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 Thursday, March 7 ,2019 at 7:48am
"Sir Francis Drake Blvd is closed between Platform Bridge Rd and the entrance to Samual P Taylor State Park due to a large tree down. Marin County Fire Department crews are working to cut up the tree but it will likely take at least an hour. Use alternate routes. Update: @marin county department Marin County Public Works is on scene and estimating the road will be closed until 10AM. Use an alternate route." - CHPMarin (thx LP and BE)
 Wednesday, March 6 ,2019 at 9:34am
Be safe, make good choices. "Shoreline Highway just south of Tomales at 7:30am. Bring a kayak." (Thx CG)
 Wednesday, March 6 ,2019 at 7:35am
"Tree down blocking both lanes at 1500 Nicasio Valley Road. Hopefully open around 8:00am but no guarantees!" (Thx RMB)
 Tuesday, March 5 ,2019 at 1:34pm
More road wash out in the park. A second stop sign is set up on Sir Francis Drake in Point Reyes by Mt Vision road. (Thx AN)
 Monday, March 4 ,2019 at 5:14pm
"The next storm system will bring rain and wind to the area Tuesday through Wednesday. Impacts include minor flooding of roadways and small streams, small rock/land slides, and isolated power outages."
 Sunday, March 3 ,2019 at 3:11pm
In Inverness, the Chicken Ranch Beach Waterfall has emerged from Channel B. Quite a sight. (Thx ER) #waterfall
 Sunday, March 3 ,2019 at 10:46am
Happening today, March 3, from 3pm to 6pm: "Please join us in a celebration of the life of Byron Muntyan. We will be gathering at the Dance Palace to enjoy music, food, and memories of Byron. If you would like to help with setup at 2:30 or clean up after the event, please let us know."
 Sunday, March 3 ,2019 at 10:46am
A rainy Sunday afternoon puzzle. A reader sent in the cover of this book published in Inverness (1976?) and is about Inverness. Does anyone know anything more about the book or the author? Some of the text from the book in the comments.
 Saturday, March 2 ,2019 at 11:45am
Something is going on in San Anselmo, "Central Marin PD is working a critical incident in the area please shelter in place until further notification" on Grove Hill Ave.
 Thursday, February 28 ,2019 at 7:34pm
Via PRNPS "Storm damage update: the road to McClures Beach is closed due to severe damage. The parking lot for Tomales Point Trail is open."
 Thursday, February 28 ,2019 at 2:28pm
Storm clean up continues in Inverness where a clogged culvert is causing water flow issues. Thanks to Marin Public Works for being on it (and cleaning up that huge slide across from the boatel). (Thx SC)
 Thursday, February 28 ,2019 at 7:44am
"Road UPDATE: Levee Road and Platform Bridge Road are now OPEN. " via Marin Public Works
 Wednesday, February 27 ,2019 at 8:48pm
The water on Levee Rd. has subsided but the 'road closed' signs are still there and apparently the CHP is asking people not to drive on the rode until DPW has a chance to clear off the debris from the flood. Apparently driving over it now with the debris damages the road. I heard that CHP had stopped some folks who drove through and asked them not too.
 Wednesday, February 27 ,2019 at 8:41am
Big tree down in Inverness Park, direct hot to propane tank. (Thx AN)
 Wednesday, February 27 ,2019 at 7:10am
Levee road is closed. Bear Valley Rd is open. You can get to Point Reyes from Olema on Rt 1 (minimal flooding). PR/Petaluma Rd is open. Sir Francis Drake to Fairfax open. Lots of slides and debris, drive safe. Thank you to Marin Public Works for getting up super early and clearing slides and trees.
 Wednesday, February 27 ,2019 at 6:40am
Just gearing up for commute, has anyone made it over the hill yet?
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 9:50pm
"This pic is the forecast model for this evening at approximately 9:40 pm. Heavy pulse due to move in through midnight tonight. Plan ahead and stay off the roads if possible."
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 9:33pm
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 8:48pm
A brave duo making their way to Point Reyes on the Levee Rd. this afternoon. (thx AH)
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 6:31pm
This is an incredible story from West Marin resident William Barrett that happened on Lucas Valley Rd. on Monday night. Drive safe everyone. Thank you to all the emergency crews in West Marin who keep us safe. "Rainy night. Dark country roads. Overturned car in a rapidly rising creek. Got there just before all the emergency crews. Me and my little flashlight looking for anyone in the car. The door on the downside, in the water, was open and I was dreading seeing a body further down the creek. Luckily (?) the lone occupant was caught up in their seat belt and still in the car but unable to get out. Heroes arrived and I left. Whew." MORE HERE:
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 4:49pm
Bear Valley Rd is open and passable but getting to Point Reyes via Rt 1 gets challenging right at Marin Sun Farms. We saw cars drive though, but it's risky. Trucks are going through Levee Rd, but not advised.
