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 Thursday, September 28 ,2023 at 10:46am
Prepare yourself for a looming government shut down which will have an impact on the national parks (Point Reyes National Seashore), park workers and visitors.

"The lack of information has frustrated some business owners and workers as the government’s funding deadline of Sept. 30 ticks closer. Parks that were shuttered under President Barack Obama during a 2013 shutdown were largely left open but unstaffed by President Donald J. Trump during a shutdown five years later.

Now, businesses and mayors say they have little idea what to expect."

 Wednesday, September 27 ,2023 at 9:59pm
WMF drove out to see a mellow sunset over Point Reyes and on the way back a beautiful almost full moon came up over Tomales Bay
 Monday, September 25 ,2023 at 5:31pm
Looks like a serious structure fire in Lagunitas.
 Monday, September 25 ,2023 at 4:58pm
“The Inverness Foundation volunteers are removing highly invasive acacia from their property between the tennis court and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Inverness. Acacia are a terrible fire hazard, and many people are allergic to them. The branches will be chipped. Free firewood is available in the tennis court parking lot and at the intersection of Vision Road and Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Bring your chainsaw: some of it is pretty big. Once the acacias are removed, native trees appropriate to the area will be planted.”
 Sunday, September 24 ,2023 at 10:56pm
Lots of sirens heading up Rt 1 but nothing on pulse point, anyone know what’s going on?
 Sunday, September 24 ,2023 at 8:56pm
End of the weekend sunset in Point Reyes. Rumor on the street is we might see some rain tomorrow. If so, drive safe everyone.
 Saturday, September 23 ,2023 at 12:55pm
Tree down on Vision Rd in Inverness. Road closed.
 Friday, September 22 ,2023 at 2:58pm
An injured hiker was airlifted from Wildcat Beach to Five Brooks for transport to hospital this afternoon.
 Wednesday, September 20 ,2023 at 7:59pm
Smoky sunset in Point Reyes tonight.
 Tuesday, September 19 ,2023 at 1:35pm
The Inverness Fire Dept. said the smoke we’re smelling and seeing today is from Oregon coming in off the ocean. (Thx NB)
 Monday, September 18 ,2023 at 7:42pm
Not sure what happened here but I suspect there will be some traffic issues on SFD by White Hill in Fairfax due to this. (Thx CB/MB)
 Monday, September 18 ,2023 at 6:56pm
"As most you know the beautiful being that is Kevin P. Clarke left this plane of existence. This fundraiser was originally thought of by their niece as a way to help support Zelda's education. Please share far and wide and celebrate their life by helping to care for the future of Zelda, the absolute most important person to Kevin." Our hearts go out to Kevin's family, friends and community.

 Sunday, September 17 ,2023 at 6:58pm
Found on a beach in Point Reyes this week, anyone know what it is? Person who found it doesn’t know. (Thx PF)
 Sunday, September 17 ,2023 at 2:37pm
“I overheard a guy at the palace yesterday bragging about how he moved out of WMarin and now gets same day delivery from Amazon.”
 Friday, September 15 ,2023 at 9:37pm
Hi, if you get the WMF email newsletter, I made a big mistake today and said the Shoreline Harvest Festival at the West Marin School is this Saturday. It is not. It is actually October 14. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused (or will cause).
 Friday, September 15 ,2023 at 4:39pm
Parent, staff and community member volunteers have been working diligently since last February to bring together a beautiful event to celebrate all that our local land and waters have to offer -- from its natural resources to its people. This is meant to be a celebration and a coming together of our community. Good times! Fun interactive learning! Celebration! Whether or not you have children in our schools -- and whether or not you have children, come!

Saturday, 10am to 4pm at the West Marin School in Point Reyes Station.

