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 Friday, October 29 ,2021 at 8:05pm
A lot of Halloween action happening in front of the Inverness Store today. (Thx LR)
 Friday, October 29 ,2021 at 8:58am
Get ready for a busy (and spooky) weekend in West Marin with the WMF weekend edition. Sounds like the weather will behave for trick or treaters. Yay. WMF was in the park after the last big storm and spotted this very inquisitive badger working on his house.

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 Friday, October 29 ,2021 at 7:58am
Heard a helicopter this morning over Tomales Bay in the thick fog. Anyone know why? Is that unusual? REACH helicopters don’t land with this kind of fog.
 Monday, October 25 ,2021 at 8:39pm
Massive waves in Point Reyes tonight. We also saw some huge water surges unexpectedly coming way up the beach. Use extreme caution if you’re heading to the coast tomorrow.
 Monday, October 25 ,2021 at 9:46am
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 Monday, October 25 ,2021 at 6:53am
Levee Rd. between Inverness Park and Point Reyes Station is open this morning. West Marin School is open today. (Thx MN)
 Sunday, October 24 ,2021 at 9:37pm
Hard to see from this photo, but Levee Rd between Inverness Park and Point Reyes Station is starting to flood at a number of different spots. I watched a car go through deep water by the White House pool parking lot and I turned around. Be careful out there tonight, make good choices. Hopefully it recedes by the morning.

Anyone else make it through there tonight?
 Sunday, October 24 ,2021 at 5:06pm
Via Marin County Sheriff: “Shoreline Highway in Olema closed from Sir Francis Drake/Hwy 1 to Sir Francis Drake/Hwy1 in Point Reyes due to flooding.”

 Sunday, October 24 ,2021 at 3:49pm
Marin County Sheriff: "7000 block of Lucas Valley Road is closed both directions due to downed Power Lines. Fire resources at scene. Avoid the area."


 Sunday, October 24 ,2021 at 3:34pm
Rt 1 between Point Reyes Station and Olema has a lot of water on it, take caution if you use it, especially later tonight. Olema campground flooded.
 Sunday, October 24 ,2021 at 12:48pm
Rain continuing to fall at a steady pace. Hearing various reports about the amount. Five inches in Point Reyes Station in the last 48 hours? A huge tree is down over the Panoramic Highway by Stinson Beach closing that road. I've also heard reports that the Olema Campground is starting to flood.

"Panoramic Hwy between 4-corners intersection and Throckmorton Fire Station is closed due to a downed tree & power lines. PG&E is handling situation due to power lines. Road is expected to reopen by end of today."

Any other updates?

Tam photo by Josh Redner:

Marin Public Works:

Water flow for Lagunitas Creek in Samuel P Taylor:
 Sunday, October 24 ,2021 at 9:44am
Sunday morning in West Marin. Steady rain with some really heavy wind gusts. Just missed the person updating the Inverness water capacity sign. That is a committed individual.
 Friday, October 22 ,2021 at 11:38am
Power just went off briefly in Inverness. Back on now, not sure what happened, but there is a new power pole being installed on SFD by Inverness, so expect traffic delays and possibly another power outage? Anyone else have more details?
 Thursday, October 21 ,2021 at 11:47am
"A tree fell and is blocking the road on Sir Francis Drake about 2 miles from Lagunitas on the way to Olema." (thx SR)

It will probably be cleaned up soon, but a lot more rain and unstable weather is on the way, so please drive safely.

"Lingering showers continue today, but we're watching Storm #2 develop off the Pac NW Coast. Storm #2 will bring another round of steady rain Thursday night through Friday."

"A very large WNW swell train will arrive alongside the atmospheric river and likely result in hazardous conditions in the surf zone & area beaches late Sunday into Tuesday."

Weather tweets:

 Monday, October 18 ,2021 at 2:10pm
Might be worth interviewing drivers at this point to try and figure out how they end up on LVR and why they ignore all the signs. There is some psychological phenomena at play here. "#Alert! #Road closure: Lucas Valley Road in #WestMarin near Big Rock trailhead is closed due to an oversized truck that is stuck at a tight turn. @CHPMarin is handling the situation. No estimated time for reopening yet."

