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 Friday, September 2 ,2022 at 1:03pm
The big holiday weekend is here. And a major heat wave that gets hotter and hotter with peak highs supposed to be next Tuesday. Fortunately we've got the fog conditioner and some light NW winds in West Marin keeping us cool. The inland crowds may want that too and could head this way, so prepare accordingly. And if you live or are going over the hill, be safe!

This photo is of some locals reminding a boater out at Shell Beach in Inverness last weekend that it isn't safe to have a boat in the swimming area, because that's where swimmers are.

The Inverness Theater Production of The Miser wraps up this weekend and its the Tomales Festival. Get the latest news updates, photos, weather and events with the WMF email newsletter.

Read this week's edition here:
 Sunday, August 28 ,2022 at 2:49pm
Got there a little late, but these two sand “sculptures” from the contest yesterday in Point Reyes were still looking good.
 Friday, August 26 ,2022 at 8:28pm
It's a fine line between order and chaos. Sand sculpture contest, outdoor plays and rambling jacks. Get in tune with what's going down in West Marin this weekend with the WMF Weekend Newsletter. Then subscribe!

 Thursday, August 25 ,2022 at 11:35am
This is happening in San Anselmo. Will probably cause a lot of traffic headaches for West Marin commuters. Plan accordingly. "#WaterMainBreak in #SanAnselmo ALL LANES ARE SHUT, alternate route - #CentralBLVD #SirFrancisDrake will be closed for HOURS."

 Thursday, August 25 ,2022 at 10:39am
Two great events coming up this weekend to make a note of:

A local production of The Miser starts this Saturday and Sunday (Aug 28/29) at the St. Columba's Episcopal Church in Inverness.
Tickets and info here:

Join Ramblin’ Jack & Friends for an afternoon of music! Featuring Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Jesse DeNatale, Lowell Levinger & Paul Knight at The Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station on Sunday, August 28 at 4pm.
Tickets and info here:
 Wednesday, August 24 ,2022 at 9:45pm
Not exactly sure of the coverage area, but if you live in the Seahaven area of Inverness, there is a good chance your power will be shut off from 9am to 5pm tomorrow (Thursday, August 25) as PG&E replaces this damaged power pole on Camino del Mar. So plan accordingly.
 Monday, August 22 ,2022 at 5:17pm
Hey there, the West Marin grade 7/8 WMYSL soccer team needs a couple of more players for this season. If you have a child who wants to play or know someone who is, contact me and/or go register on the official web site. We had a really fun team last year and it's going to be a lot of fun this year, join us!

LINK: https://www.westmarinsoccer.or...

 Monday, August 22 ,2022 at 12:02pm
The tule elk sunset silhouette is a staple of the Point Reyes experience. No one captures it better then local wildlife photographer Carlos Porrata. From this weekend.

You can find more of his amazing photos here:
 Saturday, August 20 ,2022 at 4:48pm
There is a medical emergency at Heart's Desire right now in Point Reyes. Lots of sirens and a helicopter just landed to assist. If you want to know what's happening when there are lots of sirens you can:

Download the PulsePoint app which will show medical emergencies:

Follow WMF on Twitter, if I'm around, I usually will figure out what's happening:

If you don't want to be on Twitter, you can see the WMF Twitter feed on the WMF web site:

Generally there aren't too many details given out to be sensitive to the people involved and their family and friends. Please don't share these type of details on social media even if you know what's happening.

Hopefully the person at Hearts Desire is ok.
 Saturday, August 20 ,2022 at 9:37am
Lucas Valley Road and Nicasio Valley Road, Nicasio is the fourth most dangerous intersection in Marin according to a new study by the San Francisco law firm Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger based on CHP collision data.

LINK (maybe paywall):
 Friday, August 19 ,2022 at 2:41pm
From the PRLight: "Dave Brast, West Marin’s one-of-a-kind appliance repairman, died on Aug. 4. He was 86 years old. He had a degree in fusion physics and once worked for NASA, but he left aerospace behind to pursue the modest life of a down-to-earth handyman."

LINK (paywall):

We will miss you Dave, you were a beautiful human being.
 Friday, August 12 ,2022 at 10:38am
Lots going on this weekend.

Local legends, El Radio Fantastique, play at Rancho Nicasio tonight at 7pm.

The Inverness Fair is happening on Saturday. Pancakes at 8am, booths, crafts and music go from 10am to 3pm. WMF may be there for a short window with some very limited edition stuff.

