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 Friday, August 13 ,2021 at 1:01pm
Reports of some sort of fire happening near 2 Rock by Tomales. Apparently planes already on scene dumping retardant. Low cloud cover on Tomales Bay so I can't see much from Inverness. Anyone else have info? (Thx TW)

 Thursday, August 12 ,2021 at 6:50pm
A new movie called "Im Charlie Walker" is being released documenting story of Charlie Walker, the man who fought racism and made $5M when oil flooded the SF Bay and Stinson Beach.

"Some strange ocean patterns took hold of the oil, blowing most of it out to the Potato Patch by the Farallon Islands. The currents then changed again, sending the oil northwest, where it hit Stinson Beach hard, and Walker had the contract.

The contract said Walker was boss, and he hired dozens of white truckers to clean the sands, remove tar from birds and make some money off the back of Standard Oil.

“It has been 50 years since the devastating oil spill of 1971 in the San Francisco Bay changed my life forever,” Walker, now 88 and still living in Hunters Point, told SFGATE. “I had one truck to my name and had to fight a billion dollar oil company who hired me to clean up their mistake, but no one was going to stop me from finishing the job. I made $5 million in 30 days.”



 Wednesday, August 11 ,2021 at 2:47pm
Via Marin County Sheriff: "Reported vehicle and vegetation fire near east peak on ridge crest near Mt. Tam East Peak. Firefighters and deputies on scene of a reported quarter acre vegetation fire that originally started from a vehicle fire. No evacuations at this time. Avoid the area. Additional air resources en route."


 Wednesday, August 11 ,2021 at 9:50am
Via FEMA: "Reminder: At 11:20 AM PST today, we will conduct a national test of the Emergency Alert System in coordination with the FCC. The test will appear on televisions & radios, while specially configured cell phones will receive an emergency alert test code message."

 Tuesday, August 10 ,2021 at 9:45am
If you live in West Marin and have children, here are two things you might be interested in:

The West Marin Youth Soccer league has extended their sign up until August 15. If you know a child that is interested in playing soccer, now is the chance to sign them up. The Point Reyes/Bolinas teams are looking for players. If you have questions about how to sign up, let me know.


The Emerald Heart Forest School is a place-based nature program for children ages 3 to 6 in Inverness/Point Reyes. Now enrolling for fall 2021.

Contact Taira Restar at:
and on Instagram at @ourforestlife
 Monday, August 9 ,2021 at 12:50pm
No mention of West Marin in here though. And lots of alternative ideas like shipping water by train. "The Marin Municipal Water District is shelving plans to rent two desalination plants to avoid the potential depletion of water supplies by next summer and will instead focus efforts on a pipeline across San Francisco Bay.

Aside from the desal project’s estimated price of $30 million to $37 million, the two temporary plants the district found would only be able to generate a quarter of its daily water needs if reservoirs go dry, said Ben Horenstein, the district’s general manager.

“It isn’t too attractive if that’s your only option,” Horenstein said.

By comparison, the proposed 5- to 6-mile pipeline across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge could carry the 10 million to 15 million gallons a day the district says would be needed for vital indoor water uses."

Story by Will Houston.
 Friday, August 6 ,2021 at 1:06pm
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Photo of the sunset in Point Reyes last night by WMF.
 Thursday, August 5 ,2021 at 4:49pm
Via Bay Area NWS "Wildfire smoke returns today into tomorrow. Northerly winds in the wake of today's low pressure system will transport wildfire smoke from NW California into the region beginning today and more by tomorrow morning."

 Thursday, August 5 ,2021 at 11:57am
The West Marin Equitable Communication needs your input to help them assess the communication gap in West Marin and come up with solutions. The communications project was spurred by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic last spring, when organizations large and small had to react to and disseminate rapidly changing public health guidance which became quite challenging.

Take the survey:
 Wednesday, August 4 ,2021 at 3:32pm
"Thousands of West Marin residents could soon be placed under mandatory water rationing rules enforceable through service shutoffs and fines as large as $500.

