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The West Marin Feed gained traction as a Facebook page and many of the local followers still find it there. Times have changed and Twitter has taken over as a better news medium, but WMF still posts on Facebook at least two or three times a week.

The best part about Facebook (if there is one) is that there is a lot of really good information that people are able to add to stories in the comments. Unfortunately, you have to go to the Facebook post itself to see these comments, they cannot be imported onto this feed.
 Monday, April 8 ,2024 at 2:57pm
WMF out of town but lots of eclipse pictures from West Marin today. This one from Jenna Rempel.
 Monday, April 8 ,2024 at 9:59am
Eclipse today. WMF out of town, hope you see it!
 Friday, April 5 ,2024 at 11:51am
“Caltrans is removing a large, uprooted Eucalyptus tree on State Route 1 in @maringov between Tomales and Marshall. The highway is scheduled to be closed in both directions until about 5 p.m. today (Friday) due to the need of a large crane.”
 Thursday, April 4 ,2024 at 10:33pm
It felt like a rainbow day, and indeed it was. @graygirlinboots captured this one over a quaint hamlet named Point Reyes Station.
 Thursday, April 4 ,2024 at 2:37pm
A crazy weather day. Snow on Mt Tam and hail in Inverness. (Thx Cameo)
 Wednesday, April 3 ,2024 at 6:51pm
“One of the world’s largest land conservation groups has stepped into the battle between environmentalists and local ranchers over the future of private cattle and dairy ranching in Point Reyes National Seashore, The Press Democrat has learned.

“We just found out a few weeks ago that The Nature Conservancy is working with the park to remove all the ranches and dairies out of Point Reyes, to buy out their leases,” Straus said. (Albert Straus, CEO of Straus Family Creamery)

 Wednesday, April 3 ,2024 at 11:21am
A reminder from the PRSVA:

"We are appealing the current plan for the gas station remodel to the planning commission.
Please join us and show your support!

April 4, 2024, 1 PM
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 328
San Rafael, CA 94903
Bring a friend and carpool! The carpool meets at Dance Palace in PRS at 11:45 am and leaves at noon!

If you cannot come, please email comments ASAP to:"

 Monday, April 1 ,2024 at 1:05am
Late on Friday the California Coastal Commission approved a land/water user permit for the Duck Boat Collective to start running their popular amphibious duck tour boats on Tomales Bay and around West Marin. They will stop at a number of local beaches including Shell Beach, Chicken Ranch Beach and Marshall Beach. They'll also take visitors on a narrated land tour through the towns of Point Reyes Station, Olema and Inverness. According to Dennis Rodini, this new attraction will boost local business revenue in West Marin. It will also cement our reputation as a 'tourist destination' which will increase short term rental revenue and outside investment. If you have thoughts about this project, there will be hearing today, April 1, behind the portapotties in Point Reyes Station.
 Sunday, March 31 ,2024 at 11:08pm
A cloud bunny rising up over Black Mountain in West Marin. Photo by Rayne Kitz.
 Saturday, March 30 ,2024 at 6:32pm
Felt like rainbow conditions all day and then when finally popped up just now in Inverness.
 Saturday, March 30 ,2024 at 12:10am
Some intense skies between rain in Point Reyes this evening by the lighthouse.
 Friday, March 29 ,2024 at 3:05pm
If you received the WMF Weekend Email Newsletter today, there was a mistake. The benefit for the Bolinas Community Center is in Bolinas (at the Bolinas Community Center, duh), NOT Fairfax tonight. Featuring Vinyl and The West Marin Grateful Dead Society. Going to be a great show!