Among other things, community members will be showing up to teach and share about:

butter churning (organized by Loretta Farley and our local libraries)
corn husk doll making (Kerry Livingston and Colleen Conley)
botanical drawing (Molly Brown and local artists)
cider pressing (hosted by West Marin Climate Action and others! Apples wanted!!)
tortilla making (by Aracely Rodriguez)
barley tea making (by Table Top Farms)
sun print making (by WM-INV PTSA)
seed balls (Inverness Garden Club)
weaving (with Travis Meinolf)
a touch table of pelts and skulls of omnivores and carnivores found in our local Seashore (hosted by the Point Reyes National Seashore)
tule cord-making and other place-based activities (by Theresa Harlan and the Alliance for Felix Cove)
local non-profits such as Point Blue Conservation Science (birds! watersheds!) and Taira Restar's Emerald Heart and In Place presenting skills, information and place-centered nature education
face painting!

and a hay bale maze (by Tomales High School AG department and students)

PLUS vendors selling lunch
Kinoko Japanese!
Elote prepared by the high school soccer team!
Tacos by Gilo Rodrigues and co!
Cute Coffee!
Plus more in the works!
PLUS farmers and local makers
AND live music (The Coastal Scrubbers, Seamus Tomkins and much more!)
 Thursday, September 14 ,2023 at 2:09pm
“A PG&E truck has overturned at 45 Drakes View Drive completely blocking the road. Residents are asked to take the Limantour Fire Road.”
 Thursday, September 14 ,2023 at 8:06am
Reminder, the Inverness Park Market is closed today as they prep for their big community party this afternoon. Music, food and more from 4pm to 8pm. See you there!
 Sunday, September 10 ,2023 at 12:19pm
Has Richard Vacha seen the eye of the cougar?
 Sunday, September 10 ,2023 at 11:05am
Some folks came out of Smileys in Bolinas last night and discovered their car was missing. They saw some social media posts about a car driving erratically in Stinson and ended up finding their car deep in the sand on Stinson Beach. Bermuda Stinson Triangle. What’s going on down there? (Thx ECV)
 Sunday, September 10 ,2023 at 9:16am
Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, spotted in Point Reyes Station the other day in his MacLaren F1.
 Saturday, September 9 ,2023 at 8:51am
Tough loss night for Tomales at their homecoming game, but a good time was had by all.
 Friday, September 8 ,2023 at 10:31pm
Anyone have details about this incident at the Nicasio Reservoir yesterday? From a WMF reporter “I don’t know why there was such a large law enforcement presence. There was a man swimming on the far side of the nicasio reservoir and they had the helicopter lift him out and immediately arrested him. He was just in shorts and didn’t look to be in distress. I couldn’t find out anything about it after. I don’t understand why they didn’t use the rescue boat that was on scene. A mystery!”
 Thursday, September 7 ,2023 at 7:51am
This photo by Sam Mondros of Bob Weir helping to dig out the stranded boat in Stinson Beach is outstanding. And he wrote an article about Bob and the boat without a reference to "Lost Sailor".

"Dressed in clam diggers and wearing a black amulet, Mr. Weir stood pondering in the rough surf. The musician had developed a soft spot for the vessel and its hard-driving captain, saying he couldn’t bear seeing the Chandalar destroyed. It would be too heartbreaking."

 Wednesday, September 6 ,2023 at 10:20pm
A new parking trend broke out this weekend. Spotted in Nicasio and Inverness.
 Wednesday, September 6 ,2023 at 9:37pm
 Wednesday, September 6 ,2023 at 1:53pm
A fascinating new book about the political history of Point Reyes National Seashore written by Gerald Warburg.

"Kennedy, according to Warburg, had wanted the designation for Cape Cod, but for political and regional balance added Point Reyes."

"“I didn’t realize the depth of the White House support for Point Reyes,” Warburg said. “I grew up thinking John Ehrlichman was a villain from Watergate days. I didn’t realize he was actually one of the heroes of Point Reyes."

"Despite the diverse cast of characters, Warburg believes the thriving park would not exist today were it not for Katherine Miller Johnson (widow of Clem Miller), a woman so erased from the story that there is nothing about her in the signage at Point Reyes."

 Monday, September 4 ,2023 at 5:28pm
Looks like the boat trying to tow the grounded boat in Stinson Beach just went aground. Hopefully this all works out.
 Saturday, September 2 ,2023 at 9:24pm
The magic hour was magic on Tomales Bay by Marshall tonight.
 Friday, September 1 ,2023 at 5:09pm
Hi, for those that receive the weekly WMF email updates, there was a mistake in the top part. Jesse DeNatale's show (which is sold out) at Toby's is on SUNDAY not Saturday.

Other things from the email update:

- The local production of "The Comedy of Errors" plays on Sat, Sun and Mon in Inverness.
- The Tomales Festival is on Saturday
- A big Labor Day BBQ in Bolinas on Monday
- The Inverness Tennis Club has a tennis tournament on Saturday and a pickleball tournament on Monday if you want to go watch.

