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 Thursday, February 1 ,2024 at 7:37am
Today is the day to have your voice heard about the major changes coming to the gas station in Point Reyes Station.



ROOM # 328-330


the planning department needs to see our village show up.

we support safe, healthy, and sustainable development in our village.

we respect and recognize the local businesses in our village.

we do not support this project as presented.

see you there. call your buddies to carpool."

Read more here:


ROOM # 328-330


the planning department needs to see our village show up.

we support safe, healthy, and sustainable development in our village.

we respect and recognize the local businesses in our village.

we do not support this project as presented.

see you there. call your buddies to carpool."

Read more here:
 Wednesday, January 31 ,2024 at 8:14am
This boat broke loose and washed up on shore on Tomales Bay by Marshall this morning. If you know who’s it is, please let them know. (Thx JJ)
 Wednesday, January 31 ,2024 at 7:59am
The wind is here, gusts up to 40mph in Inverness and seeing some trees starting to come down. Be careful. Drive safe. Heavy rain moves in later.
 Tuesday, January 30 ,2024 at 6:51am
Calm before the storm. Tomales Bay sunrise. Rain starts late tonight. Be prepared. Drive safe.
 Sunday, January 28 ,2024 at 3:12pm
Amazing clouds sitting over a gorgeous day in Point Reyes made for incredible photos. Could be an epic sunset.
 Friday, January 26 ,2024 at 7:34am
The sunrise just kept getting more intense this morning over Tomales Bay. Happy Friday. Going to be a great nice weekend.
 Tuesday, January 23 ,2024 at 9:21pm
Black Mountain in West Marin taken yesterday evening. Like a dream within a dream.
 Tuesday, January 23 ,2024 at 7:03am
Rock slide on SFD in Sam P Taylor. Be extra careful on the roads today.
 Monday, January 22 ,2024 at 8:09am
Last year it was Jan 5, this year it was Jan 22. After a solid night of rain, we get two years in a row of Nicasio Reservoir overflow
 Sunday, January 21 ,2024 at 8:49pm
 Thursday, January 18 ,2024 at 4:24pm
An elephant seal drawing some boundaries with a coyote at Drakes Beach in Point Reyes. (Thx LR)
 Thursday, January 18 ,2024 at 7:57am
Calm before the storm. Second round of rain starts tomorrow. A strong sunrise this morning over Tomales Bay in Inverness.
 Sunday, January 14 ,2024 at 8:49pm
Good looking beach coyote in Point Reyes tonight.
 Friday, January 12 ,2024 at 1:54pm
Our hearts go out to the friends and family of part time West Marin resident, Kenneth Kidd, who lost his life when he was caught in an avalanche at the Palisades in Tahoe.

"I'm so sad, we've been neighbors for 20 years, he's always been a wonderful neighbor, I'm devastated it happened," said Susan Rowsell.

 Thursday, January 11 ,2024 at 6:44pm
WMF wondered if the sunset could line up behind Elephant Rock in Point Reyes and tonight, it did. Magic captured by Lucienne Meckfessel.
 Wednesday, January 10 ,2024 at 9:13am
A public hearing is set for 6 p.m. Wednesday (today) at Buck Hall, at the Lodge at Marconi at 18500 Highway 1 in Marshall around the draft 10-year effort to restore forestland and prevent wildfires in Tomales Bay State Park.

Park officials say the use of prescribed burns, tree cutting and herbicides will help offset the negative effects of decades of fire suppression and climate change. Environmental activists, however, argue that the work will disrupt the habitat for sensitive and endangered wildlife.

 Monday, January 8 ,2024 at 10:00am
If you have thoughts, opinions and comments about short term rentals (STRs) in West Marin, now is the time to get involved. You can read more about the issue in the latest Point Reyes Light (link below).

For those who wish to have no STR regulations, more info here:

For those looking for community driven regulations, more info here:

"Hello Neighbors,

We have our last chance this week to take a stand for our community! We are rallying folks to make a sign for the zoom meeting with Dennis Rodoni tomorrow at 6pm. Will you please join us? Make a sign that says "Homes Not Hotels" and make it visible. If Rodoni logs onto zoom and sees hundreds of these signs this would doubtless make an impact.

