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 Sunday, July 2 ,2023 at 10:04pm
The full “Buck” moon over Tomales Bay tonight.
 Saturday, July 1 ,2023 at 10:05am
Some great stuff happening today and tomorrow.

The West Marin Culture shop at the Creamery in Point Reyes Station has a "soft" opening today from 10pm - 4pm. Tomorrow (Sunday) they are having a special event with food, music and all sorts of good stuff from 1pm - 4pm.

The Blunk Space in Point Reyes Station has an exhibition of hand made knives made by Everett Noel inspired by JB Blunk. Both the blades and the handles are handcrafted and are functional pieces of art.

And the farmer's market is happening today in Point Reyes Station. So if you can, get into town and support the local community, artisans, food producers and businesses on this beautiful day.
 Saturday, July 1 ,2023 at 8:36am
West Marin Culture Shop hosts a soft opening from 1 to 4 p.m. on the lawn behind the former Cowgirl Creamery barn, in Point Reyes Station. Live music by Jeff Manson, the One Van Band and Trudy Monk. Be there!
 Friday, June 30 ,2023 at 2:23pm
Anyone else seeing lots of yellowjackets? WMF has a big nest under our eaves. And we spotted this nest on Shell Beach in Inverness. Beautiful but keep your distance.
 Sunday, June 11 ,2023 at 11:41pm
About two weeks ago a really nice couple traveling through Inverness Park had their cat, “Tails”, run off into the bushes and was lost. They put up signs everywhere and locals rallied to help them. And today they found her!
 Friday, June 9 ,2023 at 9:05am
Congratulations to the West Marin School eight grade class of 2023 who graduated last night. So proud of all of you! And the staff, teachers, parents and everyone else who supported them!
 Wednesday, June 7 ,2023 at 3:21pm
If you've seen Maya, she is missing.
 Tuesday, June 6 ,2023 at 7:56am
Lightning strikes this morning off the coast of Point Reyes on the lightning tracker app.
 Monday, June 5 ,2023 at 9:57pm
An update about the incident in San Geronimo Valley last week: "At the conclusion of the autopsy, it was determined, based on all available evidence, the injuries sustained were caused by a blunt force strike. Sheriff’s Investigations Division now investigating the possibility the subject was kicked by horse."

 Sunday, June 4 ,2023 at 10:09pm
Epic weather, an amazing parade and great crowds for Western Weekend in Point Reyes today
 Saturday, June 3 ,2023 at 2:55pm
Missing Person:
Matthew Accurso
Last seen 06/01/23
Point Reyes Station
Call: 415 726 8338
 Friday, June 2 ,2023 at 9:56pm
Information is limited but it sounds like there was a possible shooting near the golf course in San Geronimo and the authorities are still looking for the suspect. There is a shelter in place in effect around the golf course and if you see any suspicious activity, call the police. I have heard reports SFD is closed in that area as well, so plan accordingly. Be safe everyone.
 Friday, June 2 ,2023 at 3:44pm
The Western Weekend is upon us. Here are some highlights:

- There is a barn dance at the Dance Palace in Point Reyes at 5pm on Saturday with performances by the Point Reyes Children's Choir and the Tomales Bay Sirens.

- The Haggards play the Western Saloon on Saturday night.

- The Western Weekend parade starts at noon on Sunday in Point Reyes.

More events, news and weather in the WMF Weekend Update. Read it here then subscribe:
 Friday, June 2 ,2023 at 9:30am
One of those magic mornings on Tomales Bay in Inverness where everything is just perfect.
 Sunday, May 28 ,2023 at 2:12pm
This cat named “Tails” was lost on the bunny trail at White House Pool in Inverness Park. If you’ve seen her, please call 626 636 0304.
 Friday, May 26 ,2023 at 5:26pm
The big Memorial Day weekend is here:

The Point Reyes Open Studios are open from 11am to 5pm on Sat, Sun and Mon.

Local artist Tom Biagini is having an open studio at his gallery at 5 Inverness Way from 11pm to 5pm and CutE Coffee will be doing coffee!

Llewellyn Ludlow, a local artist from Bolinas, has some of his paintings of west marin on display at The Tap Room in Inverness Park through July.

Pablo Cruise plays Sunday afternoon and Los Lobos plays Monday afternoon at Rancho Nicasio.

