Sheriff presence in Seahaven in Inverness today presumably because of the influx of beach going traffic to Shell Beach yesterday.
"Coronavirus cases in Marin have climbed by more than 50% over the past two weeks, bringing the county's total to 420 on Tuesday. The county has reported five of its six highest one-day jumps in cases in those two weeks since May 12, when there were 271 cumulative cases.

"It's concerning," said Dr. Matt Willis, the county's chief public health officer, noting that Marin's coronavirus curve is increasing.

Almost 200 people who have tested positive in Marin "” roughly half of the county's total "” live in an area that includes San Rafael and surrounding neighborhoods, according to data provided by the county Department of Health and Human Services. The department only provides a breakdown of cases for five regions within the county. An area that includes Novato has almost 100 cases, the Southern Marin area has 59, Central Marin has 46 and West Marin has 15.

Willis said he plans to extend Marin's stay-at-home order, which is set to expire June 1, but he will ease certain restrictions depending on this week's test results and hospitalizations. More cases could mean more restrictions will stay in place, he said."

FULL STORY: https://www.marinij.com/2020/0...
The rare Point Reyes beach cows. (Thx SC)
"ªThe young gray whale was spotted again in Tomales Bay by Marshall this morning. (Thx PT)"¬
Bald eagle circles over Inverness this afternoon. #baldeagle
"An unusually intense & prolonged heatwave is building across California. Record high temps are likely, especially across portions of NorCal by Weds & Thurs. To top it off, some (dry-ish) thunderstorms may be possible by late week..."

FULL DETAILS: https://weatherwest.com/archiv...
Unfortunately I'm a little late to this story, but there was a whale (or two) in Tomales Bay last night (Friday) near the Hog Island Oyster Farm. The Marine Mammal center was contacted. Did anyone else see them? Are they still there? Negative low tide this morning. From Roz and Geo in Marshall. Photo credit: George Merrill
Fascinating analysis of the Bolinas COVID test project in The New Yorker, worth a read.


"Across the nation, scaled-up testing has been mired in problems of mismanagement, inefficiency, and undersupply. The Bolinas model charts a path around some of those obstacles. Since testing ended, a source book with photographs and instructions has been circulated. Communities in Los Angeles and Louisville are in the final stages of shaping their own efforts in the Bolinas mold. (Their testing won't be comprehensive, but it will draw on the town's methods.) Recently, Engeström spent time on a call with organizers in Camden, the London district, who also hope to adapt Bolinas's efficiencies; the town's circle of influence could expand from there. Many of the most effective responses to the pandemic have been led by island nations"”New Zealand, Iceland, Taiwan, Hong Kong"”where proactive, science-based leadership has been channelled through tight, inward connections. A lesson from those places, and from Bolinas, is that community cohesion can be marshalled against the virus that is keeping us apart."
Phase 2 begins: "Cabaline (in Point Reyes Station), has partially reopened! Beginning May 18th, we will be open for curb-side business. We plan to be here to meet your needs by phone, email or in person on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am - 2pm. Point Reyes Station, California!"
If you happen to be in town today, Brickmaiden is offering some free treats: "Hi Folks

We are reaching out to as many voices in our local community as possible to spread the word: A generous supporter of Brickmaiden Breads and local community member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered to pay for all product going out our door for the local community for 1 day!

Brickmaiden will open for a special day on Wednesday 5/20 from 8am - 2pm.

Through the full support of this thoughtful community member, we will provide free goods to our local community.

We will cap product at $20 per person to help assure as many people are served as possible.

This is next week! So please spread the word within your businesses, to employees in need, to local organizations such as our first responders and senior services, our community in need, and locals in general.

The idea behind this is to help out, and to spread goodwill during a time when we are all struggling to stay positive and feel connected!

Thank you for putting the word out there! And we will see you all on Wednesday 5/20 between 8am - 2pm!!

All the best to each of you,

Celine Underwood"
So, looking ahead to this weekend, which is Memorial Day weekend. The weather is going to be sunny and hot. All of the parks and beaches in West Marin will be closed. I've heard murmurs of lots of people trying to rent houses out here for that weekend. It sounds like there will be a lot going on. If you're local, probably worth stocking up on supplies early and as WMF often says, shelter in place. And do whatever you can do to support our local law enforcement, rangers, first responders and frontline workers. It's going to be a long weekend for them.
Planned Feralhood is a great local organization and they're holding a fundraiser right now if you have the means:


"Hi everybody! We'll be putting up more pictures of our Planned Feralhood Cat Sanctuary to show you what it's like around this place, and so you can see some of the cats who live here.

There are 28 cats here at this time, all who need various kinds of veterinary care, and all who eat a lot of food, and require daily care.

These cats are here as a result of a 17 year Trap/Neuter/Return Program that we offered free of charge. When the cats were not able to be returned to their locations due to property ownership demands, health, or other crazy reasons, we provided them with safe haven.

Your donations will enable us to continue in their care and housing. Any amount is appreciated!

Thank you!!!"
"Applications start being accepted today for one-time, state-funded disaster relief assistance to undocumented adults who are ineligible for other forms of assistance due to their immigration status. Proyecto de Asistencia para Inmigrantes Afectados por la Pandemia de COVID-19 (DRAI). Applications are available by calling the toll-free number 866-490-3899 from 8 AM - 8 PM Mondays through Saturdays. To facilitate the application process an email account is vital to send the required documentation to us. Applications will ONLY be accepted over the phone."

"Hello Community,

I am posting this for a very good friend of whose car was stolen/car-jacked the other day on the sleepy streets of San Geronimo. She lives in PRS and is in search of the loan or gift of a reliable car. She is a longtime community member who is well-known to some of you but who wishes to remain anonymous for now. I can vouch for her in every way. She is a gold-star member of our community who lives lightly and contributes a great deal to everyone in her orbit.

Please contact me if you have any leads on a reliable car for her long-term or permanent use.

Thank you.

Wendy McLaughlin"

Email: 786salama@gmail.com
More details of the slow speed car chase from last week: "The woman said she was about 15 feet from her Toyota Camry when she saw a man inside. She attempted to remove him from the car. He pushed her and stole the car, Schneider said.

Park rangers spotted the car in the west end of Samuel P. Taylor Park and attempted to stop the driver. The suspect fled traveling down Platform Bridge Road making his way to Shoreline Highway and drove through downtown Point Reyes Station.

The suspect led deputies onto Marshall-Petaluma Road at slow speeds, crossing double yellow lines and unsafely passing other vehicles, Schneider said. The suspect stopped in a dirt driveway.

Dylan Mateo Bylacq, 18, of Forest Knolls was booked into Marin County Jail on suspicion of robbery carjacking, vehicle theft, evading police, driving without a license and vandalism. His bail was set at $150,000."

FULL STORY: https://www.marinij.com/2020/0...
On May 18th, some restrictions on parks in Marin loosen up. Except for what's on this list. Which is basically everything in West Marin. "There will be no loosening of access at some locations that tend to draw larger crowds from across the Bay Area, creating conditions where visitors cannot feasibly comply with social distancing requirements. Facilities that remain closed to motorized access, except for those with state-issued disabled vehicle placards on display, are:

- Point Reyes National Seashore
- Golden Gate National Recreation Area (including Muir Woods National Monument)
- Mount Tamalpais State Park
- Tomales Bay State Park
- Samuel P Taylor State Park
- Chicken Ranch Beach (along Tomales Bay)
- Miller Park (along Tomales Bay)
- White House Pool Park in Point Reyes Station
- Bolinas Lagoon Open Space Preserve (including Bolinas County Park)
- all Marin Municipal Water District lands
- all beaches or inlets along the Pacific Ocean."