From the PRLight "“I know that beauty is subjective. It is true that bells are the largest instrument in the world.” Father Pizzuto was defending himself from complaints that the new bell at St. Columba’s Episcopal Church, which had been ringing a total of 177 times every day before going silent last week, ruptured the tranquility of Inverness.

Bell story here (paywall):

WMF newsletter here:

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 Wednesday, August 10 ,2022 at 8:39pm
The “sturgeon” supermoon full moon coming up over Tomales Bay tonight. Supermoons occur when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit
 Wednesday, August 10 ,2022 at 1:39pm
A McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender is circling over West Marin right now, no idea why. And that was a Northrop T-38A Talon that went straight down the bay earlier. Must be training day?

 Monday, August 8 ,2022 at 10:35pm
The Inverness theatre project is back at the beautiful St. Columba's! Support local theater and purchase tickets now! In honor of Moliere's 400th birthday this year, they will be performing The Miser.
 Monday, August 8 ,2022 at 3:12pm
Tree down across the road on Rt. 1 south of Marconi Center (north of PR Station). Expect delays. Plan accordingly (Thx Lu)
 Thursday, August 4 ,2022 at 7:30pm
Lead story in the Point Reyes Light today. Didn't see that coming. Their amazing cheese is one of the reasons to visit Point Reyes Station. Bummer. "Red Hawk has only ever been produced in Point Reyes Station".

LINK (paywall):
 Wednesday, August 3 ,2022 at 10:01pm
I was in Point Reyes at sunset when a whole pack of coyotes started howling. I sat and waited and eventually the pack of five popped up in front of me and crossed the road.
 Monday, August 1 ,2022 at 5:20pm
Apparently someone accidentally hit the porch of Toby’s in Point Reyes Station today with a fork lift. Fortunately no one was hurt,
 Monday, August 1 ,2022 at 3:15pm
This is such a bummer, Bill is a local resident and a standup guy. From his kids Maggie and William: "During a time of crisis, my dad Bill Majoue came to the city to help me and within 20 minutes, his truck and all of his tools were stolen. My dad is an electrician and these things were his livelihood. It would be incredible if the community that knows and loves him could help contribute so that he could continue to have what he needs to work and get around to his jobs to stay afloat. Thank you."

 Monday, August 1 ,2022 at 11:55am
Close encounter of the first kind in Inverness this weekend. Monsoonal type weather, possible lightning and more.

This week's "WMF Roll into the Week" email newsletter is out:

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 Sunday, July 31 ,2022 at 3:33pm
Very small chance of lightning, especially in West Marin, but everyone should be prepared regardless in case. We all remember what happened last time. "Isolated thunderstorms remain possible late tonight into Monday. Should thunderstorms develop here's a look at the most likely arrival times."

 Saturday, July 30 ,2022 at 11:04am
Couple of worthy local events to take note of today:

- The Point Reyes Farmers Market takes place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Toby’s Feed Barn. The Tomales Bay Mudflats perform at 9:30 a.m.

- A celebration of Malcolm Margolin’s “Deep Hanging Out: Wanderings and Wonderment in Native California” starts at 3 p.m. at Toby’s Feed Barn. Guest speakers include California Indian cultural leaders Gregg Castro, Michelle La Pena, Jennifer Bates and Theresa Harlan. Free. Hosted by Point Reyes Books. Information and registration at

- The West Marin Grateful Dead Appreciation Society plays at 6 p.m. outdoors at Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, in Bolinas. $10 tickets at

Also, Twin Peaks was playing last night outside the Western. Good stuff. “I feel like I’m going to dream tonight.”
 Tuesday, July 26 ,2022 at 1:35pm
Power outage in Inverness and parts of Point Reyes. PG&E estimates 6:45pm restoration right now.
 Tuesday, July 26 ,2022 at 1:04pm
From Marty Frankel, "Connor, my brother's terrier mix long hair, was attacked by German shepherd yesterday while being walked on Roberts Drive in Paradise Ranch Estates in Inverness. He ran away and is now lost. Connor is a friendly dog, but may be injured and is very scared. Please call Jude if you've seen him at 707-320-8141. Thank you."
 Monday, July 25 ,2022 at 9:22am
The week is upon us. South winds may bring Oak Fire smoke our way. Check in with the WMF Roll Into the Week newsletter to get yourself up to speed.

