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The West Marin Feed gained traction as a Facebook page and many of the local followers still find it there. Times have changed and Twitter has taken over as a better news medium, but WMF still posts on Facebook at least two or three times a week.

The best part about Facebook (if there is one) is that there is a lot of really good information that people are able to add to stories in the comments. Unfortunately, you have to go to the Facebook post itself to see these comments, they cannot be imported onto this feed.
 Tuesday, January 10 ,2017 at 9:38am
Via Burton - "West Marin residents will want to leave by way of Point Reyes/Petaluma Rd today. SFDB is closed in the park. Going to be a couple of hours."
 Tuesday, January 10 ,2017 at 9:10am
TRAFFIC ALERT: Traffic Alert - Tree down blocking Sir Francis Drake Bl in Samuel P Taylor Park. Waiting for emergency equipment.
 Tuesday, January 10 ,2017 at 8:55am
TRAFFIC REPORT: West Marin Feed: Good passage LUCAS VALLEY ROAD all the way to 101 (Passed at 5:30 AM)

In Point Reyes:
Power outage Mesa area at 5:15AM, maybe restored now PGE working AT THE Tomasini creek on 101 at that time. Only Mesa road flooded in the low areas. (Thx AV)
 Tuesday, January 10 ,2017 at 8:40am
TRAFFIC ALERT: SFD closed both directions until car that crashed trying to avoid tree is towed. Then tree will be removed. (Via KWMR)
 Monday, January 9 ,2017 at 10:36pm
Stop sign in place on Lucas Valley Road where side of road fell apart today. Down to one lane. Hopefully it holds. (Thx FP)
 Monday, January 9 ,2017 at 8:20pm
One lane traffic control in Tocaloma on SFD while PG&E does one heck of a job getting a power line back up
 Monday, January 9 ,2017 at 3:02pm
According to this article in the SFGate, Point Reyes received 6.8 inches of rain over the weekend.
 Monday, January 9 ,2017 at 10:33am
Via CHPMarin: "Alert!! Lucas Valley Rd just east of Nicasio Valley Rd is down to one lane due to a small slide. We are currently on scene with the Marin County Fire Department and Marin County Department of Public Works to evaluate. We are conducting one way traffic control while a plan to fix the road is developed. There is currently no ETA to have the entire roadway open. If you need to get to or from West Marin, use either Sir Francis Drake Blvd. or Novato Blvd. as an alternate."
 Monday, January 9 ,2017 at 8:50am
Levee Road is open and not flooded right now and passable. High tide is at 10:00pm so tread lightly.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 11:15pm
TRAFFIC UPDATE: CHPMarin just announced that Lucas Valley Road is now open. Yay.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 10:43pm
Richard James captured video of the rising waters from around West Marin this morning:
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 9:00pm
For those wondering what the week looks like, here is the NWS forecast. More wind and some rain on Monday. Tuesday the rain and wind increase and finally it tapers down with lighter rain towards the end of the week. LINK:
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 7:34pm
SCHOOL UPDATE: School cancelled for all of Shoreline tomorrow (Inverness school, West Marin school, Tomales and Bodega Bay) (thx LM)
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 5:50pm
"There's a water craft adrift and beached (for the moment, while the tide is out) at Cypress Grove in Marshall." (Thx RM)
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 5:19pm
The Palace Market is closing early at 6:30pm today so their workers can get home safely.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 4:33pm
TRAFFIC ALERT: Levy Road (SFD) now starting to flood at White House Pool. One lane is passable for now, proceed with extreme caution. People taking risks driving through deep water.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 4:03pm
"Per AT&T customer phone service a tower near Samuel P is "degraded due to storm" Crews are repairing it and hope to restore service by 3:00 a.m. Meanwhile wireless still works fir email and texting ." (Thx RD)
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 4:03pm
NWS: "We've extended our Wind Advisories and High Wind Warnings through 6PM PST this evening."
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 2:49pm
Reported: "AT&T cell phone tower out. No cell service in Point Reyes." AT&T phones and Internet also out in Seahaven. (Thx AF)
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 2:04pm
TRAFFIC UPDATE: Tree blocking Shoreline Hwy (SR1) south of Olema. No ETO.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 12:31pm
TRAFFIC ALERT: Platform Bridge Rd between Sir Francis Drake and Point Reyes Petaluma Rd is closed due to flooding. (Photo of gravel pit by Richard James)
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 12:00pm
Hang on. "Spectacular satellite imagery of powerful #AtmosphericRiver this AM. Heaviest rain still offshore; will move across Bay Area shortly."
