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The West Marin Feed gained traction as a Facebook page and many of the local followers still find it there. Times have changed and Twitter has taken over as a better news medium, but WMF still posts on Facebook at least two or three times a week.

The best part about Facebook (if there is one) is that there is a lot of really good information that people are able to add to stories in the comments. Unfortunately, you have to go to the Facebook post itself to see these comments, they cannot be imported onto this feed.
 Monday, January 9 ,2023 at 11:25am
You can use the County of Marin emergency portal to get the latest updates on road closures:
 Monday, January 9 ,2023 at 9:27am
- Rt 1 between Point Reyes Station is closed due to flooding.
- Platform Bridge Rd is closed due to flooding
- Water levels very high, high tide around noon
- Lots of landslides and boulders? Be very careful on the roads
 Monday, January 9 ,2023 at 7:14am
Morning updates:
- Power went off in parts of Inverness last night but came back on this morning
- Some trees and wires down in Inverness Park on Balboa Ave, but no word of anything else major in the area.
- All Shoreline School District schools closed today.
- Be safe on the roads this morning.
 Sunday, January 8 ,2023 at 7:34pm
Lost dog in Nicasio if you know who the owner is (or if you’re the owner).
 Sunday, January 8 ,2023 at 4:22pm
From weather forecaster Rob Mayeda “Sun PM update: expecting peak wind / rain Mon AM with a break later in the day. Tuesday will see rain at times plus a chance for strong, possibly severe thunderstorms renewing the threat for damaging wind gusts. Rain should decrease for a time later this week.”

Hopefully this is the last big wind event to get through fie awhile. Stay safe everyone.

 Saturday, January 7 ,2023 at 10:34pm
Just heard that a tree hit a transformer in First Valley in Inverness, power out in a bunch of homes. Our lights flickered. Wind is going next level in Seahaven. Going to be another long night. Stay safe everyone. (Thx EB)
 Saturday, January 7 ,2023 at 5:06pm
The next storm is here and trees are going down again. This one on SFD in Inverness Park. Greg Eastman on the scene taking care of business. Be careful out there. (Thx SP)
 Saturday, January 7 ,2023 at 9:45am
An Oliver family photo from the 1982 storm. Sir Frances Drake Blvd, in Inverness, Jan. 5, 1982. We lost power this time, but no landslides like that. Yet. (Thx JO)
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 9:55pm
The New York Times included a link to The West Marin Feed in its story about these storms. The “ensnared cars” link. (Thx SM)
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 7:53pm
Power on in the town of Inverness, (hasn’t quite reached WMF yet though). Lots of excited locals. Friday night is back! Point Reyes Station, Olema, Inverness Park, Marshall and Olema all reporting power back on.

Lot of people working hard to make it happen out there.
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 3:53pm
Good news, the Point Reyes Gas Station is back up and running!
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 9:18am
Tree crews arrived and are working on Vision Rd in Inverness. Progress!
 Friday, January 6 ,2023 at 7:59am
Still no power in Point Reyes Station, Inverness or Inverness Park. I heard that some residents in Inverness got a notice about estimated restoration at 12pm today. Hope that’s accurate,

West Marin School Update: “As the roads are open, the power has returned, and the weather forecast for today is stable, Tomales High School, Tomales Elementary School, and Bodega Bay School will reopen today Friday 1/6/23. With the power is still out in Point Reyes Station, Inverness Park, and Inverness, West Marin School and Inverness School will remain closed.

NOTE: The THS transfer stop in Inverness has been moved from Vision Rd to the Inverness Post Office today for safety reasons.“
 Thursday, January 5 ,2023 at 3:07pm
Heard through the grapevine that the reason that Point Reyes Station lost power last night (and still doesn't have power) is because five utility poles went down in Nicasio Valley. PG&E working on the now. Can anyone confirm those poles going down?
 Thursday, January 5 ,2023 at 10:22am
Important Update: The gas station in Point Reyes Station is closed due to the power being out. No time has been given for power restoration and station re-opening. So if you’re low on gas, be careful, if you’re over the hill, fill up.
 Thursday, January 5 ,2023 at 8:23am
Morning update. Most roads open in West Marin. Power still out in Inverness, Inverness Park and Point Reyes Station. No updates from PG&E on that. Wind has backed off but rain still expected this morning and tapering off. Anyone else have updates?

