbers used for the walkway across the Green Bridge located on Shoreline Hwy at the south end of Point Reyes Station caught fire damaging the walkway. CalTrans has inspected the damage and determined the walkway is now unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists to use until it is repaired.

The immediate problem is that this is really the only place for cars, people and cyclist to cross the creek without having to swim or at least get wet traveling into or out of town from the south. This is also a concern to me as there are children who use this walkway to go back and forth to school, which reopens next Thursday here in West Marin.

PLEASE pay extra attention when driving across the bridge no matter what time day or night to look for pedestrians and whoever and whatever shares that bridge and walkway until a time CalTrans can repair the walkway, CalTrans thinks they can get this done in the next 2-weeks.

ps: The fire is under investigation and initial observations lead to the thought that this fire may have been caused from a "warming fire" used by transient(s) seeking shelter under the bridge.

Lt. Doug Pittman
your local Sheriff 😊"
Let us know if you see any!!! "This month's Perseid meteor shower August 11-12 is going to be spectacular, according to scientists at NASA. Normally, the Perseid shower offers about 60 meteors an hour, but this year scientists expect an outburst to deliver more than twice as many." FULL STORY: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.c...
The Transportation Authority of Marin decided to make the volunteer crossing guard positions at West Marin School and Bolinas School into paid positions. School is starting on Aug. 23 and guards are needed twice a day, 8 am and 3 pm. Shifts are an hour but TAM will include time & travel ( $27.00 per shift).

PLEASE Help or pass this on because right now, we have no guards.

To sign up please call Lynn Menard at 415-858-2148.

Background check will be needed before you start (very quick finger printing and ID check). A short training will be provided by TAM.
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