Find out details for this and more news and events:
 Friday, September 1 ,2023 at 10:50am
From the folks at @hogislandoyster “We found this sailboat floating north of Marshall yesterday. Can you let people know we've got it, and to contact us if they want it back?
 Thursday, August 31 ,2023 at 6:49pm
Truck tipped over on Rt 1 near nicks cove, expect traffic delays. Plan accordingly. (Thx AC)
 Wednesday, August 30 ,2023 at 9:17pm
Full super moon over Tomales Bay tonight. Anyone else get a photo?
 Wednesday, August 30 ,2023 at 4:21pm
Air quality in West Marin has plummeted as a wind switch has brought in smoke from fires to the north in California and Oregon,
 Wednesday, August 30 ,2023 at 1:27pm
Going to be a good one tonight in West Marin! "The full moon that rises (7:56pm PST) on Wednesday, Aug. 30, will be a special one too, the unification of a supermoon and a Blue Moon, a "Super Blue Moon.""

WMF will post a picture later tonight, take a picture where you see it and post in those comments!

 Tuesday, August 29 ,2023 at 9:59pm
A reminder to folks living in Seahaven in Inverness, the power will be out tomorrow (Wed) from 9am to 4pm and Via de la Vista will be closed.
 Monday, August 28 ,2023 at 3:40pm
The wind is here in Inverness. Going to be a long week of wind. Wondering when the first tree and/or power line will go down.
 Monday, August 28 ,2023 at 3:08pm
Head's up, going to be a very windy weekend. Strong NW winds peaking on Tuesday and Thursday. And we're on fire season, so always be prepared.

- On Wednesday at 7pm Ernesto Sanchez (former Bolinas resident, maker of art, performer of mask dances) Is hosting a "Procession of Light" to mark this moment of coming through the worst of COVID with, In his words "ceremony that taps into the mysteries of life". Many West Marin community members are collaborating, anyone is invited to co-create with them.

- Local legend James Tolbert will be cooking up some BBQ ribs from 11:30am to 6pm TODAY (Monday) at the Culture Club in Point Reyes Station (the old Creamery building). Support local folks and get some yummy food!

Get more news, events and photos here:

Then subscribe so you don't have to be on Facebook!
 Monday, August 28 ,2023 at 9:34am
“Have you seen these lost dogs?

Additional information: West Marin to San Anselmo folks, please keep your eye out for our friend’s doggies Silver and Finny who have been missing from their Woodacre home since Friday night. Last time they got out they travelled from Woodacre to Fairfax.

Call 415-488-0630”
 Saturday, August 26 ,2023 at 7:35pm
Amazing footage of a shark jumping out of the water off the coast of West Marin by @iamcrafty
 Saturday, August 26 ,2023 at 11:53am
Coffee and lots of stuff being sold at Dixon Marine in Inverness today, go check it out.
 Friday, August 25 ,2023 at 5:23pm
Lots of events happening this weekend in West Marin:

- The Point Reyes National Seashore’s 2023 Sand Sculpture contest takes place from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday at Drakes Beach.

- Valley Visions 2023 takes place from 3 to 10 p.m. on Saturday at Boylan’s Barn in Lagunitas, featuring numerous local bands and a country barbecue.Proceeds benefit the Lagunitas Community School.

- Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” shows at 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at St. Columba’s amphitheater, in Inverness.

- The Latinx Photography Project documentary screening and celebration takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday at the Dance Palace, co-presented by Gallery Route One.

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 Friday, August 25 ,2023 at 12:17pm
Judy was an amazing teacher at the West Marin School and loved the kids so much. She would always be at our little league games on her own time to support them...

"Dear West Marin-Inverness Families,

It is with a heavy heart that I send our community this message.

On the afternoon of her 72nd birthday, just a month into her well-earned retirement, our beloved teacher, Judy Van Evera suffered a major hemorrhagic stroke.

Unfortunately, Judy’s health is deteriorating and her medical team and loved ones agree that it is time to stop treatment. Judy’s family is certain this is what she would want.