The following roads are temporarily closed due to downed trees; @DPWMarin working to clear:

- Hwy 1, between Stinson Beach to Muir Beach.
- Nicasio Valley Road, btwn Lucas Valley & Sir Francis Drake
- Shoreline Highway, btwn Point Reyes & Tomales
- Bolinas-Fairfax Road
- Lucas Valley, btwn Big Rock and Nicasio Valley
 Wednesday, January 4 ,2023 at 9:14pm
There are wires down on Via de la Vista in Seahaven in Inverness. Be very careful if you’re driving on that road, you can take Escondido Way to get around them. This might be happening in other places, be extremely careful if you have to drive somewhere.
 Wednesday, January 4 ,2023 at 5:34pm
Power outages and wires down all over West Marin. WMF just lost power for the third time in Inverness.
 Wednesday, January 4 ,2023 at 2:08pm
Wires down on SFD by the Yacht Club in Inverness. Lanes closed both ways for now. Power out in parts of Inverness. Expect delays.
 Wednesday, January 4 ,2023 at 2:08pm
Closure: Lucas Valley Road is closed from Nicasio Valley Rd to Big Rock. Due to power lines across the road. PG&E notified & is on the way to fix. Road will remain closed until deemed clear & safe.

Wires also down in Olema and Inverness. Stay off the roads if you can.
 Wednesday, January 4 ,2023 at 9:10am
Kim Daniels has a pile of sand in Point Reyes Station if needed for sandbags. BYO bags. Call first: 415-663-9055
 Tuesday, January 3 ,2023 at 1:38pm
Nicasio Reservoir getting close to the overflow lip today. Does anyone actually know the technical terms? Have to think it spills over tomorrow.
 Monday, January 2 ,2023 at 5:41pm
The NWS Bay Area rarely uses language this strong. This next storm will hit on Wednesday with a lot of wind and a lot of rain. The ground is already saturated so there is a good chance that trees will fall. Be prepared. Be safe.

- Get supplies for if power is out. Food, batteries, candles.
- Clean gutters and prep your lawn.
- Get gas in your vehicle.
- Sign up for Nixle and AlertMarin alerts.

Once the rain starts:
- Do not drive into large standing water. It puts your life and vehicle at risk.
- Do not touch live wires or go near them.
- Drive safely, roads will be very slick, lots of branches and possibly trees coming down.

Emergency crews will be very busy dealing with all of the chaos, more emergencies slow them down. Make good choices.

NWS Tweet:


Alert Marin
 Monday, January 2 ,2023 at 11:21am
It sure feels like winter, right now but the West Marin Little League baseball season is right around the corner! Do you have (or know) a child who wants to start playing baseball or an older child you forgot to register? Now is the time! And if you are interested in coaching, sign up for that as well.


Photo of the Triple AAA champs from last year, the As.
 Monday, January 2 ,2023 at 9:07am
A dramatic sunrise this morning over West Marin. Take warning as they say, light rain today, heavy wind and rain later this week. (Thanks FK)
 Saturday, December 31 ,2022 at 7:02pm
Last sunset of 2022 in Point Reyes. (Thx NB)
 Friday, December 30 ,2022 at 11:13am
Word is going around West Marin that Cheda's Garage in Point Reyes Station (that turns 100 this year) will no longer have a tow truck in 2023. This is in part due to the current truck no longer meeting the strict emissions standards of California.

Tim Bunce, the tow truck driver, is a legend. He has helped our family and friends out of many jams over the years. Passing him on the road in that yellow truck makes WMF feel safer. The other night WMF saw a local truck go into a ditch and a group of dudes struggled to get it out. Timmy showed up and within minutes had them out. I can't imagine how long that would have taken without him. Thank you Timmy.

