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 Thursday, April 29 ,2021 at 6:01pm
Bad accident on PR/Petaluma Rd by the platform bridge. Traffic being rerouted through Olema.
 Thursday, April 29 ,2021 at 4:36pm
Apparently because the Nicasio Reservoir levels have dropped so low, a car that crashed in there 25 years ago was discovered, and now they're working to tow it out since that's drinking water.

Anyone else know any more details or have a shot of the car coming out?
 Tuesday, April 27 ,2021 at 5:39pm
"The potential for water shortages in Marin County has become so severe that the county's largest water agency is in early talks with East Bay officials to build a multimile pipeline across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to pump water into the county.

The drastic possibility "” which is in early discussions "” last happened during the 1976-1977 drought, at a time when Marin Municipal Water District cut back water use by 57% and faced running out of water within four months. The 6-mile pipeline gained statewide and federal attention and became a symbol of the state's drought of record.

Rebuilding the pipeline is one of several options being considered by the district, including adding a temporary desalination plant, should this upcoming winter be as dry as 2019 and 2020, said district General Manager Ben Horenstein."

 Monday, April 26 ,2021 at 8:14pm
Memories of rain are gone and some magic sunset light drenched black mountain. Look out for the pink moon tonight.
 Sunday, April 25 ,2021 at 5:06pm
12 hours.

"A controversial plan to continue cattle ranching while capping elk numbers in Point Reyes National Seashore passed a key hurdle Thursday night when the California Coastal Commission signed off on the arrangement.

The state agency was one of the last clearances needed "” and one that posed the most risk of obstruction "” before a largely procedural yet closely watched update to the park's management plan becomes official.

Critics of the plan, who say it puts the needs of ranchers before those of wildlife, mounted a far-reaching campaign to try to get the Coastal Commission to oppose the park's update. More than 40,000 comments were sent to the agency in advance of Thursday's virtual meeting. But in the end, the state agency's governing board endorsed the plan, with a handful of conditions, by a 5-4 vote.

While more than 100 people spoke at a marathon 12-hour hearing on the matter, with most calling for the Coastal Commission to reject the park's plan, the agency's approval was limited to a narrow issue: whether the plan would have spillover effects beyond the park. The state agency has no direct authority over federal property, and even if the governing board had withheld support, the park could have moved forward unilaterally."

 Thursday, April 22 ,2021 at 8:41am
A special hearing of the Coastal Commission will be held Thursday (TODAY) at 9:00 am (PST) regarding a federal consistency determination of the General Management Plan Amendment for Point Reyes National Seashore & north district of GGNRA. Speaker signup, staff report, live stream it here:


MarinIJ Story:
 Wednesday, April 21 ,2021 at 3:40pm
"A National Park Service proposal, which includes whether to give cattle ranchers who rent the park's land longer leases and a plan to reduce the size of the park's iconic tule elk herd by killing some animals, is set to undergo a key vote before the California Coastal Commission at a special meeting Thursday.

The meeting will be one of the only times the plan will be vetted in a public hearing before the Biden administration renders a decision before its mid-July deadline.

While the coastal commission cannot disallow the park service from moving forward with its plan, the discussion on Thursday will focus on any "spillover" impacts the plan might have on the state's coastal areas and wildlife. Ranching impacts on water quality, such as runoff from manure or fertilizer making its way to creeks, is the standout issue, said Kate Huckelbridge, commission deputy director.

"This is the first time that the Coastal Commission has really taken a comprehensive look at anything at Point Reyes," Kate Huckelbridge, commission deputy director. "It's kind of a first chance we get to try to get what we think are really critical components and get improvements in the water quality."

 Tuesday, April 20 ,2021 at 9:27pm
The Marin County, Mobile Vaccination Unit, will be giving FREE Vaccines in Inverness.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 21, 10 AM"“2 PM

WHERE: Inverness Fire Station, 50 Inverness Way, Inverness, CA 94937
(Look for a van with a "Marin County Mobile Vaccination Unit" sign.)

WHO: Everyone aged 16 or older

200 doses available.

If you are not available on this day, please schedule an appointment online at or call 833-641-1988.