 Saturday, July 23 ,2022 at 8:46pm
Brandon Barragan found this lost dog at West Marin School this evening. Does anyone know who’s it is? Loaded up with ticks apparently. What a cutie.
 Saturday, July 23 ,2022 at 9:25am
Nice shout out to the Point Reyes Farmers Market in the NYT CA newsletter last week. Couldn’t agree more about local chef Yuko Kaneko’s onigri. The market starts today at 10am.

 Friday, July 22 ,2022 at 4:21pm
Get ready for the weekend with the WMF Weekend Edition newsletter. Big south swell pics, overdue boat moving and so many cool events.
 Saturday, July 16 ,2022 at 10:16pm
A truck was stolen in SF and was found in San Anselmo. When the police tried to apprehend the robbers in the truck, they fled towards West Marin. Apparently they drove with one tire on fire down Sir Francis Drake, through Olema to Point Reyes Station with CHP chasing them and a helicopter overhead. Then they circled around Point Reyes Station a couple of times, the tires in the truck were blown out and they ditched the truck by the gas station. The two suspects then jumped out of the truck and were arrested. Video by Marc Matheson.
 Thursday, July 14 ,2022 at 1:24pm
On Tuesday, July 5, my good friend Adam Neale lost consciousness while surfing at South Beach in Point Reyes. Five local surfers who were surfing with him, Lewis Samuels, Patrick Kent, Shawn Collins, Enzo Buckenmeyer and Cameron Wickliffe pulled him out of the water and began performing CPR. Oceanne Carriere, who was on the beach, called 911 and the local dispatcher coached them until the first responders showed up. Adam regained consciousness and was airlifted to a hospital in Santa Rosa where he made a full recovery. Those six people and the dispatcher saved his life and are true heroes. Thank you.

If you haven't been CPR certified, now is a good time to go do it. You might save a life someday.

From the Point Reyes Light, “Without cell reception to call 911, his friends agreed, he likely wouldn’t have survived. Mr. Collins said on Drakes Bay, or at Kehoe Beach, where cell phones don’t get a signal, his friend might not have been so lucky. A planned AT&T cell tower near the Point Reyes Lighthouse will expand service on the outer reaches of the seashore, but not for customers of other cell companies. Park rangers are planning to install four new beach safety stations at North and South Beaches, each equipped with rescue sticks, tourniquets and flotation devices. The rescue equipment could help bystanders rescue swimmers and surfers in an area where it often takes many minutes for emergency responders to arrive.”

Photo of Shawn Collins, Patrick Kent, Adam Neale and Lewis Samuels reuniting after the rescue.

FULL STORY (paywall):
 Wednesday, July 13 ,2022 at 4:47pm
From Jennifer Livingston: "Marshall (Livingston) has been working with Robert Terry at the State Park to get the raft and swim buoys back at Shell Beach. They installed the raft today! It has been quite a process over the last two months of finding the mooring for the raft (five attempts by snorkeling and finally retrieving it with a water proof metal detector I had up on my SUP while he wanded through the eel grass. Thackary Grossman also helped on snorkeling attempts. From the State Park: Robert Terry, Doug and Andrew as well as a lot of encouragement from our Director of State Parks, Armando Quintero!" Thanks also to Roberto Barajas, the eternal keeper of the raft. Summer has officially started!
 Monday, July 11 ,2022 at 6:55am
WMF is back in town after a break. A lot happened while I was away, some sad news, some miracles and summer got underway. Going to be a beautiful day today, hug someone and tell them you love them. Sunrise over Tomales Bay.
 Monday, June 13 ,2022 at 1:53pm
WMF is going on a short summer break. We'll be back mid-July, so expect only sporadic Twitter updates until then. Hopefully everything stays mellow. Here are some fox kittens from Inverness this week to hold you over. (Thx SA)

Twitter link:

If you don't have Twitter you can still see the updates here:
 Sunday, June 12 ,2022 at 9:08pm
The West Marin Little League wrapped up this weekend with the championship games. Congrats to the Brewers, As and Giants who won the Juniors, Majors and AA divisions respectfully.The coaches, players, league staff and the parents worked so hard to put together an amazing season.
 Thursday, June 9 ,2022 at 9:46pm
Congratulations to the West Marin School eighth grade graduating class of 2022!
 Tuesday, June 7 ,2022 at 1:23pm
I’m away from scanner but sounds like a vegetation fire on Rt1 north of Point Reyes Station. Anyone have info?
 Monday, June 6 ,2022 at 5:03pm
Apparently some people in Inverness got a letter from PG&E that there power we be should off tomorrow (June 7) from 8am to 4pm. Did anyone else receive this notice? Trying to figure out the coverage area.
 Monday, June 6 ,2022 at 10:59am
The WMF Roll Into the Week weekly newsletter is out to get you prepped for the upcoming week in West Marin. This issue covers:

