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 Tuesday, November 29 ,2022 at 8:41am
Whatever position the sun was in today, it was a blinding. Plus some dew on the window. I had to pull over between Inverness and Point Reyes Station. So stressful.
 Monday, November 28 ,2022 at 12:29pm
A family of four was airlifted Saturday afternoon after becoming stranded on a remote Tomales Bay beach while enjoying an afternoon of kayaking. After arriving in the area, the helicopter's aircrew began a search for the reported kayakers. They located the kayakers a short time later who were now stranded on the west shore of Tomales Bay.

"Due to the remoteness of the location, and rough seas, the kayakers were internally loaded into H1 and flown to safety in the Lawson's Landing area," deputies said.
 Saturday, November 26 ,2022 at 3:00pm
Water rescue at Dillon Beach, sounds like kayakers stuck at the mouth between solid swell and heavy outgoing tide
 Friday, November 25 ,2022 at 7:23pm
Sunset fog rolled in with a crescent moon over Point Reyes tonight.
 Friday, November 25 ,2022 at 9:52am
A lot going on this holiday weekend. Shop in the area and support local vendors, there are so many great shops and unique gifts. And its Open Studios, go visit an amazing art space, meet some super talented local artists and pick up some new art for your pad.

I'd list all the shops in here, but inevitably I'll forget someone and then feelings get hurt. But if you want to put your favorite shop in the comments, go for it.
 Thursday, November 24 ,2022 at 1:08pm
Big high tides over the holiday weekend. Inverness shipwreck hanging with the kayakers today. Grateful for this beautiful day.
 Tuesday, November 22 ,2022 at 5:38pm
The never ending sunset over Drakes Bay in Point Reyes tonight.
 Monday, November 21 ,2022 at 9:30pm
Definitely feels like there are coyotes everywhere these days. This one spotted in front of the Inverness Park Market the last week. (Thx JH)
 Saturday, November 19 ,2022 at 8:26am
"Blue Slide Art Tile is retiring our tile making after 37 years in downtown Point Reyes Station. please come to studio before open studios to get some beautiful tiles at great prices. we would love to see the local West Marin community stop by."
 Friday, November 18 ,2022 at 10:24am
Sharks. Bears. Mountain lions. And wolves?

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy a great weekend. Lots of updates, events and more in the WMF Weekend Update. Check it out then subscribe to get it delivered directly to you:
 Wednesday, November 16 ,2022 at 8:06pm
Your moment of zen. Cloud show time lapse over Point Reyes sunset.
 Wednesday, November 16 ,2022 at 12:40pm
"Hi! We had a bench and plaque with a QR code installed in downtown Inverness for my Grandpa Lee whom passed away this year. A website in his honor has been created for locals and visitors of Inverness that would like to pay tribute to him and share photos. He shared his back yard for over 60 years where the Inverness Shipwreck is located and we think he would be overjoyed to see what we have done to honor him."

You can upload photos and thoughts at this web site.
 Sunday, November 13 ,2022 at 8:53am
Holiday fair season is upon us. Holiday fair at Druids Hall in Nicasio today. 11am to 5pm.
 Saturday, November 12 ,2022 at 11:58am
“Country Night” tonight at The Old Western Saloon in Point Reyes Station. Local faves The Haggards and The Fuckaroos. Don’t miss it.
 Friday, November 11 ,2022 at 10:47pm
Another mellow Friday evening on Tomales Bay, have a great weekend.
 Thursday, November 10 ,2022 at 9:46pm
Anyone else see that huge meteor (space junk?) going across the sky around 9pm? We saw it by Stafford Lake, crazy green glow. I think that’s the third weekend in a row it’s happened.
 Thursday, November 10 ,2022 at 7:35am
Not a stunning photo, but that’s a thick layer of frost on our shed in Inverness. It is freezing cold this morning. Roads will be icey, be safe everyone.
 Tuesday, November 8 ,2022 at 7:15am
From a morning commuter: “east bound on point reyes petaluma road past graffiti bridge small rock slide.” One lane closed, be careful on the roads today. (Thx MG)
 Saturday, November 5 ,2022 at 11:39am
“Truck off of the road just north of Cypress Grove, Marshall, CA on Hwy 1. Road was blocked in both lanes.” Roads or slippery, be careful out there. (Thx NW)
 Friday, November 4 ,2022 at 10:47pm
The perfect light. Tomales Bay.
 Friday, November 4 ,2022 at 8:37am
The general election is on Tuesday, November 8th. I turned Wade Holland's voting recommendations in the PR Light into a handy list if you're going to the polls.