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 11:16am
Lots of power outages in West Marin. Olema and Bear Valley HQ out. A lot of the valley out. Brown out conditions in Inverness Park and Inverness. (For latest storm updates without having to wait for FB, check out these links: and
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 11:01am
"Road closure in Forest Knolls on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard at Castro Street tree blocking both lanes" (For latest storm updates without having to wait for FB, check out these links: and
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 10:46am
Shoreline highway closed north of Stinson Beach Due to flooding.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 10:13am
SFD still closed at Ottingers Hill going into the park. Going to be closed for awhile, multiple trees down and a slide blocking road.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 10:13am
Have some good storm photos? Share them here. Sounds like we're going to get more wind then rain today in West Marin. Nick Whitney clears some brush in Inverness.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2017 at 8:36am
Traffic Updates: SFD open at platform bridge now. SFD closed at Ottingers Hill going into the park. Lucas Valley Road still closed.
 Saturday, January 7 ,2017 at 8:32pm
Bolinas Fairfax Road is closed at the Meadow Club in Fairfax down to Hwy 1. Tentatively reopening 1/13/17.
 Saturday, January 7 ,2017 at 7:34pm
 Saturday, January 7 ,2017 at 7:20pm
ROAD CLOSED: Lucas Valley Road is closed between Westgate Dr and Nicasio Valley Road

Lucas Valley Road is closed between Westgate Drive and Nicasio Valley Road due to downed trees and power lines. PG&E has been called and will respond to the location to handle the lines. Once they have been rendered safe the tree can be cleared from the road. There is no ETO at this time.

Drivers wishing to travel to or from this area of West Marin are encouraged to take Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to Nicasio Valley Road.
 Saturday, January 7 ,2017 at 6:51pm
TRAFFIC ALERT: Lucas Valley Road closed both ways east of Nicasio Valley Rd. due to tree and power lines down.
 Saturday, January 7 ,2017 at 5:20pm
An update on the 'atmospheric river'.
 Saturday, January 7 ,2017 at 1:00pm
Birds lining up in the defensive position in Inverness. (thx A)
 Saturday, January 7 ,2017 at 12:31pm
"You can get sandbags at the following locations: Pt. Reyes Public Safety Building, Woodacre Fire Department and the Tamalpias Community Center (203 Marin Ave.)" - via the Marin Sheriff
 Friday, January 6 ,2017 at 2:39pm
Ok, hopefully by now you know that this weekend is going to bring SERIOUS rain. A flood alert has already been issued: North Bay Flash Flood Watch from 1/7/2017 4:00 PM to 1/8/2017 7:00 PM. This is a MAJOR storm. Please prepare now, make sure you're prepared for power outages, stock up on food, charge cel phones, go talk to your neighbors, etc. I compiled some emergency resources in this list: feel free to add others in the comments here and I'll update. TWMF will be providing updates as they come in, you can always contact us with updates via Facebook or text me at 415-786-4703.
 Friday, January 6 ,2017 at 2:25pm
Paul Korhummel won the Sunrise Contest of the Year and its only January 6th. Incredible shot. I knew it was special this morning, but my car windows were iced shut and I couldn't rally. Great job Paul!
 Friday, January 6 ,2017 at 12:40pm
Two bald eagles playing with each other spotted off of Chicken Ranch Beach in Inverness today. A good omen?
 Friday, January 6 ,2017 at 9:50am
I missed the epic sunrise picture this morning (anyone else get one?), but saw that the Point Reyes Lighthouse Cam did a pretty good job of capturing the moment. Calm before the storm.
 Thursday, January 5 ,2017 at 12:22am
Major tree down in the Shell Beach parking lot in Inverness. Good thing no cars around. Be prepared for more trees coming down. (Thx KM)
 Wednesday, January 4 ,2017 at 11:11am
"Closed in #NorthOfPointReyes on Hwy 1 SB between Marshall Petaluma Rd and Point Reyes Petaluma Rd", this just report came in. Can anyone confirm?