Marin Public Works tweet:
 Sunday, October 17 ,2021 at 10:37am
Huge news from Brickmaiden Breads in Point Reyes Station. From their Instagram: "There is a lot of beauty, heart and soul in these walls and in this space. We celebrated 21 years of Brickmaiden yesterday! Changes are ahead. As owner and founding baker I am ready to step down and make space for new talent and maybe take a bit of a rest before seeking the next adventure. Brickmaiden Breads is for sale! We are at a high point where all the dedication and hard work of so many have made this business a success, and with gratitude I will be saying a bittersweet farewell. Until then we will be working round the clock to bring all of this deliciousness to you each day ❤️❤️❤️❤️."


Celine also wrote a heartfelt letter in this issue of the Point Reyes Light.

We ❤️ Celine and all the amazing staff past and present at Brickmaiden and are so grateful for being spoiled with the best bread you can get anywhere in the world right here in West Marin. Thank you.
 Saturday, October 16 ,2021 at 10:09pm
I can see a lot of emergency vehicles across Tomales Bay for this accident. Hope it’s not too bad. Anyone know what happened?
 Wednesday, October 13 ,2021 at 8:24am
A crisp sunrise over Tomales Bay in Inverness. Feeling the autumnal vibe with some magic light.
 Tuesday, October 12 ,2021 at 11:05am
Via Marin County Sheriff: "Vegetation fire in the area of the 680 trail above lucas valley - Top of Loma Alta Ridge. Units responding."


 Sunday, October 10 ,2021 at 8:51am
"Red Flag Warnings are now posted for the North Bay Mountains and East Bay hills and valleys as well as the Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Lucia Mountains, and the interior mountains of San Benito and Monterey Counties." for Sunday night into Tuesday.

Make sure you have gas in your car, your evacuation plan and supplies ready for you and your pets, signed up for all the alerts. Just in case. It's going to get windy, very good chance power gets knocked out somewhere.


Alert Marin sign up:

Wild fire cameras:
 Thursday, October 7 ,2021 at 8:49am
Sharks made their presence known this week. The photo above was taken on Monday off the coast of Point Reyes. You may not know it, but there is a dedicated group of shark researchers based out of West Marin who need your support. You can fund their research here:

If you ever wanted to know what a shark attack feels like, then read this incredible interview with the surfer, Eric Steinley, who was bitten by a shark in Bodega last Saturday:

“I reached down with my right hand and touched its massive face,” he said, recounting the shark attack just north of Bodega Bay that left him with severe injuries. “Then I grabbed it in the eye, not so much aggressively, just trying to figure out what it was.”

You can read the full interview here:

A GoFundMe has also been set up for Eric here:
 Monday, October 4 ,2021 at 3:29pm
"MCFD is at the scene of a vegetation fire on the West side of Whites Hill. “Hill Fire” currently 1 acre, no evacuation orders. Sir Francis Drake Blvd closed in both directions between Baywood and San Geronimo."


 Monday, October 4 ,2021 at 8:19am
More details about the surfer who was bit by a shark in Bodega and sustained critical injuries but is in stable condition. This is a photo of the surfboard with the bite mark on it. (thx LN)

A nice profile of local artist Ernesto Sanchez here:

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Have a great week everyone.
 Sunday, October 3 ,2021 at 10:11am
Salmon Creek is just north of Bodega Bay which is north of Point Reyes Station. "Reach helicopter en route for a shark bite at Salmon Creek, male surfer with a shark bite wound to his thigh out of the water."

 Saturday, October 2 ,2021 at 9:16am
From a local around 10:30pm last night: "A boat seems to be fishing, is trawling slowly south on the bay toward the Inverness store. Their lights are so powerful they’re lighting up the whole bay as well as every house along Edgemont Way. We’ve never seen anything like this — Wow! Could this kind of fishing (if that’s what it is) be legal?"

We also saw it around 11:30pm. And earlier this summer we saw it when we were camping on the bay. Anyone know what's going on here? The lights are crazy. We thought they were filming a movie or something. (Thx BH/MSJ)
 Friday, October 1 ,2021 at 8:50am
Local law enforcement reminding people to drive safely this morning in Inverness Park.

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 Thursday, September 30 ,2021 at 8:14am
The sunrise coming up over Inverness Park. A warming and drying trend will begin today and continue into the upcoming weekend and then there is a chance of precipitation after that.


 Monday, September 27 ,2021 at 9:47am
Get your week started right with the WMF week summary: Drizzles, stuck trucks, regenerative farming debate and more.