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 2:44pm
"Point Reyes Hostel is welcoming all evacuees of flooded homes from West Marin we will comp tonights' stay. Please call the office for details 415 663 8811 or if you make it up here just turn up by 10pm!"
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 1:46pm
Via KWMR, "Bear Valley Road at 1:11 PM. Passable by higher clearance vehicles."
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 1:17pm
From Ann Abbott Hildeggard, "what resources are there for those who live on the levee road? I need somewhere to in the downstairs unit 3rd house down from the green bridge. cold and wet from leaving. please post any info or PM me" Does anyone have some info for her?
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 12:33pm
"Dear Friends, We have decided to close Station House Cafe for the rest of today. Our staff needs to get home safely and we hope you do, too! Thank you."
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 12:18pm
Stay safe, make good choices everyone. "It's not getting better on Hwy 1 north of Olema just before Pt Reyes Station. Small car is stuck. Good Samaritan trying to pull him out." via
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 11:34am
The creek in Point Reyes is getting very close to the Green Bridge. (thx DL)
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 11:06am
The Inverness Park Market is open today, Dan is manning the shop. No deli or tap room, but you can get groceries there for those stuck on this side Levee Rd.
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 10:18am
The Wells Fargo bank in Point Reyes is closed due to flooding. Creek getting high. (thx DP)
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 10:01am
"Today, February 26th Due to weather conditions Coastal Health Alliance will be Closed. We are on Call 24/7: 415-663-8666"
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 8:02am
Levee Road and Bear Valley Road are closed due to flooding. Heavy flooding on PR/Petaluma Rd too. Shelter in place, do not risk it today.
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 7:17am
Via KWMR "DPW is closing Sir Francis Drake in Olema due to landslides on Olema Hill and beyond. Platform Bridge Road is closed. Levee Road is closed."
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 7:01am
I'm hearing reports that both the levee road and bear valley road are flooded and impassable in low riding cars. Can anyone confirm?
 Tuesday, February 26 ,2019 at 6:03am
Via KWMR: "Nicasio Valley Road is closed between Lucas Valley and Sir Francis Drake due to a large tree down. ETA for opening is not known at this time."
 Sunday, February 24 ,2019 at 12:13pm
From West Marin Share: "If you or someone you know "scored" a stainless steel stand for a table top last week, on the sidewalk by the old Creamery building - BRING IT BACK! It wasn't for "free" - it was CLAM's new table stand for our new table, and we took it out to the sidewalk to CLEAN IT. Can you imagine all the work that went into finding the right table, getting it from over the hill, cleaning it up - so that we might have a nice office to receive visitors? And doing this in the midst of all our other work - and then, when we're ready to put it all together....the stand is gone? Literally, disappeared? Our hearts dropped to the floor. No shame or guilt - we all put things out for free here in West Marin. But this wasn't that. Please drop it back by the CLAM office ASAP. We'll give you a free ceramic CLAM chowder bowl and spoon for your effort. Thank you! - Kim"
 Sunday, February 24 ,2019 at 11:45am
"ªI'd like to know more about this hole."¬
 Sunday, February 24 ,2019 at 8:30am
"Updated rainfall forecast. Heaviest rain expected from Monday afternoon through Tuesday night, with highest rain totals forecast across the North Bay. A Flood Watch is in effect for #Sonoma, #Napa, and #Marin Counties from Monday afternoon through Wednesday night."
 Thursday, February 21 ,2019 at 4:51pm
Sorry for the late notice. Important town hall meeting at The Dance Palace in Point Reyes tonight at 6:30pm that's a follow up about the last one about the impact on tourism on West Marin.