 Tuesday, January 3 ,2017 at 9:15pm
Wind has gone next level now in Inverness. Just heard a report that a tree is down blocking a lane on Sir Francis Drake right before the boatel in Inverness (thx MM). NWS says this system will be strong until midnight and hopefully taper off after that.
 Tuesday, January 3 ,2017 at 8:18pm
Major power outages in the Valley as the wind and rain are really starting to surge now. Check for updates here:
 Tuesday, January 3 ,2017 at 6:35pm
Rain has slowed down but wind really picking up steam in Inverness. Local crews hard at work keeping roads clear. Any other reports?
 Monday, January 2 ,2017 at 10:12pm
Two great interviews on KWMR today with Dan Eilerman, the Assistant County Administrator and Doug Pittman, the Marin County Sheriff, about what effects the new administration may have on local affairs. Pittman also discusses the legality of people living in their cars in areas like Point Reyes and Bolinas. A very informative series. LINK:
 Monday, January 2 ,2017 at 5:54pm
More rain on the way! Heavy snow in Tahoe and there is snow in Healdsburg! Tomorrow will be very wet and very cold (snow for us?) Prepare accordingly, drive safe!
 Saturday, December 31 ,2016 at 7:35pm
Last sunset of 2016 in Point Reyes. So grateful to be here for it. Happy New Years everyone! #sunset
 Saturday, December 31 ,2016 at 3:02pm
Holiday traffic meets holiday traffic.
 Thursday, December 29 ,2016 at 10:37am
Here's a picture of accident on Lucas Valley Road by big rock. People say traffic not too bad now, tow truck on way. (Thx FP)
 Thursday, December 29 ,2016 at 10:06am
"Super icy on Lucas Valley. Car overturned eastbound below/before Big Rock. Everyone safe. CHP en route. Lane blocked with eastbound traffic piling up."
 Wednesday, December 28 ,2016 at 8:22pm
"The northbound lane of Shoreline Highway in the vicinity of the Bat House (mile marker 21) due to a vehicle rollover" - via KWMR
 Tuesday, December 27 ,2016 at 10:56am
The shuttle begins on Saturday! "Gray whales and elephant seals will be a main attraction for visitors in the coming weeks along the Point Reyes coastline, while scientists ponder whether humpbacks could appear again in San Francisco Bay in the spring in another "Whale-palooza" event. The Point Reyes National Seashore will begin offering a shuttle to view the whale and elephant seal activity beginning Saturday and running through early April. The bus can be boarded from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Ken Patrick Visitor Center at Drakes Beach, running in good weather on weekends and holidays. Children 15 and younger are free, with the cost for adults at $7." FULL STORY:
 Monday, December 26 ,2016 at 10:09pm
Right place, right time. Elephant rock in Point Reyes looking stoic this evening. (Thx SC) #pointreyes #sunset
 Sunday, December 25 ,2016 at 10:26am
Happy Holidays from The West Marin Feed!
 Saturday, December 24 ,2016 at 1:23pm
This car skidded off the road down into the bushes last night on Rt. 1 north of Point Reyes. Everyone was ok, but another reminder that the roads are slippery, drive slow and safe!
 Saturday, December 24 ,2016 at 12:55pm
"ªRt 1 closed just north of Point Reyes because of car off the road. No estimated time to open."¬ traffic totally stopped.
 Saturday, December 24 ,2016 at 11:52am
Anyone missing this elf?
 Friday, December 23 ,2016 at 11:35pm
Intense skies out at the great beach in Point Reyes tonight.
 Friday, December 23 ,2016 at 7:55pm
Not exactly gushing yet, but we'll call it the offical 'spillover' at the Nicasio Reservoir. It will pick up speed as more water comes out of the hills. (Thx JS)
 Thursday, December 22 ,2016 at 10:44am
"Northern elephant seals, their habitat battered by El Niño storms over the past 30 years on the Farallon Islands, may be moving to a more serene home in Marin County, according to new research.Numbers of elephant seals are on the upswing at Point Reyes, with 2016's peak counted at 1,966, up from 1,759 the prior year. The animals first started to reappear in Marin 1981." FULL STORY:
 Wednesday, December 21 ,2016 at 5:31pm
An uplifting holiday story...
