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About the West Marin Feed
WMF in Inverness scanning for updates.
WMF during the Woodward Fire (photo by Ido).
My name is Christian Anthony and I live in Inverness, CA with my wife Dakota and our two boys, Edison and Malloy.

Ten years ago I realized that there was a large, unorganized network of interesting and important information sources serving West Marin, yet no centralized place where that information was collected and curated. So much critical information like road closures, accidents, power lines down, and so forth just don't get reported. And if they do get reported, there are rarely updates or follow ups.

So I decided to try and fix that by building The West Marin Feed.

Today the West Marin Feed is still just me, monitoring wide array of Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, newspaper stories, scanner updates combined with a network of amazing community members who let me know when a road is closed or something else happening that could be of interest or of importance to the community. And that all gets wrapped up into 'the Feed' which then goes out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email.

To learn more about how to use the West Marin Feed, go to the user guide.

Thanks for being a part of the feed!