Requests for disability accommodations may be made by phoning (415) 473-4381 (Voice), CA Relay 711, or by e-mail at
 Tuesday, April 20 ,2021 at 4:50pm
From a local resident, "Last Thursday, 4/15, a friend was forced off the Bolinas-Fairfax Rd as she rode down to HWY 1 by two cars racing side by side "” one red, one brown. They didn't stop to help. She remains in the hospital with numerous serious injuries. There are reports these same vehicles were seen racing on the road the following day. Anyone who saw these cars and may have helpful information should contact the Sheriff."
 Tuesday, April 20 ,2021 at 2:44pm
Water rescue underway in Tomales Bay. Surf board and kite washed up on shore near Dillon Beach but they can't find the kite surfer. Crazy windy out there, hopefully everyone ok.
 Monday, April 19 ,2021 at 6:09pm
Via MarinIJ: "A dangerous hairpin turn on Lucas Valley Road, known as a notorious trucker trap where rigs often slip off the road, will soon receive a $2.25 million upgrade.

The Marin County Department of Public Works will begin seeking contractors for the job this week. Construction is expected to begin mid-summer and be completed by the end of the year.

The turn at milepost 5.08, just east of the Big Rock trailhead, will be realigned to soften the sharp turn where several crashes have occurred over the years. However, trucks longer than 36 feet will continue to be prohibited from the two-lane road.

The project calls for a new 135-foot-long retaining wall on the downhill side of the turn, allowing for the curve to be less sharp. There will also be storm drain improvements and a new guardrail.

When the Board of Supervisors approved the project in 2017, a study of the area revealed that from 2004 to 2014 there were 17 severe injuries because of crashes along the curve, including nine incidents in which vehicles ran off the road."

 Monday, April 19 ,2021 at 8:44am
This isn't a drought buster, and might be overhyped, but interesting forecast shaping up for next week via NWSBayArea: "We're looking at chances for substantial rain next Sunday into Monday. Here's one model's forecast for that time period."

Fingers crossed.

 Saturday, April 17 ,2021 at 12:57pm
Via the Point Reyes Light: "Young bikers and skaters in Point Reyes Station are petitioning for a park where they could safely practice and hang out. The California Statewide Park Program identified the area as a critically underserved community in 2018, a designation that allows for competitive grant funding under Proposition 68.

Now, Madeline Hope, the director of the Tomales Bay Youth Center, is hoping to capitalize on the opportunity. "We'd like to make a case for young people getting some additional places to be that aren't being elbowed out by the visitor population, or traffic, or all these other competing stresses," she said. "The spirit of this petition is to say that kids want to be in the community, they just want to figure out how.

Local skaters are excited about the idea. Eduardo Romo, a Tomales High graduate, said he finds that it's easy to get sucked into substance use when there isn't much to do, and skating in the streets isn't safe, either. Multiple skaters have wiped out and been injured on the hill headed south from the school. Supervisor Dennis Rodoni said he supports the idea, though finding a location, along with securing funding and maintaining a park, present challenges."

To learn more about the petition, which has garnered 400 signatures, go to
 Friday, April 16 ,2021 at 7:54am
Via Marin County "It's a beautiful day for COVID-19 vaccinations in Point Reyes Station! We've got about about 100 "first come, first served" walk up slots available starting at 8:00am. #GetVaccinatedMarin #DontMissYourShotMarin"

Over by the Dance Palace!

 Thursday, April 15 ,2021 at 8:23pm
"Drakes Beach will be closed from May 1 to Aug. 31 while construction crews reconfigure the parking lot and restore a wetland. The work is part of the Point Reyes National Seashore's two-year road improvement project, which is over 70 percent complete. About half of the two-acre parking lot will be removed, and the remaining area will be reconfigured with 314 spaces, down from 399. Three metal culverts will be taken out and surrounding upland areas will be excavated to create a two-acre wetland with mostly freshwater and some tidal influence on the south side of the lot." 😕

 Thursday, April 15 ,2021 at 9:03am
Breaking news. The Palace Market in Point Reyes Station upgrading their check out situation and adding two self service stations.
 Sunday, April 11 ,2021 at 11:37am
Support our local businesses... The Little Store in Point Reyes Station is having a pop up today starting at noon in the commons area (near where the Inverness shipwreck is being move to 😂). Lots of stylish clothes and more.
 Saturday, April 10 ,2021 at 3:16pm
Elk activists in Point Reyes today.
 Thursday, April 8 ,2021 at 3:57pm
Via Marin Water "For #Throwback Thursday, here is an image of Nicasio during the mid-1970s drought. We are once again in a drought, and now is the time to do all we can to save our limited water supply. Visit to learn more."