 Tuesday, December 20 ,2016 at 10:04pm
Rolled into town just as someone let a little solstice pyre float down White House Pool. Happy Winter Solstice! Not sure it's a great idea, but pagans will be pagans.
 Monday, December 19 ,2016 at 6:47pm
"Traffic control in in effect on Sir Francis Drake Blvd in the vicinity of Perry's Deli due to a two vehicle collision" Via KWMR. Anyone have any details?
 Monday, December 19 ,2016 at 11:38am
From the Point Reyes Light Sheriff's Calls. Hopefully the deer is feeling better by now.
 Sunday, December 18 ,2016 at 12:41pm
Frosty day at the dock in Inverness in West Marin. #dock #westmarin #frost
 Sunday, December 18 ,2016 at 11:09am
Inverness Almanac art opening at Gallery Route One with Isis Hockenos and Madeline Hope today (Sun) from 2:00pm - 5:00pm.
 Saturday, December 17 ,2016 at 2:36pm
"Thanks to #Lighthouse volunteer John, we just saw our first southbound gray #whale!" - Point Reyes NPS
 Friday, December 16 ,2016 at 8:35am
"As of 5:50 AM, Lucas Valley Rd. at Big Rock has reopened. There are currently no closures in Marin CHP jurisdiction. @MarinSheriff @maringov"
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 8:10pm
STORM UPDATES: Deputies in West Marin reporting Platform Bridge Rd near Sir Francis Drake Blvd under several feet of water. Highway 1 between Pt Reyes Station to Olema reported as currently "impassible" by sheriff's deputies due to flooding.
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 7:25pm
STORM UPDATES: Sheriff's deputies working side by side with residents evacuating their homes along Castro St in Forest Knolls/Lagunitas due to flooding. Lucas Valley Road will be closed until tomorrow morning.
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 7:13pm
"More flooding at Platform Bridge and Sir Francis Drake Blvd." - thx BE
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 6:25pm
Rt 1. is flooded at the Olema Campground. Sir Francis Drake and Rt.1 through Bear Valley is still open. Sorry about not clarifying that.
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 5:39pm
ROAD CLOSURE UPDATES: Rt. 1 in Tomales is closed. Lucas Valley Road is closed due to powerlines down. Rt. 1 at Olema is also closed due to flooding and the Green Barn in Point Reyes is also flooding. Facebook stinks for rapid updates because they don't show updates by time they were posted. For up-to-date info, you can follow us on Twitter at or at our web site at
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 5:24pm
Via KWMR: "Lucas Valley Road is currently closed due to a tree down and power lines - 1/2 mile west of Big Rock. This is a longer term closure, please take another route. 3:11pm 12/15/2016"
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 4:26pm
"NORTH BAY: Hwy 1 at Tomales Rd.....The road is flooded (3 feet of water) and at least one vehicle is reportedly stuck on the roadway." - Reports are that hwy 1 is closed at Tomales, plan accordingly. Do not drive through standing water!
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 11:45am
"West Marin and Inverness Schools are calling an emergency minimum day. Inverness gets out at 12:15 and West Marin at 12:30. If your kids don't take the bus, you need to pick them up." Thx LM
 Thursday, December 15 ,2016 at 11:01am
Power outages be trees down as rain moves into West Main. An other reports?
 Wednesday, December 14 ,2016 at 8:28pm
The National Weather Service has issued an urban and small stream flood advisory for poor drainage areas in Marin County. This advisory is in effect until 6:00 AM PST Thursday

Heavy rain will develop tonight and continue Thursday. Overflowing poor drainage areas will result in minor flooding in the advisory
area. This advisory will be extended through Thursday morning. If conditions worsen it may need to be upgraded to an urban and small stream flood warning.

Turn around, don't drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles. (Thx RD)
 Wednesday, December 14 ,2016 at 11:17am
Anyone feel it? "4.7 mag earthquake - 8km WNW of The Geysers, California @ 08:12 on 12/14/16"
 Wednesday, December 14 ,2016 at 9:58am
Major rain coming this week. The Nicasio Reservoir getting very close to spillover time. Any guesses when it goes over? If someone gets a picture, please pass along.
 Sunday, December 11 ,2016 at 1:45pm
Get ready for another wild week. Perhaps historically wild. "More widespread rain later this week. Tuesday through Thursday looks very wet. Possible hydro issues."