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 Tuesday, March 1 ,2022 at 6:31pm
@wisdominthewaves captured this amazing shot in Point Reyes yesterday morning of a coyote and an elephant seal passing at dawn.
 Tuesday, March 1 ,2022 at 11:13am
Via PRNPS: "Kehoe and North beaches remain closed until further notice. Kehoe is the location of the fishing vessel that ran aground Friday and is now in the process of being removed. North Beach is the staging area for removal equipment."

Does anyone have any more information about why they let the boat run aground and not tow it back to Bodega?


 Monday, February 28 ,2022 at 7:22pm
From Susanna Smedley Crowley: "My terrier-ish dog Griffin has been missing all afternoon. She was with me when I visited a friend on Glen Way in First Valley of Inverness.

I have been walking and calling her for several hours. Fireman Ken Fox is aware that Griffin is missing. She is a very friendly dog and wears a name tag with my mobile number. For her to not come when called is highly unusual!

Please call or text my mobile number: 415-300-5971. You might also call or leave a voicemail message on my home phone: 415-669-9614.

Griffin is the gray dog on the left in this picture."
 Sunday, February 27 ,2022 at 8:13am
If you get early enough, you can see the air elk in Point Reyes.
 Saturday, February 26 ,2022 at 2:24pm
Accident on SFD north of Inverness. Car drove off the road. Hopefully everyone ok. Expect traffic deists. One of those days.
 Saturday, February 26 ,2022 at 1:23pm
Bad accident at the Nicasio Reservoir today. No word on injuries, at least one person airlifted to hospital. Such a dangerous section of road, please drive safe.
 Saturday, February 26 ,2022 at 12:16pm
Traffic collision by the Nicasio Reservoir. Sounds like it might be a rolled over truck and a Ferrari? Be prepared for traffic delays. Hopefully everyone ok. Anyone have more info?
 Friday, February 25 ,2022 at 10:16pm
Via PRNPS “Kehoe Beach and Kehoe Beach Trail are closed until further notice due to a grounded vessel.”

Check their web site for updates:

Photo by GB
 Friday, February 25 ,2022 at 4:28pm
Apparently there is a whale stuck on a sandbar near Marshall Store in Tomales Bay. Hopefully it will get unstuck as the tide comes in, has anyone seen it? You can see the spout here. (Thx MO)
 Friday, February 25 ,2022 at 11:47am
It sounds like an empty fisherman's boat was found near Elephant Rock in Point Reyes with his cel phone in it. Search under way for him now on the beaches and out at sea. I hope he's ok and they find him. Anyone else have any more details? (Thx RD)
 Thursday, February 24 ,2022 at 7:12pm
A truck flipped over earlier and I’ve heard reports that SFD is closed or one lane by Samuel P Taylor. Anyone have updates?
 Wednesday, February 23 ,2022 at 9:26am
From Kathy Runnion.

"My brother wrote this tribute for Lee Richardson, including the photos. I thought some of you might appreciate it:

“17 DAYS”
for Lee

I recall the dog days of summer and endless days of sitting on a boat while catching huge trout. I was mesmerized by the gentle rock of the water and could spend all day like that, in total peace and quiet, dreaming. Then suddenly: the fight of a big fish!

It just didn’t seem right. I felt guilty for having so much fun.
So if the fish would just let me, I’d have some lunch, then like to feel guilty some more.

I’d eventually have dinner ready on the boat as well, and the day melted along with the sun.

The fishing was so good, I just hated any interruption of it. Any time I felt an urge to come in for a bit, I just promised myself ‘one more cast and I will.’

A cast of thousands then ensued, with each one being that last, promised cast. Sure enough, the light of day passed, then nothing but pitch blackness surrounded me, ruining all my fun. The nightly “lights out” provided by mother nature reminded me of my own mother wagging her finger at me and saying: “tomorrow is another day” as I leaned into the refrigerator for the 16th time.

You never wanted ANY reason to stop, but I guess today just HAD to be postponed for “tomorrow.”

But suddenly I had to deal with an unnerving silence and obvious blindness around me. If you’ve ever taken a night walk in the Sierra, your vision would be about one inch, and Webber was THE example. It got so dark and quiet, I felt like Helen Keller. You suddenly went from being a cool, die-hard fisherman to a lonely dummy sitting in the middle of nowhere surrounded by water, blind, and with a chorus of 200 laughing coyotes that started just for effect, but did not help with anxiety. But hey, I only needed to find Lee’s dock here.

Somebody’s solar-powered lights flickered on at the other end of the lake, and it was a mild comfort to see SOME sign of civilization, but it was no beacon for my cause. I turned around and looked off towards Lee’s campground engulfed somewhere inside the black silhouette of heavy timber on the opposite end of the lake. It was a starless hole, and a bit scary, unlike the clean mountain sky that rested just above the tree line. At least the stars there provided some light.