Here is some more info from KWMR:
 Thursday, December 29 ,2022 at 1:13pm
This car went off the road in Point Reyes this afternoon. No word on injuries, hopefully they’re ok. With all this rain, roads are very slick, especially in the corners, please drive safely. More rain coming.
 Tuesday, December 27 ,2022 at 8:00am
Some lightning and thunder this morning. Red dots are lightning, West Marin was a hot spot this morning, anyone see or hear it?
 Monday, December 26 ,2022 at 3:11pm
Nicasio Reservoir. Dec 26. Before the storm window opens back up tonight. Do people think it will overflow this winter? I also heard they move water around between reservoirs, so not always a true reflection of water levels.
 Monday, December 26 ,2022 at 1:11pm
Big article in SFGate titled "The untold tales behind the walls at the Old Western Saloon in Point Reyes" with lots of juicy tidbits including:

- Famous musicians like Grace Slick, Huey Lewis and the Allman Brothers have reportedly graced the stage, both scheduled and unscheduled.
- As a historic venue for some of society’s underbelly, it's reasonable to assume the Old Western has a paranormal tie. Asked if the bar was haunted, Pelton didn’t deny it.
- Those dark passages, along with secret spots for hiding money in the bar’s walls and a false, 6-foot ceiling between the first and second floors, would have also been heavily trafficked during Prohibition.
- "This kind of turned it into a house of ill repute," she said. "There's a lot of doors upstairs and it kind of made sense. I've got a hidden stairwell that comes down into the bar.”


Photo courtesy of the Jack Mason Museum of West Marin History
 Saturday, December 24 ,2022 at 11:48am
Giant “king” high tides today. Here is Chicken Ranch Beach in Inverness. Not much beach. (Thx EA)
 Friday, December 23 ,2022 at 8:09am
A local resident spotted this white colored hawk yesterday in Point Reyes. Could it be a leucistic red tail hawk? Has anyone else seen one? (Thx AN)
 Thursday, December 22 ,2022 at 7:57pm
“Looking increasingly likely a parade of storms is going to slam into California after Christmas into New Year’s bringing massive precipitation amounts, potentially measured in feet. Stay tuned!”
 Tuesday, December 20 ,2022 at 8:24am
Rough air quality in West Marin this morning. Combo of air pollution and no wind?
 Friday, December 16 ,2022 at 8:48am
Cameo Wood captured these gorgeous and rare noctilucent clouds hanging over Point Reyes this morning. Maybe from a spacecraft launch.
 Thursday, December 15 ,2022 at 11:38am
From photographer Tayfun Coskun “The Geminid Meteor shower and stargazing view by the Pacific Ocean of Point Reyes in California...” by the Inverness shipwreck on Dec 13.
 Wednesday, December 14 ,2022 at 3:14pm
Via Marin County Sheriff “Happening from 3:30 to 5:30 (on Wed, Dec 14) at the Point Reyes Substation. Our annual toy giveaway! Come on down.”
 Monday, December 12 ,2022 at 10:50am
First male elephant seals of the season are back on the beaches in Point Reyes.
 Saturday, December 10 ,2022 at 2:11pm
Via CHP Marin “TRAFFIC ALERT FOR TRAFFIC COLLISION: We are currently on scene of a fatal traffic collision on Point Reyes Petaluma Rd near Hicks Valley Rd. Traffic is being diverted to San Antonio Rd and at Hicks Valley Rd. Expect delays and use an alternate route. “
 Saturday, December 10 ,2022 at 8:08am
NWS “As rain has picked up in the North Bay, we issued a Flood Advisory that is valid through 11 AM PST. If you're heading out, please use precaution, allow extra time to reach your destination, and if you encounter a flooded roadway: Turn Around, Don't Drown!”
 Friday, December 9 ,2022 at 5:19pm
Another successful meeting of the West Marin Sunset Club in Point Reyes tonight. Have a great weekend everyone. Remember, heavy weather coming in tomorrow morning. Be prepared, be safe, make good choices.
 Friday, December 9 ,2022 at 2:34pm
Sadly, Kirstie Allie passed this week. She starred in "Village of the Damned" (1995) which had scenes in Point Reyes Station, Inverness and Tomales. Here she is in Point Reyes Station. (thx to Joe Soule over at the Point Reyes Station FB page)