FULL PRESS RELEASE: https://coronavirus.marinhhs.o...
Hearing multiple reports of some sort of car chase going through Point Reyes and heading north on Rt. 1. Anyone know the details? "7 Sheriff vehicles , now 8 ,screaming north on 1 past my house just now , Code 3 . " (thx GC)
Some updates about The Station House closure from an article in the Press Democrat: "The restaurant's owners wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post that their landlord hiked the rent from around $8,000 a month to $28,000 a month. An alternative lease was also offered, they added, but it would include "restrictive" conditions and still cost $21,000 a month, according to Eater.

The owners posted again on Facebook to thank patrons for their well wishes.

'Dear Patrons of Station House Café,

So many of you have shared great memories and kind wishes for our team as we work to wind down our operations at Station House Café at the end of this month. Thank you very much for your continued support.

We did not intend or anticipate the inflammatory and negative responses that some of the readers posted on our feed and ask that everyone refrain from lashing out against the property owners.

Thank you again for sharing so many fond memories we all can treasure.'"

Press Democrat story:

MarinIJ story:
MarinIJ Story: https://www.marinij.com/2020/0...

The Station House Facebook post:
More detail in the MarinIJ about The Station House closure in Point Reyes: "The closure decision follows a proposed rent hike and weeks of lease negotiations. The lease, which began in 2005 and was extended in 2015, is set to expire at the end of the month. (cafe owner Sheryl Cahill) said the proposed rent would have been unmanageable.

"We could not meet in the middle," Cahill said.

Kirsten Hural, owner of the property and stepdaughter of former cafe owner Pat Healy, said Tuesday that the current rent does not reflect the fair market value. She also said the circumstances "” a lease expiring during an economic downturn caused by a global pandemic "” were unexpected.

Both Cahill and Hural acknowledged that there were offers to reduce and defer rent payments during the downturn.

Hural said she remains "open to good faith negotiations of a new agreement."

"Our attempted accommodations and short-term fixes, aimed at extending negotiations to a time when the market settles, have failed," she wrote.

Before the pandemic, the cafe employed 44 full- and part-time workers. Seventeen were able to return after the cafe secured a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan, Cahill said."

MarinIJ Story: https://www.marinij.com/2020/0...
Marin County Public Health is now offering free COVID-19 testing to all essential public and private sector workers (cities and towns included). Appointments can be scheduled online (https://lhi.care/covidtesting) or by calling 1-888-634-1123.
"ªPower pole being replaced on Rt1 north of Point Reyes after a car hit it this afternoon, expect delays."¬ (Thx AW)
There is some sort of bike vs no bike clash happening in the Shell Beach parking lot in Inverness. Anyone know what's going on? First there was a spray painted message that said "read no bikes". Then someone changed it to "read more bikes". Now the bike icon on the sign is crossed out. How can you be righteous about bikes on trails then go around making a spray painted mess on public property?
An extremely sad message from The Station House Facebook page, they will close for good on June 1, 2020. Friday night dinners there have been a part of our family and friends for years. We will miss you all. Thank you for all of the good times.

"Dear Friends near and far -

Today we have an announcement to make that is harder than you can imagine.

After nearly a month of diligence, Station House Cafe secured disaster relief funding through the first round of the federal Paycheck Protection Program (P.P.P.) and we were able to bring back much of our workforce- this was cause for celebration and our future looked a little brighter.

We HAD this. The funding was designed to help businesses sustain the loss of imposed restrictions during shelter-in-place orders and it would have successfully done so but another factor was introduced that changed the course of survival for Station House Cafe.

Our lease was due to renew on June 1. The proposal received by our landlord would have raised our rent more than 300% from $8372 per month to $28,000 per month, under the current lease, with no option to renew after one year. The landlord also offered an alternative lease, with new, restrictive and onerous conditions, that would extend the term to four years at $21,000 per month.

Under the best of economic conditions, the Station House Cafe could not have sustained such an increase. In our current economic crisis, it is unfathomable.

After 46 years in Point Reyes Station, and 15 years under current ownership, Station House Cafe will be closing permanently on June 1, 2020.

Throughout this month, we will be open for take-out Thursday through Monday and local delivery on Saturdays and Sundays. Our hours of operation are 11am-7pm; closed Tuesday-Wednesday.

We are open to finding a new location and hope that we can all be together again one day soon.

It's such an awkward time to say good-bye. No parties, no social gatherings, nothing we know as "normal" in the hospitality world is possible at this time.

And to you, the reader, our patrons, we owe so much gratitude. Thank you for the years of laughter, kind words, celebrations and continued support. We are so fortunate to have prospered for so long in this beautiful community of West Marin.

Stay safe and be well."

FB Post: https://www.facebook.com/stati...
It is Friday. Local restaurants and services are open this weekend with pick up, so if you're local, support your local businesses, here is a comprehensive list of what's available: https://docs.google.com/docume...

Its also Pulitzer Prize winning poet Gary Snyder's birthday today.

And from Sir and Star: "This Friday we will be offering another SHELTER SUPPER: THE EVENING PICNIC

The menu is on our website www.sirandstar.com. Orders are gladly taken by phone (663.1034) from noon on Friday. For pick-up, between 5 and 7 at a chosen time, you will simply pull up to our back kitchen door, which opens onto our parking lot.

The world has changed and in many ways so have we. Our commitment remains unchanged: offering delicious foods, thoughtfully sourced, prepared with particular care, for your pleasure and ours."
The Marin County Commission on Aging has their monthly meeting today at 10:00am on a zoom call if you are interested. The mission of the Commission is to promote the dignity, independence and quality of life of older persons through advocacy, information, programs and services. You can find the agenda for the meeting and the link/password for the call here: https://www.marinhhs.org/sites...
Hog Island on the front page of the SFGate today. "Hog Island Oyster Company, one of the most beloved shellfish companies in the world and a pioneer of the farm to table movement in San Francisco, is reckoning with its future. In early March, Hog Island temporarily closed its San Francisco, Napa, and Marshall locations, furloughed 250 of its 300 employees and reduced management salaries, saving a skeleton crew to operate the recently opened Larkspur restaurant and its oyster farm."

FULL STORY: https://www.sfgate.com/food/sl...
Sounds like there was a lot of police activity at Rt.1 and Levee Rd. right now, anyone know what's going on? An arrest?
Please help a local community member if you are able:


"On June 22, 2019 Jaciel was driving home from work when he was hit from behind by a large truck, traveling at over 50 miles per hour. He was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital where he was stabilized and treated for a broken cervical spine.

In a matter of hours, Jaciel went from being an independent, mobile person, working full time for National Park Services at the Point Reyes National Seashore, to a dependent, immobile, bedridden individual with a diagnosis of quadriplegia.

After 11 months of being in a hospital and rehabilitation center, Jaciel is about to go home!!! However, he needs $19,000 to get a power wheelchair that will raise him up to a standing position, allowing him to access more activities of daily living and release pressure of his bottom to avoid skin breaking(pressure ulcers). This is a feature that the insurance company will not cover.

In the next week, Jaciel will be discharged from the Kentfield Rehabilitation Center, to start the next phase of his life. Knowing his friends, family, colleagues, and greater community, we can all take part in donating to help improve his quality of life.