 Wednesday, April 7 ,2021 at 12:36pm
An update from PRNPS "There will be NO closures on Limantour Road next week."
 Tuesday, April 6 ,2021 at 11:29am
Via PRNPS: "Daytime Limantour Road Closures:
Tuesday April 13-Friday April 16, 8am-5pm

Starting Tuesday April 13, 2021 Limantour Road in Point Reyes National Seashore will be closed from 8am to 5pm. This daytime closure will be in effect through Friday, April 16, 2021. The road closure is part of the park's 2-year and road improvement project.

Drainage culverts are being replaced along Limantour Road. Most of the culverts require minimal road delays and one way traffic control. The installation of a deeper culvert, however, is more complex and requires full daytime closures for the crews to work safely and efficiently."
 Thursday, April 1 ,2021 at 9:38pm
The boat that recently washed up in Point Reyes is quickly becoming a real ghost ship.

Photo by Richard James:
 Thursday, April 1 ,2021 at 1:00am
The Point Reyes Village Association has worked out a deal with the PRNPS to move the old shipwreck from Inverness to the former "commons" area in Point Reyes Station.

From the PRVA/PRNPS press release, "This is a win win. Tourists will have easier access to this very popular and beloved historical icon. The lighting will be better for social media users. And it will activate a underutilized space in downtown. So really a win win win."

This photo is a rendering of what the new home for the shipwreck will look like which was filed along with permits with the county last week.

The shipwreck will be wrapped in bubble wrap by the park and put on a flatbed truck to be moved as early as next week.

Looking forward to having this beacon of hope to look at every day for inspiration!
 Tuesday, March 30 ,2021 at 11:38pm
Someone made a web site that lets you put the ship that blocked the Suez Canal in any location. So someone put it blocking Tomales Bay. 😂

Site: https://evergiven-everywhere.g...

 Monday, March 29 ,2021 at 6:18pm
This boat just washed up on South Beach in Point Reyes. The occupants and a dog were airlifted off the coast last week I've been told. Not sure what happens next.
 Monday, March 29 ,2021 at 10:55am
Via Marin County Sheriff "For the last eight months, we've had limited staffing at our West Marin Substation due to budget cuts and staffing levels.

We are happy to report staffing levels have increased and we have resumed 24/7 staffing of our West Marin Substation as of March 28th, 2021."

 Saturday, March 27 ,2021 at 12:05pm
WMF is out of town today and very sad to miss the Old Western Saloon yard sale in Point Reyes Station. If you are there and take any pictures or find anything interesting, please let me know.
 Thursday, March 25 ,2021 at 2:41pm
An update on the status of the Old Western Saloon from the Point Reyes Light: "The owners of the Old Western Saloon put their building on the market this month for $2.2 million, and they say they will only sell to someone who will preserve the bar.

The historic two-story building consists of the saloon and two retail spaces downstairs, and 10 small offices upstairs. The liquor license is being sold separately. The Point Reyes Station Village Association is looking for a group of buyers who would keep local control.

Michelle Pelton, a member of the family trust that owns the Western, is preparing to reopen as soon as bars are permitted to have customers indoors at half capacity, and she is hosting a yard sale this weekend with 50 years' worth of stuff from the basement.

The Western joins a neighbor on the market: Two doors down, the property that hosts Zuma, Black Mountain Artisans and the Marty Knapp Photography Gallery is on the market for $925,000."

Go buy the paper to read more!
 Thursday, March 25 ,2021 at 7:10am
People have asked WMF about all the heavy trucks that are back on the road.