More events and news:
 Thursday, May 25 ,2023 at 8:21am
The person injured in the recent motorcycle accident in Inverness Park was local resident Noe Rodriguez. If you don't know Noe, he is one of the sweetest, kindest guys around. He is currently in the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek with serious injuries and mounting medical bills. Please give what you can to support him and his family and share this with others. Thank you.
 Wednesday, May 24 ,2023 at 9:15am
Two emergencies yesterday in West Marin.

In the afternoon two kayakers were in distress in Tomales Bay which led to a full emergency response with helicopters. I heard that Shannon and Anthony from the Marshall Store assisted in the rescue. Everyone was ok.

Later there was a bad motorcycle accident in Inverness Park that required a helicopter transport. Our heart goes out to the person injured in that accident, I hope they are ok.

If you want current updates on these type of events, those are on the WMF Twitter feed (not FB). And if you don't want to be on Twitter (I see you John Aucoin), you can go to the WMF web site and see the Twitter feed there without going to Twitter.


WMF web site feed:

Photo of helicopter taking off from Love Field in Point Reyes Station by WMF.
 Wednesday, May 17 ,2023 at 9:02pm
There have been many rumors over the years about the Old Western Saloon in Point Reyes Station being for sale. A sharp eyed WMF supporter spotted this listing today on Craig's List. Maybe this time it is for real?

 Monday, May 15 ,2023 at 6:04pm
After fielding many questions about the mysterious white objects on the east side of Tomales Bay, WMF went to investigate. Turns out they are giant marshmallows. It’s a marshmallow farm. They’re extra big this year because of the rains. Now you know.
 Saturday, May 13 ,2023 at 11:37am
Free toxic away day today in Point Reyes Station.
 Thursday, May 11 ,2023 at 3:26pm
Tonight at West Marin School in Point Reyes Station!
 Tuesday, May 9 ,2023 at 4:13pm
Hearing lots of reports of some very loud blackhawk helicopters over West Marin today, anyone see/hear them?
 Monday, May 8 ,2023 at 11:19am
All sorts of interesting things went down this weekend in West Marin including dead whales, shark sightings and sightings of sharks eating dead whales.

Read all about it here plus get the latest events and weather.

Photograph of two bald eagles taking a meal away from an osprey over Tomales Bay by Daniel Dietrich.

Shark photos here:

Daniel Dietrich's IG here:
 Saturday, May 6 ,2023 at 8:13pm
Sorry dubs. Let’s get the next one. Saturday sunset in Point Reyes.
 Friday, May 5 ,2023 at 6:42pm
A car crash was reported early this morning on Rt1 south of Marshall but the driver was not found. A missing persons report came out for the 22 year old driver later in the day. Then he was found deep in the brush about 400 yards from the road. A helicopter assist was called in and pulled him out. Sounds like he is ok.
 Friday, May 5 ,2023 at 3:13pm
There is so much going on this weekend. Be sure to click this link to see the WMF Weekend Update:

Here is a sample:

Dance Palace Kids Theater presents “The Last Wild Witch,” an eco-fable by Starhawk, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the community center. $5 tickets at the door.

JCDC, featuring Jeff Crosby and Darci Carlson, plays high-energy rocking country at 5 p.m. outdoors at Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, in Bolinas. $12 tickets at

Slide Ranch’s Spring Fling takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with baby animals, portraits, guided hikes, demos, a farmstand, food for purchase and more. $39 advance tickets, with children under 2 free, at

Bolinas Museum’s 40th Birthday Celebration takes place from noon to 2 p.m. in the courtyard with cupcakes, Straus ice cream and a program of sharing memories and future plans.

An opening reception for a new exhibit by Chris Redding, “Ephemeral Light,” takes place from 2 to 4 p.m. at Toby’s Feed Barn, in Point Reyes Station. The work shows through May 29.

A Limantour beach cleanup takes place from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., organized by Hannah Price as a mitzvah project for her bat mitzvah with support from the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin. Email to sign up.

If I missed something, put it in the comments below. Be safe everyone!