El 22 de junio de 2019, Jaciel iba manejando después del trabajo cuando lo chocó por detrás una camioneta que viajaba a más de 50 millas por hora. Fue trasladado en helicóptero al Hospital Memorial de Santa Rosa, donde fue estabilizado y tratado por una ruptura en la columna cervical .

En cuestión de horas, Jaciel pasó de ser una persona completamente independiente y móvil, que trabajaba en el Parque Nacional en Point Reyes National Seashore, a ser un individuo dependiente, inmóvil con un diagnóstico de cuadraplejia.

Después de 11 meses de estar en un hospital y en un centro de rehabilitación, ¡Jaciel está a punto de irse a casa! Sin embargo, necesita $ 19,000 para conseguir una silla de ruedas eléctrica que lo eleve a una posición de pie, lo que le permitirá acceder a más actividades de la vida diaria y liberar presión para evitar futuras rupturas en la piel (llagas). Esta es algo que el seguro no cubre.

En la próxima semana, Jaciel será dado de alta del Centro de Rehabilitación de Kentfield para comenzar la próxima fase de su vida. Conociendo a sus amigos, familiares, colegas y su gran comunidad, todos podemos participar en mejorar la calidad de vida de Jaciel."
From Gavin Newsom: "CA is led by data and SCIENCE.

Based off our progress, we'll begin to gradually move into Stage 2 this FRIDAY.

Some sectors where there's a lower risk of transmission will be able to adapt & re-open with modifications.

This will include some retail and manufacturing/logistics."

Video from Marin about phases (which only has three phases)
Zoltan Istvan, a transhumanist presidential candidate from Mill Valley, stirred up some controversy this week when he had an op-ed published in The New York Times about surfing and COVID. "A few days ago, a county sheriff's officer stood outside his vehicle in the parking area of the beach in Bolinas, waving off visitors and telling surfers to go home. Like many other surfers, I avoided him by parking on a side street. I suited up and after making sure he was looking the other way, sprinted to the water. I caught my first wave of the day a minute later.

I understand that quarantine rules must apply to everyone or the plan to flatten the curve doesn't work. But I doubt that surfing alone jeopardizes the health of society in any statistically meaningful way, especially because all the surfers I've seen have been careful to practice social distancing in and out of the water. The physical, mental and spiritual benefits to surfing outweigh the tiny chance a surfer might become infected or infect someone else."

FULL STORY: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/0...
People have seemed to have honed in on the parking lot behind the Inverness Store as a gathering spot. Apparently local law enforcement not happy about it. Is it private land? How does that work? (Thx SP)
A great story: "A little-known, 6-year-old project with nursing students at Marin County's Dominican University has come in handier than ever. The college pairs students with older people in West Marin for home visits each semester, and because they can't now come in person for fear of spreading the virus, they are doing their visits by phone.

Video wouldn't work with this crowd. The clients are all in their 80s or above, and with some living so far back in the woods, they're lucky to get a phone connection, let alone internet. But it turns out jawboning on the phone several times a week with enthusiastic student nurses, who are all in their early 20s, is more than just fine.

The program was started by Ellen Christiansen, a Dominican University professor of public health, in conjunction with West Marin Senior Services. This semester she has 27 students working with 48 senior citizens, most of whom can't drive and live on fixed retirement incomes."

(Ruth Fleshman is legally blind and lives alone in Point Reyes Station with her dog, Zac. A former nursing instructor, Fleshman says she enjoys sharing her knowledge with the students.)

FULL STORY: https://www.sfchronicle.com/ba...
Spotted on the Point Reyes/Petaluma Road today. (thx SP)
"With traffic congestion eased by the sheltering orders, the California Highway Patrol has reported an 87% increase of speeders in excess of 100 mph around the state.

From March 19, when the state's stay-at-home orders began, to April 19, the CHP issued 2,493 citations statewide for speeding more than 100 mph, compared to 1,335 citations for the same time period last year.

In Marin County, the CHP ticketed 274 speeders from April 1-24, and 14 were driving at 100 mph or faster, Officer Andrew Barclay said. For the same period last year, the CHP wrote 807 speeding tickets in Marin, with only five motorists driving faster than 100 mph."

STORY: https://www.marinij.com/2020/0...
If you are sheltering in place here and looking to support local businesses and figure out what stores and restaurants are open and when, Natasha Berry has put together an excellent guide to West Marin resources: https://docs.google.com/docume...
"West Marin Mass Care Volunteer Guidelines

West Marin has a long and well-deserved reputation for being independent and able to dig deep to help those in need. Many of you are already engaged in helping your neighbors and community organizations weather this storm.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created special problems and opportunities for volunteering. As the outbreak grows, some of our community groups and organizations may lose their usual volunteer support or need more volunteers than usual. As a volunteer for West Marin Community Services (WMCS) I am keeping a list of potential volunteers for the area served by WMCS. We will be posting "requests for volunteers" as new needs and tasks come up. The tasks might include delivering food to shut-ins, helping with food distribution, staffing a phone bank to get information out, or other tasks that the community might need.

The Coronavirus pandemic is a unique situation. Unlike other disasters where volunteers have been key to supporting our community, this disaster requires us to stay home and limit contact and congregations of large and/or outside groups. The key to managing the COVID-19
pandemic is physical distancing, so the groups and community organizations you will be volunteering for in person will be diligently enforcing physical distancing practices and screening volunteers.

We will be doing most of the coordination by email. We may schedule through a website If the contact list grows large, so you will need to have web access and a phone.

There will be requests for tasks that can be done from home, but some will have to be done in person. Please use the following questions to see if you should volunteer in person.

1. Are you 65 years of age or older?
2. Do you live with someone who is 65 years of age or older?
3. Do any of the following apply to you or someone you live with: heart disease, asthma,
diabetes, undergoing treatment for cancer, respiratory/lung disease, immuno-supressed or weakened immune system.
4. Are you sick or have you been sick in the last 14 days?
5. Have you been around anyone who is sick or has been sick in the last 14 days?
6. Have you been in contact with anyone who has been tested and diagnosed with COVID-19?
7. Have you traveled within the last 14 days?

Thank you for your desire to support your community.

Roy Pitts, WMCS volunteer volunteer@westmarincs.org
For WMCS Staff and Socorro Romo"
"Nobody in Bolinas tested positive for the coronavirus last week in a rare, privately funded study that aimed to test all of the town's residents, according to Marin County public health officials. Nearly 1,800 people were tested in the secluded town last week, according to Dr. Bryan Greenhouse, a UCSF infectious disease specialist and one of the study's leaders.

"This is a sign to me that we really did get in front of this and interrupt transmission," he said, noting there have been no confirmed cases in Bolinas since the first Marin County diagnosis was reported on March 9.

Sawyer hopes that similar widespread testing efforts will be implemented in other communities, though she acknowledged that not all communities have the benefit of wealthy donors to make such a venture possible."

FULL STORY: https://www.mercurynews.com/20...
Point Reyes Books posted this video on Twitter and it went viral with over 627,000 views (and counting). Long live books. And bookstores.

BREAKING: "The Bay Area's shelter-in-place order will be extended through May, officials said Monday, with the current restrictions largely remaining in place.

Seven jurisdictions that banded together on the previous orders "” Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties, plus the city of Berkeley "” will release details of the latest order this week, officials said in a joint statement, to replace the current order that expires May 3.

