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 Sunday, March 19 ,2023 at 9:10pm
For the first time in history (as far as people can recall) a West Marin boys basketball team won the CYOB basketball championship today at Terra Linda High School. Congrats to coaches Stephen Horvath and Mike Durkee.
 Sunday, March 19 ,2023 at 9:29am
A different perspective of Lagunitas Creek between Inverness Park and Point Reyes Station (levee rd) during the last storm when it flooded at high tide.

More photos and video here:

Shot by @boatingsausalito
 Sunday, March 19 ,2023 at 8:15am
A couple of rainy day events today:

A benefit art sale for artist Christine DeCamp takes place from noon to 3 p.m. at The Village Snipper (next door to KWMR), in Point Reyes Station. The sale continues next Sunday.

A talk-story circle about our relationship to nature in West Marin starts at 3 p.m. in Toby’s Feed Barn’s gallery, where Jan E. Watson’s retrospective photography exhibit, “I Was There: The People, The Stories, The Light: 27 Years in a Place Called Point Reyes,” is on display.

Celebrate the Indigenous communities that live and work in Marin at the Marin American Indian Alliance’s Marin Powwow from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday indoors at Miller Creek Middle School’s gym at 2255 Las Gallinas Ave. in San Rafael.
 Friday, March 17 ,2023 at 1:22pm
The West Marin Feed weekly email update is out. It was a big week, plus lots of events happening this weekend. And did someone say more rain? Read it here and get caught up. Then subscribe.
 Saturday, March 11 ,2023 at 11:00am
Wow. Lagunitas Creek near Point Reyes Station got within a couple of feet of the flood stage yesterday morning.

 Friday, March 10 ,2023 at 11:38am
The Olema Post Office is closed right now due to flooding. So everyone coming from Bolinas to get their mail, please wait until it reopens.
 Friday, March 10 ,2023 at 10:11am
Large water tank stuck under the green bridge by Point Reyes Station. (Thx @wildwestferments)
 Friday, March 10 ,2023 at 8:42am
SFD between Point Reyes Station and Inverness Park (levee road) has some flooding this morning. Lots of standing water around West Marin, be safe. (Thx MS)
 Wednesday, March 8 ,2023 at 11:56am
Bolinas residents just lost their local post office and have to drive 40 minutes to Olema to get their mail.

Help support them and its return by signing this petition. Then pass on to a friend and have them sign it too.

 Wednesday, March 8 ,2023 at 8:25am
There is a lot of hype around the incoming storm that starts tomorrow. Forecast models and forecasters are kind of all over the place. Not sure how much rain we'll see in West Marin, but it looks like we'll definitely see some. And more importantly, we're going to see a lot of wind. Wind knocks down trees which knocks out powerlines which knocks out power.

It may not be that big a deal, but be prepared in case it does turn into something nasty. Put gas in your car. Get ice in a cooler to save your food if you don't have a generator or battery. Grab some candles and batteries. Watch out for downed tree limbs and wires. Check in on neighbors who might need help.

The bigger story might be that there is a lot more rain after this storm and it will be wet and rivers running high for awhile.

Stay safe everyone.



Weather West:
 Monday, March 6 ,2023 at 6:47am
Early commuters watch out, some hectic conditions due to hail accumulation in West Marin. This is from the Nicasio Reservoir around 6am this morning. Very slippery. (Thx LR)
 Sunday, March 5 ,2023 at 10:36am
A great show of Jan E. Watson’s photographs from Point Reyes at Toby’s right now. Plus an event to go with it at 3pm today. Check it out!
 Saturday, March 4 ,2023 at 4:15pm
Looking for the owner of this dog found at The Palace Market in Point Reyes Station today.
 Friday, March 3 ,2023 at 10:22pm
WMF spotted this driving home in Inverness the other night. DO YOU SEE HIM?
 Friday, March 3 ,2023 at 4:14pm
The letter above is from local KWMR DJ and longtime Bolinas resident Ananda Brady and was delivered to Dennis Rodoni today. Service at the Bolinas post office was suspended today and residents will have to pick their mail up in Olema.

This message is from Bolinas resident Jeff Labovitz on NextDoor: "I have been corresponding with local government authorities about the eviction of the USPS since early December. They always respond "we are looking into it". The failure of government to protect the the entire community of Bolinas from the abuse of one greedy, and disgraceful property owner has no excuse despite all the babbling about "lawsuits" , USPS issues, etc.

It can only be summed up as the total lack of concern on the part of County, State and Federal offices with respect to that "go-it-alone" hippy community called BOLINAS.. How else can one explain the total lack of action against the calculated plot by Welch to extort Bolinas in the face of a groundless federal post office eviction and a lingering massive risky public health and safety hulk called the Waterhouse Building??

"We'll get back to you on that..someday"....
Signed, Rodoni, Huffman, Newsome.."