"(There is) earthwork and grading expected at Lawsons Landing between March 15 and April 2. This will involve hauling of clean excess dirt from Pt. Reyes National Seashore to Lawsons Landing by Ghilotti Construction. The dirt is from off-the-edge-of-road work inside the National Park, such as drainage swale improvements contracted by the National Park Service.

The trucks bringing this dirt will enter Lawsons Landing from the old Sand Haul Road (or back road) that starts near Elephant Rock on Dillon Beach Road. Thus, the trucks will not be coming through the town of Dillon Beach.

The earthwork and grading is a necessary element of the new wastewater system, a long awaited major component of Lawsons Landing's Coastal Development Permit. The Regional Water Quality Board also approved the wastewater system design. The specific details of the earthwork and grading was also permitted Feb. 19, 2021 by the California Housing and Community Development (HCD), who issue permits for improvements for Special Occupancy Parks like Lawsons Landing."

From Marin Public Works "Please note that all of the construction vehicles are operating within the single axle weight limitations of the California Vehicle Code as required by the California Department of Transportation. This is required to ensure that the impact of construction vehicles stays within the anticipated loading ranges that all roadways are designed to withstand. For details, see:"

Additionally, all truck driving should adhere to traffic laws and regulations. If any transportation concerns arise, please contact the relevant law enforcement service."
 Wednesday, March 24 ,2021 at 7:52pm
A public assist on Tomales Bay right now across from Inverness. Sounds like some people stranded on the beach over there? Not sure why the helicopter is down there. Anyone else know?
 Monday, March 22 ,2021 at 11:47am
Ever dreamed about owning The Old Western Saloon in Point Reyes Station? Now might be your chance.
 Monday, March 22 ,2021 at 10:48am
"We are VISIONS, a women-owned retail and community space in Point Reyes Station.

An important part of who we are to our community, is a space for learning, and our very first workshop is here!

We are very humbled to have a platform to share the knowledge from two of the most incredible teachers; Michael Cavette, longtime Cannabis Cultivator and Horticulturalist and Nicole Skibola, co-founder of craft cannabis company Cosmic View.

In this two-part workshop you will walk away with your own planted seed and a bottle of infused oil. As well as the knowledge to do this all yourself.

The workshop will be held outside in the fenced garden at VISIONS, with masks on.

The pricing format is sliding scale to make it super accessible.

Saturday March 27th
11am ~ 2pm
$75 - $150 per person sliding scale
Limited to 10 spots

If you are interested, reach out to us at hello@shop-visions to secure a spot or ask any questions.

For more info on the event, check out this link:

For more info on VISIONS, check us out here:"
 Sunday, March 21 ,2021 at 6:05pm
We saw our own version of the Western Weekend parade in Point Reyes yesterday.
 Saturday, March 20 ,2021 at 12:40pm
Spotted six whales today in Point Reyes. It's happening. 🐋
 Saturday, March 20 ,2021 at 12:26pm
Formation of what looks like old military planes circling over Point Reyes right now. Looks like they came out of Petaluma?
 Monday, March 15 ,2021 at 9:26pm
"Miller Boat Launch in Marshall is closed Monday, 3/15 through Thursday, 3/18. The launch is a staging area for the Coast Guard emergency response to a shipwreck."


"Unified Command for American Challenger response has ended emergency oil pollution response efforts. OSPR will now proceed as part of coalition of agencies that will address additional environmental concerns from the grounded vessel."

Miller Boat Info: https://www.marincountyparks.o...

OSPR Info: https://calspillwatch.wordpres...

Photo by Richard James
 Monday, March 15 ,2021 at 10:56am
It was a protest over school #1327. "Neighbors and alumni of (the former Sir Francis Drake High School) in San Anselmo say they are not comfortable with the ongoing name change process and are going public even as voting continues.

Drake alumnus Bill Hamm led a car caravan Sunday morning along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard from San Rafael to Drake's Beach in West Marin to protest what he called a waste of time and money."