The Stinson Beach County Water District will consider an ordinance on Aug. 21 that would limit households to a 125-gallon allotment per day if supplies dip low enough. The Inverness Public Utility District will consider adopting its own rationing rules on Aug. 25 but has yet to define what the allotment could be.

Inverness experienced its driest year on record in 2020-21, receiving only 15 inches of rain when it would normally get an average of 38 inches. The district, which serves 1,100 people, relies almost entirely on water from seven creeks on the Inverness Ridge for its supply.

“A couple of them are virtually dry now,” said Wade Holland, the district’s customer services manager. “It’s troubling.”

The creeks that replenish the district’s 10 storage tanks have dried out more quickly than anticipated, Holland said. While creek flows normally would keep the storage tanks at or near their full 440,000-gallon capacity, the tanks are now only filling up 75% and dropping lower every week.

How long the district has until it could run out of water is not clear, Holland said.

“It’s impossible to predict,” Holland said. “There is no historical model.”

To avoid this outcome, the district is in early talks to obtain supplemental water supplies. While Holland declined to provide more details, he said the discussions do not include trucking in water.

“We are looking to get supplemental water into the system itself,” Holland said.

“It doesn’t take long to get to the point where you’re just empty,” Holland said."


Photo by Alan Dep
 Wednesday, August 4 ,2021 at 9:45am
“OSPR crew monitoring grounded 38-ft pleasure craft near Point Reyes in Marin Co. Diesel sheen observed & est 100 gal. onboard. OSPR & federal partners working to assess incident site, in rocky area only accessible by water. Capt rescued this morning. No oiled #wildlife observed.”

 Tuesday, August 3 ,2021 at 3:39pm
If you're in Point Reyes Station today, head over to the Point Reyes Public Safety Building (at 101 4th Street) between 4pm and 8pm for Night Out.
 Tuesday, August 3 ,2021 at 12:42pm
A whale washed up on McClures Beach in Point Reyes this morning. (Thx RW)

Also sounded like a boat may have got stuck on the rocks by Elephant Rock, does anyone know about that?
 Monday, August 2 ,2021 at 1:22pm
"Bay Area health officials reinstate indoor mask mandate starting Tuesday (tomorrow). Counties following this order include:
-San Francisco
-Contra Costa
-San Mateo
-Santa Clara

*This is for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals"

 Monday, August 2 ,2021 at 11:06am
Charlie Morgan passed this weekend. He was a fundamental part of the fabric of the West Marin community and will be missed. I have very fond memories of taking our two boys down to Love Field to watch the Venados play, eating hot dogs and listening to Charlie doing the play by play live at the game. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. (Photo from http://www.sparselysageandtime...
 Monday, August 2 ,2021 at 9:34am
We had power surge in Inverness last night and swaths of power still out in Nicasio. Anyone know what happened?

 Sunday, August 1 ,2021 at 9:43pm
An absolutely stunning sunset at North Beach in Point Reyes tonight,
 Saturday, July 31 ,2021 at 9:45am
A big yard sale at 41 B street in Point Reyes Station today and tomorrow from 10am to 3pm. Between the fire station and dance palace. So much good stuff including Sue Taylor’s estate.
 Friday, July 30 ,2021 at 10:34am
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 Thursday, July 29 ,2021 at 2:08pm
Via the Inverness Public Utility District: "Beginning Monday, August 2, 2021 you may not use System-provided potable water outdoors, except for spot watering by watering can or by handheld hose equipped with a positive-action nozzle.

Rapidly decreasing streamflows in the Inverness watershed necessitate activation of Stage 2 of the District’s Water Conservation Program.

Use of any of the following methods for outdoor watering will become a violation of Water System Regulation 117:

· Outdoor sprinklers
· Drip systems
· Irrigation systems
· Automated watering devices
· Timer-controlled watering systems

Use of water for washing vehicles is also prohibited."

 Thursday, July 29 ,2021 at 6:56am
"A 8.2 magnitude earthquake occurred 75 miles SE of Chignik, AK. early this morning. No significant tsunami is expected. California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska - all clear. Strong & unusual currents may continue for the next several hours." Check your boats later today...