 Tuesday, February 19 ,2019 at 5:02pm
Inverness water update: "Boil Water Order Cancelled. The State's Division of Drinking Water has notified us that two rounds of lab results show that tap water in all areas served by the I.P.U.D. Water System is now potable and safe for drinking and cooking. Thank you for your cooperation!" More info:
 Tuesday, February 19 ,2019 at 8:50am
Update on the Inverness water situation: "Monday, feb. 18, 2019: as of 4 p.M., the boil water order is still in effect for the 185 affected customers. Water samples sent to the lab yesterday all came back negative for bacterial contamination in our water mains and a second round of samples is now at the lab. We hope that if they also come back negative on tuesday morning, the water board's division of drinking water will give us the all-clear to cancel the boil water order. Check the link below (which has been updated) to see if your property is in the affected area." For latest information and affected areas, go here:
 Sunday, February 17 ,2019 at 7:58am
Apparently Nicks Cove was on SNL last night, anyone see it? (Thx MS)
 Saturday, February 16 ,2019 at 3:53pm
"ªLucas Valley Rd is now open."¬ (Thx MM)
 Saturday, February 16 ,2019 at 1:23pm
"Lucas Valley Rd. is closed from Big Rock to Nicasio Valley Rd. PG&E on scene and hope to have road opened by 3:00 pm."
 Saturday, February 16 ,2019 at 7:57am
"Tree down in the area of 5900 Lucas Valley Rd. Blocking both lanes. Power lines involved. Will be a little while..." (Thx RB)
 Friday, February 15 ,2019 at 9:22pm
Report of an accident on Lucas Valley Rd with traffic control. Proceed with caution.
 Friday, February 15 ,2019 at 10:30am
Dumping hail in Inverness right now.
 Friday, February 15 ,2019 at 8:31am
Levee Road is open.
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 8:37pm
Just saw another blast of blue light over Tomales Bay, did another transformer blow? Power popped again too.
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 6:52pm
Electricity just went off and on in Inverness. A resident reported: "Just saw two transformers light up over in the Mesa in Pt Reyes." (Thx SLG)
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 5:37pm
Here is the water main that broke this morning on Woodhaven in Inverness. (Thx TT)
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 4:53pm
"ªLevee Road in Point Reyes still closed as of 4:45pm."¬
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 1:05pm
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 10:56am
"Portola Ave is closed near Balboa Ave in Inverness Park outside of Point Reyes Station. Downed tree and power lines. Once power lines are addressed by @PGE4Me, our road crews will handle clearing the road."
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 10:56am
Scenes from around Point Reyes and Inverness of the storm.
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 10:56am
A large tree fell in Inverness last night taking out this car. Fortunately everyone was ok. (Thx IW)
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 8:52am
Levee Road in Point Reyes is open but water is quite high. Going around Rt 1 to Olema is much safer option.
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 8:12am
INVERNESS WATER EMERGENCY: BOIL WATER NOTICE in Inverness. A major water main break has occurred early today (Thursday, Feb, 14) in the service area of the Inverness P.U.D. Water System. Some areas of town are without water. ALL CUSTOMERS of the I.P.U.D. Water system are advised: DO NOT DRINK THE WATER without first boiling it for five minutes. - via Wade Holland and IPUD
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 7:55am
There are reports that Levee Road is not passable due to high water. People have been using Bear Valley Rd. to Olema and then to Rt. 1 to Point Reyes.
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 7:55am
It also sounds like there is a water main that is broken in Inverness. People on Madrone Ave. are reporting they have no water.
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 7:36am
Via Marin County Sheriff:
The following are known road closures in unincorporated Marin County:
153 Carson Rd., Woodacre
Hwy 1, South of Stinson Beach
Hwy 1, between Tomales-Petaluma and Marshall-Petaluma Rd.
Lucas Valley Rd between Los Gamos and N/B Hwy 101 onramp
Ocean Parkway, Bolinas; between Sycamore and Opal Rd.
Panoramic Hwy--Closed
Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Inverness between Mt. Vision Rd. and Pierce Point Rd. (high clearance vehicles only)
Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Inverness; between Rannoch and Woodhaven (1/2 roadway blocked by tree down)
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 7:06am
Apparently a 60 foot fir went down on Ottingers Hill over SFD last night. Trees down blocking both ends of Via de la Vista in Inverness. Someone mentioned water is high on Levee Rd? Any other reports?
 Thursday, February 14 ,2019 at 6:35am
"ªVia de la vista in Inverness totally blocked this morning. @DPWMarin @MarinSheriff "¬
 Wednesday, February 13 ,2019 at 8:03pm
Just drove home and another tree down north of Inverness. Wind is howling. Take care out there. Also sounds like power is off in parts of Inverness Park?
 Wednesday, February 13 ,2019 at 3:00pm
Just north of Inverness two very nasty mudslides have started moving. Be very careful in that area, especially as it gets dark.
 Wednesday, February 13 ,2019 at 11:25am
Basically, avoid the park today. "Road Alert: Pierce Point Rd at Kehoe Beach trailhead is now closed due to road conditions." Photo is of the flooding by Mt Vision Rd on SFD (by old oyster farm). A car had stalled after going through deep water. Be safe everyone.