NextDoor link:

Bolinas Civic Group info:

PRLight story (paywall):
 Friday, March 3 ,2023 at 9:12am
Expect delays this morning on Rt 1 due to road paving. This is at the corner of levee rd by the green bridge in PRS.
 Thursday, March 2 ,2023 at 5:42pm
Major power outage in Inverness, Inverness Park and Point Reyes Station. But no outage on @PGE4Me outage map. Anyone have any info?
 Wednesday, March 1 ,2023 at 7:25pm
Venus and Jupiter kind of freaking WMF out over the Point Reyes sunset,
 Wednesday, March 1 ,2023 at 8:15am
There are wires down at the corner of SFD and Bear Valley Rd in Olema. Expect delays.
 Monday, February 27 ,2023 at 5:40pm
That was a glorious rainbow moving down Tomales Bay this afternoon.
 Friday, February 24 ,2023 at 4:37pm
Once in a lifetime shot of Stinson Beach from the snowy peaks above this morning. (Thx LS)
 Friday, February 24 ,2023 at 12:56pm
 Friday, February 24 ,2023 at 10:27am
Lots of white capped Mt Tam pictures rolling in this morning. (Thx TME)
 Thursday, February 23 ,2023 at 9:00pm
A rare “thundergraupel” in West Marin tonight! (WMF out of town, thx to @wildwestferments and AW)
 Tuesday, February 21 ,2023 at 2:59pm
Tomales Bay is angry today. Trees and wires down all over the place. The raft at Shell Beach is struggling if anyone wants to go try and secure it, (Thx ER)
 Tuesday, February 21 ,2023 at 10:04am
Unstable weather is moving in. Heavy winds today with gusts up to 45mph. Then temperatures drop way down and there is the possibility of snowfall at lower elevations later in the week. According to Joe Soule, the last time there was snow in Point Reyes Station was in 2002. In 2011 there was snow on Mt. Tam.

Joe Soule:

Rob Mayeda:
 Monday, February 20 ,2023 at 11:43am
Sunrise over Point Reyes this morning.
 Thursday, February 16 ,2023 at 10:34am
From a WMF supporter, “This weird root pod is on the beach at Chicken Ranch (in Inverness), you can see how big it is! Anyone have any ideas about what it is?” (Thx MM)
 Wednesday, February 15 ,2023 at 10:30pm
Looks like one of the rafts from either Hearts Desire or Shell Beach in Inverness broke loose and floated into the salt marsh near the Inverness Hotel. (Thx DP)
 Wednesday, February 15 ,2023 at 9:38am
From Marin County Sheriff: "Novato Blvd from Stafford Lake to Pt Reyes - Petaluma Rd is closed until further notice due to a truck accident." (Thx EA)
 Monday, February 13 ,2023 at 6:09pm
Here is what is causing the power outage in Inverness and Inverness Park. The original pole on SFD between PRS and IP was hit by a car on Saturday night. They put a new one in on Sunday. It fell over today in the wind, they closed the road and turned the power off.

The road is open now. People in Inverness been notified by PG&E that the power will be back on at 11pm tonight, so I'm maybe they'll do work on this pole again later?
 Monday, February 13 ,2023 at 2:44pm
The levee road, which is SFD between Point Reyes Station and Inverness Park is closed both ways, use Bear Valley Rd. I’m guessing wires down which is why power is off in Inverness.
 Sunday, February 12 ,2023 at 9:37am
Crazy power pole cut in half on levee rd on SFD between PRS and Inverness Park. Hopefully power stays on for Super Bowl! Anyone know what happened?
 Thursday, February 9 ,2023 at 9:59pm
WMF has never understood the green flash phenomena, but a local resident captured a picture of one tonight in Point Reyes. (Thx BH)
 Wednesday, February 8 ,2023 at 5:56pm
At the Nicasio Reservoir last week: "We saw a big explosion and then heard it a second later on Tuesday Night around 11PM. We couldn’t figure out what it was, until we saw the blown up Porta Potty yesterday. So messed up! So many people rely on those who work in the area, and who visit.." (Thx KJ)
 Wednesday, February 8 ,2023 at 7:52am
“Hi WMF! We found a ring in a little jewelry pouch at Limantour beach today (Monday) and I’m guessing someone is looking for it…I was wondering if you could help spread the word…? Thank you!”
 Monday, February 6 ,2023 at 8:48pm
Full moon coming up over White House Pool in Inverness Park.
 Sunday, February 5 ,2023 at 11:28am
In Point Reyes Station getting a coffee at Toby’s and a full on hail storm just passed through. (sound up)
 Friday, February 3 ,2023 at 2:25pm
Local photographer legend takes a photo of local tree legends Pepe and Nacho Franco doing clean up work on Balboa Ave. in Inverness Park. The actual photo is in a spread in this week's Point Reyes Light.