The latest mandate will allow for the "limited easing of specific restrictions for a small number of lower-risk activities," the statement read, but it's not yet clear what those activities include."

FULL STORY: https://www.mercurynews.com/20...
Sounds like a bad car accident on Platform Bridge Road in Tocaloma. Anyone have any details?
Via NWA Bay Area: "Tuesday will be one of the warmest days so far this spring. Early season warm weather can be especially taxing for sensitive groups such as the elderly, very young, those unable to be in AC or on certain medications. Heat Risk image is attached, mainly in the Low Risk for Tues."
This is Shaun, he is 11 and is learning to play the guitar. Every night he participates in howling with his neighborhood at 8pm while SIP and then plays part of a song into the valley in Inverness to enlighten his neighbors and they are always cheering him on. His neighbors below him usually live stream themselves howling at 8pm. Shaun surprised them when he found out one of them was celebrating his birthday. They have never met in person. It is just a sweet sweet video of how we can lift each other up and bring smiles to each others faces. #ShelterInPlaceInInverness
An inspiring evening of poetry with Xerxes Whitney and M.C. Yogi tonight via Zoom or Facebook Live tonight at 5:30pm (PST). Join either on FB or at this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8448...
"On behalf of the Stinson Beach & Bolinas, Briones Lions Club, we regretfully announce the cancellation of this year's Annual 4th of July Celebration, and its events, in Bolinas, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions." - Louisa Newcomb, President
Hi. So the West Marin Feed is me, Christian Anthony. I live in Inverness with my wife and two children. We were just informed that we have been in contact (in a socially distanced manner) with someone who has a family member in Inverness Park who has tested positive today for COVID-19.

The person we had contact with has been tested and is waiting for the results. The person who tested positive is an elder community member who was following all of the guidelines and had limited interaction within the community. This person has contacted everyone they were in contact with. They feel fine for now, but they are being monitored closely. We are self quarantining and waiting for all the results to come back.

The reason I am posting this is because it has been a very sobering moment for myself, my family, and the community of people I know and love here in West Marin. COVID-19 is here. Among us. Now. It is not the flu. It travels easily. You do not want it. I do not want it. We do not want it to spread through our community. So please continue to shelter in place, wear your masks, wash your hands. Do not take chances.

Thank you. Be safe. We will get through this together.
Just got a report from Stinson Beach that there are a lot of cars there. Point Reyes was pretty crowded today. A lot of traffic on SFD. Shelter in place is hard to do for this long and with nice weather. Please respect the people on the front lines in our stores and our communities. Wear a mask. Stick to the essentials. Stay local. We're not through this thing yet.
Extensive fire damage to Forester's Hall in Point Reyes Station today. Apparently it was a propane tank on a porch. Fortunately no injuries, thanks to all the firefighters who quickly responded.
Fire at Forester's Hall in Point Reyes. Sounds like fire department on it and under control.
From Elisabeth Ptak "Just a week ago, I mentioned on Facebook that I was concerned that staff at the Point Reyes Station and Inverness post offices were working behind jury-rigged plastic sheets for coronavirus protection at their customer counters. Headed by Suzanne d'Coney, an ad hoc group of townspeople decided to do something about it. We consulted with the Inverness and Point Reyes Station postmistresses as well as the buildings' owners to find a solution. On Wednesday, a polycarbonate shield was installed in Inverness, and on Thursday, one will be installed in Point Reyes Station. Each one was designed and fabricated to suit the sites' individual needs and to provide a greater degree of protection for both postal staff and customers. Special thanks go to Suzanne d'Coney, Marshall Livingston, and Carol Friedman!

Some folks mentioned that they would like to help, so we're appealing to the community to help cover the cost of materials and labor, estimated to be about $1500. Any amount is welcome. You can send checks payable to Carol Friedman to Box 644, Point Reyes Station 94956. Contributions can also be made online via Venmo to: @SuzanneDconey; or via PayPal to: suzannedconey@gmail.com.

Contributions in excess of the amount needed will be donated to West Marin Community Services for its ongoing efforts to assist those impacted by the pandemic."
People have been asking me questions about things in West Marin that I can't answer, maybe someone here can. Did anyone hear about a car chase with Lamborghinis on Rt. 1 on Tuesday with a helicopter involved? Yesterday a helicopter tried to land for an emergency airlift, but I think was turned around because of fog. And today I've heard reports of low flying planes? I see lots of contrails in the sky but haven't seen any planes. Weird times.
Support our local businesses if you are able:

Check it out! Hog Island is offering local delivery in Marin and Sonoma Counties through their online store. Purchase, oysters, clams, meal kits and more and choose local delivery at check out. Use code THANKYOU15 at check for 15% off oyster orders!
LINK: https://hogislandoysters.com/

Earth Day pop up Market on Wednesday!
Visit Osteria Stellina between 3-6pm to stock up on fine local goods while simultaneously supporting local farms and businesses at a time when it is needed most.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/searc...

Sign up here for Brickmaiden Bread's email to get their pick up menu: http://brickmaidenbreads.com
Take Away Only - Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays 8am -2pm
Order 48 hours in advance

Station House Open FRI/SAT/SUN 12-6PM for pickup & delivery!
INFO: https://www.facebook.com/stati...
The MarinIJ weighs in on the free Bolinas covid testing project. "In the 1970s, Bolinas gained a measure of notoriety when the quirky characters who lived here successfully halted new development and became the subject of the book, "The Town that Fought to Save Itself."

Now, nearly 50 years later, the remote seaside village is fighting to save itself once again "” this time from the threat of coronavirus. Starting Monday, a privately funded guerrilla-style operation will be underway to test the entire town of 1,680 people for the deadly virus. It's an extraordinarily rare privilege at a time when most of the country is desperate to get a handle on the extent of infection, but hamstrung by a lack of available tests.

But this time, instead of counterculture hippies taking the lead, it's the high-tech multimillionaires "” including a venture capitalist whose wife founded Flickr, a biotech entrepreneur and the founder of Zynga games "” who either live or have weekend homes in the reclusive West Marin community."

FULL STORY: https://www.marinij.com/2020/0...
"We just found this dog this evening on Sir Francis Drake between Laurel St. and the Inverness Park Market. If you could help put the word out, we'd appreciate it!" - Alexi Erenkov
On April 17, Marin County Public Health announced a new public health order requiring the use of face coverings when completing essential activities. The new order will go into effect at 12:00p.m., Wednesday, April 22. Everyone is asked to wear a face covering when they are interacting with others who are not members of their household in public and private spaces. Specifically, the order states that people must wear face coverings when:

- Inside public spaces or waiting in line to enter public spaces
- Seeking health care
- Waiting for or riding on mass transit or other shared transportation
- In common areas of buildings, such as hallways, stairways, elevators and parking facilities.
- Workers at businesses physically open and in areas where the public is present, likely to be present, or at any time when others are nearby.
- Workers in any space where food is being prepared and/or packaged for sale.
- Drivers/Operators of public transit.

LINK: https://coronavirus.marinhhs.o...
A open letter from Dr. Whitt, who practiced medicine in Point Reyes Station for decades: "Disturbed by the number and behavior of cyclists in the Palace Market and on the sidewalk by the Bovine, in violation of the statewide order to shelter at home, I contacted Supervisor Rodoni and he told me that "the Bay Area Health directors are the people in charge of this order and from the beginning they allowed travel by bike essentially freely". I then wrote Dr. Lisa Santora and expressed my concerns. She replied: "The intent has always been support the optimization of social distancing. And as you know, we have strengthened county orders to reduce possible transmission in West Marin from nonresidents. We will review with our team."