 Wednesday, February 13 ,2019 at 9:52am
Via PRNPS "Roads Update: Sir Francis Drake by Mt. Vision Rd is flooded and currently impassable. Pierce Point Rd. by Kehoe Beach trailhead is also flooded. Exercise extreme caution today. (ca)"
 Wednesday, February 13 ,2019 at 8:48am
Via Marin County Sheriff "Due to storm related rainfall, Highway 1, South of Tomales-Petaluma Rd is completely flooded and is impassable."
 Monday, February 11 ,2019 at 7:59pm
Via NWS Bay Area: "Wet weather returns midweek in a big way. What makes this storm unique is its slow-moving nature. The atmospheric river looks like it will stall out just a bit, creating a second, extended wave of precipitation. It will start Tuesday evening then there will be rounds of heavy rain on Wednesday and Thursday. It's longer duration increases concerns for flooding. Two to three inches are predicted in the North Bay." Be prepared.
 Monday, February 11 ,2019 at 11:21am
"ªBecause the photo wasn't enough"¬
 Thursday, February 7 ,2019 at 1:02pm
This is a mess if you commute, "#BREAKING: Both the eastbound lowerdeck and westbound upperdeck of the Richmond"“San Rafael Bridge are closed after big chunks of concrete reportedly fell from the upper deck onto the lower lanes."
 Tuesday, February 5 ,2019 at 8:29am
Snow in West Marin. By the Nicasio Reservoir and on Lucas Valley/Big Rock. #snow (Thx DW) any other snow photos?
 Monday, February 4 ,2019 at 12:10pm
According to Marin County Sheriff's Office: "It's snowing on Mt. Tam ❄️. Here's a view from West Point Inn looking towards Muir Woods." A possibility of more snow in West Marin tonight and into tomorrow.
 Sunday, February 3 ,2019 at 8:17pm
"In January, on a hike with friends, in a remote part of the park (off Pierce Point Road but not at Kehoe), we found a WWII practice bomb. One of the kids spotted it. It was mostly buried in the sand with just a tiny bit of the back fins sticking out. Initially I thought it was fishing or marine debris, but once we unearthed it, it looked clearly like a weapon. Since we did not know if it was "live", we left it (it is also illegal to remove things from the park). The Visitor's Center was closed due to the shutdown, so I called the Sheriff's non-emergency number to report it. I quickly got a call from one of the NPS rangers on duty. The NPS ranger went out for it immediately (a huge thank you to the rangers working during shutdown!). An expert confirmed for the NPS it was an MK 43 practice bomb, which did originally have a charge. The pin was out of this one. Never expected to find WWII weapons (practice or otherwise) in the Park!" - Sarah C. Killingsworth
 Saturday, February 2 ,2019 at 11:15am
Drakes Beach (or rather parking lot) re-opened today. It will be open from 9 to 5 on the weekends to see the elephant seal mayhem. A lot of rangers, park staff and volunteers working hard to make this happen. Thank you. Point Reyes National Seashore
 Friday, February 1 ,2019 at 11:10am
ALERT: West Marin folks should be prepared for a very high wind/storm event this afternoon into tomorrow morning. Look out for trees falling and debris in roads. Stay away from downed power lines. Get ready for the power being out. Do not drive into standing water. "In coastal NorCal and even parts of coastal SoCal, this could be strongest wind event in at least several years. Rapidly-deepening surface low near NorCal coast close to historical analogues for major CA winter windstorms. Widespread significant impacts likely."
 Thursday, January 31 ,2019 at 3:14pm
Get ready. Be safe. From Bay Area NWS: "FLASH FLOOD WATCH IN EFFECT FROM FRIDAY EVENING THROUGH LATE FRIDAY NIGHT, Heavy rainfall over a short amount of time will likely inundate storm drains with rapid rises on small creeks and streams. HIGH WIND WATCH IN EFFECT FROM FRIDAY AFTERNOON THROUGH LATE FRIDAY NIGHT WINDS... Southeast 25 to 40 mph with gusts 50 to 60 mph."
 Thursday, January 31 ,2019 at 3:14pm
The Associated Press picked up the story of the elephant seals taking over the Drakes Beach and almost every major news outlet around the world has picked it up with their own spin. It has gone viral as they say. Should be interesting to see how this all plays out. NYTimes:
 Wednesday, January 30 ,2019 at 9:54pm
Skunk mating season is upon us which means the males who have bad eyesight get crazy and run into the road. Someone put this very sweet sign up in Point Reyes as a reminder to be careful. #skunk #mating #loopy