Yet it was impossible to see the shore, and I wondered where Lee was anyway. I wondered where the hell everybody was for that matter. It seemed no lights were on along the entire north end of the lake, a normally busy camping stretch. I heard a group of people laughing way off in the distance, and I imagined it was Lee making jokes about my situation while plotting a crowd to witness it all.

Man, it was dark. Damn this addiction. Now look at me. I just pulled on the rope, the motor started, and I putted off—taking my chances and hoping I wouldn’t crash the boat or bottom out. Now and then I’d hit a patch of floating weeds that made the motor bog down, but it always kept going, foregoing the inevitable torcher my mind would have perpetrated—that is, being stranded in the middle of a weed patch and maybe having to jump into it to swim back to shore—a group of lucky campers laughing while offering their help. Lee leading them all of course, as we always considered teasing each other in the highest regard and could never pass up an opportunity such as the one my mind just made up.

But like I said: ‘the motor always kept going’ –ALWAYS. Nothing EVER seemed to go wrong when I was at Webber. I did NOT get stuck. Sorry Lee.

So the tiny boat with its beleaguered passenger gurgled along and cut through the darkness, hoping for the best. Every now and then a flicker of lightning sparked off to the right and briefly illuminated the entire lake; but the flash quickly returned black, and the coyotes yelped.

I strained into the void. Suddenly a dim, yellow light flickered somewhere off in that best-guess range of view. The light grew whiter and stronger. I gambled it was Lee and adjusted my steering towards his possible marker. Indeed it was Lee’s pier, and when I finally docked his boat, he emerged somewhere from out of the darkness, stepped up onto the dock, then sauntered along its modest length and to its wobbly end. He picked up his lantern and said: “put a shirt on, we’re going to the McCarthy’s for a shrimp fry.”

The very next night went the same. I came in late, the lantern hissing at the end of the pier, then Lee walked out and said: “put a shirt on, we’re going to Harold and Liesel’s for Lasagna.”
Then the next night came, with the same lantern hissing and sputtering at the end of the pier. “Put on a shirt,” he says. “We’re going to Calpine for prime rib.”

And so it went for 17 straight days before reality finally found me and called me back home; ending my stay in Heaven. I had turned solid red from being on the water at 7000’ during the best part of an otherwise hot, sunny, superb, Sierra summer. The reflection off the water had fried me.

So where is this dream I was just in anyway? Was it real? By whose benevolent hand did I land there?

So I hear now that my aged friend has finally left us. Lee certainly was something. Let’s face it, he was a “father figure” to me for those magical 17 days; and for a successive period of years after; probably as he was to most of us.

As my sister is a long-time Point Reyes resident, I often stopped by to visit Lee when visiting her. I also lived there for a period. He could not get rid of me.

When I knocked, he was always excited to see me. He’d say stuff like: “Good God, I’m going to have to enlarge the damn door.”
Honestly, we’d then spend half the day together.

Now Lee was a bit younger than my true father. But both men seemed cut from a like mold.

Lee and I would sit at a table, drink coffee, and talk for hours before starting our day; just like I did with my own dad. Around lunch we’d finally get out of our pajamas: me to go fishing, and Lee to go off and split thirty cords of wood or something. But it was those long “talks” that solidified our friendship. I learned so much from him and had some things to offer as well.
My own father, still alive at the time, but separated from me by 1000 miles, seemed to be pouring out of Lee in both men’s combined experience as Lee talked. They were so much alike, Listening to Lee was like visiting my own dad. A real “bro-mance” was brewing here, but I was actually starting to love him like I love my own dad—plain and simple.

Even Lee’s mannerisms mimicked my father’s. As interesting and respected as they were, they could sometimes be gruff, caustic, or direct. But underneath all that were those proverbial big hearts. We all knew that about our dads.

You could certainly trust both men. Lee and my father lived through the social norms and historical context of their lives and, as both men were very principled, they applied those principles considered correct for each issue of that time. Virtually every experience is talked about through that lens. And that is what I took from our visits. A wealth of information and help.

These men were storied. They spilled their treasures of knowledge and experience for everyone, for all of us, all along their way like a Spanish galleon with a hole in its bottom. As our two lives passed, Lee loaded me up with his own life, using sarcasms and wit and lots of color along the way—but mainly by spending time and by going on excursions together. He was intelligent, very opinionated, and could certainly be funny. He was a respected teacher and role model to me. My time with him is cherished. My friends who have never met Lee, still know him anyway. The man was a factory for memories, and I will always have mine.

Lee, I am hoping we can hook up again when my time comes.

I’ll be looking for your lantern, old friend.

Love always and happy travels. A piece of you lives strong in me, and always will. I am better and richer for having met you and sharing those experiences uniquely our own. I’ll always remember your laughter, your company, your stories and insights, your friendship, your endless generosity, and the blessing that you were.

Here’s to your life; and oh what a life.