Photo by WMF
 Thursday, May 4 ,2023 at 2:37pm
WMF doesn't really do trends, but here are some crazy photos of Carrie Fisher doing a dad/daughter day at Stinson Beach. May the fourth truly be with you.
Photos by Aaron Rapoport.
 Wednesday, May 3 ,2023 at 9:28am
The search for the mythical Bo/Stinson express tunnel did not turn out well this morning for this driver. Roads are slick, drive safely. (Thx LR)
 Tuesday, May 2 ,2023 at 8:48am
Some big rainbow May energy in Point Reyes Station this morning. (Thx Malloy and @wildwestferments )
 Sunday, April 30 ,2023 at 7:48am
Bobcat? Juvenile mountain lion? Or just a big house cat?
 Friday, April 28 ,2023 at 3:04pm
The Olema Campground laundromat is back open. People might underestimate how important a local resource this is.
 Thursday, April 27 ,2023 at 10:37am
If you have thoughts about short term rentals, and I'm sure you do, Marin County wants to hear them. Today is the last day to take their short term rental survey. Your voice is important!
 Sunday, April 23 ,2023 at 9:14pm
It was amazing when the Nicasio reservoir spilled over for the first time in years. Next question is, when will it stop flowing?
 Sunday, April 23 ,2023 at 8:05am
Bolinas, yesterday.
 Thursday, April 20 ,2023 at 8:15pm
This is a real estate listing from the Point Reyes Light from 1966. Wonder what the interest rates were. (Thx MN)
 Thursday, April 20 ,2023 at 6:47pm
Late evening to dawn on the nights of April 21-22 and April 22-23 will be the best time to watch the Lyrid meteor shower.
 Wednesday, April 19 ,2023 at 3:50pm
On Saturday April 15 Tomales High School Junior Ramón Romo Zúñiga was in a car accident. Due to complications from the accident, Ramon passed on Sunday April 16. After losing their home in a fire in February 26, the Romo Zúñiga family is facing another tragedy and is in a desperate need to pay for funeral expenses. We are turning to the community to support this family through an impossibly difficult time. Funds need to be raised by Friday April 24 in order to secure the funeral services. WMCS created this campaign in collaboration with Tomales Elementary Family Advocate Cristina Salcedo. We ask you to show your support by donating today.


El sábado 15 de abril Ramón Romo Zúñiga, Junior de la Preparatoria Tomales, tuvo un accidente automovilístico. Debido a complicaciones del accidente, Ramón falleció el domingo 16 de abril. Luego de perder su hogar en un incendio el 26 de febrero, la familia Romo Zúñiga enfrenta otra tragedia y necesita desesperadamente pagar los gastos del funeral. Estamos recurriendo a la comunidad para apoyar a esta familia en un momento increíblemente difícil. Los fondos deben recaudarse antes del viernes 24 de abril para asegurar los servicios funerarios. WMCS creó esta campaña en colaboración con la Defensora de la Familia de la Escuela Primaria Tomales, Cristina Salcedo. Le pedimos que muestre su apoyo donando hoy. For questions please contact us / Para preguntas, por favor contáctenos: 415-663-8361 For questions please contact us / Para preguntas, por favor contáctenos: 415-663-8361
 Monday, April 17 ,2023 at 1:54pm
Close one. Anyone feel it?
 Monday, April 17 ,2023 at 9:22am
A couple of pieces of interesting news and events coming up this week. Be sure to check out the weekly WMF update here for all the details:

- An International Dark Sky celebration featuring speakers Don Jolley, Supervisor Dennis Rodoni, Laura Arndt and Peggy Day, plus a video, information tables and light refreshments, starts at 6 p.m. on Wednesday (April 19) at the Dance Palace Community Center. Free. Details at

- Archival video of Point Reyes residents reacting to the news of their little town paper winning the Pulitzer for reporting on the Synanon cult.

- 420, now a world wide tradition, is almost here and two groups of lifelong friends are still bickering about the origin story which involves Point Reyes, a treasure map and, gasp, smoking weed.