 Wednesday, July 28 ,2021 at 9:17pm
Anyone else catch those amazing clouds after sunset tonight?
 Wednesday, July 28 ,2021 at 2:34pm
"With the delta variant taking off around the country, the federal government Tuesday updated its masking guidelines for fully vaccinated people.

The new advice is to mask up indoors if you live in a place with "substantial" or high virus transmission. (The guidance for people who are unvaccinated remains the same: Always mask up indoors.)

So, whats the level of transmission where you live? Look up your county with the link below."


Please get vaccinated. Not just for you. For everyone.
 Wednesday, July 28 ,2021 at 9:26am
“Due to heat and tight supply conditions, the California ISO has issued a statewide #FlexAlert for Wednesday, July 28, from 4-9 p.m. encouraging consumers to conserve energy to help alleviate stress on the #powergrid. Read the news release:”

 Tuesday, July 27 ,2021 at 1:16pm
A great story and photo from West Marin wildlife photographer Carlos Porrata: "I found the Bobcat I had spent time with last week. He was laying low sleeping so I gently parked to hurry up and wait. In about 20 minutes he got up and started to hunt. He did two attempts unsuccessfully and decided to move on. As he was slowly moving he did not notice that he was right next to a resting Coyote. I notice the Coyote before the Bobcat did and braced myself, expecting a hostile encounter among these two. Was I in for a surprise...they both stayed calm and collected and the Bobcat came as close as I have ever seen a Coyote and a Bobcat be from each other. It was a bit surreal to me since I was observing the opposite from what I expected. Live and learn. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me..... "
 Monday, July 26 ,2021 at 12:34pm
Another semi-truck stuck at Big Rock on Lucas Valley Rd. Expect delays (Thx STG)
 Monday, July 26 ,2021 at 8:22am
Power was out this morning in a large part of Inverness and the park today due to a tree falling onto power lines causing them to arc. An emergency power switch was activated immediately shutting power down to prevent any further sparks from starting a fire. Firefighters quickly sprayed water and foam at the site to prevent any chances of a fire starting. Power has been restored. Thank you first responders!
 Sunday, July 25 ,2021 at 8:14am
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 Saturday, July 24 ,2021 at 8:11pm
Medical emergencies in the park and in Point Reyes Station. There may be helicopter transport out of Inverness. I hope everyone is ok.
 Thursday, July 22 ,2021 at 1:05pm
Just heard a report that a semi trailer truck is stuck on Lucas Valley Drive where they are doing construction to stop semi trailer trucks from getting stuck. Sounds like road is closed. Anyone else know anything about this?
 Tuesday, July 20 ,2021 at 6:17pm
Via County of Marin: "Construction work is fully underway to realign the curve at milepost 5.08 of Lucas Valley Road. Traffic is flowing through a single lane with alternating access and is being controlled with portable traffic signals."

 Tuesday, July 20 ,2021 at 8:56am
No one went to space this morning in Inverness, but it was still pretty nice here.
 Monday, July 19 ,2021 at 11:03am
An very sad update from PRNPS about the missing hiker. "Point Reyes National Seashore received a report of an overdue hiker on Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 10:00 pm The missing person was last seen leaving the Bear Valley Visitor Center around 5:30 pm.

Park Rangers conducted a hasty search on the Bear Valley out to the coast. Marin County Search and Rescue conducted a hasty search on Bear Valley Trail, Coast Trail, Sky Trail, Rift Zone Trail. California Highway Patrol H30 also assisted with search efforts.

The body was spotted on Monday, July 19, 2021 at 6:00 am near the former location of Arch Rock. The investigation is ongoing. The name of the victim will be released pending notification of next of kin. Additional details are not available at this time."

Our hearts go out to her family and friends.
 Sunday, July 18 ,2021 at 6:59pm
"Some West Marin residents may need to line up to get their drinking water from a storage tank in Point Reyes Station as drought conditions worsen saltwater contamination in the main well-water supplies.

The North Marin Water District took the unprecedented step to install the 4,500-gallon water tank at the end of Commodore Webster Drive in case salt levels in well-water supplies reach higher concentrations that could pose a health risk to residents on low-salt diets.