- Record rainfall (2.33" on Mt. Tam) this weekend which helped with fire danger.
- Marin Board of Supervisors meet about climate change mitigation projects.
- PG&E getting a lot of feedback about their E.V.M (Enhanced Vegetation Management) strategy and how many trees are being cut down.
- It was a great Western Weekend Parade on Sunday.
- A story in the New York Times about NIMBYs in Marin. "NIMBYs who used to be viewed as, at best, defenders of their community, and at worst just practical, are now painted as housing hoarders whose efforts have increased racial segregation, deepened wealth inequality and are robbing the next generation of the American dream."

Plus upcoming events and weather.


NYT article (paywall):
 Sunday, June 5 ,2022 at 10:59pm
Scenes from the 2022 Western Weekend Parade.
Cowboy. Hat. Weekend.

More here:
 Sunday, June 5 ,2022 at 9:26am
Steady light ran in Point Reyes Station as the town prepares for the Western Weekend Parade at noon. Going to be a good one today, and how about that RAIN! See you out there!
 Thursday, June 2 ,2022 at 5:23pm
Via North Marin Water District "Construction has begun on a second well at the Gallagher Ranch that will increase the supply of high-quality groundwater to West Marin customers. This new well will avoid the need to use existing wells in Point Reyes Station that are prone to seasonal salt water intrusion. Thanks to California Department of Water Resources for fiscal support and Marin Agricultural Land Trust for working with NMWD to provide conservation efforts. Visit to read the full story on the project."
 Thursday, June 2 ,2022 at 4:39pm
Three fighter jets coming in hot over Inverness. So loud. This is what showed up on the flight tracker.
 Wednesday, June 1 ,2022 at 9:12pm
Bear sighting in Inverness on Monday by Maria Bennett. Maybe don’t leave any food out.
 Tuesday, May 31 ,2022 at 9:40am
A question for local folks. My wife, Dakota Whitney, says that she is unable to make calls on her cel phone on the weekends (we are on Verizon) and she thinks that it's because there are more people out here on the weekends which overwhelms that cellular networks. Others have said they have this experience too. Is this a universal thing? Do folks have degraded cel phone service on the weekends in West Marin?
 Tuesday, May 31 ,2022 at 8:09am
Get your week started off right with the WMF Roll Into the Week email newsletter:

Stinson reacts to short term rentals, some rain and then a heat wave, Western Weekend on the way, a secret beach wedding, Cheda's antique road show and more.

Read then subscribe.

(This couple got married at the beach in Point Reyes over the weekend and everyone around clapped and cheered for them, photo by WMF)
 Sunday, May 29 ,2022 at 8:39am
Going to be windy today and that means a great day to check out all the amazing artists in West Marin at the Point Reyes Open Studios today and tomorrow.
 Friday, May 27 ,2022 at 6:53pm
This 'rare' license plate was found recently on eBay and Hilary Cheda assessed its value for WMF: "The ones that are really rare say Cheda's Chevrolet on top and Pt Reyes Station on the bottom - sold up until the early 80's. We have one here at the garage that was off of our old blue El Camino. The one that was sent to you was sold until the 90's when my grandpa stopped selling Chevrolets and General Motors would no longer allow us to use the name Cheda's Chevrolet. At that point we changed the license plate frames to read Cheda's Garage." (Thx AF for the find)

 Wednesday, May 25 ,2022 at 11:36am
Apparently there was a police chase by Bolinas at Rt. 1 this morning that ended in a crash in Muir Beach. Did anyone see what happened or have any more information? (Thx TB)
 Monday, May 23 ,2022 at 10:01am
The WMF Roll Into the Week newsletter is out today. A lot going on. Warm weather and less wind on the way with temps peaking on Weds. Coyote pee, iconic Jerry Garcia/Grace Slick Bolinas surf house for sale and a rare bird sighting at the Point Reyes Lighthouse.