- The 14th Annual Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival takes place from 7 a.m. today through Sunday, with over 40 field events throughout West Marin and beyond. Presented by the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin. Register at
 Wednesday, April 12 ,2023 at 4:33pm
A huge tree down on Balboa Ave in Inverness Park shut power down in Inverness and Inverness Park. PGE restoration time to power outage in Inverness and Inverness Park is 9:30pm. (Thx ANB)
 Wednesday, April 12 ,2023 at 3:03pm
Usually WMF leaves the plane spotting posts on Twitter, but this is an interesting one. Anyone else see this Lockheed U-2 flying overhead just now? Looks like its doing some sort of sweep of the Bay Area.
 Wednesday, April 12 ,2023 at 8:33am
Beach quiz of the week. Anyone know what this is? Found at the beaches in Point Reyes yesterday. (Thx SC)
 Monday, April 10 ,2023 at 3:21pm
In case you were wondering. They look like a gray slime right now.
 Sunday, April 9 ,2023 at 9:41am
BREAKING: Apparently the Point Reyes hardware store kitties got after the Easter display in the store last night. Naughty kitties! (Thx MM)
 Friday, April 7 ,2023 at 9:57pm
Local fishermen taking this one hard. "West Coast fishery managers have officially recommended the cancellation of California salmon fishing season this year."
 Wednesday, April 5 ,2023 at 8:02pm
An incredible pink moon full moon over Tomales Bay tonight. ❤️
 Tuesday, April 4 ,2023 at 7:55pm
A local resident recently found this on a beach in Point Reyes, anyone know what it is? (Thx GK)
 Monday, April 3 ,2023 at 7:50pm
A late wind surge took some trees and power lines down in Inverness and IP. This one on Mesa Rd by the Inverness School. (Thx WB)
 Sunday, April 2 ,2023 at 6:52pm
Epic Tomales Bay rainbow this evening from Inverness. (Thx EH)
 Wednesday, March 29 ,2023 at 2:20pm
A serene morning on Tomales Bay before a quick rain shower passed through.
 Tuesday, March 28 ,2023 at 9:39am
From the Marin County Sheriff: "Please be advised that Shoreline Highway is closed from Sir Francis Drake to Olema/Bolinas Road, due to a traffic incident involving utility lines. The road is expected to reopen at noon, updates to be provided as needed. Please avoid the area and find alternate routes if you must travel."
 Sunday, March 26 ,2023 at 7:09pm
It’s not clear what’s happening on Bear Valley Rd. Signs say road closed, but the road at Rt1 in Olema is open with one lane where the huge fallen tree took out a chunk of pavement. The big issue is that this is one of the only two access roads. If this road fails and SFD between Inverness Park and PRS floods, that cuts us off.
 Sunday, March 26 ,2023 at 12:54pm
Bear Valley Rd is closed at the intersection at Rt 1 in Olema. If you’re trying to get to Rt 1 from Inverness Park, take SFD to Rt 1. (Thx DW)
 Saturday, March 25 ,2023 at 11:49am
One of the biggest trees that WMF has seen just fell down in Olema this morning. The noise must have been so loud. Anyone know the details?
 Sunday, March 19 ,2023 at 9:10pm
For the first time in history (as far as people can recall) a West Marin boys basketball team won the CYOB basketball championship today at Terra Linda High School. Congrats to coaches Stephen Horvath and Mike Durkee.
 Sunday, March 19 ,2023 at 9:29am
A different perspective of Lagunitas Creek between Inverness Park and Point Reyes Station (levee rd) during the last storm when it flooded at high tide.

More photos and video here:

Shot by @boatingsausalito
 Sunday, March 19 ,2023 at 8:15am
A couple of rainy day events today:

A benefit art sale for artist Christine DeCamp takes place from noon to 3 p.m. at The Village Snipper (next door to KWMR), in Point Reyes Station. The sale continues next Sunday.

A talk-story circle about our relationship to nature in West Marin starts at 3 p.m. in Toby’s Feed Barn’s gallery, where Jan E. Watson’s retrospective photography exhibit, “I Was There: The People, The Stories, The Light: 27 Years in a Place Called Point Reyes,” is on display.

Celebrate the Indigenous communities that live and work in Marin at the Marin American Indian Alliance’s Marin Powwow from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday indoors at Miller Creek Middle School’s gym at 2255 Las Gallinas Ave. in San Rafael.
 Friday, March 17 ,2023 at 1:22pm
The West Marin Feed weekly email update is out. It was a big week, plus lots of events happening this weekend. And did someone say more rain? Read it here and get caught up. Then subscribe.
 Saturday, March 11 ,2023 at 11:00am
Wow. Lagunitas Creek near Point Reyes Station got within a couple of feet of the flood stage yesterday morning.