Traveling between communities by any means and mingling with residents not only violates the order but cannot be justified epidemiologically and risks spreading the virus to West Marin residents. I wrote back and stressed there could be no scientific basis for excluding cyclists from the sheltering in place order and asked her to immediately extend the order to include cyclists. Neither Supervisor Rodoni or Dr. Santora has responded to my emails since. I did, however, notice in the IJ yesterday (4-15.20) that the shelter at home order had been extended to May 3rd. No mention was made that cyclists were now included in that order and would be subjected to the same fines as drivers.

As a doctor in this community for almost 50 years, the presence of cyclists from over the hill in West Marin communities presents a clear and present danger."
Residents in Inverness join together at 8:00pm every night to howl their appreciation for everyone on the front lines of this crisis.
Via The Palace Market in Point Reyes: "Calling our local makers, farmers, foragers and fishers: The Palace has a long history of supporting our local producers. If you or someone you know needs somewhere to sell your wares PLEASE reach out to us! We would love to add more delicious hyper-local food to our shelves. Find contact info at the bottom of this post. Phone: 415-663-1016 Email: info@palacemarket.com"
From PRNPS: "Please note that Pierce Point Road beyond its junction with L Ranch Road is closed to all traffic, including cyclists and pedestrians."

From Chedas in Point Reyes: "As automotive repair is an "essential business" we hope to remain open for our usual hours during the duration of the shelter in place. We will clean/disinfect your vehicle when we receive it and again when we are done working on it.

You may drop off/pick up your car outside, pay over the phone with a credit card - all without having to come into the garage. If you feel comfortable coming into the garage, we'll be observing the 6 foot social distance guidelines.

Please call Cheda's Garage at 415.663.1227 to schedule an oil change, brake inspection, tire rotation, diagnostic etc....and feel free to pass this information along to any other local friends.

Hilary Cheda"

Please support our local businesses so they're still here when this is all over.
"The Board of Supervisors has voted to choose CLAM and Eden Housing as partners to develop a 32-acre property in Point Reyes Station as affordable housing. It used to be a United States Coast Guard housing complex."
West Marin Spring Curbside Clean-up!
Week of April 13th "“ April 17th, 2020
Free of charge "“ West Marin residential customers in good standing may place clean-up materials from their homes at the curb for collection.

Get that old couch out there!

Here are the guidelines: https://41k4p01v6nzq13r4y42jb9...
"Online Community Conversation about Potential Hospital Surge: Join us for a virtual town hall meeting with some of Marin's top experts in public health and emergency planning. This community conversation event will review what hospital surge means and how COVID-19 is currently affecting our hospitals. In addition, the panel of experts will answer questions about how the County's medical network is prepared for a rapid increase in future coronavirus cases.

WHEN: Monday, April 13, 2020 at 6:30 PM

"¢ Supervisor Katie Rice, President, Marin County Board of Supervisors
"¢ Lisa Santora, M.D., Deputy Public Health Officer, County of Marin
"¢ Dustin Ballard, M.D., Kaiser Permanente
"¢ Mark Brown, Deputy Fire Chief, Marin County Fire

Watch live online at http://marincounty.org/townhal... or on Comcast Ch. 27 (Ch.30 in Novato)."

Also this is a great resource for tracking COVID-19 cases in Marin:

(Less then 10 cases in the Point Reyes/Inverness area)
"Through a collaborative effort between Coastal Health Alliance, the Bolinas Fire Department, Marin County Department of Public Health, Mesa Park, volunteers, and UCSF Infectious Disease experts, all residents of Bolinas aged 4 and up can safely be tested for COVID-19, free of charge. Two Bolinas residents were motivated to make testing available to all in Bolinas. They presented the idea to UCSF Infectious Disease experts who felt that it would be very important to study a community like Bolinas that is rural (in addition to an urban community) to get an understanding of how COVID-19 has spread in California. There is no charge to be tested, but the study is being funded by donations from local Bolinas residents."

MORE INFO: https://bolinastesting.org
From a local: "This morning, about 10 to 15 high-end black vehicles, mostly sports cars, Porsches, BMWs, Teslas, were drag racing along Nicasio Valley Road from Point Reyes to Nicasio. They were recklessly passing people in slow zones, blind double yellow line curves, and were a danger to not only themselves, but to those of us who are also on the road. They went towards Fairfax about 11:45 PM. Please report them to the CHP if you see them driving recklessly." (Thx MH)
WMF missed this story, but apparently there was some discussion about whether this pole spotted on the Point Reyes /Petaluma road recently was related to 5G. According to Dennis Rodoni, "Our PG&E Public Safety Specialist responded very quickly. It is a power pole for the 60 kilovolt transmission line in West Marin. It is a replacement pole and part of their infrastructure hardening initiative." (thx RL)
"While Marin residents continue to abide by the Stay At Home order and help flatten the curve, a stream of vacationers and visitors continue to occupy short-term rentals throughout the county. This increases the chance for community transmission of COVID-19 and is considered non-essential travel. After substantial guidance from the Marin Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention[External] and the California Department of Public Health[External], a new Health Order restricting the use of short-term lodging facilities will be in effect from 11:59 p.m. on April 9, 2020 through May 3, 2020"

LINK: https://www.marincounty.org/ma...
"With the Easter weekend forecast calling for sunny skies, public officials are hoping to prevent another crush of West Marin beach visitors defying the coronavirus sheltering orders.

Acting as the Marin County director of emergency services, Supervisor Dennis Rodoni issued an emergency parking resolution Thursday designating no parking zones around parks and open space in unincorporated Marin.

"We are attempting to address specific issues of noncompliance by posting, warning, and ultimately citing violators," Rodoni said in an email. "We all as individuals, have a (role) in social distancing and sheltering in place, to protect our families, neighbors, and communities."

The new rule, which imposes a $100 fine on violators, aims to stop non-essential driving and parking in coastal Marin, Marin County sheriff's Sgt. Brenton Schneider said."

FULL STORY: https://www.marinij.com/2020/0...
Via Point Reyes National Seashore: "PRNS continues to see visitors driving to the park. While Marin County encourages getting outside, do so near your home by non-motorized means. Walk or bike, but do not drive/park unless displaying a valid disabled person parking placard or license plate. If in the park by non-motorized means, maintain social distancing and follow all park regulations. Rangers will be on patrol enforcing parking and resource violations. #ShelterInPlace #StaySafe"
"The Double 8 Dairy, located near Point Reyes has begun delivering 1,200 gallons of milk to the San Francisco-Marin Foodbank. To keep these deliveries going we need your help. Your donation will purchase milk for families who need it and is tax deductible. This is a no profit, no margin activity- it's just the bare minimum to cover our cost to produce and deliver this milk."

LINK: https://www.gofundme.com/f/far...
The pink super moon over Tomales Bay tonight. #moon #supermoon
"Get out your binoculars and look out the window as tonight's full moon, dubbed the pink moon, will occur at 10:35 p.m. EDT, about 8 hours after reaching perigee, the nearest point from earth in its orbit. this results in a "˜supermoon' or a full moon that appears 7% larger than an average one. the moon will appear full for about three days around this same time, from monday night through thursday morning." MORE INFO: https://www.designboom.com/des...
I apologize for being a little bit late with this post, but if you're in the mood, Sir and Star in Olema are doing their take out Sunday meal tonight.