This photo of Sue Taylor's rugs taken at her memorial this weekend. (Thx AW)
 Friday, September 24 ,2021 at 11:27am
Via Marin Public Works: "#Alert! #Road closure: Lucas Valley Road in #WestMarin near Big Rock trailhead is closed due to an oversized truck that is stuck. @CHPMarin is handling the situation. No estimated time for reopening yet." (Photo by CJ)

 Wednesday, September 22 ,2021 at 3:33pm
Via EAC Marin: "ADVISORY - AVOID WATER CONTACT: Green Bridge, Inkwells, and White House Pool all exceed state limits for recreational exposure to E.coli and Enterococcus for the week of September 20th."

"The water samples are processed by the Napa-Solano-Yolo-Marin County Public Health Lab. The tests utilized, quantify the most-probable number of Total Coliform, E. coli, and Enterococcus bacteria present in the water sample. The water samples represent a "snap shot" in time. The bacteria themselves are generally not pathogenic, but are used as indicators of the potential presence of other pathogenic bacteria that are linked to human illness.

Advisories are provided for informational purposes only and are based on one sample per week therefore they do not provide current conditions. Water sample processing requires 24 hours so the information is at least one day old when posted."


 Tuesday, September 21 ,2021 at 7:37am
More magic light this morning, good ready for a hot one. ☀️
 Monday, September 20 ,2021 at 6:53pm
Ok. "Marin County water officials are thinking of buying three desalination plants to bolster local supplies, but they’re facing an unlikely competitor — Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Marin Municipal Water District, which might deplete its reservoirs by next summer if the drought continues, had considered renting two portable desalination plants for nearly $30 million from Osmoflo, an Australian company. Last week, the district staff said a third plant has become available and that purchasing them might be less expensive than renting.

However, bin Salman wants the same plants for his controversial, futuristic megacity of Neom on the Red Sea, according to Paul Sellier, the water district’s operations director. Bin Salman created a company, also named Neom, to build the city, and he is chairman of the board.

Bin Salman’s proposed $500 billion city envisions a 10,000-square-mile utopia with lavish amenities such as a “huge artificial moon, glow-in-the-dark beaches, flying drone-powered taxis, robotic butlers to clean the homes of residents and a Jurassic Park-style attraction featuring animatronic lizards,” according to reports from the Guardian last year."


 Monday, September 20 ,2021 at 3:29pm
Not a UFO. "The International Space Station is expected to appear in San Francisco skies Monday night with no forecast cloud coverage, making for optimal viewing of the orbiting laboratory as it drifts over the Bay Area region.

It will appear above the western horizon at 7:36 p.m. and rise, eventually reaching a maximum altitude of 32 degrees above the horizon at 7:44 p.m. before it vanishes in the northeastern sky. The station will be visible for six minutes, according to NASA, and better yet, it’s bright enough that you won’t need to seek out a specific spot to take in the views, said Ben Burress, an astronomer at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland."

 Sunday, September 19 ,2021 at 6:32pm
Via CalFire: “Red Flag Warning in effect for the North Bay Mountains, East Bay Hills and Valleys, & Northern Sierra and foothills for Sunday night through Tuesday morning due to gusty winds and low humidity. This is Critical Fire Weather so use caution outdoors.”


For more information:
 Saturday, September 18 ,2021 at 6:57pm
Trying so hard to rain in Point Reyes today. Was there measurable rain in West Marin?
 Friday, September 17 ,2021 at 2:31pm
The Weekend Edition is here.

1. There might be some small but measurable rainfall Saturday night into Sunday morning.

2. PG&E explains why there have been more frequent power outages in parts of West Marin.

3. A great white shark ate a seal in Point Reyes.

4. The Point Reyes National Seashore released their big ranch and elk plan and lots of people had lots of opinions about it.

5. A 43-foot fishing boat sank in Tomales Bay near Marshall, was recovered, then smashed up and put into a dumpster. (Anyone have a photo of the smashing?)

6. Lots of beach and road cleanups happening this week around West Marin.

You can find links to all of these stories plus events and weather here:

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Did I miss anything?
 Thursday, September 16 ,2021 at 8:50am
A local resident observed this creative parking strategy in Point Reyes Station yesterday. (Thx JW)
 Thursday, September 16 ,2021 at 8:50am
Via the Coast Guard: "#USCG, partner agencies are responding to the Marian, a 43-foot fishing boat, Wednesday after it sank in Tomales Bay near Marshall, CA. Containment and absorbent boom were placed around the boat Tuesday evening. CG is overseeing the refloating and defueling of the boat."