 Friday, March 10 ,2023 at 11:38am
The Olema Post Office is closed right now due to flooding. So everyone coming from Bolinas to get their mail, please wait until it reopens.
 Friday, March 10 ,2023 at 10:11am
Large water tank stuck under the green bridge by Point Reyes Station. (Thx @wildwestferments)
 Friday, March 10 ,2023 at 8:42am
SFD between Point Reyes Station and Inverness Park (levee road) has some flooding this morning. Lots of standing water around West Marin, be safe. (Thx MS)
 Wednesday, March 8 ,2023 at 11:56am
Bolinas residents just lost their local post office and have to drive 40 minutes to Olema to get their mail.

Help support them and its return by signing this petition. Then pass on to a friend and have them sign it too.

 Wednesday, March 8 ,2023 at 8:25am
There is a lot of hype around the incoming storm that starts tomorrow. Forecast models and forecasters are kind of all over the place. Not sure how much rain we'll see in West Marin, but it looks like we'll definitely see some. And more importantly, we're going to see a lot of wind. Wind knocks down trees which knocks out powerlines which knocks out power.

It may not be that big a deal, but be prepared in case it does turn into something nasty. Put gas in your car. Get ice in a cooler to save your food if you don't have a generator or battery. Grab some candles and batteries. Watch out for downed tree limbs and wires. Check in on neighbors who might need help.

The bigger story might be that there is a lot more rain after this storm and it will be wet and rivers running high for awhile.

Stay safe everyone.



Weather West:
 Monday, March 6 ,2023 at 6:47am
Early commuters watch out, some hectic conditions due to hail accumulation in West Marin. This is from the Nicasio Reservoir around 6am this morning. Very slippery. (Thx LR)
 Sunday, March 5 ,2023 at 10:36am
A great show of Jan E. Watson’s photographs from Point Reyes at Toby’s right now. Plus an event to go with it at 3pm today. Check it out!
 Saturday, March 4 ,2023 at 4:15pm
Looking for the owner of this dog found at The Palace Market in Point Reyes Station today.
 Friday, March 3 ,2023 at 10:22pm
WMF spotted this driving home in Inverness the other night. DO YOU SEE HIM?
 Friday, March 3 ,2023 at 4:14pm
The letter above is from local KWMR DJ and longtime Bolinas resident Ananda Brady and was delivered to Dennis Rodoni today. Service at the Bolinas post office was suspended today and residents will have to pick their mail up in Olema.

This message is from Bolinas resident Jeff Labovitz on NextDoor: "I have been corresponding with local government authorities about the eviction of the USPS since early December. They always respond "we are looking into it". The failure of government to protect the the entire community of Bolinas from the abuse of one greedy, and disgraceful property owner has no excuse despite all the babbling about "lawsuits" , USPS issues, etc.

It can only be summed up as the total lack of concern on the part of County, State and Federal offices with respect to that "go-it-alone" hippy community called BOLINAS.. How else can one explain the total lack of action against the calculated plot by Welch to extort Bolinas in the face of a groundless federal post office eviction and a lingering massive risky public health and safety hulk called the Waterhouse Building??

"We'll get back to you on that..someday"....
Signed, Rodoni, Huffman, Newsome.."

NextDoor link:

Bolinas Civic Group info:

PRLight story (paywall):
 Friday, March 3 ,2023 at 9:12am
Expect delays this morning on Rt 1 due to road paving. This is at the corner of levee rd by the green bridge in PRS.
 Thursday, March 2 ,2023 at 5:42pm
Major power outage in Inverness, Inverness Park and Point Reyes Station. But no outage on @PGE4Me outage map. Anyone have any info?
 Wednesday, March 1 ,2023 at 7:25pm
Venus and Jupiter kind of freaking WMF out over the Point Reyes sunset,
 Wednesday, March 1 ,2023 at 8:15am
There are wires down at the corner of SFD and Bear Valley Rd in Olema. Expect delays.
 Monday, February 27 ,2023 at 5:40pm
That was a glorious rainbow moving down Tomales Bay this afternoon.
 Friday, February 24 ,2023 at 4:37pm
Once in a lifetime shot of Stinson Beach from the snowy peaks above this morning. (Thx LS)
 Friday, February 24 ,2023 at 12:56pm
 Friday, February 24 ,2023 at 10:27am
Lots of white capped Mt Tam pictures rolling in this morning. (Thx TME)
 Thursday, February 23 ,2023 at 9:00pm
A rare “thundergraupel” in West Marin tonight! (WMF out of town, thx to @wildwestferments and AW)