Your friend always,
Tom Runnion"
 Tuesday, February 22 ,2022 at 6:20pm
Anyone get some good shots of the sunset clouds tonight? This is Point Reyes.
 Monday, February 21 ,2022 at 9:30pm
The streak of dry days in Inverness is broken. Not a drought buster by any measure, but we'll take it.
 Monday, February 21 ,2022 at 10:49am
- Winter is back this week, near freezing temperatures expected with the coldest day being Wednesday. A very slight chance of some precipitation here, but there will be some snow in the Sierras.

- Marin County Fire Chief Jason Weber said that although it was a great time of year for prescribed burns on the coast, he was discouraged that Fire Forward’s burn at Audubon Canyon ranch last week led to an unexpected “slop-over” that needed an emergency response.

- Marin’s businesses will have to meet new goals for diverting organic waste from landfills after a statewide mandate took aim at greenhouse gas emissions. For residents to comply with the new composting rule, they must place all food scraps in their green bins. Supermarkets, grocery stores over 10,000 square feet and food wholesalers must now donate the maximum possible amount of edible food that would otherwise end up in the garbage to a food bank or nonprofit.

- On January 28, 1913, The Samoa, carrying twenty-one men and 380,000 feet of lumber hit Ten Mile Beach in Point Reyes and broke up. All twenty-one men were saved.

Elephant seal mania is here. Check out what this picture is all about and get links to all of these stories in WMF's roll into the week email newsletter. And subscribe!
 Sunday, February 20 ,2022 at 4:30pm
Medical emergency on Bay View Trail which brought a helicopter to Inverness and a car collision on Rt. 1 by Marshall which also has air support coming. Point Reyes Station is packed and the roads are full. Be safe everyone.
 Sunday, February 20 ,2022 at 3:00pm
Via PRNPS: “The stairs down to the Point Reyes Lighthouse have closed as of 2:30 pm Sunday 2/20 due to wind speeds over 40 mph.”

 Wednesday, February 16 ,2022 at 4:38pm
Mask mandate lifted. Inverness Park Market.
 Monday, February 14 ,2022 at 3:11pm
Car rolled over an embankment in Point Reyes near North Beach this afternoon. Single driver out of the car. Hopefully he's ok.
 Saturday, February 12 ,2022 at 3:41pm
An older woman fell off the rocks on the south end of McClures Beach in Point Reyes. She looked like she was going to be ok.
 Saturday, February 12 ,2022 at 2:26pm
Some sort of rescue happening in Point Reyes. Subject at McClures Beach. Helicopter was requested.
 Friday, February 11 ,2022 at 9:01am
The Weekend Edition of the WMF newsletter is out. Click the link below for links to these stories, events and weather then subscribe.

- A two acre brush fire broke out near Audubon Canyon Ranch on Rt. 1 just north of Stinson Beach. This was particularly dangerous because of the extreme heat and offshore wind. Fire crews quickly put it out. There had been a controlled burn in the area the day before, but no one has said publicly if there was a connection.

- "State health officials said Monday that they will allow the statewide indoor face mask mandate to expire on Feb. 15. “Marin no longer has a local health order around masking, so we’ll align with the state,” said Dr. Lisa Santora, Marin County’s DPHO."

- A young fisherman from San Francisco is still missing after he and two adults were swept off the rocks at Muir Beach. The two adults he was with have were recovered safely with no injuries. Recovery operations have been suspended.

- A generator caught fire last night at Marconi Center in Marshall but fire crews quickly extinguished it.

- An attempt at compromise between the Marin County Sheriff’s Office and proponents of civilian oversight was set aside last week by county supervisors, after public speakers decried the proposal for a community working group as ineffectual and inadequate. . “We are looking for systemic change in an oppressive system, which has a massive imbalance of power in the hands of law enforcement,” Lisa Bennett, co-chair of ICE Out of Marin, said at last Tuesday’s hearing on the proposal.-
 Thursday, February 10 ,2022 at 8:26pm
Another unseasonably epic night at the beach in Point Reyes. This big guy was covering himself with seaweed to cool off. Some big low tide sand art and another sublime sunset.
 Thursday, February 10 ,2022 at 6:43pm
Structure fire at Marconi Center in Marshall.
 Wednesday, February 9 ,2022 at 9:29am
"Deputies and Marin County Fire making access to a reported vegetation fire near Audubon Canyon off Shoreline Highway north of Stinson Beach.

No threat to the community at this time."

 Tuesday, February 8 ,2022 at 1:07pm
Via Marin Public Works: "February 8-11, we're doing concrete/asphalt work as we near completion of Lucas Valley Road project. From 8AM-5:30PM, traffic will be on 1 lane. Road will be open outside work hours."

 Tuesday, February 8 ,2022 at 8:43am
Via Greg Wong at KCBS: "Two fishermen have been rescued however a San Francisco man remains missing in the ocean at Muir Beach on Monday afternoon.