This is Dennis's last meeting with the community to get an understanding of what we want. The bottom line is we have a housing CRISIS on our hands and our representatives have a responsibility to regulate a market which is spiraling out of control. If left up to the market, Airbnb and the like will continue to drive up the cost and diminish the stock of housing. A double whammy that will ultimately undermine the fabric of this community. If this is something you care about, now is the time to act!

1) Dennis Rodoni & the CDA’s Listening Session on Zoom on Monday the 8th from 6-8pm (you must pre-register here:)

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Short Term Rentals - Community Listening Session. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

2) Attend the Board of Supervisor’s Special Session (in-person or on Zoom) on Thursday the 11th at the Civic Center at
5pm. This is where the BOS will discuss the ordinance after public comment. It will give you an opportunity to hear the perspectives from both CDA (Community Development Agency) and the five Sup[erviosors. Both West Marin Residents for Housing and the PRVA are organizing carpools to go to this meeting. Here are the Zoom instructions, in case you need them:

Point Reyes Light article here (behind paywall):

Photo by WMF
 Sunday, January 7 ,2024 at 7:59pm
Some more coverage of the beloved shack at Nicks Cove in Marshall that caught on fire this evening. No word on cause. Sad to lose such an iconic spot. We had some good times there. (Thx BN JH TFARM LG)
 Sunday, January 7 ,2024 at 5:41pm
BREAKING: Fire at the end of pier at Nicks Cove in Marshall.
 Sunday, January 7 ,2024 at 9:48am
 Sunday, January 7 ,2024 at 9:48am
Rex still missing.
 Sunday, January 7 ,2024 at 9:18am
Lost dog if you know the owner...
 Sunday, January 7 ,2024 at 8:45am
Somebody drove into the Stinson Beach post office last night. Hopefully everyone ok.
 Friday, January 5 ,2024 at 9:21pm
If you’re on or around Tomales, please be on the look out for Nina Fisher’s dog, Rex.
 Friday, January 5 ,2024 at 9:12am
The Point Reyes shipwreck also featured in SFGate today (and no paywall!) They offer more details of the story here and some better quotes.

“I remember when the boat was left out front and the owner walked away from it,” said Rebecca Dixon, who along with her husband, Mark Sutton, owns and operates Dixon Marine Services in Inverness.

 Thursday, January 4 ,2024 at 2:16pm
In the SF Chronicle today: "The West Marin Feed recently posted on Twitter, its own photo of what little remains of the boat — a sunken hull, twisted wreckage and the collapsing wooden remains of what was once the cabin. It looks like a dilapidated shack being consumed by the sea."

Jim Fox, chief of the Inverness Volunteer Fire Department, is quite familiar with the Point Reyes, which he described as “a dangerous nuisance.”

"Who owns the boat and why it never got fixed up has been lost to sands of time — like the vessel itself." I thought people knew who owned the boat?

 Thursday, January 4 ,2024 at 2:16pm
 Wednesday, January 3 ,2024 at 9:30pm
Get out there! "The first meteor shower of the year is about to reach its peak over the Bay Area early Thursday morning, and the unique event is expected to produce as many as 120 “larger fireballs” than usual per hour over the night sky."
 Wednesday, January 3 ,2024 at 12:48pm
For the record, WMF is not responsible for this.