"We are taking orders and payment by phone only
We will assign pick up times when order is placed
Pick up will be at the back kitchen door at the parking lot"
If you are looking for some bread to get you through this rainy day, Brick Maiden Breads is open until 2pm on Sunday. You can also call to order 48 hours in advance. Their whole menu and hours are here: https://www.facebook.com/brick...
Heard a report that the West Marin Pharmacy was broken into last night. This is a huge shame on many levels, they were already struggling and this makes it that much worse. If you have any information or leads, please let the Marin County Sheriff's Office know. Losing the pharmacy would be a major loss for this community, especially during this crisis.
This is to keep your micro droplets away from other people: "In response to new guidance from the California Department of Public Health, the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Bay Area health officials are recommending that residents cover their nose and mouth when leaving home for essential travel, such as doctor appointments, grocery shopping or pharmacy visits. Resident face coverings do not have to be hospital grade but need to cover the nose and mouth. Home-sewn fabric coverings, bandanas, a "DIY" mask from an old t-shirt and neck gaiters are examples of acceptable face coverings, especially because they can be washed and worn again."

FULL UPDATE: https://coronavirus.marinhhs.o...

"ªAccident on Point Reyes/Petaluma Rd at the reservoir. Traffic backed up both ways. Proceed with caution "¬
From Chedas in Point Reyes: "As automotive repair is an "essential business" we hope to remain open for our usual hours during the duration of the shelter in place. We will clean/disinfect your vehicle when we receive it and again when we are done working on it.

You may drop off/pick up your car outside, pay over the phone with a credit card - all without having to come into the garage. If you feel comfortable coming into the garage, we'll be observing the 6 foot social distance guidelines.

Please call Cheda's Garage at 415.663.1227 to schedule an oil change, brake inspection, tire rotation, diagnostic etc....and feel free to pass this information along to any other local friends.

Hilary Cheda"

Please support our local businesses so they're still here when this is all over. I had my car worked on this week at Chedas, it was a very safe and expedient process.
Another long week that still isn't over. Thank you to everyone on the frontlines who are putting their lives on the line for us. Please support your local businesses and restaurants if you can. Stay safe. Stay at home. Extremely cute badger photo by renowned local photographer Carlos Porrata.
via CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations
"**Near Drowning Stinson Beach**
This evening CHP H-30 responded with Stinson Beach Fire and Marin County Fire Department to a report of a drowning at Stinson Beach. Fire arrived at the scene as the patient was pulled from the water. The 20 year old male was unresponsive at the scene.

H-30 landed on the beach and transported the patient to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek where the patient is currently undergoing treatment.

**We are happy to report that due to a quick response by Stinson Beach Fire and rapid transport by helicopter, the patient was alert and talking when our crew left John Muir.**"
If you're around this afternoon, worth a listen:

"Epicenter" at 5pm:

Supervisor Dennis Rodoni discusses:
🏠 Home Order Extension
💸 Measure W funds used for rental relief
🌲 Parks closure updates

Tune in at http://KWMR.org, KWMR's App, or the FM dial.

Or you can stream it later.
NWS Bay Area: "Updated rainfall forecast for this weekend. Two storms. One Saturday and another Sunday = Wet Bay Area Weekend. #NotJoking"
From Marin County Sheriff's Office - "Today, Marin County Public Health issued a superseding, extended and revised Public Health Order and revised Park Closure Order that is in effect until 11:59 p.m. on May 3, 2020. Some of the highlights from the new park closure order include, but are not limited to:

All agencies and jurisdictions operating public outdoor recreation areas, including but not limited to parks, campgrounds, and open spaces (hereinafter, "Park Facilities"), within Marin County (the "County") are hereby directed to cease all operations and services related to facilitating the public's motorized access to all Park Facilities located within the County. This applies to all Park Facilities within the County, regardless of ownership.

Individuals may continue to responsibly access those Park Facilities that are local to their residences and readily accessible by foot, bicycle or other non-motorized means for the purpose of engaging in Essential Activities as defined in the March 31 Order, including outdoor exercise.

Violation of any of the provisions of this Order constitutes an imminent threat and menace to public health, constitutes a public nuisance, and is punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both."

FULL ORDER: https://www.marinsheriff.org/c...
"California Governor Gavin Newsom is making an urgent appeal for anyone with health care experience to join the coronavirus fight. He has launched the California Health Corps, inviting medical retirees, part-timers and students to apply.

"If you're a nursing school student, a medical school student, we need you," said Newsom. "If you have just retired within the past five years, we need you."

The goal is to hire nearly 40,000 new personnel, from managers to paramedics, dentists to psychologists. It will require the relaxation of some licensing protocols and expand the scope of what some providers can do.

"We'll get you up and running and get you out the door so you can support the needs of the people of California," Newsom said at a Monday news conference."

Interested? More info: https://covid19.ca.gov/healthc...
Via MarinIJ: "BREAKING: A 70-year-old man who was the first Marin County resident to contract the coronavirus died this afternoon. It is the first death from COVID-19 in Marin. The man had been hospitalized for three weeks after returning from a cruise to Mexico on the Grand Princess. There are now 68 confirmed coronavirus cases in Marin County, with three new positive tests reported Friday. Nine people have been hospitalized."
Two important notices from Marin County:

"Do #MarinCounty #PropertyTaxes still have to be paid by April 10 to avoid a penalty? Yes, they do. Here's why."

"Residents shouldn't lose their homes because of a pandemic. Effective immediately, residential and commercial tenants in Marin County may not be evicted because of income loss tied to #COVID19. Thank you
"SOUND ON Speaker with three sound waves: Every night at 8:00, residents in Mill Valley cheer on the healthcare workers, first responders, and everyone on the frontlines battling the pandemic. THANK YOU!"

Via Point Reyes National Seashore: "More park closures are in effect--including motorized access to roads and parking lots at Bear Valley, Palomarin, Five Brooks, Abbotts Lagoon, North Beach, South Beach, Tomales Point, Headlands including Chimney Rock & Lighthouse--consistent with Marin County orders."
Dramatic sky over West Marin tonight. #inverness #tomalesbay #sunset
via Dallas Smith "Do you know anyone that is at risk and needs groceries or errands in the West Marin area? If so, Elizabeth Wilhelm and I have plenty of free time and are happy to help."
"Marin County has aligned with seven Bay Area county health officers, and county superintendents to make a unified, regional decision to extend school closures and student dismissals from regular school attendance through May 1, 2020 to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to the maximum extent. The safety and wellness of students, school personnel, and the community are the highest priorities of all schools and districts in these six counties.

School facilities may remain open to staff for the purposes of performing tasks deemed essential by the school district and the county offices of education. Education will continue through flexible learning, meals will continue to be provided and, where possible, childcare may be arranged."

MORE INFO: https://www.marincounty.org/ma...
How to disinfect your groceries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
From the Palace Market in Point Reyes: "Attention all! Starting tomorrow we will offer two senior (age 70+) only shopping hours: 8am-9am, Tuesday and Friday. We look forward to seeing you all bright and early. :)"

Also "Hi! Bovine Bakery is happily baking today and asking for donations only. We don't have everything we usually have, BUT we have a lot. I'll be doing this all week until dairy, eggs and humor runs out. ❤️❤️❤️"
'Go home!' Bolinas residents plead with visitors on Sunday to turn around as crowds flock to beach towns during shelter order.