The three men, all from San Francisco, were hiking to water from the Muir Beach overlook, according to Golden Gate National Parks Service officials. Two of the men were rescued cliffside and brought to shore unharmed by a California Highway Patrol helicopter, but the other individual remains missing."

Sounds like they were swept off the rocks by big waves.


 Monday, February 7 ,2022 at 10:18am
Here is your news summary to get ready for the week:

Hot weather ahead. An intense dome of high pressure will build over the West Coast, bringing an extended period of summerlike, potentially record-breaking heat to California.

A project to address saltwater contamination affecting the West Marin water supply is set to begin after nearly a year’s delay — and at a much higher price.The North Marin Water District has approved a $192,000 construction contract to build a new well that would be free from saltwater contamination that has affected two-thirds of its wells.

The North Marin Water District voted this week to relax water use restrictions that have been in place since early 2020 for Point Reyes Station, Inverness Park, Paradise Ranch Estates, Bear Valley and Olema. Residents will be asked to voluntarily conserve by 15% compared to the last normal water year of 2013. Previously, these residents were required to cut back water use by 25%.

A draft list of potential housing sites raised some unexpected new opportunities for West Marin to meet the state’s goals. In a list released last week, the county identified more than 75 properties on the coast that could add nearly 1,000 new housing units if they were rezoned and developed.

Six months after the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria announced it would rebuild the roundhouse at Kule Loklo, the site remains in disrepair, frustrating the replica village’s devotees and reinforcing the rift between the Sonoma County-based tribe and West Marin’s unenrolled community of Coast Miwok descendants.

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 Thursday, February 3 ,2022 at 6:30pm
Power outage cleanser. The West Marin Sunset Feed was out in Point Reyes tonight and we spotted this great horned owl that was so big I thought it was a bobcat.
 Thursday, February 3 ,2022 at 2:36pm
Medical emergency near Vlads with helicopter support. Anyone know what’s going on?
 Thursday, February 3 ,2022 at 7:56am
Car accident in Inverness Park which may be related to power off in Inverness. Sounds like power line down over road. Expect delays, you may have to use Portola. Anyone have info?
 Tuesday, February 1 ,2022 at 6:53am
Be ready for downed trees and power outages. Drive safe! From NWS Bay Area: "A high wind watch has been issued across the majority of the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz mountains (excluding the Santa Clara valley) for gusty northerly winds. These gusty winds arrive between Monday night and Thursday morning and forecast to be strongest in the N Bay mtns."

 Monday, January 31 ,2022 at 12:59pm
Anyone else hear all those planes and helicopters going over West Marin? Looked like a Super Hercules and some V-22 Ospreys? Is that training?
 Monday, January 31 ,2022 at 8:19am
Another bad traffic accident on SFD near White Hill School this morning. Hopefully everyone ok. Expect delays if that is part of your commute. (Thx GO and LP)
 Sunday, January 30 ,2022 at 12:29pm
Does anyone know the details of the accident yesterday that closed down Sir Francis Drake near White Hill in Fairfax? Apparently there was a bicycle involved and possibly a fatality? I can't find any news reports about, sounded very sad.
 Saturday, January 29 ,2022 at 9:08pm
Not something you see every day in Point Reyes. A bunch of dudes surfing solid waves on an inflatable raft out at the beaches.(Thx JG)
 Wednesday, January 26 ,2022 at 11:23am
From locally based Emergence Magazine: "Across the United States, Indigenous communities are calling for sweeping revisions to stories commonly told as “history”—stories that, even today, neglect and erase Indigenous peoples and serve as justification for continued ownership of stolen Indigenous lands.

This three-part series is the multigenerational story of a Coast Miwok family’s eviction from their ancestral home in Northern California and one woman’s mission to bring the living history of her family back to the land. Throughout this series, Theresa Harlan chronicles the story of her family’s displacement from their homestead on a cove in Tomales Bay and shares her grassroots efforts to involve the wider community in protecting both the history and the future of this place.

As she tells her family’s story, Theresa makes a powerful claim: remembering and retelling inclusive histories has the power to create a more just future. In this series we ask: Who gets to define history? In what ways is it our responsibility to ensure that a shared history is an accurate and just representation of the places we call home?"

 Tuesday, January 25 ,2022 at 1:47pm
From local shark researcher Scot Anderson: "I found this receiver buoy on North Beach last week. John Eleby from PRNS helped me recover it! The receiver was deployed off Point Reyes in 2011 and should have several years of data from acoustically tagged White Sharks that have visited the area over the years. We are extremely grateful to PRNS and John Eleby for the help in retrieving this receiver!

Last year, a receiver buoy that was anchored off Tomales Point washed ashore on Dillon Beach. It supposedly was picked up and brought to Dillon Beach Resort. However, we went to pick it up and they said it was most likely thrown away. As the data recorded on these receivers are invaluable, we never give up hope that it might be somewhere other than the trash can. It's not obvious what these things are so it may be on someone's lawn, or in a pile of crab pots. If someone has seen this missing buoy, it would be of great help and really awesome if we could get this back!