PRS FB page:
 Thursday, December 8 ,2022 at 8:44pm
The Slide Ranch IG account wins for photo of the week.
 Thursday, December 8 ,2022 at 7:28am
Have a great Thursday. Rain forecasted for later today and then a bigger storm on Saturday. Drive safe, roads get slick. Tomales Bay sunrise.
 Monday, December 5 ,2022 at 9:03pm
Anyone know what’s happening in Olema? I heard SFD was blocked off for awhile, maybe helicopter support? PulsePoint says Olema Campground.
 Monday, December 5 ,2022 at 6:01pm
A couple of dramatic rainbow pictures today from West Marin. (Thx DW and RP)
 Saturday, December 3 ,2022 at 3:25pm
“West Marin--
A beloved member of our community, Cam, lost his dog, Rallo, in a car fire earlier this week. Our hearts go out to him. No amount of money can help with the heartbreak of losing one's best friend. However, we'd like to raise some money for Cam to replace his car, which was his shelter, and his guitar, among other things. Many people may not know Cam by name, but most have heard his beautiful guitar playing outside the Palace.”
 Saturday, December 3 ,2022 at 11:40am
Some good local events for a rainy West Marin day today:

- Xerxes Whitney reads from his new book, “Xerxes Embodied,” in a book release party at 5 p.m. at Toby’s Feed Barn, in Point Reyes Station.

- The Dance Palace’s Artisan Craft Fair & Holiday Market continues today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., featuring handcrafts and Kinoko’s Japanese fare.

- The Point Reyes National Seashore and Point Reyes National Seashore Association’s holiday open house takes place from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Bear Valley Visitor Center. Featuring children’s activities and holiday photos with the Morgan horses.

- The San Geronimo Valley Community Center’s Annual Holiday Faire takes place outdoors from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., featuring crafts, food, performances, workshops and craft activities for kids.

- Lights of Life, a celebration of community members who have passed this year, starts at 6 p.m. online, led by Elizabeth Rivers and featuring live classical guitar and stories. If you would like to honor a loved one, send their name and a photograph to Presented by West Marin Senior Services.
 Friday, December 2 ,2022 at 6:00pm
Car accident on SFD just past the yacht club in Inverness. Expect delays.
 Friday, December 2 ,2022 at 5:02pm
A stunner sunset in Point Reyes tonight. Have a great weekend everyone, be safe.
 Thursday, December 1 ,2022 at 11:59am
Power out in a small part of Point Reyes Station. Looks like a truck backed up into a power pole. Restoration time of 3pm. (thx LR)
 Wednesday, November 30 ,2022 at 9:58am
From Daniel Swain, "Series of substantial, cold storms will affect much of CA over next 7-10 days. These will be primarily beneficial, w/moderate to locally heavy precip in NorCal."

First storm starts early tomorrow morning with rain and some pretty solid wind. Make sure you're prepared, yards cleaned up, have supplies for power outages, drive safe on the roads, watch for downed trees, etc.

 Tuesday, November 29 ,2022 at 8:41am
Whatever position the sun was in today, it was a blinding. Plus some dew on the window. I had to pull over between Inverness and Point Reyes Station. So stressful.
 Monday, November 28 ,2022 at 12:29pm
A family of four was airlifted Saturday afternoon after becoming stranded on a remote Tomales Bay beach while enjoying an afternoon of kayaking. After arriving in the area, the helicopter's aircrew began a search for the reported kayakers. They located the kayakers a short time later who were now stranded on the west shore of Tomales Bay.

"Due to the remoteness of the location, and rough seas, the kayakers were internally loaded into H1 and flown to safety in the Lawson's Landing area," deputies said.
 Saturday, November 26 ,2022 at 3:00pm
Water rescue at Dillon Beach, sounds like kayakers stuck at the mouth between solid swell and heavy outgoing tide
 Friday, November 25 ,2022 at 7:23pm
Sunset fog rolled in with a crescent moon over Point Reyes tonight.
 Friday, November 25 ,2022 at 9:52am
A lot going on this holiday weekend. Shop in the area and support local vendors, there are so many great shops and unique gifts. And its Open Studios, go visit an amazing art space, meet some super talented local artists and pick up some new art for your pad.