On Saturday there is a benefit for a longtime local, Heather Thornton, who is battling cancer. This is at the Papermill Creek in Forest Knolls at 8:30pm featuring El Radio Fantastique and other bands. Her GoFundMe page is here:

Lots of other great events going on this weekend, catch up with them all with the WMF newsletter, then subscribe!
 Friday, March 29 ,2024 at 9:47am
Video of the incident yesterday at Chimney Rock in Point Reyes.
 Friday, March 29 ,2024 at 9:02am
A fishing boat washed up on the rocks in Point Reyes near Chimney Rock yesterday which ended, sadly, in a recovery operation. Video and details on this Instagram reel from the Sonoma Sheriff. Our hearts go out to the family and friends.
 Friday, March 29 ,2024 at 7:31am
Get ready for some rain and heavy wind today in West Marin. Just started in Inverness.
 Wednesday, March 27 ,2024 at 9:06pm
Someone in Bolinas said they also experienced this jet flying over very low and super loud yesterday around 1:30pm. Did anyone see it? Wonder what was up, not the normal T38 training flight. Didn't show up on flight tracking apps.
 Monday, March 25 ,2024 at 10:58pm
This is what the gas station in Point Reyes Station will look like if the current proposal is approved. If you have thoughts and want your voice heard, there is a meeting on April 4 at 1pm at the Marin Civic Center. Go to https://www.pointreyesstation.... to learn more.
 Monday, March 25 ,2024 at 7:51am
A chilly Monday sunrise over Tomales Bay in Inverness. Have a good week.
 Sunday, March 24 ,2024 at 4:03pm
Lots of sand moving around in Point Reyes this afternoon with the heavy NW winds.
 Saturday, March 23 ,2024 at 3:36pm
Good looking double rainbow in West Marin this morning. (Thx sshelley)
 Wednesday, March 20 ,2024 at 8:05pm
That’s a bold move black Tesla. Who’s going to tell them. Downtown Point Reyes Station this afternoon.. (Thx DW)
 Wednesday, March 20 ,2024 at 6:04pm
“On Monday the 18th of March the teller at the Post Office in Point Reyes gave away a package addressed to me, Gail Coppinger PO Box 536 to someone else . I would like it back please , it contained an antique fruit jar that i paid a good amount of money for . It looks like this . It has N. C. L. on the back of the jar , and Mason's Patent , Nov 30th 1858 on the front . I'd really like to get this jar back , just drop off at the post office and tell them you got the package in error . Thanks !”
 Wednesday, March 20 ,2024 at 6:37am
Power out on West Marin this morning. PG&E estimates 1:30pm restoration. No word on cause.
 Tuesday, March 19 ,2024 at 9:05pm
Some good looking colors for a Spring Equinox sunset in Point Reyes tonight.
 Tuesday, March 19 ,2024 at 11:54am
“The Point Reyes National Seashore's garbage truck is undergoing maintenance and park staff are unable to collect refuse from the park's garbage cans and dumpsters until further notice. Please help protect wildlife and keep your park beautiful by packing home all trash.”
 Tuesday, March 19 ,2024 at 11:54am
The Spring Equinox begins tonight at 8:06 PM! Tomales Bay last night,
 Monday, March 18 ,2024 at 9:19pm
A photographer named Marie took this incredible photo of the Jellyfish Nebula from her driveway the other night in West Marin.
 Sunday, March 17 ,2024 at 6:17pm
“There’s a delicious Irish buffet $10 at the Western in Point Reyes Station right now. People should come by and pick up bottomless, corn, beef, cabbage,and colcanon.”
 Friday, March 15 ,2024 at 8:37pm
As good a day as it gets in West Marin. Happy Friday sunset from Stinson Beach. Have a great weekend everyone!
 Friday, March 15 ,2024 at 7:50pm
The Little Wing Farm farmstand on the PR/Petaluma Rd outside of Point Reyes Station is back open! Support local farmers!
 Friday, March 15 ,2024 at 9:40am
This week in WMF:

Four great profiles of local woman: Shannon Gray, Vicki Leeds, Amelia Telc and Dakota Whitney plus so many questions...
Polarizing pickleball predicament?
Blown up bathrooms?
Amazing weather, huge crowds?
Wind sailors take the beaches?

Find the answers to these questions and lots of interesting local events happening this weekend here:

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 Wednesday, March 13 ,2024 at 11:44am
Bikes all over West Marin today. Anyone know what's going on? This is Inverness. Stay safe everyone.
 Wednesday, March 13 ,2024 at 7:53am
Not a computer graphic. Amazing sunrises back in action over a Tomales Bay this morning. Have a great day!
 Tuesday, March 12 ,2024 at 4:03pm
In 1983, Lucasfilm (later Pixar) made the first high-resolution computer-generated image that was supposed to be near-photorealistic and "a single-frame movie".