Judy’s daughter, Larkin, has created a Caring Bridge page to share updates. She also created a GoFundMe page to support Judy and her family. Both are linked below:

It breaks our hearts to have to share this information with you.
Beth and WM-INV Staff"
 Tuesday, August 22 ,2023 at 4:18pm
This video from Inverness last week one ups the WMF version. I wondered if this was possible. Feels like the raccoon just decided “f it, I’m doing this”. Would love to see a remix with music. And lock those doors! Thx ER
 Monday, August 21 ,2023 at 5:25pm
"Our hearts go out to the people in Maui after a wildfire ripped through Lahaina on August 8. The speed and scale of the fire demonstrate the destructive force of wildfires today and serve as a warning to fire-prone areas such as Marin. It could happen here, and we need to be ready!

Join Fire Safe Marin tonight for a Special Edition of Wildfire Watch to hear from local experts about what happened in Maui and what we are doing here to lower our risks and keep people safe.

Streaming Live from MarinTV Studio
August 21, 2023
6:00-7:00 pm
Join over Zoom

Rich Shortall, Executive Officer of Fire Safe Marin

Jason Weber, Marin County Fire Chief
Mark Brown, Executive Officer of the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority
Todd Lando, Central Marin Fire Battalion Chief"
 Monday, August 21 ,2023 at 9:24am
Someone took down all the real estate signs on SFD in Inverness last night. Perhaps a commentary on local housing issues. Or just vandalism.
 Saturday, August 19 ,2023 at 9:00pm
Anyone else notice there’s an all day all night rager going on in Inverness tonight? Karaoke went to 11.
 Saturday, August 19 ,2023 at 8:00pm
Calm before the storm? Chicken Ranch Beach very still tonight.
 Friday, August 18 ,2023 at 9:35pm
UPDATE: From @CHPMarin regarding the truck they were looking for in connection with the accident yesterday in front of Tony’s in Marshall.
 Friday, August 18 ,2023 at 12:52pm
From CHP Marin:
 Thursday, August 17 ,2023 at 6:19pm
A patron of Tony’s Seafood Restaurant in Marshall was hit on the side of the road today by a chain off the back of the truck and was airlifted to the hospital. (Thx GG)
 Thursday, August 17 ,2023 at 7:56am
When you’re not invited to the party but you come anyway. WMF house jam in Inverness last night.
 Wednesday, August 16 ,2023 at 9:56pm
Anyone know what kind of snake this is? Spotted by EW on Shell Beach in Inverness today.
 Monday, August 14 ,2023 at 1:24pm
An amazing event this weekend. Great work Alex Porrata and the whole community who came together to make it happen.
 Sunday, August 13 ,2023 at 8:17pm
Really nice shot of a meteor from the Perseid meteor shower in Inverness last night by Sabrina Pelayo
 Friday, August 11 ,2023 at 7:59pm
Was in the parking lot waiting for someone and saw this. Have a great weekend everyone.
 Friday, August 11 ,2023 at 4:17pm
Big weekend.

The Inverness Fair starts on Saturday morning at 8am with pancakes. Then live music, bring your dog for the parade (with a leash), children's corner, activities and amazing food. Right by the Inverness FIre Station, see you there!

Claire Ptak celebrates the conclusion of her book tour for “Love is a Pink Cake” from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Blunk Space and Monk Estate (11101 Highway 1, Suite 105), in Point Reyes Station. Cake will be served at 5 p.m. $20 tickets can be purchased at the event or from eventbrite.

El Radio Fantastique plays an outdoor dinner show at 6 p.m. on Saturday at Rancho Nicasio

A sea shanty sing-along takes place from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Saturday outdoors at the Kenneth C. Patrick Visitor Center, at Drakes Beach. RSVP to Ranger Fiona O’Kelly at fiona_o’ or (415) 464.5147; drop-ins also welcome. Bring warm layers and a camp chair. Note: Due to the nature of sea shanties, there may be lyrics that are inappropriate for children.