“It’s already set up and ready to be implemented,” district General Manager Drew McIntyre said. “We have a trigger that we will activate once the sodium increases to 115 milligrams per liter. Right now it’s just a little bit under 50 milligrams per liter.”

Last year, salt levels reached 115 milligrams per liter in August but “every year is different,” McIntyre said.

Ken Levin, president of the Point Reyes Station Village Association, told the board that residents may soon have to line up with gallon jugs to get their drinking water because the district was prevented from beginning construction (on a new well) this summer.

“It’s not online because of one person who has had the tenacity to appeal every permit application on this,” Levin said."

(Photo of the 4,500-gallon water tank at the end of Commodore Webster Drive)

 Sunday, July 18 ,2021 at 11:51am
"The Point Reyes National Seashore announced Wednesday that it has delayed a decision on its controversial proposal to kill some of the park’s tule elk and extend how long commercial cattle ranchers can lease parkland.

In a filing with the U.S. District Court of Northern California on Wednesday, park Superintendent Craig Kenkel estimated that the park would need an additional 60 days before making a decision on the plan."


Story by Will Houston
Photo by Alan Dep
 Saturday, July 17 ,2021 at 5:55pm
Via NWSBayArea: "A Red Flag Warning has been issued due to the threat of dry lightning starting late Sunday morning and lasting through Monday afternoon. Be sure to stay weather aware and have a plan if a fire starts in your area."

 Friday, July 16 ,2021 at 10:05am
Anyone know what this was about last night? Water rescue at the Nicasio Reservoir? Is there enough water left for that?
 Thursday, July 15 ,2021 at 2:58pm
Big news via The Point Reyes Light: "The Green Barn in downtown Point Reyes Station, owned for over two decades by Inverness resident Rip Goelet, sold last week to Bay Area real estate investor Vera Cort. As for what the future holds for the Green Barn, aside from a possible paint job? The possibilities are broad; the property is zoned for commercial and residential use. The Corts have mulled various ideas, including a small grocery, a restaurant and a brewery, though possible septic issues could make a brewery uncertain, he said. Mr. Cort said his family wants something both tourists and the community can enjoy, and they are open to suggestions and pitches—in fact, that is part of the appeal."

Story by Samantha Kinney
Photo by David Briggs

By a copy of the paper today or if youre a subscriber read more here:
 Thursday, July 15 ,2021 at 9:22am
"There is a vaccine pop up site at the WMCS food pantry for this Thursday. We are making a big push to try and get some of our remaining 900 or so eligible unvaccinated people vaccinated in West Marin."

"Hay un sitio emergente de vacunas en la despensa de alimentos de WMCS para este jueves. Estamos haciendo un gran esfuerzo para tratar de que algunas de nuestras 900 personas no vacunadas elegibles restantes se vacunen en West Marin."
 Thursday, July 15 ,2021 at 9:05am
A man can dream.
 Wednesday, July 14 ,2021 at 5:08pm
Via Marin County Fire: "#dolcinifire mapped at 32.6 acres. 60% contained. One way traffic control to commence shortly between Novato blvd and Nicasio Valley Rd ok Point Reyes Petaluma Rd."

Amazing work by our local emergency responders today keeping us all safe. Thank you.

 Wednesday, July 14 ,2021 at 2:27pm
Marin County Sheriff: "Point Reyes Petaluma Road between Nicasio Valley Road and Novato Boulevard is currently closed due to the vegetation fire."

 Wednesday, July 14 ,2021 at 2:27pm
This is not official information, via fire scanner: "#DolciniFire in Marin Co located on Pt Reyes-Petaluma Rd just north of Nicasio Valley Rd is 12 acres, wind driven, potential for 50 acres. IC requesting 1 addl dozer, 2 handcrews & 8 type 3 engines. 2 addl tankers for a total of 4 (T85, T100 already dropped). No structure threat."

