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The West Marin Feed User Guide
The West Marin Feed isn't just a web site or a Facebook page. It's a network of channels designed to connect people with information on the platforms they're most comfortable using.

And since not everyone is that excited about being on social media, the lastest posts and tweets from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are accessible here, on the West Marin Feed web site.

The West Marin Feed twitter account is the best place to find up to the minute updates about traffic issues, weather, pandemics and more.

WMF puts up three or four Facebook posts a week, usually a breaking news story or something of local interest. The best thing about Facebook is that there can be a lot of good information sharing in the comments especially around breaking news.

The West Marin Feed Instagram account is usually updated about once a day and is more often then not is a sunset photo, and if you're lucky, it might have an elk in it too. This isn't the best place to get breaking news, it is the place to see beautiful photos of West Marin.

The West Marin Feed Threads account is new and WMF is lightly supporting it because it might become a replacement for Twitter some day. Daily but light posting.
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