And lots more, see all the events here and sign up for weekly updates:
 Thursday, August 10 ,2023 at 1:38pm
Large military looking helicopter just circled over Inverness. Not on any flight trackers. Anyone know what’s going on?
 Thursday, August 10 ,2023 at 9:00am
2023 Inverness Fair Dog Parade
It's that time of year - the Inverness Fair is back and THIS year, we're raising the woof! If you'd like to waltz with your furry friend - or show off their best tricks - come join the fun! Friendly reminder: dogs need to be on a leash. Well behaved, socialized dogs are the star of the show! Thank you.
 Thursday, August 10 ,2023 at 9:00am
2023 Inverness Fair Dog Parade
It's that time of year - the Inverness Fair is back and THIS year, we're raising the woof! If you'd like to waltz with your furry friend - or show off their best tricks - come join the fun! Friendly reminder: dogs need to be on a leash. Well behaved, socialized dogs are the star of the show! Thank you.
 Wednesday, August 9 ,2023 at 2:57pm
From Amber at Mostly Natives, "Our puppy Choco is missing. Last seen at the #inkwells in #Lagunitas three days ago. He’s 12-13 weeks Any sightings or info please call 415-720•4503. Reward offered. #bringchocohome"
 Tuesday, August 8 ,2023 at 9:32pm
Before you look in the comments, can you guess what this is? Spotted at North Beach in Point Reyes this afternoon
 Sunday, August 6 ,2023 at 11:31pm
A gorgeous night in Point Reyes tonight. And the stars are incredible.
 Friday, August 4 ,2023 at 8:09pm
From a local resident who lives near Five Brooks Ranch in Point Reyes: "Last night after midnight, our dog went outside to pee and immediately encountered what we thought was a bobcat. She came back in with two lacerations on her face so we took her to the emergency pet clinic. After picking her up from getting stitches today, the doctor said it was most likely a mountain lion due to the depth and width of the lacerations.

We are beyond grateful that she was so lucky as it missed both of her eyeballs, and she is alive. Home safe and sound now.

We wanted to share as this was so close to our house - reminding people out here to be safe when they and their pets go out at night time."
 Friday, August 4 ,2023 at 8:09pm
Prepare accordingly: The annual Marin Century ride will be occurring this coming Saturday August 5th and there may be some associated traffic congestion around Highway 1 from Tomales to Muir Beach.
More info:
 Tuesday, August 1 ,2023 at 10:08pm
 Tuesday, August 1 ,2023 at 12:28pm
Another missing dog! Please help find Colby.
 Tuesday, August 1 ,2023 at 7:56am
Big tree down on Hawthorne in Inverness.
 Monday, July 31 ,2023 at 9:07am
UPDATE: Apparently it is "World Ranger Day" and there will be a ceremony out at Drakes Beach in Point Reyes this morning -- Just had some reports of a whole bunch of rangers, CHP and sheriffs on SFD heading towards Inverness. Anyone else see them?
 Friday, July 28 ,2023 at 4:45pm
"Warm greetings to you.

Please help me find my bracelet! It is gold with inlaid turquoise and sugilite. Last night, 7/27, it slipped off of my wrist somewhere between the parking lot behind Cafe Reyes and the fence in front of the white barn's field.

This bracelet is a very special gift from my husband of 50 years!

We are maintaining hope and offering a reward."

 Thursday, July 27 ,2023 at 9:48am
Driving to Inverness Park Market to get a coffee at 9:30 and Tomales Bay is sheet glass. Going to be a hot one this morning.
 Wednesday, July 26 ,2023 at 4:09pm
Sounds like a bad car accident just south of Olema on Rt. 1. Both lanes temporarily closed while they sort things out. Hope everyone is ok.
 Monday, July 24 ,2023 at 10:32pm
They found Walter!!!!!
 Monday, July 24 ,2023 at 4:59pm
Please help support Planned Feralhood.
 Sunday, July 23 ,2023 at 6:24pm
Car went off road north of Point Reyes, long line rescue in progress.

There was also a bad bicycle accident on Limantour Rd earlier.
 Saturday, July 22 ,2023 at 9:11pm
The West Marin Sunset Club was back in business tonight. A beauty over Point Reyes.
 Friday, July 21 ,2023 at 3:19pm
"TRAFFIC ALERT I-580 E/B RICHMOND SAN RAFAEL BRIDGE MIDSPAN All lanes are blocked due to a subject experiencing a mental health crisis. Negotiators are on scene attempting to resolve the situation. Please avoid the area and use a different route. Unk ETO. Check back for updates."
 Thursday, July 20 ,2023 at 8:33am
“My dog went missing about 6pm at millerton (just north of Point Reyes Station). He’s a 5 year old dachshund and he’s wearing a pink harness and purple collar. He’s Scottish so best to try not to grab him but call me 415-827-1664”