 Tuesday, September 14 ,2021 at 11:04am
A large great white shark was observed killing and eating a seal down by the Estero in Drake's Bay in Point Reyes yesterday. Fall is here!
 Tuesday, September 14 ,2021 at 8:54am
The Point Reyes National Seashore has released their ranch and elk plan:

Via MarinIJ: "The National Park Service plan includes several changes from what was released under the Trump administration in 2019.

These changes include new mandates for ranchers to make specific plans and investments to protect wildlife, water quality and the environment; reducing the number of tule elk that park staff would be allowed to kill; and limiting the ability for ranchers to diversify their livestock.

Ranch leases would still increase from five-year terms to up to 20 years as originally proposed.

Park staff would also still be allowed to shoot elk in one of the park’s free-roaming herds to keep the population at a maximum of 140 elk. Park staff originally proposed limiting the herd to 120 elk.

An additional 580 acres of existing ranch land would be converted to a protected area for elk. A total of 2,580 acres of existing ranch land will be retired under the plan.

Park service staff said the changes were made in response to concerns raised since the park first released the proposal in 2018, including tens of thousands of opposition letters and concerns raised by California coastal regulators earlier this year."

MarinIJ story:

PRNPS press release:

PRNPS plan:

Photo from last night by WMF.
 Monday, September 13 ,2021 at 2:28pm
Roll Into the Week - September 13

Trash company Recology to pay $36 million for bribery. A Recology subsidiary serves Novato, Stinson Beach, Bolinas, West Marin and Point Arena.

EAC's annual Litter Bugs Me, a 20+ annual roadside clean up effort in West Marin is happening this Saturday. Sign up here:

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 Thursday, September 9 ,2021 at 9:32pm
My neighbor and I in Inverness just saw a lightning flash. Lightning tracker says Santa Rosa. Going to be a long night. Anyone else see it?
 Thursday, September 9 ,2021 at 9:02pm
30 second rain in Inverness tonight.
 Wednesday, September 8 ,2021 at 8:59am
Many of you are familiar with Daniel Swain who is a climate scientist and runs a blog called Weather West. He has been flagging the potential for a lightning event this Friday/Saturday.

"Just wrote a quick post focused on the increasing potential for lightning (possibly dry) across a broad swath of NorCal from later Thursday into Friday. Depending on how things evolve, fire weather concerns could be quite high."

Here is the link if you want to get into the details:

Hopefully this won't turn out to be anything, but prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Have gas in your car, have a plan in case of evacuations, sign up for Nixle alerts, make sure your house and lawn are cleaned up and fire safe and get the word out.

Nixle alerts:

Alert Marin:
 Tuesday, September 7 ,2021 at 11:09am
Happy Tuesday. If you want to get caught up with the weekend news and get prepared for the week, check out the 'Roll into the Week' feature on WMF (and you can get it in your email by subscribing). News, events and weather.

The weekend news summary include (sadly) a dead whale in Point Reyes, a crazy weekend in town, and what started the Lucas Valley fire. Another nice week of weather coming up on the coast, hotter inland and good air quality.

Any stories I missed?

 Sunday, September 5 ,2021 at 5:25pm
Sadly, a dead humpback whale washed up in Point Reyes today. Photo by Burr Heneman.
 Sunday, September 5 ,2021 at 2:01pm
 Sunday, September 5 ,2021 at 9:59am
Nice to see you again Tamál-Húye. Looking forward to see what those big high tides in winter do.
 Saturday, September 4 ,2021 at 1:30pm
It’s a mad house in Point Reyes Station. Park filling up fast. SF Chronicle ran big story about West Marin spots to visit. If you live here, get your supplies and hunker down. Props to guy who works at the gas station who rushed out to help this motorcyclist who went down in town. Stay safe everyone.
 Wednesday, September 1 ,2021 at 3:02pm
Via CA Fire Scanner: "Marin Co: First engine reported 2 acres in grass & trees w/ slow rate of spread, but since said fire is running up the ridge & requested a full CAL FIRE response w/ aircraft. Located near 22 Mt Lassen Dr. 2-3 acres w/ potential for 50 acres. Localized/select evacuations in progress per the @SanRafaelPolice Nixle @"