I'd list all the shops in here, but inevitably I'll forget someone and then feelings get hurt. But if you want to put your favorite shop in the comments, go for it.
 Thursday, November 24 ,2022 at 1:08pm
Big high tides over the holiday weekend. Inverness shipwreck hanging with the kayakers today. Grateful for this beautiful day.
 Tuesday, November 22 ,2022 at 5:38pm
The never ending sunset over Drakes Bay in Point Reyes tonight.
 Monday, November 21 ,2022 at 9:30pm
Definitely feels like there are coyotes everywhere these days. This one spotted in front of the Inverness Park Market the last week. (Thx JH)
 Saturday, November 19 ,2022 at 8:26am
"Blue Slide Art Tile is retiring our tile making after 37 years in downtown Point Reyes Station. please come to studio before open studios to get some beautiful tiles at great prices. we would love to see the local West Marin community stop by."
 Friday, November 18 ,2022 at 10:24am
Sharks. Bears. Mountain lions. And wolves?

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy a great weekend. Lots of updates, events and more in the WMF Weekend Update. Check it out then subscribe to get it delivered directly to you:
 Wednesday, November 16 ,2022 at 8:06pm
Your moment of zen. Cloud show time lapse over Point Reyes sunset.
 Wednesday, November 16 ,2022 at 12:40pm
"Hi! We had a bench and plaque with a QR code installed in downtown Inverness for my Grandpa Lee whom passed away this year. A website in his honor has been created for locals and visitors of Inverness that would like to pay tribute to him and share photos. He shared his back yard for over 60 years where the Inverness Shipwreck is located and we think he would be overjoyed to see what we have done to honor him."

You can upload photos and thoughts at this web site.
 Sunday, November 13 ,2022 at 8:53am
Holiday fair season is upon us. Holiday fair at Druids Hall in Nicasio today. 11am to 5pm.
 Saturday, November 12 ,2022 at 11:58am
“Country Night” tonight at The Old Western Saloon in Point Reyes Station. Local faves The Haggards and The Fuckaroos. Don’t miss it.
 Friday, November 11 ,2022 at 10:47pm
Another mellow Friday evening on Tomales Bay, have a great weekend.
 Thursday, November 10 ,2022 at 9:46pm
Anyone else see that huge meteor (space junk?) going across the sky around 9pm? We saw it by Stafford Lake, crazy green glow. I think that’s the third weekend in a row it’s happened.
 Thursday, November 10 ,2022 at 7:35am
Not a stunning photo, but that’s a thick layer of frost on our shed in Inverness. It is freezing cold this morning. Roads will be icey, be safe everyone.
 Tuesday, November 8 ,2022 at 7:15am
From a morning commuter: “east bound on point reyes petaluma road past graffiti bridge small rock slide.” One lane closed, be careful on the roads today. (Thx MG)
 Saturday, November 5 ,2022 at 11:39am
“Truck off of the road just north of Cypress Grove, Marshall, CA on Hwy 1. Road was blocked in both lanes.” Roads or slippery, be careful out there. (Thx NW)
 Friday, November 4 ,2022 at 10:47pm
The perfect light. Tomales Bay.
 Friday, November 4 ,2022 at 8:37am
The general election is on Tuesday, November 8th. I turned Wade Holland's voting recommendations in the PR Light into a handy list if you're going to the polls.

Here are Wade's recommendation in the PRLight:

Here is special Measure O guide:

Here is the LWV guide:

Here are the MarinIJ recommendations:
 Thursday, November 3 ,2022 at 7:27pm
Caught the tail end of that epic sunset in Nicasio. Who else got a good picture?
 Thursday, November 3 ,2022 at 9:13am
Here is what West Marin might look like if the polar ice caps completely melt. Point Reyes turns into an archipelago.

Via: https://conspiracyofcartograph...
 Wednesday, November 2 ,2022 at 7:37am
Two coyotes getting a little loud and crazy in Inverness. (Thx @alexporrata)
 Monday, October 31 ,2022 at 5:34pm
 Monday, October 31 ,2022 at 9:59am
Bad Halloween costume ideas 2022 edition. Measure O and the elk fence.
 Monday, October 31 ,2022 at 8:04am
Car rollover on SFD just outside of Inverness. Everyone ok but probably going to be some traffic backed up while they clean it up. Drive carefully. (Thx AP)
 Saturday, October 29 ,2022 at 3:21pm
91 people saw a fireball over the Bay Area last night including a number of people in West Marin. Did you see it?