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Eclipse today. WMF out of town, hope you see it!
#TRAFFICALERT: Caltrans is removing a large, uprooted Eucalyptus tree on State Route 1 in @maringov between Tomales and Marshall. The highway is scheduled to be closed in both directions until about 5 p.m. today (Friday) due to the need of a large crane.
It felt like a rainbow day, and indeed it was. @graygirlinboots captured this one over a quaint hamlet named Point Reyes Station.
Car fire on Lucas Valley Rd. this morning. Hopefully everyone ok.
Solid hail in Inverness for about ten minutes. Now it's sunny.
Not sure what happened here, but seemed like everyone ok. Inverness Park this afternoon. Off the beaten path.
A reminder from the PRSVA:

We are appealing the current plan for the gas station remodel to the planning commission.
Please join us and show your support!
April 4, 2024, 1 PM
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 328
San Rafael, CA 94903
Bring a friend and carpool! The carpool meets at Dance Palace in PRS at 11:45 am and leaves at noon!
If you cannot come, please email comments ASAP to:
According to Dennis Rodini, this new attraction will boost local business revenue in West Marin. It will also cement our reputation as a 'tourist destination' which will increase short term rental revenue and outside investment. If you have thoughts about this project, there will be hearing today, April 1, behind the portapotties in Point Reyes Station.
A cloud bunny rising up over Black Mountain in West Marin. Photo by Rayne Kitz.
Some sort of incident near Point Reyes Station. Sounds like it’s being cleared up now.
Possible car accident by Tomales.
The sun is back. Amazing tree shadows on Black Mountain in Point Reyes Station this morning. Have a great day.
Felt like rainbow conditions all day and then when finally popped up just now in Inverness.
Saturday night sunset at the beach in Point Reyes.
Possible structure fire at Green Gulch Zen Center in Muir Beach.
Some intense skies between rain in Point Reyes this evening by the lighthouse.
"OSPR crew responding to fishing vessel that ran aground in Drakes Bay, Marin Co. yesterday. Vessel has reported diesel fuel capacity of ~400 gal. Unknown now if any product discharged."
Here is the full flight path of that mystery jet that roared over Marin on Tuesday around 1:30PM (Thx JS)
A fishing boat washed up onto the rocks yesterday near Chimney Rock in Point Reyes yesterday. A recovery operation followed. Our hearts go out to the family and friends.
Get ready for some rain and heavy wind today in West Marin. Just started in Inverness.
“The commercial Dungeness crab season in California will be curtailed to protect humpback whales from becoming entangled in trap and buoy lines, officials announced Thursday.”
C-27J Sparta just flew over Inverness. Big and loud.
Water rescue happening at Chimney Rock in Point Reyes. Sounds like the Coast Guard has a swimmer in the water. Hope everyone is ok.
Someone in Bolinas said they also experienced this jet flying over very low and super loud yesterday around 1:30pm. Did anyone see it? Wonder what was up, not the normal T38 training flight. Didn't show up on flight tracking apps.
One lane open on green bridge in Point Reyes Station. Expect minor delays.
Test coming up.
Coast guard helicopter busy over West Marin today.
“End of March appears to be going out just like it "roared" in: like a big Lion!”
A chilly Monday sunrise over Tomales Bay in Inverness. Have a good week.
Possible water rescue in Inverness.
Good looking double rainbow in West Marin this morning. (Thx sshelley)
What do people have against the toilets at the Nicasio Reservoir?
“Rain arrives late this morning in the North Bay and spreads into the afternoon and evening across San Francisco and the South Bay for the evening commute.”
Wednesday night sunset magic
In Point Reyes.
That’s a bold move black Tesla. Who’s going to tell them. Downtown Point Reyes Station this afternoon.. (Thx DW)
Unsettled weather returns Friday as a cold front brings light rain to the region. Showers linger through Sunday. Most of the region should see 0.25-1" for the weekend. More in coastal ranges, less in interior Central Coast.
Power out on West Marin this morning. PG&E estimates 1:30pm restoration. No word on cause.
Some good looking colors for a Spring Equinox sunset in Point Reyes tonight.
“The Point Reyes National Seashore's garbage truck is undergoing maintenance and park staff are unable to collect refuse from the park's garbage cans and dumpsters until further notice. Please help protect wildlife and keep your park beautiful by packing home all trash.”
A lot of action over the West Marin airspace today. (Thx MA)
The Spring Equinox begins tonight at 8:06 PM! Tomales Bay last night,
A photographer named Marie took this incredible photo of the Jellyfish Nebula from her driveway the other night in West Marin.
A coyote scavenging a meal on the beach in Point Reyes. Cycle of life. (Thx JF)
The Little Wing Farm farmstand on the PR/Petaluma Rd outside of Point Reyes Station is back open!
As good a day as it gets in West Marin. Happy Friday sunset from Stinson Beach have a great weekend everyone!
Lots of wind in West Marin this morning hopefully tapering off by the afternoon.
Slide on SFD in Inverness Park by Dream Farm Rd. One lane open. (Thx IW)
The wind not too bad as the sun sets over Point Reyes tonight.
Lots of bicycles on the road today in West Marin. Be safe everyone.
Not a computer graphic. Amazing sunrises back in action over a Tomales Bay this morning. Have a great day!