Also: "Point Reyes Petaluma Road between Nicasio Valley Road and Novato Boulevard is currently closed"


 Wednesday, July 14 ,2021 at 1:56pm
via Marin County Sheriff "Deputies and Marin County Fire on-scene of a vegetation fire in the 6900 block of Point Reyes Petaluma Rd. No structures threatened. No evacuations at this time.

Avoid the area."


 Tuesday, July 13 ,2021 at 10:11pm
Perhaps you saw her at the far end of Chicken Ranch beach. Or at the end of the bar at The Western cheering on a ball game. Or selling her gorgeous rugs in front of the post office. Or just walking around town with her little dog. Or maybe youve met one of her amazing children, Xerxes, Dakota or Josie. Sue Taylor was a beautiful light that shined so brightly in this world. We will miss you so much.
 Monday, July 12 ,2021 at 3:50pm
Maybe the raccoons in this part of the neighborhood are different then the ones in my neighborhood. Because the “just put half a brick on top of the trash can” trick doesn’t work at my house.
 Saturday, July 10 ,2021 at 2:54pm
Chicken Ranch and Limantour parking lots maxing out probably due to inland heat wave. If you're local, plan accordingly. Took me ten minutes to get through Point Reyes Station traffic.
 Wednesday, July 7 ,2021 at 7:37am
"It is much more of a hazard now and there is more debris. ... It should probably be taken out," Jim Fox, the Inverness fire chief.

SFGate rehashing old stories today, but that quote is worth it:
 Sunday, July 4 ,2021 at 9:26am
Black mountain taking a break this morning in Point Reyes Station. Happy fourth. Let's avoid fires and lay off the fireworks today.😬
 Saturday, July 3 ,2021 at 7:49pm
Stephanie Miller captured this photo in Point Reyes of a coyote catching a skunk and tossing it around. Has anyone seen that before?
 Friday, July 2 ,2021 at 1:08pm
For those who live in Inverness.

Holiday Weekend Critical Water Alert

The Water System is already feeling the strain of the holiday weekend's increased demand.

We must maintain adequate reserves for the essentials "“ fire protection, sanitation, basic domestic use, not drying up the streams.

All customers are being asked to DEFER ALL OUTDOOR WATERING until next week. Please: No outdoor watering at this time.

So we don't get hit with a crippling tsunami of demand all at once next week, please water outdoors on the following schedule.

July 2-6 (Friday-Tuesday): No outdoor watering. All customers.

July 7 & 9 (Wednesday & Friday): Limited outdoor watering OK for households with an even-numbered street address.

July 8 & 10 (Thursday & Saturday): Limited outdoor watering OK for households with an odd-numbered street address.

Thank you for your cooperation!

-- From your Inverness Water System staff"

 Thursday, July 1 ,2021 at 4:55pm
Via PRNS "Starting today, Coast Trail north from its intersection with Bear Valley Trail to Coast Camp is closed due to salvage operations from a vessel that ran aground at Kelham Beach. Vehicle traffic will be on Bear Valley Trail over the next few days.

There were no injuries. No estimate yet on when the closed area associated with the grounded vessel will re-open but multiple agencies are assisting. Thanks for your patience."

 Wednesday, June 30 ,2021 at 5:10pm
A local WMF supporter who owns an empty lot received this letter and was wondering if other people had received them as well and if anyone knew anything about it. Are people selling their property to Gray Duck? Or just spam.
 Wednesday, June 30 ,2021 at 3:13pm
via FireSAFE Marin: "Chipper crews will be in your neighborhood! Hit the link below to use our Interactive map to find out when. Register for FREE vegetation removal at Funded by the @MarinWildfire Prevention Authority. View map here:"

Inverness: 7/10/21 and 10/11/21
Point Reyes Station: 7/5/21 and 10/4/21
 Tuesday, June 29 ,2021 at 10:41am
Point Reyes on the cover of the MarinIJ today.

"Coast Miwok descendants in Marin County are urging U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, the nation's first Native American cabinet secretary, to reject a controversial plan at Point Reyes National Seashore that it says prioritizes commercial cattle ranching over protecting archaeological sites and the environment."