 Wednesday, September 1 ,2021 at 8:57am
People have asked about the park being open, via PRNPS: "While all of California's national forests have been closed through September 17th, Point Reyes National Seashore, as a whole, is open. There are some trails & areas within the park that remain closed at this time though, check"

Sunset photo by WMF from last week in the park.
 Tuesday, August 31 ,2021 at 8:53pm
Via El Radio Fantastique's Giovanni Di Morente, "About a month ago YoYo Ma was out here in Inverness, dining at Saltwater restaurant. He was asked if he could do a little impromptu cello playing. He didn't have a cello. Phone calls were made, and somehow, my very inexpensively constructed cello, ended up in his hands. He graciously signed the bridge to me, and my friend, and bandmate, Noelle Boucher, who facilitated this weird, and wonderful, occurrence." Photo of YoYo Ma by Nancy Beck.
 Tuesday, August 31 ,2021 at 2:34pm
Gas station posted this last week. It’s past noon but someone said they’re not open yet? Any word?
 Monday, August 30 ,2021 at 4:29pm
Point Reyes National Seashore park officials investigate illegal dumping and a bunch of folks hike water in for the elk. Read the weekend update, see upcoming events and get the weekly weather forecast with this edition of 'Rolling Into The Week'. Then subscribe!
 Sunday, August 29 ,2021 at 1:08pm
A traffic accident in the park by the lighthouse today which is what the sirens and the helicopter are responding to. Hopefully everyone ok. Yesterday there was a hiker injured on the Estero Trail and another medical emergency by Five Brooks, both requiring air support.

Stay safe everyone.
 Wednesday, August 25 ,2021 at 10:11pm
Power outage in Nicasio and Woodacre. Restoration forecasted to be midnight. No word on the cause. Apparently PG&E helicopters were flying in the area.

 Monday, August 23 ,2021 at 8:54am
Helicopter rescue, Point Reyes Station well appeal, events, weather and another reminder to vote. Get all the info you need to start the week in West Marin in one handy place:

(Sticker by Drew Madden and I think you can buy them at The Palace Market: https://www.riverstoseasticker... )
 Sunday, August 22 ,2021 at 8:54am
A little late in the summer to be asking this, but does anyone know why there wasn’t a raft at Shell beach? Will there be one next year? Anything that can be done to help the return of the raft?
 Friday, August 20 ,2021 at 4:31pm
The WMF Weekend Edition is here! Click here for a news summary, upcoming events and the weather forecast to get you prepped. Then subscribe!
 Friday, August 20 ,2021 at 7:37am
From the Point Reyes Light: "A historic property on Point Reyes Station’s main street sold this month to a West Marin resident. The buildings that house Zuma, Black Mountain Artisans and the Marty Knapp Photography Gallery—one of which is believed to be the oldest surviving building in town—were originally put on the market in 2016 with a listing price of $925,000; they went on the market again in March for $750,000 and sold on Aug. 6 to Claudia Tomaso, a corporate recruiter with a San Geronimo address.

Over the years, the building has been home to various shops—a barbershop, a meat market, an insurance office and more. The building where Zuma operates was added in 1914, and in the 1920s, Amanze Angeli—known as “Angie”—ran a cigar store there. Around 1930, he and his wife, Tina, moved next door to the larger building and opened a bar and restaurant named Angie’s, which Mr. Dewey Livingston said is rumored to have been a speakeasy during the later years of Prohibition."

Story by Victoria Dodge
Photo by David Briggs

 Wednesday, August 18 ,2021 at 9:59pm
Anyone know what's up with these unusual messages in the classified section of the Point Reyes Light?
 Wednesday, August 18 ,2021 at 8:45am
Smoke drifting in to West Marin today. Air quality is forecasted to stay in the ‘moderate’ level today and tomorrow. Hope that’s true.
 Wednesday, August 18 ,2021 at 8:03am
Via NWS Bay Area: "Dry northerly winds over northern California will transport smoky/hazy conditions over the Bay Area through midweek. While some smoke may mix down to the surface, @AirDistrict forecast air quality to remain at moderate levels."


 Tuesday, August 17 ,2021 at 8:41am
Power off in Inverness. Restoration estimated at 12pm. Anyone know what's going on?
 Monday, August 16 ,2021 at 4:10pm

Is your registration up to date? Name or address change? Check your voter status now:

All California registered voters will receive Vote-By-Mail ballots the week of Aug 16-21.