Scot, Paul, Sal"
 Monday, January 24 ,2022 at 3:46pm
Via Bolinas Fire: "EMERGENCY ROAD CLOSURE: Mesa Road at Olema-Bolinas Road. Mesa Road will be CLOSED from approx. 3:30pm today OVERNIGHT into Tuesday, January 25th.
ALL vehicular access to Mesa Road will be through Terrace Avenue. PLEASE USE CAUTION on Terrace Avenue, and drive slowly." Anyone know why?
 Monday, January 24 ,2022 at 8:30am
Via MarinIJ “Two people were arrested in West Marin on Sunday morning after a reported home burglary in Inverness. The incident occurred at about 9:15 a.m. when Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputies were alerted to a possible residential burglary.

Deputies and a National Park Service ranger following the neighbor’s description stopped a vehicle on Point Reyes-Petaluma Road near Highway 1.

Craig Mitchell Weaver, 34, of San Rafael, and Lia Watts, 37, of San Rafael, were found in the vehicle. Deputies searching the vehicle found items stolen from the Inverness residence along with suspected drugs and paraphernalia.”

 Thursday, January 20 ,2022 at 5:22pm
This must have been an interesting exchange. I wonder if the dispatcher asked if he was sure it wasn't a bobcat. And, did he get help? From the Point Reyes Light sheriff's calls.
 Tuesday, January 18 ,2022 at 7:56pm
The West Marin Sunset Feed missed both the sunset and that wild moonrise tonight. Anyone else get pictures of it?
 Monday, January 17 ,2022 at 7:07pm
The bunnies outside the fence on the PR/Petaluma Rd really stress me out. I want to pull over and pick them everytime I drive by. Anyone else?
 Saturday, January 15 ,2022 at 10:28pm
This video from Mickey Murch in Bolinas shows how dangerous a tsunami surge can be. "I just watched it go from low tide to high tide in one minute." Watch the whole thing.
 Saturday, January 15 ,2022 at 9:55am
Waves spotted in the Bolinas lagoon from the tidal surge this morning. (Thx LS)
 Saturday, January 15 ,2022 at 8:56am
Beaches closed in Point Reyes this morning due to tsunami warning from volcano explosion in Tonga. No word on re-opening, plan accordingly.

“The tsunami waves will arrive in pulses throughout the day.”

Tides higher in Point Reyes

NWS Bay Area

 Saturday, January 15 ,2022 at 7:45am
“**A Tsunami Advisory has been issued for the U.S. West Coast, including our area. Arrival time of waves: around 7:35 AM this morning**

A tsunami capable of producing strong currents hazardous to swimmers, boats, and coastal structures is expected. #cawx”

 Friday, January 14 ,2022 at 2:13pm
Has anyone else heard these? "Loud and repeated night-time booms have bewildered San Geronimo Valley residents for the past month. The explosions, heard and even felt from Woodacre to Lagunitas, have prompted discussions on Nextdoor and multiple calls to the Sheriff’s Office, but so far remain unexplained.

“[It’s] definitely a mystery that people in the valley are following closely because it’s so loud and perplexing,” valley resident Becky Bond said. Some neighbors have pinpointed the noises, which usually occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and midnight, as coming from near the former San Geronimo Golf Course or the Roy’s Redwoods Preserve."

Full Story:

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 Thursday, January 13 ,2022 at 5:58pm
Mystical sunset over Point Reyes tonight. They keep getting more intense. Anyone else get photos?

Time lapse here:

Or here:
 Thursday, January 13 ,2022 at 8:49am
We’re on a two day
 Wednesday, January 12 ,2022 at 2:08pm
We especially need kids and coaches from West Marin so we can have teams out here!

"West Marin Little League Spring 2022 Season: We are excited to announce that Registration is Open for the Spring 2022 WMLL season! Come be a part of the amazing baseball community we have created in San Anselmo, Fairfax and West Marin. From our Opening Day Parade through downtown Fairfax, to our annual night games under the lights in Fairfax, Nicasio and Woodacre, you can count on WMLL to provide great baseball instruction and lots of fun!

Registration fee scholarships/discounts are available for players in financial need.

Sign up now for the Spring 2022 season of WMLL and play baseball with your friends on the most beautiful ball fields in Marin County."

Register now at
 Tuesday, January 11 ,2022 at 6:02pm
Crazy day in Point Reyes topped off by a gorgeous sunset. Anyone get a photo of it?
 Monday, January 10 ,2022 at 7:22pm
Sunset coyotes are the best coyotes. A stunner in Point Reyes tonight.
 Monday, January 10 ,2022 at 10:19am
So much to catch up on in the last couple of days. Check out the last two email updates for the latest news and photos:

Roll into this Week Edition:

Weekend Edition:

Some of the stories covered:

- The whales are back, via Point Reyes NPS: Whale count: 12 grays, 2 humpbacks. A blue whale also reported! Seen from the observation desk at top of lighthouse stairs.