 Monday, June 28 ,2021 at 11:03pm
1977 Marin Municipal Water District conservation guide and refrigerator magnet.

 Wednesday, June 23 ,2021 at 3:24pm
For those wondering about the crane off Limantour Beach: "Of course, the crane will first have to fit under the Golden Gate and Bay bridges. To make that happen, the ZPMC ship will anchor about 30 miles from the bay off Point Reyes for a few days, while workers make necessary adjustments."

FULL STORY: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal....
 Wednesday, June 23 ,2021 at 1:11pm
Another major heat wave forecasted for this weekend. Be prepared. "A warming & drying trend is forecast to occur late this week and into the upcoming weekend. Resulting in interior locations reaching the 90s to potentially low 100s which may enhance risk for heat related illnesses. Hot & dry conditions may lead to elevated fire weather concerns."

 Tuesday, June 22 ,2021 at 5:10pm
"A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday is alleging the Point Reyes National Seashore was negligent in its wildlife management and violated federal law after more than 150 tule elk died in a park preserve last year.

The complaint filed by Harvard Law School's Animal Law and Policy Clinic in the U.S. District Court of Northern California seeks a court order requiring the National Park Service and U.S. Interior Department to enact plans to ensure the remaining 300 elk in the enclosed Tomales Point Preserve have access to adequate food and water."


Photo: WMF/Ollie Zink
 Monday, June 21 ,2021 at 9:26am
"My name is Jeff McBeth and I work for the Inverness Public Utility District. Yesterday, June 19th, at approximately 11:00 am, a Professional Chef knife roll/case was found and turned into the Inverness Fire Department. I would very much like to get these knives back to their owner as they likely need and miss them."
 Sunday, June 20 ,2021 at 12:58pm
"Happy #SummerSolstice ☀The Summer Solstice will occur today at 8:31 PM PDT and mark the start of astronomical summer. The length of daylight is the longest of the year with just under 15 hours between sunrise and sunset."

Here is one of the WMF secret spots in Point Reyes.

 Saturday, June 19 ,2021 at 9:12pm
The bear saga continues. From a local: "Good morning! We just hit the road for a trip to Washington state, and about a half mile south of the Olema Cemetery, we had to slam on our brakes so we didn't hit a black bear! Kind of neat to see, not so good for pets 😬 We wanted to let you know!" (Thx KS)
 Friday, June 18 ,2021 at 12:31pm
"It's the most wonderful time of the year"¦Market season in Point Reyes!! Join us tomorrow, June 19 from 9am -2pm for opening day of the 25th Annual Point Reyes Farmers Market! 🥳☀️🌱✨"

More info:
 Friday, June 18 ,2021 at 7:21am
Summer is officially here! The Haggards are playing The Western in Point Reyes Station tonight (Saturday). Get your party on. And if you're vaccinated, you don't need a mask...
 Thursday, June 17 ,2021 at 1:46pm
A car hit a power pole on the PR/Petaluma Rd near the vegetable stand. Everyone is ok. Traffic will be closed both ways until they are able to clean up the power lines. Plan accordingly. (Thx DP)
 Thursday, June 17 ,2021 at 9:27am
On Via de La Vista in Inverness last night, a number of trash cans and trash can containers were damaged in a manner that looks like it was a a bear looking for food.

The straps were ripped off the cans leaving claw marks, and large wooden structures were knocked over to access the cans.

(Thx CP)
 Wednesday, June 16 ,2021 at 9:30pm
There's a car accident by Pierce Point in Point Reyes requiring helicopter support. And some kind of transformer blew on SFD in Inverness causing power to go on and off in Seahaven.
 Wednesday, June 16 ,2021 at 2:42pm
Last night at 9:20pm on Woodhaven Rd. in Inverness, Jonathan Hajdu, who was visiting from Oakland, said he was approached by a mountain lion who was loud and aggressive. Jonathan said he stood his ground and made a lot of noise, but the mountain lion continued to approach him for 100 yards before running off.

This is an unconfirmed third party report, so make of it what you will. Jonathan contacted the park and let them know (although it wasn't on park property).