Here are Wade's recommendation in the PRLight:

Here is special Measure O guide:

Here is the LWV guide:

Here are the MarinIJ recommendations:
 Thursday, November 3 ,2022 at 7:27pm
Caught the tail end of that epic sunset in Nicasio. Who else got a good picture?
 Thursday, November 3 ,2022 at 9:13am
Here is what West Marin might look like if the polar ice caps completely melt. Point Reyes turns into an archipelago.

Via: https://conspiracyofcartograph...
 Wednesday, November 2 ,2022 at 7:37am
Two coyotes getting a little loud and crazy in Inverness. (Thx @alexporrata)
 Monday, October 31 ,2022 at 5:34pm
 Monday, October 31 ,2022 at 9:59am
Bad Halloween costume ideas 2022 edition. Measure O and the elk fence.
 Monday, October 31 ,2022 at 8:04am
Car rollover on SFD just outside of Inverness. Everyone ok but probably going to be some traffic backed up while they clean it up. Drive carefully. (Thx AP)
 Saturday, October 29 ,2022 at 3:21pm
91 people saw a fireball over the Bay Area last night including a number of people in West Marin. Did you see it?

 Saturday, October 29 ,2022 at 3:06pm
Hearing a bunch of reports of a huge fireball that went across the sky last night, did anyone else see it?
 Friday, October 28 ,2022 at 3:33pm
From longtime local resident Maranda Nowell, "Hello to you all! ❤️
Nolan and I are trying to raise money to purchase our home! We have the unexpected opportunity to buy into owning our sweet little spot we’ve lived in for the last 6 years. As my single mom self, I have financially supported us and survived these years! I’ve thought to myself, maybe in 5 years or so I’ll be able to purchase a home if I keep working at it hard. Never did I think the door would open right in front of me. Yet, life has opened a door for us, a huge opportunity!!
Our landlords are offering us the possibility to buy our sweet little home in Sebastopol! I do not have quite enough for a down payment though, and it’s down to the wire now. So, I am reaching out, hoping that maybe, just maybe, there are people out there that might be able to help me and Nolan to secure this chance to own a home of our very own. Never is asking for help easy, but the time is now if we’re going to make this happen. I appreciate each and everyone of you for listening. Thank you and I love you."
 Friday, October 28 ,2022 at 9:33am
Sounds like there is a water main broken on SFD near the Abalone Inn in Inverness Park and might be affecting water service. Anyone know what's going on?
 Wednesday, October 26 ,2022 at 10:45pm
Sounds like there was a high speed chase through Inverness and Inverness Park this evening, lots of sheriffs and CHP still on SFD right now. Anyone know what is going on?
 Wednesday, October 26 ,2022 at 7:48am
A crisp fall sunrise over Tomales Bay. Have a great Wednesday everyone.
 Monday, October 24 ,2022 at 2:27pm
Do you want a chance to win a free (and very rare) West Marin Feed coffee mug? Then take three minutes to fill out this very simple survey to help make WMF better! Thank you!

 Monday, October 24 ,2022 at 1:39pm
There was just a car accident north of Point Reyes Station requiring helicopter transport. No word on injuries, hopefully everyone all right. (Thx ABF)
 Saturday, October 22 ,2022 at 5:30pm
“People often underestimate the winds on Tomales Bay. Here is a tent floating past Cypress Grove headed south in stiff winds. Suspect some campers in Point Reyes National Seashore are very upset at the moment.” Via Nils Warnock
 Tuesday, October 18 ,2022 at 1:43pm
“The debate on whether to keep the (elk) fence up (in Point Reyes) escalated Friday after park staff discovered a 100-foot section of the reserve fence had been toppled. Park staff found several wooden fence posts had been cut at their base, Gunn said.

The park has found no evidence that elk have left the reserve. The park has launched a criminal investigation and has requested anyone with information to call the 720-293-8908.”