Other news from the WMF weekly update:

- The recent short term rental meeting got so contentious they almost shut it down.
- The missing kayaker's body was recovered off of Lawson's Landing.
- Parts of West Marin saw up to an inch of rain last night, more rain coming this weekend.

Read the full update then subscribe!

Photo by Caitlin Hunter
 Sunday, January 29 ,2023 at 6:12pm
Magic end of weekend sunset in Point Reyes.
 Friday, January 27 ,2023 at 8:28pm
Can you identify what beach in Point Reyes this is where a body of water broke through to the ocean earlier this month? Click below to see the video.

The WMF Weekend update is out with a lot to catch up with including:
- A Bolinas man who was knocked unconscious by a falling tree
- The Chileno Valley Newt Brigade made the NYTimes
- Bagpipes in Point Reyes Station
- A rare comet can be seen in the sky this weekend
- The Fairfax/Bolinas road is back open

WMF Update:

Beach Link:
 Wednesday, January 25 ,2023 at 5:34pm
Marin County is hosting a Zoom forum at 6pm tonight on the short-term rental moratorium, which is set to continue until mid-2024 or until a new ordinance supersedes it. If you have opinions either way, now is a good time to make your voice heard.

A group against the moratorium have put together a web site stating among other things: “Access to the parks and beaches is paramount. A variety of overnight accommodations is essential to these coastal, recreational experiences since most visitors travel from afar.”

Web site:

Zoom link:
 Monday, January 23 ,2023 at 1:58pm
 Monday, January 23 ,2023 at 1:42pm
A big cypress tree went down this morning across Rt. 1 at 10:30am near Marshall north of Hog Island. I think both lanes have been closed since then. Tree crews apparently on the scene now. If anyone can report back when road is open, that would be helpful, thank you. (Thx JJ)
 Monday, January 23 ,2023 at 8:49am
The super low tides this weekend in Point Reyes allowed access to some really amazing views. (Thx LW)
 Friday, January 20 ,2023 at 3:09pm
Hey, super late notice, but the clothes swap is going today down at The Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station from 3pm to 5pm.

"Clear out your closet and refresh your wardrobe! January 20th from 3 to 5 pm in the Dance Palace Main Hall. We suggest bringing your offerings, clean and in good shape, to the Dance Palace between 12 and 3 on the 20th so the hosts can organize and display the clothes for easy "shopping." You can also just show up with clothes to share, or empty-handed. Donations are not required for participation. This swap is for all gender adult clothing only. Please do NOT bring items outside of scheduled time and please do not leave items on the grounds."

LINK: https://www.westmarincommons.o...
 Thursday, January 19 ,2023 at 7:09pm
John Finger from Hog Island and Shannon Gregory from Tomales Bay Oysters featured in this SFGate article about how the latest storms are impacting the local oyster supply.

 Thursday, January 19 ,2023 at 4:55pm
Crazy high tide on Tomales Bay this morning. Chicken Ranch Beach in Inverness was just gone. The actual king tides are Jan 21-22, so more high water to come.
 Thursday, January 19 ,2023 at 12:53pm
After years of casual planespotting, WMF was on a zoom call and missed POTUS flying over Point Reyes on his way to Moffett Field today. Thanks to SB for the tip.

Flight tracker:

Landing at Moffett Field:
 Monday, January 16 ,2023 at 8:31pm
UPDATE: It looks like they have one-way traffic control in place -- BREAKING: According to CalTrans, RT1 by Ellis Creek near Marshall, north of Point Reyes Station is CLOSED due to the road slipping out. This closure may last a month? Can anyone else confirm?
 Monday, January 16 ,2023 at 5:37pm
Sunsets are back in town. Point Reyes slowly drying out.
 Monday, January 16 ,2023 at 8:53am
“As pupping season, which falls between the months of December and March, gets underway, the inclement weather has encouraged the animals to seek dry shelter beyond the exposed sites along the Point Reyes Headlands to keep their babies safe. Prior to the recent bomb cyclone event, there were about 50 pups in the colony, most of which were less than two weeks old and unable to swim, Sarah Codde, a marine ecologist for Point Reyes National Seashore, told SFGATE earlier this month.”
 Saturday, January 14 ,2023 at 10:39am
When you think you hear a noise at 4am in the living room that sounds like the front door blew open from a big wind gust and a raccoon snuck in and is eating all the cat food. And that’s exactly what it is.
 Saturday, January 14 ,2023 at 9:23am
The source of the power outage seems to be a huge tree down on Rt 1 just north of Point Reyes station on a feeder line. PG&E crews coming to try and reroute power. Rt 1 traffic is a detour around it,
 Friday, January 13 ,2023 at 4:24pm
This picture was taken at a beach in Point Reyes this afternoon by a local. The wave after this washed over the whole beach. The waves are massive today. WMF has had to report on many drownings at the beaches over the years. Please don’t do this. Make good choices. Stay far away from the water. (Thx SC)
 Friday, January 13 ,2023 at 7:25am
Tree down on Vision Rd at SFD. This is probably what knocked power out in parts of Inverness. Crews on scene. Be very careful if in that area and in general today. AR is back. (Thx SP)
 Thursday, January 12 ,2023 at 8:31am
Just heard a report that there is a tree down on Lucas Valley Rd blocking both lanes. No word on reopening time. Plan accordingly.
 Thursday, January 12 ,2023 at 7:19am
Good Thursday morning! A day without rain. Have a good one everyone! Sunrise over Inverness.
 Wednesday, January 11 ,2023 at 5:07pm
Local road update, Weds evening;
- Levee Rd between IP and PRS open and didn’t even seem that close to flooding
- PR/Petaluma Rd also open and seems not close to flooding,
- Platform Bridge Rd open
- Rt 1 between Olema and PRS open but starting to flood both lanes, be really careful (pictured)
 Tuesday, January 10 ,2023 at 1:14pm
- Here is the weather forecast from the National Weather Service for West Marin for today and tomorrow.

