Via Kegan: "from dave brast: Beware! Automobile break-in and theft
I just received the following email from Judy Spelman and Rich Schiller: One of our cars was broken into while parked on Limantour Road, near Bear Valley Road and virtually everything in it removed through the window they shattered. Police expect more such break ins in coming days which is why we're sending this email. Our mistake, apparently, was having one side of the car close to roadside bushes, which gave the thief cover. Take good care!
js and rs"
This information came from the West Marin Commons forums. There is a ton of excellent information on there, be sure to go over and join: http://www.westmarincommons.or...
I just remembered to track this down. For the history buffs out there. I still think we should do a Kickstarter campaign to find the gold...
New signs! With pictures! I think it's interesting that the sign technique is considered an effective means of swaying opinion. Do they work? Who are they aimed at? Tourists? Locals? Are the DBOC signs made by the same people? #signs #elk #pointreyes #questions
Via Sheriff Doug Pittman: "Looks to be a busy weekend in Pt. Reyes, warmer days and warmer nights, not to mention it's Western Weekend! Plenty of events throughout the weekend starting Saturday night through Sunday's Western Weekend Parade at 12 noon!
Highway 1 through down town Pt. Reyes Station will be closed off for Sunday's parade and other events not to mention some of the adjacent side streets. I wish everyone a great and fun weekend and please be safe as I expect lots of people traveling our roads on all kinds of bikes, trikes and automobiles to join us so remember to Share the Road!"
Apple has a crush on Point Reyes. First the ads in the New Yorker, now it's featured in their iOS8 preview material. Maybe we can get some discounted product?
Microclimate! Check out this really cool weather 'eddy' swirling right off the coast from us this morning.
Somehow, my invitation to this wedding was lost in the mail. They did a pretty amazing job, I'm pretty sure this is what people fantasize about when they see Launch For Hire...
6:21am - SUV CHP setting up at the reservoir. Drive safe.
A Centennial Celebration of Marconi & RCA Wireless Radio in West Marin, 1914-2014. So much good stuff going on this month, check it out:
Lots of music happening tonight in West Marin:
Brian Laidlaw and Danny Vitali celebrate the release of their new album, Echolalia, at 8 p.m. in the Dance Palace Church Space. Jeremy Harris, plus Rob Shelton and Carly Bond of DRMS, will join them. $10 to $15 sliding scale admission.
The Ford Blues Band, with Patrick Ford and Volker Strifler, performs at 8 p.m. at Rancho Nicasio. $10 in advance, or $12 at the door. For tickets call (415) 662.2219.
Beso Negro plays gypsy jazz at 9 p.m. at Smiley's Schooner Saloon, in Bolinas. Cover charge.
@PRNSA - Send in your written comments on @PointReyesNPS new ranch management plan before June 2. #PointReyes http://www.nps.gov/pore/parkmg...
Turned around and got the sunset twilight shot of hay bale shuffling by the reservoir.
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