8:26pm - Heard that the power is down in parts of Inverness, anyone have any details?
The Dungeness sport crab fishing season started today. Be sure to be nice to your crab fishing friends! The commercial season starts on November 15. Sadly, I would bet that the capsized vessel in Bodega was out crabbing.

Crab season:

Bodega boat accident:
11:40am - Coast Guard is reporting a vessel capsized off of Bodega Bay, four people drowned, one survivor. Large swell today, be very careful near the ocean.
11:16am - One of those days. Tree down on Sir Francis Drake west of the Inkwells, blocking both lanes. Proceed with caution.
9:20am - Rock slide reported blocking all lanes of SR-1 south of Stinson Beach. CHP and CalTrans on the way.

via https://twitter.com/CHPMarin
Rain! Roads are super slick, drive safe! Especially if you're going to the Giants parade.
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The not so secret scary spot of the day (with fresh paint!) Do you know where this is and do you know who made it?
West Marin celebrates the Giants' World Series victory with another stunning black and orange sunrise. (Thx DW)
One of the benefits of commuting in West Marin in the Fall is that the sunrises over the Nicasio Reservoir are stunning. #sunrise #goldenhour
A true sign of the times...deputies patrolling in Bolinas late last night discovered that Giant spirit is alive and well as some Halloween goblins are off to an early start showing their loyalty by making a few minor adjustments to the CalTrans electronic warning signs in town.

Don't think we'll start much if an investigation into this big capper


(Your loca Sheriff)
Animal Report: A full grown adult mountain lion was seen last week back by Mesa Road in Point Reyes.
10:16am - Overturn vehicle crash 3800 Lucas Valley-slick roads, drive careful! pic.twitter.com/AU3UQJT2BS
9:16am - Just got a report from a local who got a ticket from the CHP for 'rolling' this stop sign by the Inverness Fire Department. Also heard CHP was reminding people to drive safely at Perry's too.
Nice article on Jack Kornfield, local spiritual legend, in the NY Times magazine this weekend. "Whether or not the latest wave of self-helping meditators or corporate practitioners of "˜mindfulness' know it, the spiritual enlightenment sweeping America has strong ties to Buddhism, thanks in part to one huggable ex-monk in California."

Lots of people reporting that the CHP are very active in Inverness and IP today reminding people to drive safely. They were all over Lucas Valley yesterday too. (thx mm, dw, iw)
9:48pm - WOW. Did any see that huge blue meteor just go over towards the north? Streaked right up the bay towards Marshall. Unbelievable.
Celebrity Sighting of the Weekend: Michael Pollan at Saltwater on Friday night. Did he eat some food. Not too much. And mostly plants? Inquiring minds want to know.
Here comes the sun in Point Reyes #sunrise #gold
Today is the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. Giants were in the World Series then (and the A's), just as they are now. Where were you when it happened?

Check out this nerve wracking clip from that broadcast: http://youtu.be/Z8ExMR0c0aM?t=...

And more importantly, are you prepared for the next one?
From Doug Pittman: "A reminder to all my fellow West Marinites...today between 1-6pm at the Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station, Marin County Health & Human Services will be providing FREE influenze vaccinations for the upcoming 2014 flu season. I know I will be one to get my flu shot today and I hope others come by to receive theirs..please note that just because I will be there doesn't mean everyone can line up to poke the Sheriff."
Brickmaiden Bread, a local company run by Celine Underwood, just launched an amazing Kickstarter campaign to upgrade their oven. The 'rewards' for supporting the cause are incredible. They're also having a party today from 4pm - 8pm at their bakery in downtown Point Reyes (by the Commons) to celebrate. Food, drink and oysters! Be sure to check out the campaign and the party!!!!

7:51 - Friendly speed check reminders happening at Perry's this morning. (Thx Mm)
9:06am - The CHP is patrolling around Inverness this morning doing speed safety checks to help remind everyone to drive slowly and safely.
The SF Chronicle weighs in on the elk issue. "But there isn't much celebrating going on in the picturesque hills, where elk can regularly be seen loping proudly through pastures that seven organic dairies use for their cattle. The wild elk and domestic cows simply do not mix, according to the ranchers who lease the fields from the National Park Service, which administers 28,000 acres of agricultural land in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Point Reyes seashore. The ranchers say the competition from the elk for scarce vegetation threatens their very existence after three years of drought."

1:36pm - a CHP speed trap reported in Inverness Park. Drive slow. Drive safe. "The is no 'way to the speed limit', there is only 'the speed limit'". (thx MP)
3:38pm - car flipped over on Sir Francis Drake by Samuel P Taylor. Emergency crews on way, proceed with caution (thx KS)
Two local surfers on their stand up paddle boards had a 'very large' Great White Shark swim under them out at Drake's Bay this weekend. It's that time of the year. I've also heard that the local shark researchers have spotted lots of Great Whites outside the mouth of Tomales Bay as well. Geepers.
Magic moonlight in Point Reyes tonight.
One of our local reporters just sent this photo in. Anyone else seeing smoke out in West Marin today? Anyone know what it is? (Thanks JWS)
Gray whales migrating south for winter are now passing the San Francisco Bay Area, and rangers at Point Reyes National Seashore observed 41 whales last Sunday, and another 25 Friday.