- The western monarch butterfly, a migratory population that overwinters on the California coast, has both delighted and befuddled conservationists this year with an apparent surge after last year’s low numbers.

- Skeletal remains found in a remote area of the Point Reyes National Seashore were identified late last month as belonging to a Petaluma man who went missing nearly a decade ago.

- The chief of the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, Thane Kreiner, resigned last week after just nine months in the position.

- Lots of sunshine and not much rain for at least the next two weeks.

Photo of Point Reyes by The West Marin Feed.
 Tuesday, January 4 ,2022 at 11:07am
If you're looking for a COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot, they are available tomorrow (Wednesday, January 5) at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center from 10am to 1:30pm. Appointments required.

If you're looking for PCR tests (these aren't rapid), one option is Curative. You can search on their site for locations:
 Tuesday, January 4 ,2022 at 9:32am
From the Lawson Landing Fishing Report blog about that water rescue on Saturday: "Three crabbers in a 12 foot boat were cruising down the channel off of Sand Point when the boat came to a sudden stop. Water immediately started coming over the transom and within seconds the boat sank.

The three crabbers were able to swim to shore on Tomales Point and were brought back over by the Marin County Fire Department and the CHP helicopter.

From the third-hand account I heard, it sounds to me like they ran over a crab rope and buoy that were held underwater by the ripping outgoing current, and that ripping outgoing current then washed over the now stern-anchored vessel.

That'll sink you quick. I'm guessing that the 48 degree water is probably not conducive to continued human life, so good on those guys for getting to shore quickly." (Thx TB)

LINK: https://fishlawsons.blogspot.c...
 Monday, January 3 ,2022 at 11:16am
This week's "Roll into the Week" email newsletter includes:

- COVID is surging across the country, the state and in Marin County. Get vaccinated. Get boosted. Get tested if you think you've been exposed. Testing happening Monday and Wednesday 3pm to 5pm at West Marin Community Services. And Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to noon at the former golf course in San Geronimo. (See newsletter for more details)

- King tides hit Marin this week (Chicken Ranch Beach pictured here).

- Local wildlife photographer Carlos Porrata was profiled in the MarinIJ.

- The forecast is for less rain and lots of sun, but not this week apparently. Raining in Inverness now.

Plus so much more. Read the email newsletter here, then subscribe:
 Saturday, January 1 ,2022 at 5:04pm
We got up on the ridge today in Point Reyes to get a new perspective for 2022. WMF wishes you all a safe, productive and happy new year.
 Thursday, December 30 ,2021 at 8:19pm
We pulled into Drakes Beach in Point Reyes today and saw an elephant seal sitting in the middle of the parking lot in danger of being hit by cars. Two park employees showed up, blocked the area off and with a simple tarp, guided the big boy back to the new lagoon. Good job!
 Tuesday, December 28 ,2021 at 10:51am
IMPORTANT NOTE: West Community Services is NOT doing COVID-19 testing this week.

WMF was going to wait for this update until holiday numbers are calculated, but the backlog is causing a delay. Omnicron is here and spreading like wildfire. Get vaccinated. Get your booster. Wear a mask indoors around other people. More info in the links below. Follow the CDC guidelines.

"Across the Bay Area, signs now point to the current surge in coronavirus cases, driven by the highly infectious omicron variant, topping the peak in delta cases over the summer and becoming the region’s second worst wave of infection since the pandemic began.

And with a backlog of testing results from the Christmas weekend still being counted, the spike in new infections is expected to grow quickly.

Case rates in at least two Bay Area counties — San Francisco and Marin — have already crept past their delta zenith.

Still, in a state where more than 70% of people are fully vaccinated, hospitalizations remain relatively low, with about 4,400 people now hospitalized with COVID-19 compared to more than 8,700 in August during the delta surge.

But hospitalization numbers, even in the highly vaccinated Bay Area, are beginning to creep up, and it’s unclear when they might level off."

MARINIJ Article:

Marin County Coronavirus Data:

Marin County Coronavirus Testing Info:

CDC Info:
 Saturday, December 25 ,2021 at 3:59pm
Merry Christmas and happy holiday. A nice rainbow spotting in Point Reyes today (Thx AN). Hearing lots of reports of positive COVID tests. Stay safe, get vaccinated, get your booster, wear a mask.
 Wednesday, December 22 ,2021 at 10:44pm
Thursday (Dec. 23) is the last full shopping day before Christmas. If you are still searching for a perfect gift, here are some great local options to check out. You can also get gift cards from local restaurants and shops.

The hoodies in the photo are available at the Tom Biagini Gallery in Inverness.