FULL STORY: https://abc7news.com/6040390/
No word on PRNS yet. "The Public Health Division of Marin County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued an order March 22 for the immediate closure of all Marin parks to stem the tide of visitors during the COVID-19 emergency.

The closure will affect agencies and jurisdictions who operate parks and open space in Marin County. Visitors may continue to use paved pathways maintained by the County of Marin, such as the popular Mill Valley-Sausalito Multiuse Pathway along Richardson Bay and the Corte Madera Pathway along Corte Madera Creek, as long as people follow guidelines on social distancing.

The order comes one day after Bay Area residents flocked to Marin locations for recreation, putting vulnerable residents at risk because of unsafe social distancing and traffic that clogged the roads in beach communities. Sgt. Brenton Schneider of the Marin County Sheriff's Office said grocery store workers and restaurant personnel were inundated with visitors who were not respecting public health guidelines on keeping six feet away from other people."

LINK: https://www.marincounty.org/ma...
A reminder that local restaurants are open to serve locals with 'to go' food. Sir and Star has a special Chinese food menu tonight if you're in the mood for something different.

Sir and Star:

Link to all local restaurants and services:
Via Point Reyes National Seashore "After unprecedented visitation and to slow the spread of COVID-19, starting tomorrow March 22, Point Reyes National Seashore will close gates at Limantour Access and Mt. Vision Roads, Drakes Beach and Drakes Estero. There will be limited access at Palomarin Trailhead beyond the Commonweal entrance, Pierce Point Road as well as Lighthouse and Chimney Rock parking lots. Please follow local public health guidelines. Marin County Sheriff's Office #StayLocal #ShelterInPlace (bp)"
For people concerned about the situation in Point Reyes today, "One thing that locals should know is that they should not contact the park. Feds can't close county roads. And pretty sure that the guidance is still that we have to run closures up to Washington. People should contact Dennis Rodoni and Jared Huffman. The park is down to a skeleton crew with the SIP order and they obviously have their hands full."
We just came back from Kehoe Beach where it was more crowded then we've ever seen it. I heard the same about Bear Valley. And downtown Point Reyes is packed and I'm sure everyone coming from the beaches will swamp it later. While I understand people need to get out and into nature, and that local businesses need business, this is not sheltering in place and increases the risk of transmission for everyone. I am so grateful for all of the checkers and workers who are on the frontlines today, making sure we can have food and services, literally putting their lives at risk. If you are coming to the park, please think about the people who live and work here, and be safe and respectful. It would be a shame to have the park closed, but what is happening now seems extremely dangerous. (Photo of Bear Valley Visitors Center thx IW)
"Tax Day in the United States is being moved due to the coronavirus crisis. People and businesses will have until July 15 to file and make payments without interest or penalties, U.S. Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin says."

LINK: https://www.bloomberg.com/news...
Here is a list of restaurants and services available in West Marin during lockdown. Please add anything I missed in the comments.

Link here: http://thewestmarinfeed.com/co...

Point Reyes Restaurants

Osteria Stellina "“ Call 415-663-9988 to take-out

Side Street Kitchen "“ Call 707-477-5469 for take-out and delivered curbside.

Station House Café "“ Call 415-663-0303 for take-out and delivered curbside Friday "“ Tuesday only.

Cafe Reyes - 415-663-9493 Open for take out.

Marshall Restuarants

Hog Island Oyster Company - at the Farm Retail Window is open for to-go sales of shellfish, lots of oysters and clams for you.

Nick's Cove "“ Saturday and Sunday Only Take-Out, Please see menu here and call 415-663-1033. www.nickscove.com

Tony's Seafood "“ Call 415-663-1107 for take-out and delivered to parking lot.

Bolinas Restaurants

Eleven - 415-868-1133 Open Thursday - Monday for take out including beer and wine

Lagunuitas Restaurants

Arti's Indian Food - 415-488-4700 Call for take-out food

Tomales/Dillon Beach Restaurants

Food Pantry at Tomales Town Hall - happening each Thursday from 2:00-2:45pm

William Tell - 707-879-2002 Offering delivery to Tomales and Dillon Beach areas

Point Reyes/Inverness Groceries/Other

Palace Market - Regular hours 8am - 8pm

Brickmaiden Bread Bake Shop - 415-663-1203 Open for to go Thursdays, Fridays, Sunday 8am - 2pm. Credit card only.

Cowgirl Creamery Catina - Open. limited menu, pick up at doors Weds - Sunday 11-4pm

Inverness Park Market - 415-663-1491 Kitchen/Tap Room open for take out orders, curbside pickup, groceries open normal hours

Olema Campground - Open. Laundry 24/7. Propane from 9am - 5pm.

McPhails Fuel Company - 707-285-3525 Open. Main office closed, but business hours answering phone.

Building Supply Hardware Store - Open Mon - Sat 8am - 1pm (closed Sunday)

Point Reyes Gas Station - Open until 6pm, pumps 1 and 2 always on
When you're in such a hurry to get out to the beach in Point Reyes and you try and make the one way bridge into a two way bridge. Social distance everyone!
A message from Hog Island Oysters: "Our restaurant in San Francisco is temporarily closed and as result, we have a 100 kits of prepared food we do not want to go to waste. You can come pick it up, for free, tomorrow (Friday, March 20), at Tony's Seafood in Marshall between 8am and 11am. It will be packaged up for families of four. We have a chowder base with clams and pescatore with mussels. All the food is prepped and just needs to be cooked. First come, first served. Thank you!"
Happy First Day of Spring! Apparently this is the earliest the Vernal Equinox has occurred in the U.S. nationwide in 124 years. Those secret daffodil patches are probably due for a visit in a social distancing kind of way.

MORE SPRING INFO: https://www.space.com/vernal-e...
The Point Reyes Gas Station will remain open, but it is changing its closing time to 6pm (instead of 8pm). Pumps 1 and 2 will still be open during off hours.

The Coastal Health Alliance is working to protect our community and keep patients safe during Covid-19. In this effort, we are converting non-urgent medical appointments to phone appointments, closing our Bolinas site until further notice, and reducing Point Reyes Staff to a skeleton crew. This is in support of the extremely important public health recommendation for people to stay at home.

A local said that they were out of propane but unable to get a hold of McPhails. Is anyone else in a similar situation or have any advice?

Many restaurants are offering take out which is a great way to support local businesses in these tough times. I know that Stellina, Arti's and Side Street Kitchen are, do folks know others? Also, you can buy gift certificates and do some online shopping at certain stores like the Point Reyes Bookstore.

Stay safe everyone. Thx MM for the photo.
"Following guidance from the CDC & public health officials, & to comply with the shelter-in-place legal order in seven Bay Area counties, Point Reyes National Seashore's visitor centers & campgrounds are temporarily closed. Visit http://nps.gov/pore for more information."
A heavy cloud hangs over West Marin this evening.
BREAKING: "Six counties in the Bay Area are ordering residents to stay at home in an effort to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.

All residents in these counties should only leave their homes for essential needs. Necessary government functions and essential stores will remain open. The order will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday and will remain in place for three weeks.

List of counties:
San Francisco
Santa Clara
San Mateo
Contra Costa

The shelter-at-home order comes as scientific evidence shows social distancing is one of the most effective approaches to slow the transmission of communicable disease.