Read all about it here then subscribe:

Also, COVID is making the rounds again. Here is where you can get free tests. Wear your mask when in public indoor spaces to help keep everyone healthy:

Thursdays, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, and Upon Request
Bolinas Community Center
14 Wharf Street
Bolinas, CA 94924

Point Reyes Station
Mondays and Wednesdays
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
West Marin Community Services
11431 Highway 1
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

San Geronimo Valley
Thursdays, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
The San Geronimo Commons (formerly the golf course)
At the Drive-Thru Food Pantry
5800 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Geronimo, CA 94963

Thursdays, 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Tomales Town Hall (Food Pantry)
27150 Highway 1
Tomales, CA 94971

(Photo by AZ/AW)
 Saturday, May 21 ,2022 at 2:39pm
Looking for some mellow bluegrass music? Check out Gilded Age at The Western in Point Reyes Station tonight. 8pm.
 Friday, May 20 ,2022 at 6:45pm
Smoke from the fire in Mendocino County making it down to Tomales Bay in Point Reyes. A visible haze out tonight.

 Friday, May 20 ,2022 at 1:09pm
Someone spotted a coyote going pee at Chicken Ranch Beach in Inverness today. Not necessarily big news, but I don't recall ever seeing something like, especially out in the open like that. (Thx ER)

Also, the WMF Friday newsletter is out if you want to get ready for a packed weekend of local events and catch up with the latest news from the week:

 Thursday, May 19 ,2022 at 7:00pm
UPDATE: Just smoking in green vegetation. Got lucky with this wind — Vegetation fire on top of Drakes Summit Rd in Inverness Park as a result of downed power lines, No further details available at this time.
 Wednesday, May 18 ,2022 at 10:59am
From Sara Jones, Assistant Director, Marin County Community Development Agency, "I’m going to be on KWMR radio at 5 pm today talking about short term rentals (of the AirBnB/VRBO variety) and the proposed moratorium on them in West Marin. You can listen online at KWMR. If you live in, like to visit, or own property in West Marin then tune in!"

You can also stream KWMR from their web site and this show will be archived later if you miss the live version.


Sara Jones Tweet:
 Tuesday, May 17 ,2022 at 1:03pm
Check out this new 'risk factor' calculator to see what the greatest risk is where you live. Surprisingly (to me) was that flooding is a greater risk then fire in Inverness (94937).

Put your zip code in here to find your risk:

Put your location/risk in the comments below if you want to share.
 Saturday, May 14 ,2022 at 9:29am
The big 50th anniversary celebration is happening today at The Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station. Incredible food and entertainment from 3pm to 9:30pm. Be there!
 Wednesday, May 11 ,2022 at 8:35pm
Been awhile since the West Marin Sunset Feed was out. Tonight was a beauty in Point Reyes.
 Monday, May 9 ,2022 at 7:57am
Lots of fawns right now, be careful on the roads. We watched the mother of this very young fawn jump over a fence and leave it stuck by the side of a busy road in Inverness.

The WMF Roll Into the Week email newsletter is out if you want to get prepared for your week. News, events and more:
 Friday, May 6 ,2022 at 2:29pm
"Big news from Marin Community Development Agency:
Our housing strategy has to include both new housing and protection of the existing supply. We're proposing a halt on short-term rentals in West Marin to craft policies balancing visitor and workforce needs. On May 24, the Marin County Board of Supervisors will consider a temporary moratorium on new short-term rentals. The pause aims to stabilize housing supply & study long-term impacts. Existing, registered rentals would not be impacted"

 Thursday, May 5 ,2022 at 9:07am
The elk fawn was not injured. Do not remove animals from the park.

"On Friday evening, 4/29/22, a "concerned citizen" removed an elk fawn from the Tomales Point Elk Preserve fearing that it was gravely injured. The individual took the elk calf to the Marin Humane Society who then transferred it to WildCare. On Saturday, U.S. Park Rangers and biologists from the Point Reyes National Seashore were advised and responded to attempt to reunite the elk with its mother.

Fortunately, just before arriving at Tomales Point, precise GPS coordinates of where the calf was taken from were received. Park staff navigated to this point, through very dense fog, to find a lone female elk passing through the coyote brush and lupine. Staff quickly backed away from the area after the calf was released and the female elk went straight uphill to the calf. After reuniting for several minutes, with plenty of sniffing and licking each other, the two elk slowly trotted off together into the fog."


If you see a sick or injured animal, please leave the animal alone and contact our visitor center at 415-464-5100 for assistance.