Point Reyes Station:
Sea to See
Toby's Feed Barn
Monk Estate
Cabaline County Emporium & Saddlery
Loose Joint Records
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Happy Holidays!
 Wednesday, December 22 ,2021 at 12:02pm
Ever wonder why the average tank levels go down in Inverness what its raining? Wade Holland, the customer service manager at IPUD (Inverness Public Utility District), explains why. "To the extent it is possible, we avoid operating the treatment plants while it is raining and the creeks are roiled up, because the turbidity in the incoming water overloads and clogs up the membrane filters. Cleaning the filters is laborious and time-consuming (and reduces their life, and they are quite expensive to replace). So, we typically shut the plants down during rainy periods and while the source streams are stirred up. During these times we have to live off tank storage.

Sometimes while it is raining continuously we will go two or three days without putting any new water into the system. This means the tanks are being drawn down at exactly the time when there is abundant water falling from the sky. Fortunately, these events occur during the time of the year when demand is lowest, so we can go much longer in the winter living off the tanks than would be the case during the summer (of course, the turbidity problem does not occur during the summer dry season).

Recently, we've also been juggling operational complexities related to the work on replacing the Tenney tanks, a consequence of which was that we had to let the overall tank levels fall. The first of the two new tanks is now operational and the other tank has been taken offline and is being dismantled. Because we are now anticipating rain on a daily basis for perhaps as long as a week, we expect to continue to see the tank levels' percentage dropping. We would, of course, start processing turbid water if that should become necessary to keep up with customer demand."

We have an amazing (and fragile) water system in Inverness run by an extremely dedicated staff. You can learn more about it and get the latest data at the IPUD web site:
 Monday, December 20 ,2021 at 3:12pm
- The holidays are here, and so is the rain. Expect more of it this week. Lots of COVID testing options available if you're spending time with people over the holidays.

- The very talented local chef, Dave Cook, is having a one time dinner pop up at the Tomales Bay Resort (12938 Sir Frances Drake Blvd, Inverness) this evening (Monday, Dec. 20) from 4pm to 7pm. Sesame crusted Ahi Tuna and, "Mary's" roast sage chicken. Beverages sold separately with a corkage fee. No reservations.

- It's also 'locals night" at the Saltwater in Inverness (every Monday) with football on the screen and darts along with some affordable (and delicious) eating options.

- WMF also just bought a very stylish Cheda's Garage t-shirt and baseball cap as stocking stuffers. Remember to support your local shops, artisans and community members this holiday. And be safe!

For more news, events and updates read the WMF email newsletter here and subscribe:
 Monday, December 20 ,2021 at 8:54am
Wild West Ferments took this video of salmon spawning in Lagunitas Creek along SFD yesterday. Apparently there are a lot of them. So that’s something.
 Thursday, December 16 ,2021 at 9:28pm
A week ago the water level was nowhere near the lip of the spillway at the Nicasio Reservoir. Today this is where it was. Amazing.
 Wednesday, December 15 ,2021 at 7:24pm
Photos never do rain justice, but we drove out to Pierce Point at sunset in Point Reyes. It was dumping rain with gusts up to 47mph. Wild. Much stronger storm then I expected and it’s still going!
 Wednesday, December 15 ,2021 at 8:06am
Anyone else see that amazing rainbow this morning?
 Monday, December 13 ,2021 at 7:35am
Wet and windy weather continues through today. Lots of trees down and there was an accident last night on SFD and Bear Valley Rd. Drive safely! (Photo by a local resident of tree down on Vision Rd. in Inverness this morning)

 Friday, December 10 ,2021 at 10:54pm
Anyone see the fish going crazy at White House Pool in Inverness Park at sunset today? Jumping fully out of the water. Someone thought they were steelhead salmon.
 Friday, December 10 ,2021 at 9:39am
The WMF Weekend Edition:
- The atmospheric river returns on Sunday, forecasted to bring up to 4.5 inches or rain to West Marin. Get ready!
- Prince Andrew Andreevich Romanoff, an Inverness artist and descendant of Russian tsars, died on Nov. 28. He was 98 years old. Buy the Point Reyes Light this week to read about one of the most interesting people ever to live in West Marin. Legendary.
- So many amazing events happening this weekend. Be sure to support your local shops, artisans, farmers and workers!

Get more details about all of this and more, here:

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 Thursday, December 9 ,2021 at 4:58pm
"Why buy when you can swap? In December, we are hosting a clothing swap for local families at the Tomales Bay Youth Center (TBYC) located at the West Marin School in Point Reyes Station.

Please bring your gently used, clean clothes to TBYC from 3-6 pm Monday through Friday. We are accepting clothing donations through the end of the swap. You can also bring your clothes on the days of the swap.

Youth volunteers in our after-school program will sort donated clothes and get them ready for swap days. In exchange for their help, they can pack a bag of clothes to take home before the event.