"The Road to Point Reyes" took a month to render.

 Monday, March 11 ,2024 at 8:26am
"The Point Reyes, whose name was prominently displayed on the ship for many years, had a fairly modest history, according to various accounts. Roadside America, a travel site featuring oddball attractions, says the ship was built in 1944 and used to transport military troops between their ships and San Francisco near the end of World War II.

It later became a fishing boat owned by Merrell Rocca used to catch salmon before being bought for rehabilitation, likely sometime in the late 1990s, and moved to Tomales Bay, where it eventually washed up on a sandbar in Inverness, which became its final resting place.

Who owns the boat and why it never got fixed up has been lost to sands of time — like the vessel itself. But the beached old boat soon became a tourist attraction, drawing photographers who captured it in various stages of its decay.

A 2016 fire, rumored to have been started by someone trying to photograph the boat with sparks in the background, caused significant damage."

- SFGate

Photo of Merrell Rocca provided by Freedom Rocca.

The rest of the photos from Flickr and WMF.

Mad World cover by Tears for Fears.
 Sunday, March 10 ,2024 at 8:42am
Happy Sunday.
 Saturday, March 9 ,2024 at 12:37pm
Driving out to the beach in Point Reyes this morning when Mr. Badger popped up his head to say “hello”.
 Saturday, March 9 ,2024 at 11:26am
“Jeffrey John Wessner (August 13, 1945-February 18, 2024) was an inventor, an art-ist, an armchair philosopher, a shit-stirrer, a soft-hearted poet and a funny motherfucker. Jenny and Billy welcome friends to Dad's Red Door Art Garden on Saturday, March 9, from 12 to 3 P.M. Potluck, BYOB and come with a story.”
 Friday, March 8 ,2024 at 8:37pm
A beautiful Friday night sunset in Point Reyes. Saw a pack of coyotes on the move and a large juvenile hawk by our car. Have a great weekend everyone.
 Friday, March 8 ,2024 at 10:49am
"Margaret Grade, a pioneer of farm-to-table cuisine who brought magic to Manka’s Inverness Lodge and put her artist’s stamp on everything she touched, died on Feb. 28, seven weeks after she was injured in a car crash. She was 72 years old." Our hearts go out to her children, her family and friends. We will miss your magic Margaret.

The full story is in the Point Reyes Light.
 Friday, March 8 ,2024 at 10:49am
The WMF Weekend Newsletter is out.

- Will there be lots of sunshine coming up?
- Is there a disco party at The Western in Point Reyes Station on Saturday night that has a prom theme?
- Did Dennis Rodoni get re-elected in a landslide?
- Has the elusive ginger badger been spotted in Point Reyes again?
- Did they figure out what the cause of the Nick's Cover fire was?

All your questions answered and more:
 Monday, March 4 ,2024 at 10:44am
What a difference a day makes. Full lagoon + high tide + big swell and boom, Abbotts Lagoon in Point Reyes broke through to the Pacific on Sunday creating a huge, raging channel of water. It had calmed down by this morning. Nature is amazing.
 Sunday, March 3 ,2024 at 5:47pm
Incredible double rainbow over Inverness this afternoon. Anyone else get a picture?
 Saturday, March 2 ,2024 at 4:22pm
“Nestled within the Point Reyes National Seashore, north of San Francisco, KPH Maritime Radio is the last operational Morse-code radio station in North America.”

 Saturday, March 2 ,2024 at 9:27am
Well, it wasn’t quite snow, but we did get some hail in Inverness (thx Emmanuel GPS). And what about that crazy lightning/thunder combo last night?
 Friday, March 1 ,2024 at 2:21pm
WMF newsletter is out. Some highlights:
- Plenty of wind and rain on Fri/Sat maybe thunderstorms
- Cute weasel photo
- Did you know the largest campground in California is on Tomales Bay?
- Vote in the presidential primary
- Go to an art opening at Tobys in Point Reyes Station
- Learn how to make fermented beverages
- Watch some Shakespeare

And so much more. Click the link below to read it and if you like what you see, subscribe!
 Friday, March 1 ,2024 at 1:39pm
"We found this doggy in Inverness, up from the school. We called the numbers on the tag but one goes nowhere and the other is voicemail. His name is Bartholomew. Numbers are not local."