 Monday, March 15 ,2021 at 9:13am
Question from local resident, "Yesterday driving back from north beach I saw about 20 cars with small blue/green flags but I couldn't make out what they were. Funeral? Protest?"
 Monday, March 15 ,2021 at 7:47am
Cold morning on Tomales Bay and we're starting an hour later. Have a good Monday.
 Saturday, March 13 ,2021 at 3:03pm
Word on the street is that the Point Reyes Roadhouse in Point Reyes Station is having a soft opening this weekend if you want to swing by and check it out (where Marin Sun Farms used to be on Rt. 1)
 Friday, March 12 ,2021 at 10:25am
A medical emergency in Inverness requiring a helicopter transport. Hopefully it turns out ok.
 Wednesday, March 10 ,2021 at 5:30pm
Richard James, the Coastodian, is quoted in SFGate about the American Challenger which beached north of Tomales Bay on the coast of West Marin.

"I'm very concerned that they're going to pump the oil off and walk away," James says. "I've seen this happen before."


UPDATES: https://calspillwatch.wordpres...


(photo by Richard James)
 Wednesday, March 10 ,2021 at 7:48am
Via Marin County Sheriff: "Lucas Valley Road remains closed between Westgate and east of Big Rock. @CHPMarin on scene working on clearing the roadway."
 Tuesday, March 9 ,2021 at 9:09pm
A number of people have asked what is about to open up at the building at the gravel pit on the PR/Petaluma Rd. Art gallery? Brewery? Coffee shop? Does anyone know what and when? (Thx LM)
 Tuesday, March 9 ,2021 at 2:36pm
From Marin County Public Works: "Construction truck activity related to Federal paving project. On behalf of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Marin County Department of Public Works would like to notify you of the following activities:

The Federal project to improve Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in the Point Reyes National Seashore is progressing to the next phase of construction. The Federally-funded project, which is being conducted by the FHWA, is in the process of repaving approximately 12 miles of roadway through the National Park out to the Point Reyes Lighthouse on the West Marin coast.

Starting on Monday, March 15, construction trucks will be driving daily from near the Historic Life-Saving Station Cemetery to the intersection of Sand Haul Road & Dillon Beach Road, via Highway 1. The trucks will be making frequent trips back and forth on public roadways during weekdays and this activity will continue for several weeks.

Please note that all of the construction vehicles are operating within the single axle weight limitations of the California Vehicle Code as required by the California Department of Transportation. This is required to ensure that the impact of construction vehicles stays within the anticipated loading ranges that all roadways are designed to withstand. For details, see:

Additionally, all truck driving should adhere to traffic laws and regulations. If any transportation concerns arise, please contact the relevant law enforcement service.

For detailed information on the FHWA project, please visit:"
 Monday, March 8 ,2021 at 5:12pm
An update on the grounded boat north of Dillon Beach via Cal Spill Watch: "An investigation is underway to determine the amount of fuel aboard the American Challenger. Overflights have observed a small amount of motor oil in vicinity of the vessel but there is no extensive sheen coming from the vessel. Teams will conduct cleanup operations if recoverable.

As a precautionary measure, 4,000 feet of boom was deployed to protect sensitive habitat, including oyster beds, in Tomales Bay. Additional booming will be deployed tomorrow.

Of the deployed boom, there will be a 100 foot gap for recreational boaters to transit at the deepest point of the channel south and east of Hog Island. If there is a threat to the oyster bed, the gap will be closed. USCG is broadcasting a Safety Marine Information Bulletin (SMIB) to inform public of protection operations in Tomales Bay.

All area beaches remain open, however Miller Boat Launch is temporarily closed to support response operations.

There have been no confirmed reports of oiled wildlife.

If oiled wildlife is seen, the public is asked not to approach the animal and instead call the Oiled Wildlife Care Network at 1-877-823-6926."

MORE INFO: https://calspillwatch.wordpres...
 Saturday, March 6 ,2021 at 10:08pm
Via Marin County Sheriff on NextDoor: "Last night around 9:00 PM, an unknown suspect attempted to steal the cash box from the Little Wing Farm Stand on Point Reyes Petaluma Road near Platform Bridge Road. Fortunately, a local resident stumbled upon the thief in the act and was able to chase him off.

The suspect was driving a dark colored Audi.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact me.

If you see suspicious activity near this business, or any business, especially late at night, please contact the Sheriff's Office.

Thank you!