 Monday, October 17 ,2022 at 10:07am
WMF had the good fortune to visit Paul Kanive and Scot Anderson of the California White Shark Project today as they were off of Point Reyes collecting data. At around 11am, this thirteen foot great white shark showed up, circled around us and showed interest in the seal decoy they had put out. To learn more about this important project, see more sharks, and learn how to support their work, follow their Instagram account at @californiawhitesharkproject and visit http://www.californiawhiteshar.... (Thx TB)
 Friday, October 14 ,2022 at 2:23pm
Head's up, there is a bicycle ride coming through West Marin tomorrow from 8am to 12pm.
 Friday, October 14 ,2022 at 1:39pm
Friday morning starting off with a deer sloshing it’s way across a very calm Tomales Bay.
 Thursday, October 13 ,2022 at 11:14am
Coming up this weekend.
 Thursday, October 13 ,2022 at 8:06am
Serial killer podcasts are a thing. Some people may not realize (but locals who were here will never forget) there was one in the early 80's who killed four people in Point Reyes. It is a horrifying story. Here is the podcast if you want to get into it:
 Tuesday, October 11 ,2022 at 8:37am
Large power outage in Tomales this morning. 10:30am restoration estimate.
 Monday, October 10 ,2022 at 10:22am
This big cat was picked up on a camera late last night between Inverness Park and Inverness near SFD.
 Friday, October 7 ,2022 at 10:39am
Anyone know what happened to the wind turbine near McEvoy Ranch on the PR/Petaluma Rd?
 Friday, October 7 ,2022 at 9:39am
Sheriff oversight, Women's March solidarity protest in Point Reyes Station, EV Expo in PR, coyotes swimming in Tomales Bay and so much more. Get ready for the weekend with the WMF Weekend Update (then subscribe!)

 Thursday, October 6 ,2022 at 8:20am
In Lagunitas: "David Lee Hoffman knows the way he has chosen to live for nearly 50 years is unconventional, maybe even a little bit crazy and likely against the law. So now the self-described scofflaw is awaiting the fate of what he believes is history that he made with his hands, all those years watching and learning from Tibetan monks and artisans."
 Monday, October 3 ,2022 at 2:47pm
Need to get ready for the week in West Marin? Then read the WMF Roll Into the Week email update (then subscribe! Easiest way to get caught up on the local news and see what events are coming up and even check the weather. W00t.
 Thursday, September 29 ,2022 at 8:36am
"Hi, my name is Scoby and I’m fundraising for Barbara Keady (aka The Village Snipper in Point Reyes Station). Barbara took a tumble a couple of weeks ago, falling from her outside deck down onto paving stones. She broke her tibia in two places and her fibula in four. Besides that she injured three of the four sides of her “ankle box”. She is in good spirits, but is now focused on healing, which will take two or three months.

Obviously, she can’t work, while at the same time she is obligated to pay rent on her shop as well as her home. So this fundraiser is to help Barbara pay her rent and other basic expenses while she is healing and without income."
 Saturday, September 24 ,2022 at 6:52pm
Illegally parked cars blocked access for emergency crews who came to help someone who fell and was injured at Shell Beach in Inverness today. Please don’t park like that. (Thx IW)
 Friday, September 23 ,2022 at 3:39pm
Tomales High School has their Homecoming football game tonight in Tomales at 6pm against Roseland University Prep if you want to come out and support the local kids.

Photo by Minenna Photography
 Friday, September 23 ,2022 at 10:23am
This bear was camera captured by Claudio Castillo in Forest Knolls five days ago.

Some noteworthy events this weekend:

- On Sunday, a memorial for Dave Brast takes place from 2 to 5 p.m. outdoors at the Dance Palace Community Center. Drinks and finger food provided; no alcohol, please. If you want to share a longer story, email David Clarkson at

- A grand reopening of the Borge Gallery takes place on Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. at 221 B Street, in Point Reyes Station.