Be sure to complete your ballot, put it in the envelope provided, SIGN YOUR NAME on the outside of the envelope and mail it before 5pm on Tuesday, September 14th.

Or drop off your ballot at your polling place on Sept. 14th.

Polls will be open on Tuesday, Sept 14th from 7am to 8pm. Find your polling place on back of your Voter Information Guide.

Need to register to vote? Have a problem or question? Lose your ballot? Want to vote in person before Sept. 14th? Contact your County Registrar for help. Google “County Registrar of Voters” and your county’s name to get the help you need.
 Monday, August 16 ,2021 at 1:42pm
Want to get ready for the week? Check out the WMF Roll Into the Week Edition and subscribe to the email list.

Some highlights:

Some residents have reported this PG&E phone scam.

If you haven't bought a Flume water meter yet, which WMF highly recommends, and you live in Inverness, you can get a discount by buying one through IPUD.

Speaking of water, On Wednesday, August 25, 9 a.m., the IPUD Board of Directors will hold a public hearing on activating water rationing.

The good news from IPUD: "It is with great relief and appreciation that we report to you that a 16% reduction in demand for water in recent days has enabled us to get our tanks in much better shape than they were last week. We’re not getting full up, but we are managing to keep the tank levels at close to 75%."
 Friday, August 13 ,2021 at 4:03pm
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 Friday, August 13 ,2021 at 1:01pm
Reports of some sort of fire happening near 2 Rock by Tomales. Apparently planes already on scene dumping retardant. Low cloud cover on Tomales Bay so I can't see much from Inverness. Anyone else have info? (Thx TW)

 Thursday, August 12 ,2021 at 6:50pm
A new movie called "Im Charlie Walker" is being released documenting story of Charlie Walker, the man who fought racism and made $5M when oil flooded the SF Bay and Stinson Beach.

"Some strange ocean patterns took hold of the oil, blowing most of it out to the Potato Patch by the Farallon Islands. The currents then changed again, sending the oil northwest, where it hit Stinson Beach hard, and Walker had the contract.

The contract said Walker was boss, and he hired dozens of white truckers to clean the sands, remove tar from birds and make some money off the back of Standard Oil.

“It has been 50 years since the devastating oil spill of 1971 in the San Francisco Bay changed my life forever,” Walker, now 88 and still living in Hunters Point, told SFGATE. “I had one truck to my name and had to fight a billion dollar oil company who hired me to clean up their mistake, but no one was going to stop me from finishing the job. I made $5 million in 30 days.”



 Wednesday, August 11 ,2021 at 2:47pm
Via Marin County Sheriff: "Reported vehicle and vegetation fire near east peak on ridge crest near Mt. Tam East Peak. Firefighters and deputies on scene of a reported quarter acre vegetation fire that originally started from a vehicle fire. No evacuations at this time. Avoid the area. Additional air resources en route."


 Wednesday, August 11 ,2021 at 9:50am
Via FEMA: "Reminder: At 11:20 AM PST today, we will conduct a national test of the Emergency Alert System in coordination with the FCC. The test will appear on televisions & radios, while specially configured cell phones will receive an emergency alert test code message."

 Tuesday, August 10 ,2021 at 9:45am
If you live in West Marin and have children, here are two things you might be interested in:

The West Marin Youth Soccer league has extended their sign up until August 15. If you know a child that is interested in playing soccer, now is the chance to sign them up. The Point Reyes/Bolinas teams are looking for players. If you have questions about how to sign up, let me know.


The Emerald Heart Forest School is a place-based nature program for children ages 3 to 6 in Inverness/Point Reyes. Now enrolling for fall 2021.

Contact Taira Restar at:
and on Instagram at @ourforestlife
 Monday, August 9 ,2021 at 12:50pm
No mention of West Marin in here though. And lots of alternative ideas like shipping water by train. "The Marin Municipal Water District is shelving plans to rent two desalination plants to avoid the potential depletion of water supplies by next summer and will instead focus efforts on a pipeline across San Francisco Bay.

Aside from the desal project’s estimated price of $30 million to $37 million, the two temporary plants the district found would only be able to generate a quarter of its daily water needs if reservoirs go dry, said Ben Horenstein, the district’s general manager.

“It isn’t too attractive if that’s your only option,” Horenstein said.

By comparison, the proposed 5- to 6-mile pipeline across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge could carry the 10 million to 15 million gallons a day the district says would be needed for vital indoor water uses."

Story by Will Houston.