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Possible motorcycle accident on SFD by Inverness Park.
Power outage in West Marin tonight by Olema.
Looks like a potentially bad accident by Nicks Cove on Rt 1.
To whoever did this in Inverness, well done. ”I speak for the trees.”
Remember that very sad story about the fishing boat that wrecked on Point Reyes? Well, the boat is still there slowly coming apart.
Apparently a mini earthquake in Inverness yesterday.
People asking about the helicopter swooping around Inverness today. Pretty sure that is PG&E checking lines.
The fog air conditioner turned to “high” this morning in Inverness.
On of those @wolfgangbloch type of sunsets in Point Reyes tonight.
Power of in the Seahaven area of Inverness until 4pm or so according to PG&E.
Traffic accident on SFD by the Lagunitas School. Proceed with caution.
The first ever "First Fridays" art walk is happening in Point Reyes Station tonight (Friday, June 7) from 5pm to 7pm. See you there!
With the warm streak (supposedly) coming to an end and the fog creeping back in, there was an amazing sunset on Mt. Tam tonight.
Sunset over Point Reyes tonight
This large (and beautiful) weasel was found dead in Point Reyes Station today. Remember to look out for animals when driving… (Thx MM)
Quiet night around West Marin, you can feel the weather changing. Get ready for a couple days of heat before the fog sucks back in. Beach hazard alert for Weds and Thurs, stay safe.
So many questions, so few answers.
WMF Trivia Question of the Week:

In the early 70's Jerry Garcia's first wife, Mountain Girl, owned a bakery in Inverness Park where the IP Market is now. What was the name of that bakery?

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We spotted two badgers snuggling in the grass at sunset in Point Reyes tonight. (Photo by Malloy)
The smoke on the horizon in West Marin is from a structure fire in Petaluma.
A little coffee pop up on Third St in Point Reyes Station this morning if you’re looking for your morning fix.
The West Marin Sunset Club clocking in tonight from Point Reyes. Chilly and beautiful.
Rescue for a climber who fell at the Vent #5 area north of Stinson Beach.
The “flower moon” full moon in Point Reyes tonight.
Controlled burn by Hearts Desire Beach today.
An amazing Sunday morning on Tomales Bay in Inverness. Have a good one.
Solid signage.
Traffic Alert. Sounds like really long traffic delays (up to 30 minutes) on the PR/Petaluma Rd. around Novato Blvd.
The rare aurora borealis snuck up on (some of) us on Friday night here in West Marin. The pictures tell one story, but this outstanding timelapse video by Elizabeth Sbrocco ( @ejsbrocco ) from behind the Inverness Store is closer to what the cosmic experience really felt like.
The rare aurora borealis snuck up on (some of) us on Friday night here in West Marin. The pictures tell one story, but this outstanding timelapse video by Elizabeth Sbrocco ( @ejsbrocco ) from behind the Inverness Store is closer to what the cosmic experience really felt like.
We are going to get another shot at seeing the Northern Lights across the Bay Area tonight!

The extreme geomagnetic storm continues through Sunday.

Get those cameras ready again tonight
The aurora borealis seen from Chicken Ranch Beach in Inverness on Friday night.
Bad car accident south of Marshall on Friday night. Three helicopters on scene for medical transport.
"This dog has been hanging around our home the last few days (north of Shell Beach in Inverness. Very skittish so can't get near him/her. Has color. Seen off and on for past week. Here it is at low tide today on beach."

(Picture is admittedly very low res, I'll try and get a better one)

If you know who the owner might be, please contact Sarah Allen:
West Marin Sunset Club. Monday night edition in Point Reyes. Have a great week.
Technical rescue at Pierce Point in Point Reyes, everyone ok.
Video of the three boaters being rescued on Tomales Bay on Sunday. If you're coming to recreate in West Marin, check the conditions and know your limits. Thank you first responders!
Sounds like a possible technical rescue in the Point Reyes Seashore tonight.
"Eta Aquarid meteor shower peak could spawn over 100 'shooting stars' per hour this weekend."
Possible water rescue on Tomales Bay.
Hello Community,

An elderly man in Inverness recently had a medical emergency and is now in a nursing home. His cat is alone in his house, and has been since Easter, but thankfully a neighbor has been coming by to feed her. People are trying to find a home for her.

She is 15 and a lap cat and cuddler. She has been good with dogs and other cats in the past from what I was told. Right now though she is a little scared and skittish since she is all alone. If you might be interested let me know.


Laura Brainard
Looks like a pretty big structure fire by Tomales.
“ A teacher with the Mill Valley School District was found dead in the water off of Drakes Beach on Point Reyes on Wednesday, just a day after he was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a child, according to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office.”
Two bald eagles behind the Inverness Store yesterday.
There was a large search and rescue effort yesterday for a missing surfer in Point Reyes near Drakes Beach. No official word on the situation as of this morning.
Possible water rescue near Drakes Beach in Point Reyes.
Incoming T-38
Stratotanker rumbling across West Marin.
Possible water rescue on Tomales Bay.
Saying goodbye to the weekend in Point Reyes.