For more news and events, check out the WMF Weekend Update:
 Wednesday, September 21 ,2022 at 4:11pm
Unusual flight pattern over Point Reyes right now, anyone know what’s going on?
 Tuesday, September 20 ,2022 at 9:08pm
There was some crazy green foam tonight at North Beach in Point Reyes. Anyone know what that is?
 Monday, September 19 ,2022 at 9:20am
Not a good scene in Point Reyes Station this morning. Someone in a silver SUV rammed into a bunch of parked cars in downtown. Hopefully everyone ok. Anyone else have more details? (Thx LR)
 Sunday, September 18 ,2022 at 9:21am
The car from the accident last night on Rt 1 north of Point Reyes Station hasn’t been towed away yet. No need to report it.
 Sunday, September 18 ,2022 at 8:35am
It’s raining in West Marin. Feels really good.
 Saturday, September 17 ,2022 at 6:40pm
Accident on Rt. 1 north of Point Reyes Station by Millerton Point. Both lanes are closed. No word on injuries, but sounds like both lanes will be closed for at least an hour. Plan accordingly. (Thx WS)
 Thursday, September 15 ,2022 at 10:08pm
"Hi, my name is Isabelle. I’m raising funds to help my mom with recovery from spinal surgery. Cecilia LeMieux is a hardworking single mother of 4 and the sole care provider for her 13 year old son. On September 4th she suffered serious trauma to her spine. She is receiving surgery to reconstruct her vertebrae. She has always supported her family and is now unable to care for herself due to this trauma. The money will be used to cover the cost of transportation, food, additional child care and assistance during recovery. Our mom has a big heart. As a nurse for the last 25 years she has always worked to help those in need."
 Thursday, September 15 ,2022 at 10:08pm
Help out the Inverness preschool classroom...
 Tuesday, September 13 ,2022 at 7:02pm
Apparently this is why everyone got the earthquake alert a few minutes ago? Anyone in West Marin feel it?
 Tuesday, September 13 ,2022 at 10:53am
Levee Rd is closed again for power line repairs. To see the latest WMF updates, go to the WMF web site at https://www.thewestmarinfeed.c... and click on “Tweets”. Or just follow WMF on Twitter. (Thx DW)
 Tuesday, September 13 ,2022 at 8:11am
From Marin County Sheriff “911 outage.If 911 doesn't work, dial 415-472-0911 (medical/fire), 415-479-2311 (law). Updates

911 outage only in Inverness. Do NOT call unless you have an emergency.”
 Tuesday, September 13 ,2022 at 7:26am
Levee Rd in Point Reyes Station is open this morning. Power still out in Inverness and Inverness Park. Estimated restoration time is 2PM.
 Monday, September 12 ,2022 at 1:11pm
A big tree fell on power lines on Levee Td in Point Reyes Station (same one from last night). Levee Rd is closed, use Bear Valley Rd. Power out in Inverness and Inverness Park. Traffic is messy, plan accordingly. PGE said 6pm restoration, but I don’t know.
 Sunday, September 11 ,2022 at 11:31pm
Wires tangled with branches on Levee Rd in Point Reyes Station seemed to have caused a power outage in Inverness and Inverness Park. Thanks to the kid on the bicycle he showed me the spot so I could let the sheriff know.
 Sunday, September 11 ,2022 at 1:04pm
“Hello! My name is Paola, I am a technician at Point Reyes Animal Hospital and we just had a very nice woman drop off a dog who she found by West Marin school.

I was hoping you could help us get the word out.”
 Friday, September 9 ,2022 at 2:42pm
Remember the time in 2005 when King Charles visited Point Reyes Station and had a drink at The Western?

Lots of fun events happening this weekend. Smoke from big Tahoe fire will be drifting down our way and remnants from Hurricane Kay coming up from down south.

Learn more about it all in the WMF Weekend Update:

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Smoke info:

Hurricane info:

Photo by Frederic Larson
 Tuesday, September 6 ,2022 at 12:00pm
Those are some intense numbers. Stay safe, stay indoors if you can, stay hydrated.

 Tuesday, September 6 ,2022 at 7:50am
A stunning sunrise over Tomales Bay this morning. Going to be another hot one, stay safe everyone.
 Monday, September 5 ,2022 at 9:32pm
Power is out in a big part of Inverness due to a tree down on wires. No estimated time to restoration yet.

 Monday, September 5 ,2022 at 9:27am
"California's chance of power outages will grow in the coming days, as the state prepares to enter the most brutal stretch yet of an ongoing heat wave, officials said Sunday.

Energy demand is expected to outpace supply starting Monday evening, and predictions for Tuesday show the state rivaling its all-time high for electricity demand, said Elliot Mainzer, president and chief executive officer of the California Independent System Operator.

Energy officials and power companies have been urging people since Wednesday to use less power from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. by keeping air conditioners at 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.5 degrees Celsius) or higher and avoiding using major appliances like ovens and dishwashers. Those so-called flex alerts have allowed the grid operator to keep the lights on so far.

On Saturday night, the state used about 44,000 megawatts of electricity, Mainzer said. By Tuesday, that's supposed to ramp up to more than 50,000 megawatts, nearing record levels of energy use set in 2006. But the state would rather curb demand to avoid that number than test the power grid's capability to respond."
 Sunday, September 4 ,2022 at 6:51pm
It is a dangerous heat wave, but it also produced a pretty rare day in West Marin. Loads of traffic tonight leaving Point Reyes. Plan accordingly.