 Sunday, December 31 ,2023 at 5:49pm
The last sunset of 2023 in Point Reyes was a beauty. Have a great New Year’s Eve. See you next year!
 Saturday, December 30 ,2023 at 9:37am
A nice rainbow over Limantour Beach in Point Reyes this morning as that last storm dissipates.
 Friday, December 29 ,2023 at 1:59pm
A peregrine falcon among the elephant seals, large beach trash, huge waves at elephant rock.
 Friday, December 29 ,2023 at 11:45am
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 Thursday, December 28 ,2023 at 12:55pm
Aerial footage of massive swell hitting Stinson Beach in West Marin.
 Thursday, December 28 ,2023 at 12:55pm
Huge waves hit the beaches in Point Reyes. (Thx AN)
 Thursday, December 28 ,2023 at 10:54am
“Stinson Beach Fire has issued an evacuation order for the areas of Calles Pinos, Pradero, Sierra, Onda Resaca, Ribera, and Embarcadero, as well as sections of Calle Del Arroyo due to high surf and storm surge. Community members are instructed to EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY.”
 Wednesday, December 27 ,2023 at 8:31am
Caught the last little bit of sunrise before todays storm took over in West Marin. Heavy south winds and some rain today. No rain but a huge swell hits on Thursday. Then more rain on Friday into Saturday. Stay safe everyone!
 Sunday, December 24 ,2023 at 6:03pm
A big sunset in Point Reyes tonight for Christmas Eve.
 Saturday, December 23 ,2023 at 10:25pm
The holiday spirit in West Marin tonight.
 Saturday, December 23 ,2023 at 11:50am
Looked down and saw this while walking on the beach this morning in Point Reyes. ❤️ right back at you.
 Thursday, December 21 ,2023 at 10:27am
Happy Winter Solstice from Chicken Ranch Beach in Inverness today. The longest night and the shortest day with the sun directly overhead around noon. WMF loves this day because each day gets a little bit longer!

Photo by John Lopez
 Tuesday, December 19 ,2023 at 8:32pm
This blacktail Buck was spotted taking the water route the other night on Tomales Bay. Video by The Oyster Brothers.
 Monday, December 18 ,2023 at 6:54pm
Thar she blows! An elephant seal rises up from the depths in Point Reyes. (Thx MM)
 Monday, December 18 ,2023 at 7:09am
Anyone see the lightning last night? The heavy rain is here, more expected today. A tree already down on SFD by Inverness (one lane open). Roads will be slick. Drive safe, be careful out there!
 Saturday, December 16 ,2023 at 6:23pm
Big sunset energy tonight in West Marin from up on Mt Tam. Calm before the storm, rain supposedly on the way.
 Friday, December 15 ,2023 at 3:27pm
The Friday WMF email newsletter is packed with news, events and more:

- Lots of rain coming starting Sunday night?
- Oprah chose this local West Marin company's product?
- Monarch butterflies are back in West Marin!
- Two great movies in Bolinas tonight, Gaza Surf Club and Coup 53 (unfortunately both at 6pm)
- Plus lots of local holiday fairs, art openings and live music.

Remember to support our local shops, artisans, and workers!

Check it all out here:

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 Wednesday, December 13 ,2023 at 9:06am
Every day is a mini-miracle. Fog and sun rise over Tomales Bay in Inverness.
 Saturday, December 9 ,2023 at 8:10am
Lot's going on this weekend. Remember to support your local businesses, artisans, and workers by doing some of your holiday shopping local.

- Gallery Route One hosts a 40th Anniversary Celebration with refreshments, art activities and music from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
- Jayli in Point Reyes Station having a big sale and party in their space from 12pm to 5pm.
- The Bolinas Winter Faire from noon to 8 p.m. at the Bolinas Community Center.
- “The Mitten,” A Christmas play for families and little ones, starts at 4 p.m. today and tomorrow in the Dance Palace Church Space, in Point Reyes Station. $10, but no one turned away.
- The West Marin Grateful Dead Appreciation Society plays at 8:30 p.m. at the Papermill Creek Saloon in Forest Knolls.
- BeccaJane Soul Train plays blues, folk and rock at 8 p.m. at the Old Western Saloon, in Point Reyes Station. $5.

- Inverness wood sculptor Bruce Mitchell holds a holiday sale of his wood bowls and plates at his studio from today through Dec.23, by appointment. Call (415) 847.1145 or visit for information.
- Heidrun Meadery’s Annual Holiday Open House takes place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 11925 Highway 1, in Point Reyes Station. Mead and warm cups of soup will be served and gift items will be for sale.
- Tama One wraps up a holiday market from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Olema. Featuring jewelry, vintage fashion, clairvoyant readings, pottery, textiles, collectibles and hot food by Bar Tanuki and Cute Coffee.
- The Bolinas Winter Faire from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Bolinas Community Center.
- The Dance Palace Art Committee Group Show holds a reception from noon to 2 p.m. in the Dance Palace lobby, in Point Reyes Station. All art sales will benefit the center.