Anyone know who owns Bartholomew?
 Sunday, February 25 ,2024 at 2:50pm
With all of this rain, the shoulders are very soft to straight up swampy in West Marin. Lots of vehicles finding out the hard way, be safe out there.
 Sunday, February 25 ,2024 at 2:50pm
Water getting close to the bridge at Abbots Lagoon in Point Reyes. Pretty cool to see. Thanks to @danieldietrichphoto for the tip.
 Sunday, February 25 ,2024 at 11:56am
Anyone know what happened to these porta potties by the Nicasio Reservoir? This is behind a gate, so probably not a car. Bear? Mini tornado? Vandalism? (Thx BM)
 Saturday, February 24 ,2024 at 7:24pm
The smallest full moon of 2024, the Snow Full Moon, rising up over Tomales Bay tonight.
 Saturday, February 24 ,2024 at 2:35pm
A gorgeous day in Point Reyes and these two dudes couldn’t agree on which beach to go to.
 Thursday, February 22 ,2024 at 9:52am
Lots of post storm rainbows in West Marin. This “low” rainbow in Point Reyes by Sarah Killingsworth is pretty amazing.
 Monday, February 19 ,2024 at 8:04pm
There was a waterspout warning today off of Point Reyes. In 2014 WMF spotted this waterspout off of Chimney Rock in Point Reyes.
 Sunday, February 18 ,2024 at 8:58pm
Text msg from MarinOEM:
“Flooding closes Shoreline Hwy S of Tomales Petaluma Rd & N of Snake Rd.
Shoreline Hwy cerrado, sur de Tomales Rd y norte de Snake Rd.”
 Sunday, February 18 ,2024 at 7:57pm
This kiteboard was found on the beach in Marshall recently. If it’s yours or you know whose it is, let WMF know.
 Saturday, February 17 ,2024 at 6:12pm
Some localized flooding around Point Reyes Station and Inverness Park.

(Thx @alexporrata)
 Saturday, February 17 ,2024 at 3:13pm
Storm one is here. 50mph gusts at the Point Reyes Lighthouse and solid rain. Be safe out there.
 Friday, February 16 ,2024 at 1:24pm
Four years ago they went on a sunset hike in Inverness and ended up lost for eight days.
 Friday, February 16 ,2024 at 7:22am
This morning on Tomales Bay falls squarely into the “red on morning sailors take warning” category. Two storms (ARs) heading our way. They’ll have sone wind but hopefully not as much as that last storm. Be prepared, drive safe, help each other out.
Photo by Tim Tanner
 Wednesday, February 14 ,2024 at 9:17pm
No doubt who’s the alpha male at Drakes Beach in Point Reyes. Photo by Scot Anderson.
 Monday, February 12 ,2024 at 10:27pm
Anyone know the story behind this truck in Inverness Park this weekend? Looked like it was mauled by a bear.
 Monday, February 12 ,2024 at 9:38pm
The WMF Newsletter is out!
- West Marin gets money for some great projects
- AT&T wants to stop providing landlines
- Chicken Ranch Beach gets restoration funding
- Women ends cross country hike in Point Reyes
- The sordid sex lives of elephant seals

 Monday, February 12 ,2024 at 5:20pm
Nice shot of Point Reyes from the air this afternoon. (Thx CDS)
 Sunday, February 11 ,2024 at 1:59pm
Absolutely gorgeous day here in West Marin. Big game going down soon. Please don’t drink and drive.
 Saturday, February 10 ,2024 at 8:08pm
Inverted creek tidal bore with some cosmic refractions in Point Reyes this morning.
 Saturday, February 10 ,2024 at 11:32am
“If the past week has taught us anything, disaster can suddenly turn life upside down, taking with it all sense of stability and reliability. On February 4th, the DeSante family endured a terrifying experience. While Sara was alone at home, a massive tree came crashing down on their roof, leaving a gaping hole in their home. Thankfully, Sara escaped physically unharmed, but their home did not.