Deputy Michael Thompson"
 Saturday, March 6 ,2021 at 7:58pm
Update: Via CADFW - "The Coast Guard, California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response, Marin County Office of Emergency Services and the Greater Farallones Marine Sanctuary established a unified command Saturday in response to a grounded vessel along the shoreline north of Dillon Beach.

Coast Guard Sector San Francisco watchstanders received a report at 8:45 a.m. Friday about the 90-foot vessel, American Challenger, being towed southward by the Tug Hunter from Puget Sound, Washington, when the Tug Hunter lost propulsion due to rope entangling the propeller.

Watchstanders diverted the Coast Guard Cutter Hawksbill crew to monitor both vessels as deteriorating sea conditions and visibility caused towing to be unfeasible. The Tug Hunter was anchored and later towed to Sausalito by the Tug Scorpius. The Hawksbill crew remained on scene with the American Challenger and at 1 a.m. the crew reported the vessel grounded on rocks in a remote area south of Estero de San Antonio.

An investigation is underway to determine the amount of fuel aboard the American Challenger. Overflights have observed a light sheen from the vessel but it is unknown if the fuel tanks are compromised.
An environmental unit is assessing protection strategies for sensitive sites in the area, including Tomales Bay.

There have been no confirmed reports of oiled wildlife."


Initial Richard James report: "Large vessel aground near Estero Americano (north of Dillon Beach). Was being towed last night, cable snapped. Coast Guard is working to place booms around it. 7000 gallons diesel is/was onboard, status unknown. Wind is howling, large surf too."
 Saturday, March 6 ,2021 at 7:30am
No idea what's going on with the helicopters right now. One buzzed our house around 6:30am this morning, the Coast Guard helicopter just went down the bay. There were some other ones zipping around yesterday, maybe a news helicopter from Oakland? Nothing on PulsePoint or the scanner.

Big waves today, if you're going to be near the beach, stay away from the water.
 Friday, March 5 ,2021 at 6:42am
So many questions.
 Thursday, March 4 ,2021 at 2:38pm
Via NWS Tsunami Alerts "A distant, large earthquake, has occurred in the South Pacific near New Zealand. NTWC is watching for water measurements near New Zealand to determine the potential impact of this event for the US West Coast and Alaska. We expect to see important water level measurements in the next hour. Currently, a watch is posted for Hawai'i and an Advisory is posted for American Samoa. Refer to for the latest information."

 Tuesday, March 2 ,2021 at 8:37pm
A lot of people heard a sonic "boom" today in Inverness around 11am. Anyone know what it was?
 Tuesday, March 2 ,2021 at 10:22am
This wild story was told again by SFGate this week and is trending. When you find something in a muddy creek in San Rafael, could it also mean someone just made the story up?

"For centuries, historians had searched for Drake's plate, the only physical evidence of Sir Francis Drake's expedition to the California coast. The English privateer, fresh off raiding Spanish ships and towns along the Pacific coast, found safe harbor in the Point Reyes area in June 1579. While resting and restocking there, he claimed the territory for Queen Elizabeth I. He named it New Albion.

According to crew member accounts, Drake left an inscribed brass plate in the area to stake his claim. But in the 350 years since, no one had seen it.

Bolton was convinced it was still out there. Whenever his students said they'd be taking a weekend trip to the seashore, he asked them to keep an eye out for Drake's plate.

Now, he had it. It was not what he expected, sure, but Bolton had explanations for everything. He told the assembled crowd and the media there was no doubt this plate was real. Its craftsmanship and writing ("BY THE GRACE OF GOD AND IN THE NAME OF HERR MAIESTYQVEEN ELIZABETH OF ENGLAND AND HERR SVCCESSORS FOREVER, I TAKE POSSESSION OF THIS KINGDOME," it read in part) was consistent with the 1500s.

In addition, he said, a prankster would have left it near Drake's Bay. It made no sense to leave it near a muddy creek in San Rafael. This could only mean one thing: Historians were wrong. Drake had entered San Francisco Bay, almost 200 years before Gaspar de Portolá "discovered" the area.""