For more news and events check the WMF weekly newsletter and subscribe:
 Thursday, December 7 ,2023 at 8:36pm
 Thursday, December 7 ,2023 at 6:37pm
Anyone else see these Starlink satellites tonight? This from Point Reyes Station at 6pm. (Thx JL)
 Wednesday, December 6 ,2023 at 6:33am
Incoming. Drive safe everyone!
 Sunday, December 3 ,2023 at 2:53pm
Well, well, well. Look who’s back in town. First elephant seal sighting of the season in Point Reyes,
 Wednesday, November 29 ,2023 at 5:10pm
Switched it up tonight. Solid round of rain and we still get a nice sunset in Point Reyes, Limantour Rd lookout
 Tuesday, November 28 ,2023 at 4:06pm
If you got the WMF newsletter on Monday, there was a typo in the blurb below and it read "I would surf Salmon Creek". It is supposed to be "wouldn't". WMF does not want to be held accountable for surfing mishaps.

"A great article in the latest Surfer's Journal called "How to Reduce Your Shark Risk to Zero" interviewing local shark researchers Scot Anderson and Paul Kanive. "Are there places you wouldn't surf because of sharks? I wouldn't surf Salmon Creek, especially in October. In the prime months [August to January] I wouldn't surf Ten Mile Beach in Point Reyes, or Shark Pit by DIllon Beach, or any place around here that's way offshore with a rocky bottom and pinnipeds around." There you go. It's behind a paywall on the web but you can get a copy on the Point Reyes Bookstore. Totally worth it."

If you want to get the WMF newsletter, check it out and subscribe here:
 Sunday, November 26 ,2023 at 8:22pm
Another amazing day. Here is the moon setting over North Beach in Point Reyes early this morning and rising over Point Reyes Station this evening. (Thx TM and HS)
 Sunday, November 26 ,2023 at 2:19pm
Mother bobcat and kit having a moment in Nicasio. Video by LM.
 Saturday, November 25 ,2023 at 5:51pm
Just another beautiful night in Point Reyes. Big moonrise, booming wave sunset and cows on the lamb.
 Thursday, November 23 ,2023 at 12:31pm
One of those days on Tomales Bay in Inverness. Have a safe and restful holiday weekend everyone.
 Sunday, November 19 ,2023 at 6:36pm
Six kite surfers at Abbots Lagoon in Point Reyes today. Didn’t know that was a thing.
 Thursday, November 16 ,2023 at 9:05am
Coolest dude in West Marin with the coolest collection of t-shirts.
 Thursday, November 16 ,2023 at 6:53am
Possible bear scat found up near the ridge in Inverness. (Thx JH)
 Wednesday, November 15 ,2023 at 8:02am
We were “fujiwharaded”.
 Tuesday, November 14 ,2023 at 7:07am
Red in the morning, sailors take warning. Inverness sunrise. (Thx DW)
 Friday, November 10 ,2023 at 6:07pm
A beautiful sunset in Point Reyes tonight. Our hearts go out to the friends and family of the fisherman who died in park today. May you rest in peace. (Thx MM)
 Friday, November 10 ,2023 at 4:37pm
Via Point Reyes National Seashore "Just after 9:00 am this morning, rangers responded to South Beach on reports of a missing fisherman in the water. Arriving units immediately deployed 2 rescue watercraft, 6 swimmers, 1 motor lifeboat, and 4 helicopters. The victim was located and airlifted to South Beach around 10:00 am where he was pronounced deceased.

Responding units include National Park Service, Marin County Fire Department, California Highway Patrol CHP, Coast Guard, Marin County Sheriffs Department and Sonoma County Sheriff’s."
 Thursday, November 9 ,2023 at 10:34pm
I was driving to Point Reyes Station with my son tonight when we saw a car upside down in the bushes on SFD by Love Field. Three people had stopped and were pulling the driver out of the car while others called 911. I stopped to help them. We got driver out. He was in shock but seemed unharmed. Minutes later the whole car went up in flames. The fire department arrived on the scene and put the fire out.
 Thursday, November 9 ,2023 at 7:39pm
Car accident (car on fire) on SFD (Levee Rd) between Point Reyes Station and Inverness Park. Everyone ok. Expect traffic delays tonight.
 Wednesday, November 8 ,2023 at 6:23am
“Confidence is increasing for a storm system to bring increasing chances for precipitation to interior NorCal. Exact details remain uncertain at this time, but be prepared for an active weather pattern early to mid next week!”
 Monday, November 6 ,2023 at 4:29pm
Anyone know what this guy was doing in the Nicasio Reservoir spillway? Cleaning? Measuring?
 Sunday, November 5 ,2023 at 12:18pm
We all experience the grief of time change in different ways.
 Saturday, November 4 ,2023 at 7:37pm
Saturday night Point Reyes sunset.
 Saturday, November 4 ,2023 at 7:24pm
Folks getting excited about the opening of the recreational crab season today. Some got what they came for, others, not so much. (Thx SG and MM)
 Saturday, November 4 ,2023 at 9:08am
Lots of stuff happening this weekend:

- Last Farmers Market in Point Reyes Station from 9am to 2pm today.
- Local artist Nancy Stein has an opening today from 2pm to 5pm at Toby’s.
- Dennis Rodoni has a community conversation at 10am today in Stinson Beach.
- A Tomales Bay clean up today from 9am to noon at Nicks Cove in Marshall Cove.
- Heidrun Meadery hosts a benefit day, “Dine and Pour for Local Scholars,” tomorrow from 11am to 5pm with a portion going to the West Marin Scholarship Fund.

More events and news here:

Art work by Nancy Stein
 Thursday, November 2 ,2023 at 9:57pm
It was a wild sunset tonight in Point Reyes. This is the moody wind down after the intense glow.
 Thursday, November 2 ,2023 at 11:11am
There is a controlled burn in Stinson Beach today, no need to call the fire department if you see it.
 Thursday, November 2 ,2023 at 10:12am
A very extensive and impressive obituary for local resident and editor of the Point Reyes Light, David Mitchell, in The New York Times.

“It is one of those romantic Ben Hecht, Ring Lardner or Horatio Alger stories,” the columnist James Reston wrote in The New York Times in 1979. “Young struggling couple out of Stanford University, David and Catherine Mitchell, buy little rag of a paper, defy the powerful interests in the community, and win the big prize.”

 Wednesday, November 1 ,2023 at 6:12pm
Can someone explain this? WMF supporters want to know more.
 Tuesday, October 31 ,2023 at 9:37pm
Halloween sunset south of Stinson Beach. The magic glassy nights continue.
 Friday, October 27 ,2023 at 1:29pm
"Larger portion of the Bay Area now included in the critical fire danger this weekend. All of the North Bay, the Inland East Bay, Santa Clara Hills, Santa Cruz Mountains and the San Mateo coastline. Our ridge tops could gust up to 60mph. Stay aware"
 Friday, October 27 ,2023 at 11:18am
Lots of great Halloween events this weekend. For all the details, news and more, check out the WMF Newsletter then subscribe:

- A Day of the Dead altar at the Inverness Library is open for photographs of loved ones until Oct. 31. Also, pick up a free pumpkin on the porch and take it home for your festivities or return your jack ‘o lantern to register for a contest. The winner will receive dinner for four from Café Reyes.

- A West Marin Day of the Dead celebration takes place from 4 to 7 p.m., starting with a procession from the West Marin Pharmacy to the Toby’s parking lot. A ceremony will be followed by pozole and hot drinks. Come with faces painted and bring a bowl, mug and flatware. A ceremonial altar will be on display through Nov. 3 for your offerings.

- An MC Yogi Halloween Party takes place from 7:30 to 10 p.m. at Toby’s Feed Barn. $35 for adults, or $15 for youth. Family-friendly, alcohol-free. Come dressed as a mystical animal. All proceeds benefit a local art mural by Michael Garlington celebrating Point Reyes. Tickets at

- A Halloween Costume Ball with El Radio Fantastique starts at 7 p.m. at the Tomales Town Hall. Doors open 6:30 p.m., music starts at 8 p.m. $20 tickets at the door. Full bar, warm food and desserts available for purchase. Ages 21 and over.

- DJ Raven spins for a Halloween party and costume contest at 9 p.m. at the Western, in Point Reyes Station. $10.
 Wednesday, October 25 ,2023 at 9:32am
If you are interested in keeping our local community healthy, this would be a good meeting to attend.