As you can see in the photos their living room along with their car were destroyed. This home belonged to Forest’s beloved father who only recently passed a year ago. In August of 2023, the DeSantes completed extensive and expensive renovations and moved in. They were finally settling into their new home when this happened.

If you are fortunate to know Sara and Forest personally, you know exactly what kind of wholehearted people they are. They give without question and always show up for their friends, family, and community. Their kindness and sincerity are evident in the way they lead their lives and the way they have raised their sweet son, Jalen.

The shock of this terrible incident is still painfully fresh but there is no rest for the DeSante family as they navigate insurance claims, tree removal, transportation, and most importantly, where they are going to live. They have been told to prepare to be without their home for the next year.

They are “do it themselves” kind of people and rarely (if ever) ask for help. However, this is an undertaking of such magnitude that it’s important to recognize that there are times when we all need support.

Anything you can spare helps with repairs that are likely to reach well into six figures, for which insurance may not be enough. Along with trying to maintain a normal life for Jalen who goes to school locally.”

 Friday, February 9 ,2024 at 9:59am
There is a lot happening around West Marin right now. Get caught up with this week's edition of the WMF Newsletter. Local news, some great events and weather updates.

- 5G cell tower in Stinson proposal
- Point Reyes Station gas station decision
- 23 lot subdivision in Point Reyes Station
- William Tell in Tomales for sale

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Photo of Bolinas power mess by william.r.bartlett.
 Wednesday, February 7 ,2024 at 9:41pm
Inverted waterfall today in Point Reyes.
Video by lunaticloverbug
 Wednesday, February 7 ,2024 at 4:52pm
"In an unlikely act of altruism observed two years ago, a male elephant seal prevented a younger animal from drowning in the Point Reyes National Seashore."

Featuring local park biologists Sarah Allen and Matthew Lau.

 Wednesday, February 7 ,2024 at 7:28am
Tree down just south of Inverness on power lines. Crew working to clear it. Both lanes closed. (Thx K)
 Monday, February 5 ,2024 at 9:54am
Current situation in Bolinas.

Sir Francis Drake and Lucas Valley Rd both open now.

 Monday, February 5 ,2024 at 7:13am
Lucas Valley Rd closed this morning. Use alternate routes. Put any other traffic updates here. Is SFD open? (Thx LM)
 Monday, February 5 ,2024 at 5:59am
Current power outage map for West Marin on Monday morning. A wind advisory still in effect until 8am.
 Sunday, February 4 ,2024 at 6:46pm
This huge tree went down in Inverness Park, sad to see these go. Wind still going strong. (Thx AN)
 Sunday, February 4 ,2024 at 4:47pm
Chaos across West Marin right now as wind continues. Unclear if PR/Petaluma Rd open. SFD was closed at Sam P Taylor. Mesa and Terrace Ave closed in Bolinas.

Don’t drive if you don’t have to. Thank you to all the first responders.

If you have info, leave a comment,

(Thx MM and WB)
 Sunday, February 4 ,2024 at 2:21pm
Tree down right now on power lines on PR/Petaluma Rd between PRS and Graffiti Bridge. Expect delays. Use an alternate route. Avoid driving if you can. Wind supposed to stay very strong until this evening. (Thx LCL)
 Saturday, February 3 ,2024 at 10:23pm
Potential wind gusts over 50mph tonight forecasted for Inverness. Be prepared. Be safe. Don’t go near downed power lines.
 Friday, February 2 ,2024 at 6:14pm
Rare “sun wave” sunset tonight in Point Reyes. Happy Friday. Storm 2.0 on Sunday!
 Thursday, February 1 ,2024 at 6:26pm
The WMF Cloud Club met up with the WMF Sunset Club in Point Reyes tonight. It was a great success.
 Thursday, February 1 ,2024 at 9:06am
Lagunitas Creek in Inverness Park very high this morning. At 15 feet. Action stage is 19, flooding is 22. Next storm arrives on Sunday. (Thx DD)