 Saturday, February 27 ,2021 at 7:17pm
The full "snow moon" of February 2021 rising over West Marin. That was a good one.
 Friday, February 26 ,2021 at 6:50pm
Water rescue near Dillon Beach. Sounds like everyone ok. People made it out of the water and were stranded at Tom's Point.
 Thursday, February 25 ,2021 at 10:04pm
A trail camera set up by Sarah Allen near Shell Beach in Inverness captured our resident mountain lion this week. That's a big kitty,
 Thursday, February 25 ,2021 at 9:34pm
I'm going to let it go after this post, but a local asked me about it. The helicopter, registered in Santa Rosa, that repeatedly comes back and circles over Inverness was back tonight. No idea why this pattern, and/or why they keep repeating that pattern. There must be some aviation person that can figure this out. Uber Eats? Commuting? Picking up their girlfriend? Richard Dillman, we need you.
 Wednesday, February 24 ,2021 at 7:26am
So this happened at Nick's Cove on Tomales Bay last Saturday. Cars don't belong there. That seems obvious, but apparently not.

Photo and story by Richard James:
 Tuesday, February 23 ,2021 at 3:51pm
Here is a question for the aviation buffs out there. There has been a lot of interesting helicopter traffic in Point Reyes over the last couple of weeks. When I check it out on the Flightradar24 app, its often the same private helicopter doing what seems to be a very planned out pattern.

Surveying? Drone? Google mapping? Coast research?

Here is the flight track I saw yesterday.
 Tuesday, February 23 ,2021 at 7:40am
There was a house fire on BlackBerry Lane last night in Inverness Park. Apparently huge flames that destroyed the entire house. Sounds like everyone was ok. Really lucky this happened when it was wet out. Sorry for the people who lost their house.
 Monday, February 22 ,2021 at 8:52pm
Art project or fumigation? Point Reyes Station trying out a new look today.
 Sunday, February 21 ,2021 at 8:11pm
WMF was out of town today. Does anyone know what this was about? "At about 1:45pm today at Pierce Point historic dairy/parking lot: CHP helicopter, 2 Marin Fire units, at least 5 PORE SUVs, one trailing a beach-buggy. The units dispersed by 2:45-3pm without emergency flashers in use." (Thx BM)
 Saturday, February 20 ,2021 at 2:52pm
Here are the top stories from this week's Point Reyes Light. Be sure to pick up your copy.

Roadhouse eatery to open in Point Reyes
A new eatery will open later this month at the corner of Levee Road and Highway 1: The Point Reyes Roadhouse. It's a project of Marisol Salgado, who grew up on the Point Reyes peninsula and has co-owned the Whale of a Deli for the past 19...

Bolinas septics to get upgrades for second units

Shoreline may annex preschools

Fast internet coming to Bo

Bolinas-Stinson School to fully reopen after midwinter break

North Marin outlines new water rate increase

Photo by David Briggs/Point Reyes Light
 Thursday, February 18 ,2021 at 2:52pm
The Olema Campground is hiring for office positions if you're looking for work. Contact Eva Bell at 415-663-8106.
 Wednesday, February 17 ,2021 at 2:49pm
Stock up on bear claws now. "The Point Reyes Emporium Building (which houses the Bovine) is going to be tented and undergoing fumigation from Monday, 2/22 through Friday 2/26 and therefore all internal businesses will be not conducting business. The Bovine, however, must remove all food items pre-tenting which means when the building is reopen, we will probably need the weekend (2/27 and 2/28) to prepare for reopening."

From Point Reyes Books: "Our physical storefront will be closed from Monday, February 22 - Friday, February 26 due to fumigation of the Emporium Building. Our online store remains open, but we will be unable to ship or fill orders until we are back in the store."
 Tuesday, February 16 ,2021 at 2:46pm
"New data is showing the impact of a concerted effort to vaccinate residents and staff against COVID-19 in long-term care facilities across Marin County.

After a multi-agency campaign to bring vaccines into facilities across Marin, cases have dropped more than 10-fold following the wave of second doses through January 2021 in both residents and staff.

Through January, there was an average of 60 active COVID-19 cases among residents of long-term care facilities across Marin. Thus far in February, that number dropped to a monthly average of four active cases, with no facilities experiencing outbreaks."