Photo courtesy of WildCare
 Wednesday, May 4 ,2022 at 7:57pm
"The saloon keeper who had owned the Old Western in Point Reyes Station since 1977, Judy Borello, died two days ago." This sad news from Dave Mitchell who writes the Sparsely, Sage and Timely blog.

Here is an entry that Dave wrote about the Judy and the moo sound that emanates from the Old Western:
 Wednesday, May 4 ,2022 at 2:23pm
Joshua Jones posted this picture on NextDoor of a bear crossing the road the other night by the Nicasio Reservoir.

 Wednesday, May 4 ,2022 at 12:39pm
Anyone know what was going on in Point Reyes Station around 11:30am? I heard reports of police and helicopter activity, but nothing on PulsePoint.
 Wednesday, May 4 ,2022 at 9:24am
"For Bobbi Loeb, the decision to sign over the home where she raised two children to a land trust was both financial and ideological. In January, the 81-year-old finalized a deal to sell her Point Reyes home at a steep discount to the Community Land Trust of West Marin, better known as CLAM, which buys property off the high-priced private market and converts it into affordable homes. In Loeb’s case, it’s a deal that will allow her to live the rest of her life in the house with no monthly payment, then entrust CLAM to pay it forward to others in need of lower-cost housing."

 Sunday, May 1 ,2022 at 7:18pm
Via CHP Golden Gate Air: "This afternoon, CHP H-30, Henry 1, MCFD, Inverness Fire, and CHP - Marin all responded to a report of two motorcycle riders down near the Point Reyes Lighthouse. Both Henry 1 and H-30 transported critically injured patients to Santa Rosa Memorial."
 Sunday, May 1 ,2022 at 5:21pm
Car went off the road into Lagunitas Creek by Lagunitas.
 Sunday, May 1 ,2022 at 3:36pm
Two motorcyclists down in an accident in Point Reyes.
 Friday, April 29 ,2022 at 8:28am
Friday's WMF Weekend Edition newsletter:

- The wind for the week is over and back to very pleasant weather for the next week. Models are showing a possibility of rain in mid-May.

- Our hearts go out to the family and friends of "Van" Van Der Matten who passed away this month.

- A renovation project at Sacramento Landing, a small beach near Duck Cove where the Tomales Bay Marine Station has hosted scientists and interns since the 1990s, will expand living and laboratory space for years to come. (PRLight)

- CLAM says new residents will move into the project’s 51 affordable units in 2026 at the former Coast Guard property in Point Reyes Station, two years later than its original estimate. (PRLight)

- Kerry Livingston was honored by the Board of Supervisors as “Staff Supervisor of Volunteers of the Year” this week! In her 30+ years, Kerry has fostered multiple generations of volunteers for the Stinson Beach Library.

To get links to these stories and a list of weekend events, read the full newsletter. You can also subscribe to get this in your email inbox.
 Thursday, April 28 ,2022 at 9:17pm
From a local resident, "Question for folks living in Inverness. Ever since that power outage we had two weeks ago, our power clicks on and off a couple of times each our, like a mini power hiccup. Does anyone else notice something similar or is this just our house? We live in Seahaven."
 Tuesday, April 26 ,2022 at 3:36pm
Buckle up. "Breezy onshore winds will continue on Wednesday and peak on Thursday. The strongest winds will be near the coast and in the coastal hills/ridges where gusts may exceed 45 mph."

 Monday, April 25 ,2022 at 3:43pm
Structure fire on Nicasio Valley Rd.
 Sunday, April 24 ,2022 at 10:44am
From a local resident (WMF also had a coyote going through our raccoon distributed garbage in Inverness recently, which we don't see often):

"Stepped out my front door early this morning to find one of my cats squared-off against orange/orange, the colored ear-tagged young coyote that has been in and around Inverness the last few weeks. Chased him down the driveway and quite a ways up Mt Vision, showering him with all the unwelcome vibes I could muster.

I hope-but-doubt the unwelcome energy will really do much to keep him out of my yard and our neighborhood. A gentle reminder to other small pet owners to keep them (and their food bowls) close and/or inside and to be extra vigilant with keeping compost piles and garbage cans from becoming attractive nuisances. Wish the short-term rentals would do a better job in the garbage can department." (Thx TB)

Here's a link to the project that tagged orange/orange two years ago:

Photo: Presidio Trust