- Forecast models are trending wetter for Wednesday.

- Had some reports of hail in Point Reyes Station this morning, some thunder this afternoon.

- All of Marin County's main reservoirs are spilling according to North Main Water

The WMF FB page generally gets updated once or twice a day (depending on what's going on), if you are looking for more updates (like road closures, accidents, etc.), you can go to the WMF Twitter feed OR you can go to the WMF web page where I have all of the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts there so you don't have to be on a social network to stay in touch.

Twitter feed:

Web site:

NWS Forecast:
 Tuesday, January 10 ,2023 at 7:26am
Morning update. WMF has power but internet out so no road update yet. Shoreline schools except for BBS are open. Has anyone been on the roads yet?
 Monday, January 9 ,2023 at 9:16pm
Stunning light on Tomales Bay. Went to grab some firewood in case the power goes out tonight and was transfixed by the stillness. Calm before the storm.
 Monday, January 9 ,2023 at 12:25pm
UPDATE: Levee Rd between Point Reyes Station and Inverness Park is now closed due to flooding.

Rt 1 between Olema and PRS is now open for the time being.

(Thx SP)
 Monday, January 9 ,2023 at 11:25am
You can use the County of Marin emergency portal to get the latest updates on road closures:
 Monday, January 9 ,2023 at 9:27am
- Rt 1 between Point Reyes Station is closed due to flooding.
- Platform Bridge Rd is closed due to flooding
- Water levels very high, high tide around noon
- Lots of landslides and boulders? Be very careful on the roads
 Monday, January 9 ,2023 at 7:14am
Morning updates:
- Power went off in parts of Inverness last night but came back on this morning
- Some trees and wires down in Inverness Park on Balboa Ave, but no word of anything else major in the area.
- All Shoreline School District schools closed today.
- Be safe on the roads this morning.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2023 at 7:34pm
Lost dog in Nicasio if you know who the owner is (or if you’re the owner).
 Sunday, January 8 ,2023 at 4:22pm
From weather forecaster Rob Mayeda “Sun PM update: expecting peak wind / rain Mon AM with a break later in the day. Tuesday will see rain at times plus a chance for strong, possibly severe thunderstorms renewing the threat for damaging wind gusts. Rain should decrease for a time later this week.”

Hopefully this is the last big wind event to get through fie awhile. Stay safe everyone.

 Saturday, January 7 ,2023 at 10:34pm
Just heard that a tree hit a transformer in First Valley in Inverness, power out in a bunch of homes. Our lights flickered. Wind is going next level in Seahaven. Going to be another long night. Stay safe everyone. (Thx EB)
 Saturday, January 7 ,2023 at 5:06pm
The next storm is here and trees are going down again. This one on SFD in Inverness Park. Greg Eastman on the scene taking care of business. Be careful out there. (Thx SP)
 Saturday, January 7 ,2023 at 9:45am
An Oliver family photo from the 1982 storm. Sir Frances Drake Blvd, in Inverness, Jan. 5, 1982. We lost power this time, but no landslides like that. Yet. (Thx JO)
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 9:55pm
The New York Times included a link to The West Marin Feed in its story about these storms. The “ensnared cars” link. (Thx SM)
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 7:53pm
Power on in the town of Inverness, (hasn’t quite reached WMF yet though). Lots of excited locals. Friday night is back! Point Reyes Station, Olema, Inverness Park, Marshall and Olema all reporting power back on.

Lot of people working hard to make it happen out there.
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 3:53pm
Good news, the Point Reyes Gas Station is back up and running!
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 9:18am
Tree crews arrived and are working on Vision Rd in Inverness. Progress!