 Sunday, February 14 ,2021 at 5:11pm
Traffic was backed up on levee rd to White House pool in Point Reyes Station. Bear Valley Rd backed up too. Plan accordingly locals.
 Friday, February 12 ,2021 at 7:44am
Top stories from the Point Reyes Light this week. Go and grab a copy today at a local store...

Bo to ration water
Water will likely be rationed for Bolinas residents starting March 1. The village has already halved overall water consumption since last summer through voluntary measures, but the utility district says scant rains threaten its ability to...

Following cuts, law enforcement collaborates to cover the coast
Law enforcement agencies are cooperating to make sure West Marin is still covered despite the closure of the sheriff's Point Reyes substation from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. since last July.

Vaccine coming to 65 and up next week
Marin boasts one of the highest rates of vaccine distribution statewide, but eligibility criteria have remained restricted to the needs of its aging population. Next week...

Affordable housing limited by zoning rules and hazards
The State of California is asking Marin to plan for thousands of new affordable homes in unincorporated areas, a goal that is stressing county planners and alarming supervisors, who don't believe...
 Wednesday, February 10 ,2021 at 8:27am
Some heavy duty work going down at the Bovine in Point Reyes Station. No bear claws for a couple days it looks like.
 Tuesday, February 9 ,2021 at 8:00am
This is from an Instagram post by the Point Reyes National Seashore: "At Point Reyes National Seashore, we don't typically see fresh shark bites on the large male elephant seals. But, recently, we have seen 3 subadult elephant seals with very fresh shark bites, and a photographer witnessed a white shark feeding on a harbor seal in Drakes Bay. So all of this leads us to believe there is a white shark hanging out in Drakes Bay. We know they are in the area at different times of the year, but we don't usually see them going after the large elephant seals. These three seals are the lucky ones that have survived a shark trying to make a meal out of them. Elephant seals have an amazing ability in healing their wounds, and these seals will most likely survive since the bite was only in their blubber layer."

NPS photos. NMFS Permit Number 21425.

 Monday, February 8 ,2021 at 9:29pm
WMF is late to this party. I have no idea who Active Norcal is or who writes their posts. But they should probably spend a couple of bucks on fact checking. Worth going to the post and reading the comments from locals.

 Sunday, February 7 ,2021 at 11:39am
Via Laura Arndt: "I spotted a large coyote around 5 pm going from Waldo's driveway(6th and C) in Point Reyes Station. Across the calving lot to the bag of Walnut Place and then towards the back of the red/ green barn. Looked fat and shiny, German Shepard size. Also I just learned that a large coyote has been spotted a few days ago around 10 AM on the trail at Wetlands. Keep your dogs leashed folks"
 Saturday, February 6 ,2021 at 3:48pm
No idea how this car got so far down in a ditch on the PR/Petaluma road. But it did. Looked like everyone ok. Tons of traffic today, please drive safe.
 Friday, February 5 ,2021 at 7:21am
Here is a preview of what's in this week's Point Reyes Light. Grab your copy today:

Push for pension reform rocks teachers:
Teachers are upset at the Marin County Board of Education for discussing pension reform in the middle of a pandemic without any feedback from labor unions. The county board considered a resolution last month that calls on state legislators to enact pension reform, proposing several possible solutions"”including weakening pensions by...

Undersheriff will run for top law enforcer:
After a quarter of a century and only one contested election, Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle will retire from his post in 2022. The race for the seat has begun: Undersheriff Jamie Scardina, who was endorsed by the sheriff after two decades with the county department, announced his run against...

New super for school district:
Adam Jennings, the principal of Tomales High School for the past eight years, will step into the role of superintendent of Shoreline Unified School District this summer. The district's board selected Mr. Jennings through a competitive process to replace Bob Raines, who is retiring after five years at the post...


Pair buys surf, herb shops

Marin collaborates on regional wildfire evacuation tool to help guide traffic

Supervisors to weigh rent freeze for northwest Marin through 2021

 Thursday, February 4 ,2021 at 6:21pm
A helicopter just landed at West Marin School in Point Reyes Station, but I'm not sure why. Nothing on PulsePoint or on the radar. Does anyone know what is going on?