"Temporarily changing our routine is absolutely necessary to slow the spread of this pandemic," said Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County Public Health Officer. "The Health Officers from the largest jurisdictions in the San Francisco Bay Area are united and we are taking this step together to offer the best protection to our respective communities."

Essential businesses allowed to operate during the recommended action include:

Health care operations
Businesses that provide food, shelter, and social services, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals
Fresh and nonperishable food retailers (including convenience stores)
Child care facilities
Gas stations
Laundry businesses and services necessary for maintaining the safety, sanitation and essential operation of a residence.
In addition, health care, law and safety, and essential government functions will continue under the recommended action."

FULL LINK: https://www.kron4.com/news/6-b...
"Nearly 100 individuals were tested over March 12 and 13 through Marin County's drive-through testing site. Of these, 6 test results were positive. Regionally, there has been a dramatic increase in cases, with nearly 300 cases Bay Area wide. Total cases in Marin: 9."

"All Marin County Free Library Branches are closed until further notice. Our Book Drops/book returns will be locked. Please keep all borrowed physical materials at home. Please access available online materials at http://marinlibrary.org."

"All classroom instruction at our Shoreline Schools will be suspended, beginning Monday, March 16th for at least two weeks. All students are to remain home until we are notified that the classroom suspension is lifted. Meals will be delivered by buses and available at the schools for those who are on the federally assisted meal program. Check with your local school for more details"

Marin COVID Update: https://coronavirus.marinhhs.o...
The Palace Market in Point Reyes was busier then usual today but not crazy. Looked like the out of town traffic had picked up with some "multiple cart" folks stockpiling. The only thing that struck as odd was this aisle, I'm guessing that's where the toilet paper was. Why are people stockpiling toilet paper? Was that CDC guidance?
WMF is putting together a guide to local information and general resources around coronavirus. For local updates (besides news sources) the links below is all I've been able to find, do other people have sources they could share? Most useful are things that are being updated and kept current. Thank you.

Marin Health and Human Services

National Park Service

Here is the full page of information which will evolve:
"An adult Sonoma County resident has tested positive for the coronavirus, the first person here who has contracted the virus through unknown community transmission, county health officials announced Saturday night.

The new case, marking an escalation in the local battle against a highly contagious infectious disease that has put the world on edge, was detected through the county Department of Health Services' enhanced surveillance testing, launched Thursday to help determine if the virus was being transmitted in the community without anyone knowing it."

FULL STORY: https://www.pressdemocrat.com/...
In other news, these two were cuddling on Drakes Beach in Point Reyes today.
"ª"FROM BOLINAS-STINSON SCHOOL: Bolinas-Stinson School will be closed for two weeks beginning tomorrow, Friday, March 13. Due to a COVID-19 related school closure at Tam High school we will join in closing school to prevent further spread of the infection.""¬
Nice story from Bolinas: "Self-sufficiency is like perfection, said Lloyd Kahn, the guru of guerrilla architecture and dean of all things D.I.Y. "You never quite get there, but you're moving toward it all the time." Before cabin porn and van life were hashtags on Instagram, before tiny houses were a movement, Mr. Kahn, now 84, was the indefatigable champion of their funky, D.I.Y. antecedents." (Thx MM)

FULL STORY: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/0...
"As of March 11, 2020 the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has confirmed that two additional Marin residents have tested positive for COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, bringing the local total to three.

Both individuals lived with Marin's first reported case, who was a passenger on the Grand Princess "“ Mexican Rivera cruise ship that experienced an outbreak of COVID-19. The newly diagnosed cases had been isolated in their home and are experiencing mild symptoms but do not require hospitalization. Marin HHS will not release additional information about the patients or the treating hospital to protect the medical privacy of the patients and family.

While Marin HHS is not issuing cancellations of large gatherings at this time, it is recommending that older adults and those with conditions that may weaken their immune system consider refraining from attending large gatherings of 100 or more people."

MORE DETAILS: https://www.marinhhs.org/coron...
Medical emergency in Inverness requiring Henry 1 helicopter transport. No word on details.
Sunset chaser from North Beach In Point Reyes after a long day of virus stress. Stay safe everyone. Wash those hands, #sunset
MiniQuake. Did anyone feel this? 7:05pm tonight?

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/earthquake...
"Marin Confirms First In-County Case of COVID-19 - The Marin County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is working with medical staff at a local hospital to treat a Marin resident diagnosed with COVID-19[External], the novel coronavirus.

The individual diagnosed was a passenger on the Grand Princess cruise ship that returned to San Francisco from Mexico on February 21. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified this cruise as a source of exposure for COVID-19. The patient is an older man who is being treated in a Marin County hospital. Marin HHS will not release additional information about the patient or the hospital to protect the medical privacy of the patient, family, and hospital staff.

Public health officials have identified those who have been in close contact with this patient. Those individuals have been isolated and are being evaluated."

LINK: https://www.marincounty.org/ma...

There was also a possible exposure at Marin Catholic, but the details are very limited.

"A principal in Marin County has reported a "possible student exposure" to the novel coronavirus in a statement sent out Tuesday. Marin Catholic High School Principal Chris Valdez said no one in the school community has tested positive for COVID-19. Nonetheless, Valdez said he wants to share as much information out as possible, including what steps are being taken by school leaders."

LINK: https://www.marinij.com/2020/0...
We were walking back from a sunset session in Point Reyes when out of nowhere a magic piece of sand artwork appeared during the big low tide. Looks like a piece from the master, Jim Denevan, but not sure. It's already gone now. Whoever it was, thank you!
"ªVehicle rollover on Bear Valley Rd in Point Reyes. Proceed with caution."¬
Events this weekend:

Opening reception for new exhibit at Jack Mason Gallery in Inverness about the Bear Valley Ranch takes place from 1pm - 3pm on Sunday.

A memorial for Russell Chatham will be held at The Dance Palace in Point Reyes from 2pm - 4pm on Sunday.
Apparently the bomb squad was called to Black Mountain in Point Reyes yesterday to explode a stick of dynamite that a worker found. People had reported seeing the truck on Lucas Valley Road. (thx DW/IW)
Single car crash on Shoreline Hwy in front of the Giacomini dairy. Sounds bad. One lane closed, expect delays.
Full results from last night's voting. Wildfire Prevention passes, San Geronimo Golf Course does not. https://patch.com/california/s...
"ªSounds like a bad car accident on SFD near Whites Hill. There are delays, plan accordingly."¬
LEAP DAY! The Haggards Leap Year Party at The Western Saloon in Point Reyes tonight. Always a good time.
"We only have one chance every 10 years to accurately count everyone living in Marin County. Pledge to respond to the census and be a trusted messenger to tell your family, friends and others and help us get out the count.

Solo tenemos una oportunidad cada 10 años para contar con precisión a todos los que viven en el condado de Marin. Comprometerse a responder al censo y ser un mensajero confiable para contarle a tu familia, amigos y otras personas conocidas porque participar en el censo es tan importante."

More info: https://marincensus2020.org
Via NWS: "Before you are soon inundated with dry February rainfall statistics. CPC 8 to 14 day outlooks continue to show rainfall around the second week of March. Graphics show a slight to moderate risk of heavy precipitation across the Central Coast and Bay Area."
via PRNPS: "Harbor seal pupping area closures start this Sunday, March 1, and go through June 30. Drakes Estero, Double Point, the end of Limantour Spit, and the eastern side of Hog Island are closed to human access during this time. Learn more: http://go.nps.gov/pore/hseals. #LeaveSealsBe"
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