Total eclipse of Blood Moon tonight! This is the Northern Hemisphere's Hunter's Moon "“ the full moon after the Harvest Moon. It's also a Blood Moon, and this eclipse is the second in a series of four so-called Blood Moon eclipses.

BREAKING: The Drakes Bay Oyster Co. announced Monday it has settled its lawsuit against the federal government, signing a legal agreement with the National Park Service to allow it to keep harvesting oysters until the end of 2014 and then close.

Fun fact of the day. If you follow Bay Area sports, you probably read Ann Killion in the SF Chronicle. And did you know her brother is the celebrated local artist Tom Killion? No, I bet you did not.

"My famous brother's art in these Levi's windows. Very cool."



Setting up to be another epic day on the bay in Point Reyes.
If you live in Bolinas and know the young dudes who surf, tell them that waxing the cars of Point Reyes surfers is not cool. We don't wax their cars when they surf here. Sheesh. Kids these days. #getoffmylawn
CHP found this old wreck off of Ottinger's Hill today in Point Reyes. Looked like a 50's station wagon. Anyone?
4:30pm - Electric line down on PR/Petaluma road. One lane traffic control. Be aware. (thx AN)
Via The Point Reyes Light: "Hikers on Sky Trail in the Point Reyes National Seashore on Tuesday morning discovered two dead bodies, one of which has been identified as Thomas Fletcher, a 62-year-old from Petaluma. The park service has not yet released further details, but the sheriff's log from Tuesday shows that at 9:33 a.m. someone who had spent the night at Sky Camp reported seeing two people"”a man and a woman"”who appeared to be dead."

Whoops. "After arrests of Inverness couple this week, SWAT team discovers large grow site and firearms at the top of Drakes View Drive." - Tess Elliott @PointReyesLight
"The National Weather Service on Wednesday issued a heat advisory for most of the northern and central California coast beginning at noon Thursday and running through 9 p.m. Friday, as temperatures inch toward the high 80s and low 90s in most coastal cities and the upper 90s and even low 100s in some inland areas. Those temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees above normal for this time of year, according to the weather service."

9:00pm - Someone reported SWAT teams seen in Point Reyes this evening? Anyone have any info? (Thx LM)
There will be a 7 acre prescribed control burn at the Estero Trailhead from 10am - 3pm today assuming conditions are optimal.
12:51pm - CHP doing their thing at White House Pool. Drive safely. Be mindful. Drive safe. Mahalo.
Two fun events today. Apple cider pressing in the Commons in Point Reyes from 3:30 to 6:00. And a printmaking open house for musicians at Ink.Paper.Plate with Sirima. Get out there! Info below...

More apple info:

More printing info:
Secret spot of the day! Do you know where this is? #pointreyes #mrtoad (thx IW)
6:39pm - On Sir Francis Drake just east of Samuel Taylor Park a station wagon has hit a large tree which fell over onto the car and on the road. 911 has been called and emergency vehicles on the way. Proceed with caution, hopefully everyone is ok. (thx MM)
Rain came last night, roads are super slick, already lots of accidents reported on the road ways. Drive safe.
Standing room only at the Inverness Association meeting tonight as they talked about the future of the 'Launch For Hire' boathouse.
Full rainbow over Tomales Bay! Thx DW. #gold #rainbow #unicorns
Jared Huffman gets roasted by Steven Colbert on his 'Better Know A District' series. "What's your position on Han Solo shooting first?" Funny stuff in that horribly awkward sort of way.

"We should see some rain Wednesday and into the night, and showers the next day," said National Weather Service forecaster Steve Anderson. "There may even be a possible thunderstorm."

1:12pm - Just got a report that a 'bomb squad' truck went through Inverness Park with their lights on. Anyone else see that or hear about it? (thx EL)
Someone posted this 'secret spot' in Point Reyes on Twitter this morning. Anyone know where it is?
7:49am - CHP has set up shop at Perry's this morning. Be slow. Be safe. Be mindful. Embrace the inner child. Namaste. (thx DW and AP)
Missed this one yesterday: "The Coast Guard rescued three individuals from the water in Tomales Bay, Sunday morning. At approximately 8:30 a.m., Coast Guard Sector San Francisco Command Center personnel received notification that three individuals went into the water just off Lawson's Landing when their raft deflated.The individuals were not wearing personal flotation devices, nor were they properly prepared for exposure to the elements."
Nice sketch of the Point Reyes Lighthouse by http://neriticzone.blogspot.co...
An SUP water skiing behind sailboat. Not something you see everyday. #pointreyes #redbull #radical
Bike-a-palooza in Point Reyes this afternoon. Plan accordingly.
Traffic Alert: The MS 'Waves to Wine' bike ride is happening today, coming over Mt. Tam, up Rt. 1, taking a right at Olema and then heading out towards Petaluma. Plan Accordingly.

From CHPMarin at 2:19pm: "#Ragnar relay is in full swing in west Marin on Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road. Expect traffic delays/watch for runners in the area #marintraffic"
They're finally removing those pipes from Lucas Valley Road! Expect delays. (Thx DW & FN)
I'm out of town but I heard a rumor it's, raining?
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