Everyone is welcome to bring and take clothes on the days of the swap, which are:

Friday, December 10, 2021, 3-6 pm

Saturday, December 11, 2021, 9-3 pm

Friday, December 17, 2021, 12:30-6 pm

Saturday, December 18, 2021, 9-3 pm

This is a fun circulation event that brings us together, keeps us looking good, and develops our resiliency skills for climate action."

 Wednesday, December 8 ,2021 at 8:50am
This threat was posted at the Papermill Creek Saloon in Forest Knolls on Friday, December 3rd. If you have any information about this, call the number on the flyer. There is also a reward for the arrest and conviction of the individual.
 Friday, December 3 ,2021 at 2:53pm
Lots going on this weekend. Remember to support your local shops when thinking about holiday gifts.

1. There is an open-air holiday gift fair at Toby's Feed barn in Point Reyes Station on Saturday and Sunday.
2. The Haggards play at Smileys in Bolinas on Saturday night.
3. Santa Claus makes an appearance, by boat no less, at Nick's Cove in Marshall at Sunday around 3pm.
4. Tides are really high (Chicken Ranch Beach disappears) Dec. 2 - Dec. 7.

Check out more details about these events, geeky weather info and news of the week in the West Marin Feed email newsletter:

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 Thursday, December 2 ,2021 at 6:42pm
Super low tide in Point Reyes tonight. We had the good fortune to discover Andres Amador working on a large scale beach art piece. Its probably gone already…
 Tuesday, November 30 ,2021 at 9:31am
Today is Giving Tuesday. "Señora Guadalupe Garcia is well known around Point Reyes Station for her tamales. For just $2.50 apiece, her handmade tamales have fed locals, out-of-towners and tourists until recently. Lupe suffered a stroke in early October and has been at home in recovery ever since. Now, her friends are seeking donations to help cover the costs of medicine, treatment, food, living expenses and transportation to doctor visits. “She is an indomitable person with an extraordinary life,” Mark Switzer, a frequent customer, said. “The family doesn’t have the resources that I would have. She needs our help.”"

You can support Lupe and many others in need in the community by supporting West Marin Community Services.

Tax-deductible donations can be made by check payable to West Marin Community Services, P.O. Box 1093, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956; non-tax-deductible donations can be made to Wells Fargo account 6569199281 or mailed to Guadalupe Garcia, P.O. Box 1222, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956.
 Tuesday, November 30 ,2021 at 9:15am
"Ann Bertucci, our cheerful, helpful, hard-working librarian, is being transferred to the Civic Center branch this month. A celebration of Ann’s extraordinary service to our community is being held on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 11am - 1pm, in the Inverness Library garden." (Thx FA)
 Monday, November 29 ,2021 at 10:11am
Welcome to Monday. More sun this week, rain forecast still looking a little iffy for December. Fog rolled in fast on this painter in Point Reyes on Sunday night (he had to put away the colors).

Locals night is back at the Saltwater in Inverness on Monday, go check it out.

Get all the info for the week with the WMF weekly newsletter here and then subscribe:
 Friday, November 26 ,2021 at 9:15am
Support your local shops, restaurants, farmers, non profits, artisans and workers this holiday weekend. "Point Reyes Open Studios! Friday/Saturday/Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Twenty-one local artists are opening their studios, most for all three days but some for only Friday and Saturday. Details and a map are available on our website. Brochures are available from local merchants. Masks required, please."

Open Studios Link:
 Wednesday, November 24 ,2021 at 8:21pm
"JOIN THE BENEFIT (DONATION) PADDLE, 100% of your payment donated to Holiday Food and Gift Program of West Marin Community Services

Next Sunday November 28th 9:30-1:30pm

You’re invited to join Blue Waters Kayaking for an incredible opportunity to support the Holiday Food and Gift program of West Marin Community Services while enjoying a fully guided kayak tour on Tomales Bay on next Sunday, November 28, 2021.

Sign up on this page, Register for the Holiday Donation Kayak Tour, Sunday Nov 28, 2021 or by calling the Blue Waters Kayaking office at 415-669-2600, 9am-5pm.

100% of your contributions will be used directly to purchase food and gifts for our local families and kids.

For over 30 years West Marin Community Services has been bringing joy during the holiday season with the Holiday Food and Gift program. This program serves an average of 100 families with food and toys for over 260 children. This year it is projected that WMCS will serve more community members since many are still recovering from the pandemic.

Can’t join the kayak tour?

Please consider a contribution to this wonderful program through this link https://westmarincommunityserv... with the note “Holiday program”.

For any questions, please call Blue Waters Kayaking office at 415-669-2600, 9am-5pm or email

Many thanks!"
 Tuesday, November 23 ,2021 at 2:35pm
Perfect weather for the annual West Marin School TurkeyTrot on the Bear Valley trail today. All the kids went for it and that’s not an easy run.