I have heard two other reports in the last two weeks of possible mountain lion sightings. One was in Seahaven in Inverness by Camino del Mar and Via de La Vista crossing someone's property. The other was from some hikers near Coast Camp in Point Reyes that reportedly saw a mountain lion on the trail.

None of these sightings have been verified, but there was this video shot in Inverness a few months ago, so they are definitely around:

Take care when hiking, bring your whistle and follow these rules:
 Monday, June 14 ,2021 at 5:46pm
"The gas station in Pt Reyes Station is looking for a new Manager. Pay is commensurate with experience and includes a potential bonus, health and dental, 401k with matching, paid holidays and more!

The position only supervises 3-4 long term employees, can be part time or full time, and hours are flexible. Please visit or call the station for more information.

11401 State Route 1, Pt Reyes Station.
 Monday, June 14 ,2021 at 5:31pm
"California OFFICIALLY reopens for "business as usual" on June 15!Are you feeling ready?

Here are a few of the BIG CHANGES you should be aware of to help you feel prepared going into Tuesday.

- No masks required for most indoor/outdoor settings
- Green circle No capacity limitations for businesses
- Green circle No restrictions on social distancing
- Yellow circle Vaccine verification or negative test required for large, indoor events"

 Saturday, June 12 ,2021 at 12:06pm
"Unprecedented drought prompts Point Reyes National Seashore to provide supplemental water for tule elk at Tomales Point.

Learn more"

 Friday, June 11 ,2021 at 12:05pm
"Fire on H Ranch (Woodacre). 2-3 acres. Marin County, Novato and Cal Fire units with aircraft on scene. Smoke visible in Novato."


 Thursday, June 10 ,2021 at 10:42am
Via The Point Reyes Light: "A Santa Rosa man returning from Coast Camp (in Point Reyes) by bike on the evening of May 27 came around a turn and saw this black bear, which paused for the picture, on Coast Trail, near the hostel." Photo by Dennis Olson.
 Wednesday, June 9 ,2021 at 5:41pm
An hour ago: "Olema - Heads UP - Hwy 1 is temporarily CLOSED near Sir Francis Drake. Vehicle hit a power pole. Highway 1 is closed, south of Point Reyes to Bear Valley."

Anyone know if the road is open now?
 Wednesday, June 9 ,2021 at 11:53am
"It was a raucous 90 minutes in Marin County when a congressional town hall in the Bay Area Tuesday night was stormed and disrupted by anti-vaccine and pro-Donald Trump protesters. Rep. Jared Huffman struggled to carry on his first in-person town hall in a year amid the disruptions.

Congressional town halls are generally tame, even dry with discussion over policy, but that was before COVID and the polarizing 2020 presidential election.

At one point the woman with the ferret sign stuck her tongue in a man's face and tried to rip off his mask. She defended her actions saying, "Civil disobedience is not going to look pretty all the time," said Kegan Stedwell of Point Reyes. "The idea is that you're disrupting the flow of the day-to-day."

"To see it on my doorstep, yeah, they're entitled to their opinions, but do it in a civil approach," said Jim Davis, who was the man confronted by Steadwelll when she tried to take his mask.""

 Wednesday, June 9 ,2021 at 10:36am
Fire. Drought. And ticks. "Colorado State University tick researcher Daniel Salkeld has been studying ticks for the better part of 15 years. On a research trip to Northern California in late May, he found numerous western black-legged ticks "” the ones that carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease "” at collection points in Marin, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, he says, and they were particularly abundant in the Marin Headlands.

In the vegetation near Stinson Beach, he collected ticks in all stages of development "” larvae, nymphs, and adults. "I had never found that before," he says."


 Tuesday, June 8 ,2021 at 11:27pm
Stunning post sunset sky in Point Reyes tonight. Lots of whale spouts too but I couldn't get them in the frame.
 Tuesday, June 8 ,2021 at 3:59pm
"The superintendent of the Shoreline Unified School District was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of child molestation. Robert Patrick Raines, 67, was booked into Marin County Jail on a count of lewd and lascivious acts against a child younger than 14."